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Found 168 results

  1. Hi, My company has been issued a Statutory demand by POST by a company that provided us Professional services. We used them for 2 + years. We used to use their services and they would bill us for the time spent. We would request them for some work and they would bill us in good faith that was the arrangement so no confirmation/approval of time spent was required The last two invoices were ridiculously overcharged for the last invoice we asked a break down of the time spent on each of the items. What we got was a vague scribbling of the time spent. I did not dispute it but since some of the same items appeared on previous invoices I asked them for the previous invoice breakdown as well. My hope was to question them when I had all the break downs. They did NOT provide me with the breakup of the past invoice. We had paid all their invoices but the last one where we paid approximately 40% of the dues. And were waiting for more information before we could pay them. They waited for a couple of months and now sent us a Statutory demand. So my question is we dont have any formal agreement with them and have not disputed their invoice they hope was we could settle it once we got all the breakdownsp a nd settle it and not use them in the future. But now since we have this SD what should we do. In reading through some of these posts it seemed like a SD to threaten, they allege we owe them 2000.00 GBP approx but according to us because they overcharged us we have actually paid them more. Now I would like to know from the experts on here how do we respond to the SD as there are no details of the court on it. And how do we dispute this.
  2. Very disturbing http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2231040/Payday-borrowers-face-Christmas-credit-shock.html
  3. Means their total will now be £5b,with total bank refunds expected to be £15b http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20164521
  4. Hoping for some advice please. In summary - A claim was made against me which, as well as all the preceding correspondence, was sent to an incorrect non-existent address, therefore I knew nothing of it. The claim etc was returned to the solicitor as address unknown but they still pressed ahead with a default Judgment. They presumably found my correct address in the end and subsequently communicated with me, making mention of the claim and subsequent default Judgment. I have been corresponding ever since in an attempt to put the matter to bed. Having asked the claimant's solicitor to set aside the Judgment (for obvious reasons) I ended up having to submit an Application to the court myself, which has now been listed as a hearing for a forthcoming date. This has prompted the claimant's solicitor to send me a Consent Order to sign which agrees to set aside the Judgment ONLY if I file a defence soon thereafter. Is this normal/acceptable practice? Surely if the claim, sent to a non-existent address, which I have still never received, is set aside then the process should start again? And it is difficult to file a defence on somthing never received. On putting this to the solicitor they said that if I do not sign it then they will write to the court and say that they have tried to be reasonable and I have refused. Any advice please? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Good news is customers will be allowed to leave without any penalties. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/bills/article-2216136/Sky-hikes-line-rental-18--charges-SECOND-time-year.html
  6. I had a Credit Card from M&S and the contract was terminated around 05/2006 and the account was transferred to DC (Legal&trade collection), one of there agent used to do the door collection of £25 a month from 07/2006 and then I stopped the door collection and the last payment was on 06/05/2008 and the closing balance was £2128 as shown on the collection card. I terminated the door collection because I felt that I was intimidated. After that I had phone calls and I ignored them as I had few DC on my back and then I heard nothing from them for 4 years. On 19 July 2012, I had a letter from Wescot SPV saying “we inform you that unless you made a full repayment of your outstanding balance or contacted us to agree an acceptable repayment plan we would take legal action”. I ignored the letter and thought I will deal with them when I come back from abroad. I left the country on 01/08/2012 as I visit my elder parents every year; I come back on the 06/09/2012.During my absence Wescot issued: 1) On 03/08/12 a county court including interest form 09/05/2008 to 03/2012. 2) On 06/08/12 an intimidating letter asking me to pay £2939 to avoid CCJ. 3) On 28/08/12 a judgment by default was issued against me, asking me to pay the claimant a total of £2939. What is irritating me is that I had no given a chance to challenge them because I was a way and those DCs know most people go away during the month of August. My Question is that can I challenge them and ask the court to set a side the CCJ on the basis that I was unable to defend the case because I was abroad?
  7. Hello, Back in 2004, my mobile service provider were charging me in correctly for pay monthly account. They were charging me for 500 free minutes but I remember my contract was for 600 free min. I spoke to them back in 2004/05 to send me a correct bill which I can pay and I refused to pay the incorrect bill. They never sent me any correct bill but sold my account to debt collector. Recently in 2011, that debt collector has successfully got a CCJ against me which I have recently found out by looking at my credit history. I made a mistake by not replying to the letter which court sent me back in 2011. It might sound strange but I thought that letter is from the debt collector trying to intimidate me. I am planning to apply for CCJ to be set aside.....does it sound like a good idea? I unfortunately don't have the copy of either the contract or bill any more as have thrown them long time ago. Thanks for your help. Cheers...
  8. Does anyone have the account details for Littlewoods so I can set up a standing order please? Thank you!
  9. The deal estimated to be worth around £1 billion is £500 million less than was first anticipated. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-2173280/Co-op-closes-cut-price-deal-Lloyds-branches.html
  10. I've recently found out I have a CCJ against me. I live in the Australia & my parents have been contacted by Bailiffs. When we left the UK we were in a certain amount of debt & simply didn't have the funds to service the debt & once we arrived out in Aus we went from double to single income, so couldn't even think or repaying. Now a few years down the line we have just put a deposit down on a house so have no funds what so ever to pay debts in the UK. So my question is, does the fact we ran away from the debt & didn't inform any of our creditors of where we were heading, now mean we cannot get the CCJ put aside?
