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  1. Hi and thank you for taking the time to read my post, I believe I may have an issue with my Landlord supplied electricity. I am posting here in the hope that you kind folk may give me advice on my maths, assumptions and possible action, The situation: I live in a building that is subdivided into 9 self-contained flats. The Landlord is responsible for paying the electricity bill for the whole building, there is a regular usage meter on the outside that records the usage for the whole building. The Landlord has installed payment meters into each flat, in order to credit these meters we ha
  2. Here's a good one. I send a letter of claim to the Defendant, a company, on the 5th of December 2016 which is ignored. I sent a follow up letter on the 31st of January which is ignored. I issue proceedings on the 27th of February which are deemed served on the 3rd of March. The Defendant files an acknowledgement of service saying they will file a defence within 28 days of service. They fail to file a defence. I apply for judgment on the 4th of May and judgment is issued on the 5th of May. Defendant pays judgment on the 22nd of May. Defendant writes to me on the 22nd
  3. Greetings. Making a PPI claim on an old loan that was repaid in full. Wondering if I succeed, will the original creditor be allowed to use this to offset an outstanding (statute bared) debt (overdrawn current a/c and assume the original creditor still owns the debt). I noticed post #4 by dx100uk and specifically in bold: "if the original creditor still owns the debt then they can offset but not the 8% stat int part of any refund." in this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk...BC-credit-card I've seen on the FOS website: compensation for being deprived income e
  4. Hi - asking for my sister who is a disabled adult (mental Health). She has received a judgment by default CCJ from Home Direct, she doesn't remember receiving the court pack, nor is it something I have seen when visiting - as she usually gets me to read through things for her. Now she owes the money, no doubt about that. And up to 2016 was making regular monthly payments to a DCA when the agency changed to the current one. She has tried twice to set up the plan again, only for them to not reply, and send a standard letter again a few months later. She
  5. My request is a simple one, I want one or two set of Blank Used Empty Original HP Cartridge for Refill Purposes. Model is 953 or 953 XL Printer Model is Officejet Pro 8715 Any one any idea of how I can source these, please let me know. It has to be Originals. Thanks all.
  6. Good evening, I am not sure if this is the right place to be asking for advice about this but I thought I would post a thread. I recently ordered a sofa set, I paid them via online banking, the first payment was the deposit and the second payment was the remaining money due, they are clearly not what I ordered. The sofas were delivered today and it was all a farce, as I live in a flat I had to pay an extra £20 for them to carry them up to my first floor flat which I already did, I had to argue with them for sometime before they rang up the company to get it confir
  7. I am really encouraged after reading many posts on various debts. I had a Store card with Creation and I did have an arrangement to pay but they told me it was not enough and through Drydens got a CCJ. They told me that if I were to pay the full outstanding balance that they requested no court case. Somehow I managed to find the money nearly 2k and paid them. Yet somehow I got a CCJ. I did not go to the court or had a defence. That was in 2011 and it will be SB'd in May this year. I read it somewhere if I paid the full amount I should not h
  8. Hello I am new to the forum and am hoping for some advice on behalf of my brother. I am hoping for some guidance on the process for applying to the courts to have a CCJ made by default judgement '"set aside" This is a really long story going back 12 years!!! My brother was victim of a car buying [problem] which went on some years ago which resulted in him receiving a fake cheque for the sale of his car. He took this cheque (unaware it was 'rubber') to HSBC Bank who cashed the cheque credited the £10k into my brothers bank account. My brother withdrew the mo
  9. The following statement was released a few days ago by the Government. This is in response to a Daily Mail campaign earlier this year regarding individuals who have found themselves unable to get a mortgage or credit because of the existence of a judgment against them that they were unaware of (usually because all correspondence had been sent to a previous address). Depending on the outcome, this consultation could have far reaching consequences for bailiff enforcement. Currently, in relation to council tax arrears, a local authority are permitted to issue a summons to the '
  10. Hello all Thank you for your help I received ccj court order but I didn't receive the court papers before the ccj There is no date of birth on the ccj and the second initial is wrong How do u apply for set aside There is no credit agreement and debt is over six years Is there any chance to win Do I need a defence How to do set aside Any help please The ccj issued over 2months
  11. I applied for a flat last week, and their credit check showed that I have a CCJ against my name. Apparently, it was registered back in 2014. I am not sure if it was a deafult judgement or not, to be honest. Can I still apply for this to be set aside? If so, how do I go about it?
