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  1. Hi, Its been a while since I have needed some advice thank goodness! Right cut to the chase... In 2007 a CCJ was entered by Neslon Guest on behalf of LTSB which I managed to get instalments of £50.00 PM. They then went for a charging order on my property at the time, I went to court and it was discharged as no paperwork, lies etc.. In Feb 2010 it was then Set Aside. Removed from registry trust etc. So I lowered my payments to them to £1.00 PM as a gesture of goodwill and to stop further enforcement. I have now received a letter from Wescots with no Claim Number and (fo
  2. This in relation to another thread I have but just running an idea through my head. Say someone is issued a judgement and later a charging order. 5 years later they discover that the claimant had no right to issue the summons because the debt wasn't legally assigned to them. Obviously the judgement can't be set aside but in theory could the defendant point this out to the claimant with a demand for payment equal to the judgement, which if not satisfied ie by clearing the debt/charging order, the defendant then issues a new summons for the same, on the grounds of fraud by the claimant (le
  3. Chancellor George Osborne is set to announce plans to begin selling off the Government’s shares in Lloyds Banking Group. The Sunday Times reports Osborne will use his Mansion House speech on 19 June to reveal how much of the Government’s 39 per cent stake in the bank will be sold off. The Financial Times says the Treasury is considering a sale of 10 per cent of its stake before the end of the year. Estimates suggest the total stake is worth around £17bn. Under the plans, the public will be offered discounted Lloyds shares at the same price available to institutional investors such as pens
  4. The parliamentary commission on banking standards is set to recommend splitting up the Royal Bank of Scotland into a good and bad bank. The BBC reports that a draft final report, given to members last Friday, calls for RBS to be split in the same way as Northern Rock was in 2008 with toxic assets separated from the profitable part of the bank. Commission members have until next Monday to make amendments and the final report is set for publication on 17 June. One commission member has told Money Marketing the paper could change “quite markedly” between final draft and final publication
  5. At the hearing for setting the judgement aside the claimant was unable to supply any evidence and had sent the court documents to the wrong address. My application to set aside was granted. What will happen next? Can I claim the costs I have incurred? Thanks
  6. Hi after a messy divorce affairs depression and nearly bringing my life to an early end I have finally pulled myself together and I am facing up to my old debts . This is however three years later its taken me a while to feel settled enough to face up to stuff. Upon getting my credit report I have found that I have 2 CCJ's I want to try and get them set aside as obviously these will impact me on getting credit . one is from 2010 the other is from 2011 so they will impact me until 2017 I obviously moved out of my previous address when the judgment's were served back in 2010 and 2011 I
  7. :attention: I work on my laptop wirelessly in the lounge situated near to the router and usually save work to my USB and then run (hardly) upstairs plug USB into my old desk computer (does not have internet access) to print off or scan documents. What would I need to do or buy to set up my own network so that I can print an email from my laptop, albeit, the printer will still be upstairs. Also, as my printer is also a fax, what do I need to connect to it, in order to be able to fax a document? Presumably, the telephone cable will need to be plugged in to the back of the printer?
  8. My situation: Defaulted on considerable debts last year built up to pay for disabled child's care after restructuring at work and an unexpected tax bill. Tax bill being paid in installments until end of next year, takes up all disposable income leaving I got quite depressed and couldn't handle it, but started trying last year and started making token payments to a number of people (once the tax bill is paid it will take ~4.5 years to pay off sizeable creditors). I also told everyone to please not apply for CCJs as a) I have no assets and b) I am an FSA registered person an
  9. hi all, I found out about a CCJ on my credit file when I was rejected to rent a flat. I traced it and worked out they had written to a previous address and this is why I had no knowledge of it. The debt was from 2007 and for £200. I went to my local court and today was told it would be set aside as I had no knowledge of it. What happens now though? I didnt want to ask the judge as she looked a bit mean! lol. She said they would serve notice again to my new address, what does this mean? Will I get an oppertunity to pay it without it going back to court?