  11. Royal Bank of Scotland is facing a fine of £150m for manpulating Libor rates, according to The Times. Last week, Barclays was fined £290m by the FSA and US authorities after the bank admitted derivative traders submitted false Libor rates. Chancellor George Osborne confirmed RBS, HSBC, UBS and Citibank are also being investigated. According to the Telegraph, the Government is preparing to announce details of an inquiry into whether there should be regulation of the Libor rate and criminal sanctions for market abuse. Ministers have ordered the investigation by an independent expert, which is expected to get under way this week. It falls short of the full public inquiry Labour leader Ed Miliband called for in a speech to the Fabian Society on Saturday. He said: “The British people will not tolerate the establishment closing ranks, saying we do not need an inquiry. They want a light shone into every dark corner of our banking industry.” The review will report back in the early autumn and its findings could be introduced in the Financial Services Bill, currently in the House of Lords. It will consider how the rate setting process is carried out and overseen. The Government is also expected to look at professional banking qualifications. In March, during the bill’s commons committee stage, shadow Treasury financial secretary Chris Leslie asked if the Treasury financial secretary Mark Hoban was planning a review of Libor after reports in the press linking Barclays to Libor fixing. He received a one word answer: “No.” Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/rbs-set-for-fine-over-libor/1053869.article
  12. I bet Bob Diamond will resign by the end of this week. The new chairman of Barclays will come under intense pressure to show chief executive Bob Diamond the door in a dramatic purge at the bank. Marcus Agius is expected to stand down as early as today as the bank battles to repair its reputation in the wake of the interest-rate rigging scandal. But his exit is unlikely to calm the storm threatening to engulf Barclays with critics calling for the head of Diamond and his most trusted lieutenants. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2167380/Bob-Diamond-feels-heat-Barclays-chairman-Marcus-Agius-set-quit.html#ixzz1zPkwm900
  13. Lloyds Banking has agreed terms to sell 630 of its branches to the Co-operative Group resulting in rival bidder NBNK Investments announcing plans to close. The pair have agreed on the commercial terms of the transaction and are now proceeding in exclusive talks for the sale of the Project Verde business. In an announcement on the London Stock Exchange yesterday, Lloyds announced it has ended talks with rival bidder NBNK, which will now be wound up. In a statement NBNK Investments said there were no other UK banking assets available which would meet the company’s objective and has begun to take steps to wind-up the company. Gary Hoffman, chief executive of NBNK Investments, says: “We are disappointed that the door has now been closed on this opportunity, with the result that we will be unable to deliver our vision of banking, bringing a vibrant new challenger to the high street, devoted to providing the level of service that customers want and deserve.” The Project Verde business has almost five million customers and represents 6 per cent of all bank branches in the UK. If combined with the Co-op business, it will have 7% of the total market for current accounts in the country. This deal for the Project Verde business is subject to agreeing satisfactory documentation, the approval of the respective boards of Lloyds and Co-op, and further discussions with the FSA, the Treasury and the European Commission. Co-op has been the preferred bidder for the Project Verde business for some time, however it lost its exclusivity agreement with Lloyds last month. The FSA has reportedly had concerns with the Co-op deal, citing the complex structure of the group. There have also been reports that the regulator may call for the Co-op to hold an additional £3bn of capital at group level. Lloyds’ branch disposal, named by the bank as ‘Project Verde’, is a requirement by the European Commission as part of Lloyds receiving state aid in 2008. Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/lloyds-agrees-terms-with-co-op-for-630-branches-nbnk-set-to-close/1053756.article
  14. Moody’s is on the brink of downgrading the credit rating of British banks such as HSBC, Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland by up to two notches. Sky News reports that the move is expected as part of a broader credit downgrade of some of the world’s major banks including JP Morgan and is expected after the close of US markets at 10pm. Lloyds Banking Group may also be affected. The move is a consequence of the ongoing Eurozone crisis and weak economic performance across the globe. Moody’s recently downgraded Santander UK by one notch to A2 along with 16 Spanish banks as a result of the Spanish banking crisis and subsequent €100bn bailout. Any downgrade will impact on the funding costs of major banks which have already been rising due to the Eurozone crisis despite low interest rates and falling Libor. More: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/economy/moodys-set-to-downgrade-british-banks/1053394.article
  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2158352/Banks-siphon-refunds-owed-PPI-victims-square-unpaid-debts.html Are you one of those affected ? Post your story below.
  16. Hi I have recently won a ppi claim back from the hsbc, however, they are telling me that they are going to keep it to set off against a bank loan. The ppi was not on the loan, but on a loan that has been settled. If They do not return this money then I am going to not only fall deeper in debt, but my whole life style will go. Due to the reccession I was put out of work and I am still out of work.At the time I had enough funds to repay the loan, and offered to do so.I even made extra an payment, that was returned to my account. However the hsbc refused to accept my offer, and told me that under the contract the loan had to run its course. I explained to them that if I am am unable to clear the loan, then I would fall into default once my funds ran out. This did not make any difference. The loan went into default, and eventually the hsbc took me to county court.(another story). The debt has been offset against my ex marital home, under the ruling that if my ex wife should sell then the total debt would be recovered. I did not get the chance to defend my self in the court, as I was away from home and my mail was not able to be forwarded, as I live on my own now.
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