  12. It seems most debt collection agencies know when you have started making an effort to pay back debts. I have been able to agree reduced settlements or reduced monthly payments for some of my wife's debts, starting with the smallest and working upwards. It seems lenders that have made no contact in months previously are starting to threaten legal again and in one case , sending debt collectors to our house. I check our credit reports monthly through Noodle, Credit Score and also Check My File and decided to check our file also with Trust Online for any CCJs. No CCJs even on th
  13. Greetings.. Hi, I am new to this forum .. ITS REALLY A GREAT SITE. I would like to get some advice from your great service for my claim case . I explain briefly below; I am the Claimant and a judgment was given DEFAULT in favour of me in a county court for my unpaid wages as Defendant did not come to the HEARING. As defendant did not pay me , I was about to make an application to the court for the service of Bailiff , then Court Notice arrived with the copies of judgment set aside application and a witness statement of defendant , saying as follows; '' TAKE NOTI
  14. I had a card from HSBC in 2002. In 2010, I had difficulties paying so I went through the sar process, discovered that I had never signed a contract and tried to negotiate a lower settlement on this basis. In 2011 I missed a deadline to acknowledge a claim from Northampton as so received a ccj via default. I only missed the deadline by one day, spoke with the court and sent in a n244. However, the case was assigned to Uxbridge and so the n244 was lost in the system. So I sent another n244 to the new court and understood that this was in place. I have now discovered
  15. Hi all, I live in a property rented from a housing trust under a licence rather than a tenancy agreement. When I took on the tenancy about 7 years ago I was informed that the clerk to the trustees would hold a set of keys to my home and it would be stored in a locked safe. I have recently discovered that keys have been used to enter properties owned by the trust by workers employed by them without the tenant's permission or presence. One particular maintenance worker often calls unnanounced to carry out small jobs and has been asked on numerous occasions by various tenants to make an appointme
  16. Hi there, Thanks for reading. I'm new to the forum, and hoping I may be able to find a little help with my current situation. I'm in a bit of a tangle!. Essentially I received an N1SDT CCJ claim form in the mail, too late to reply, and subsequently received a CCJ. I believe the debt to be statute barred, and intent to have it set aside if possible. I'm currently trying to claw my way out of long term unemployment by starting a small business (via the JSA/NEA scheme. I'm in the very early stages), so this is pretty awful timing. On the 18th of Au
  17. Vehicle Control Services issued a non- display of ticket 2 years ago by the evidence on an ANPR camera they then left it 14 months to start demanding money through the usual DRP/ZENITH and finally the bottom of the barrel B W Legal. They issued court proceedings when I refused to communicate with them as they had in my opinion broken data protection regulations in contacting me by telephone warning me what costs I could expect if going to court. I made the mistake of trying to fill in the court form online but on making a counter claim for intimidation the plea did not get entered s
  18. Hello I consented to a set aside I had against a company who didn't reply at all to the claim from 12/12/15. I understand that the claim will now go back to the beginning but I now need to amend my particulars. I need to know - 1 Will there be a new issue date for the claim, or does the original date of the issue of claim, 12/12/15, stand? 2 Due to the claim now going back to the beginning I need to amend my particulars as things have changed, will I have that opportunity or are my original particulars from 12/12/15 still valid? 3 If I have to apply to change my
  19. The government has proposed a new tiered system of probate fees in England and Wales, based on the value of the deceased's estate, rather than the current flat fee of £215. Under the new system, estates with a value of less than £50,000 will be exempt from probate fees altogether. This is a tenfold hike in the current probate threshold. It would mean that an estimated 30,000 estates a year would escape a probate charge. Estates worth more than £50,000 will face probate fees which rise as the value of the estate increases: For estates worth more than £50,000 but less than £300,
  20. On form N244 there is a question (4) which asks "Have you attached a draft of the order you are applying for?" What is a draft order? Question 3 asks "What orders are you asking the court to make and why?" and I have written that I want the default judgement set aside and given the reasons I think it should be set aside. Does question 4 relate to this? Is it just a more in depth expansion of this or is it something completely different? I have searched on the internet and found conflicting answers to this. Some legal websites I have read say a draft order should be attached whil
  21. back in jan I received a cc claim from Cabot for a debt I had with Capital One i responded to the claim i did the income expenditure and admitted the 235 debt i owed but disputed the added solicitors fees etc .I contacted the court to see what was happening and was told the judgement had been set aside. Today nearly 6 months later I rec a letter from Mortimer clarke , which reads as follows we refer to the admission form filed in response to the claim form our client has considered your admission very carefully and is prepared to accept your part admission of 2
  22. Does anyone know the bank details of Rossendales to set up the standing order, its the account number and sort code of Rossendales i need, its not clear on the website. Its because i have a bailiff coming in the morning and he said he will be taking goods. I have explained i am in terrible grief following the death of my partner, i explained i will not cope with the upset, i am in process of facing all the things i have not felt able, but i have a lot of unopened post so it wont be the only threatening letter. i need to be realistic an offer what
  23. Hi all I'm trying to get a court CCJ Judgement set aside. Essentially I am disputing the CCJ on the grounds that I had emigrated prior to the judgement being granted. 1. I disputed the debt and attempted to resolve this with the claimant. 2. Prior to emigrating from the UK I notified the claimant of my intention to emigrate and further agree settlement 3. After emigrating I confirmed I had left the country 4. They obtained a CCJ at my previous UK address 11 months after I emigrated 5. I never saw the summons 6. I discovered the CCJ 5 years later and now want it setting
  24. Hi All, I've read lots of info on here but nothing that helps me for my specific case. I hope someone can throw their tuppance in! I have just found out that I have a CCJ in my name for a bill that I am not liable for. First thing I knew about it was when I checked my credit history. I am very distressed that this is on my credit history because I was hoping to get a mortgage in the next few months and this has completely messed up my credit score! The water bill at a place I now no longer live at is in arrears. I lived in the property as joint tenants with some f
  25. UK mobile networks look set to be forced to make it free to unlock phones at the end of customers' contracts, it was announced in The Budget. Currently, each major network offers different options to consumers who want their phone unlocked, with most charging for the privilege. Unlocking a phone allows customers to switch networks as they please. Following this week’s Budget, the government says that all mobile users should be able to have their handset unlocked at the end of their deal without paying. While it is hoping to get networks to sign up voluntarily, the gove
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