  10. Hi, In 2009, I went slightly over my agreed overdraft with HSBC and they slammed me with a £100 charge. On 17 November 2009, HSBC called me to let me know I'd gone over the agreed limit. I could not afford to repay the enitre amount until I got my student loan (which was running late, due to the Student Loans Company needing medical evidence to let me repeat the year). HSBC were okay with all of this, and we agreed I would make a small payment of £15 on 3rd December 2009. I made the payment as agreed. In a separate savings account, I was collecting money from my h
  11. I have just received a Notice of Hearing of Application for an order to set aside judgement. The defendant had previously acknowledged service of the claim but failed to put forward any defence within the allocated time frame, a judgement was then made in absence of a defence and baliffs became involved. Hasn't the defendent left it too late to do this? Also, as the claimant - is it necessary for me to attend the hearing as it would be very difficult due to work commitments? (I work in the medical profession and cannot get cover for the day). If i cannot attend is there any point in sending
  12. I'm trying to gather evidence that Santander uses applications for set-asides as a matter of course -i.e. this is the way they do business. Any pointers to cases would be very useful Ta Very Nuch
  13. Last year i had to buy some new wheels for my car as a couple of the original ones were dented out of shape and it was starting to affect the handling. I bought an online package of wheels and tyres and after fitting them the car still didn't feel right so i've spent the last 6 months replacing most of the suspension components, getting alignments, etc but the car was still wandering all over the place. I took it to a garage today and they suggested trying different tyres and now it finally feels like a proper car again. When i bought the wheels package it didnt state the name of th
  14. Hello I feel in trouble and hope someone may be able to help. I have an historic debt to Lloyds TSB which is now with a collection agency. I am going to court next week for a set aside hearing where I think the debt is statue barred. I have a letter from the agency stating that the "cause of action" I referred to in a previous letter is the default date of Sept 2006 rather than the last payment made which was Feb 2004 and therefore their action falls within 6 years as their claim was made in Dec 2011. I think that flies in the face of this sample letter from MSE be
  15. Hi, I'm new to this so please accept my apologies if I'm in the wrong forum. A debt with O2 has been passed to Moorcroft. Moorcroft are now telling me that they have applied to the court for a judgment date because I did not reply to their letter that informed me that this would happen (I don't recall specifically getting that letter). They tell me that they can apply for a judgment by default and that once it's applied for the court do not have to contact me and I have no alternative but to pay the whole amount (approx £340) if I wish to avoid getting a CCJ. Th
  16. We bought a Toyota Celica T Sport in August which developed a serious problem on the first day (big end bearing failure). We obtained judgment against the dealer for just over £5,000 in December. He didn't turn up. He then made an application to set aside on the basis that the court staff told him that if he submitted evidence and said he couldn't come his case would be considered on the papers. He didn't give the reason for not coming until the day of the application (both him and his co-director were in bed with flu on the same day!") There was no medical certificate. The form didn't s
  17. Hi, Great site and very impressed with all the advise. Unfortunately I'm not sure where to post this. As I'm new to this site I will try and keep this brief 3 years ago I had a CCJ registered against me and I ended up paying within 3 months of the judgement, purely because I had a letter threatening bailiffs The original invoice, (from my burglar alarm company), was for the yearly servicing plus for the monitoring. The monitoring is an extra service which I paid for as I used to spend time away from home. I had decided to cancel this service and the additional line required.
  18. Hi, My partner received a claim form NICPC on 29th June which stated Welcome Financial as the Claimant and Hegarty as the address for sedning documents. My partner filled in the admission form with an offer to pay £50 per month. This debt was last paid in 2007 when his relationship brokedown with his wife and truth be told, he was not entirely sure that the amount owed was accurate, but just thought it better to agree to pay and get it out of the way. Without any other communication, he then received a Judgment for the Claimant (after determination) saying that t
  19. We have had various cases recently where PPCs have been involved, but all these relate to issues before 1st October. However have any of these cases set any precedents that may assist a defendant in a parking dispute after the 1st October 2012?
  20. Hi i have set up a few too many companies which have traded less than 50k per year in some cases dormant with a small overdraft some have overdrawn DLAs which need correcting. I have not kept proper accounts but I can get these sorted, but I need to close these companies as soon as possible and move on. Does anyone have any advice please? Thanks in advace Acy
  21. Hello All, Happy New Year, hope everyone had a great time over Christmas. I would like to seek advice please? I was “given” a Citi Credit Card when I got a loan out with them sometime in 2007. I had not signed any Credit Card Agreement for this. I realised recently that there were PPI premiums on there. Citi have agreed to refund all the premiums and give me interest although no period for the repayment has been stipulated on the offer letter. I have been reading through some of the forums and have sent a letter asking for a breakdown of how the offer has be
  22. Good evening all I am currently helping a friend who had a CCJ judgement by default at Northampton CC for unpaid solicitor’s fees on 30 July 2012. It has now come to a point where the solicitors have made an application to the courts for a charging order against her home. The original hearing was on 3 October but was adjourned to 28 November. I am strongly in belief that my friend has very good reasons for asking the original CCJ judgement to be set aside for the reasons set out below. For the purposes of this thread my friend will be X and the solicitor’s Y. Timeline 3J une
  23. HSBC is expected to pay more than $1.5bn (£933m) in fines to US authorities within weeks to settle money-laundering investigations into its business. HSBC is expected to pay more than $1.5bn (£933m) in fines to US authorities within weeks to settle money-laundering investigations into its business. The bank could be fined the sum as early as next week as part of a settlement with federal prosecutors, according to reports yesterday. HSBC has put aside $1.5bn to meet the cost of the fines, but admitted at its latest results presentation that the eventual penalty could be “significantly high
  24. Millions of Lloyds customers will this week learn that their accounts are being transferred to a new bank. Letters are being posted to 3.5million account holders at 447 branches in England and Wales who will be moved by November next year. It is likely they will become part of the Co-operative Bank. To begin this process, Lloyds is moving customers to its banking licence held by Lloyds TSB Scotland. This will happen over the next few months. The Lloyds TSB Scotland brand currently has 185 branches and 1.1million customers. In November, the TSB Scotland licence will be transferred to the C
  25. Hi, My company has been issued a Statutory demand by POST by a company that provided us Professional services. We used them for 2 + years. We used to use their services and they would bill us for the time spent. We would request them for some work and they would bill us in good faith that was the arrangement so no confirmation/approval of time spent was required The last two invoices were ridiculously overcharged for the last invoice we asked a break down of the time spent on each of the items. What we got was a vague scribbling of the time spent. I d
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