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  1. I was thinking of signing up for a membership but was advised by a friend not to. He said that for £40 a month its overpriced and ran by twits. Anyone else heard anything?
  2. Quick Question Wife brought a second hand "as new" pushchair around october last year this model and design was only released around a few months before that fast forward to december and its stopped folding, the button jams on one side meaning that it cant be folded or unfolded and when it does fold out it doesnt lock into position, obviously dangerous to the child thats in it now ussually with a second hand product i would throw my hands up and admit defeat however being mechanicly minded i decided to try and mend it - except i couldnt its riveted togeather decided to look into the problem and found hundreds of stories online having problems with not just this frame but the previous iteration before that as well. now this is where im trying to push it, i can prove its a manufacturing defect.. having had a good look at it there is only two screws holding this in place, one of these is missing, having manovered the pushchair around a little you can see the screw actually inside the body of the button press. before i found this out quinny would respond only with "although the pushchair comes with a two year warrenty this doesnt pass if its sold on its £40 + parts", as soon as i mentioned manufacturing issue and provided pictoral evidence theyve stopped responding entirely now im not sure what to do the frame number proves its still under its two year warrenty... (and that its made in china) Ceo email wont even respond Customer services have stopped replying im tempted to just set up a facebook page called "Quinnys shoddy products" as i know the fact it would show up anytime someone searched quinny might kick some action from them any other ideas, normally i wouldnt worry but its around £150 worth of pushchair Image showing missing screw image showing pushchair tilted at angle, showing screw through hole
  3. I've been trying to contact the HMRC for over 2 weeks now as my company name changed. Despite calling them in early May to renew my TC, I'm concerned that they may see that contacting them 'too late' about my new company name has changes? What defence do I have? At the moment, all I have is a log of the dates and times I've called when their automated system said 'Were unable to handle you call right now, please call back' and hung up. Cheers, A
  4. My partner and myself purchased a car in April from a local dealership (Tyneside Autoparc). An 07 plate Dodge with 47k miles on the clock. We paid in full by debit card and the problems with the company have been ridiculous from day one. There have been a couple of (unrelated) problems to the car since we bought it. There was a tyre pressure sensor that was broken, the dealer agreed to repair it but said it had to go back to Dodge for the work. They never arranged the work so in the end we made the appointment ourselves and got them to call Tyneside to authorise the work while we were there, although this had taken around 2 months of being passed backwards and forwards from the original retailer. There has been a squeak coming from the engine, and it has been quite 'laggy' for lack of a better term, usually when doing long distance. We have had it back into the dealership to be told there is nothing wrong. Within the last few weeks it has started juddering when in a low gear and the power lag has been getting worse. We had intended on taking it back to the dealership this week to have them look it over *again* however: On Friday evening we were driving to London. The oil pressure light came on while I was in the outside lane of the A1 in heavy rush hour traffic. This is especially odd as we had checked the car over (oil, water, tyres etc) before we set off as we were doing long distance (we do this as a standard on both our cars as we drive long distance regularly and have had a car pack up on a motorway previously due to our error). Luckily, I managed to pull off the road (no hard shoulder) down a slip road and stopped the car within 30 - 40 seconds of the light coming on. We called our rescue company, who sent someone out fairly promptly (we had our 4 year old with us and were not in the best position). He checked the oil, which was completely empty by this point. He drove me to the local services to buy some more oil to top it back up in the hopes it would do us the rest of our journey and we could get it looked at over the weekend in London. Filled it up, sorted it out, restarted; everything seemed okay. We set off, luckily the recovery driver was still sat doing paperwork as when we got maybe, 3 yards up the road the oil light had come back on and the engine was juddering badly and making an awful noise. We called the rescue company back up and arranged a relay recovery. We were halfway between home and our destination at this point (around 200 miles either way). The person we spoke to on the phone took details and informed us we would be recovered to London, and if the car couldn't be dealt with over the weekend they would simply recover us back to Newcastle. Perfect! However, they have since said that was a mistake and cannot recover us back to Newcastle. They gave us a hire car to get home and have put our car in storage down south in a local police pound until we can get a solution sorted with Tyneside Autoparc. Two mechanics that I have spoken too via the recovery companies have said that it looks and sounds like the turbo charger has gone and has been draining the oil in an effort to run. They also said that if it is the turbo charger, it is highly likely that the laggy power, juddering and squeak could all be related, meaning it may have been going on from before we bought the car. I know I can get a repair under SOGA, even if I was entitled to refund I probably wouldn't want it as we like the car. But where do I stand with being unable to get the car back to the dealership? 1) It would cost us hundreds, if not more, to get a company to tow it all that way and I'm not entirely sure the dealer would do even a half decent job after previous dealings with them. 2) Because of the type of car it is, it is highly likely they would send it to the local Dodge dealer for repair anyway, can I request they pay for the repair to be done in London at that Dodge dealership, and that way I can get the train down and drive it back at my own cost once repaired? I have a meeting with the MD this evening to discuss the situation. I'm not sure how it will go but I am more than prepared to take it to a small claims court and/or pay for the repair myself and reclaim costs if that's feasible. Any ideas?
  5. Hello! I'm not sure this is the right place to post but is the most accurate I could find for the problem I have. I have actually seen another thread about the company I'm complaining about here, but for now I'll hold on the name. See if someone can guide me in this situation I find myself now: I brought my car from Spain a few years ago, registered it here and some time later I decided to sell it. So I contacted a company I found on line, specialized in buying and selling second hand left hand drive cars here in the UK. All seemed good, a guy came to collect the car in London and took it to their showroom. No news from them for a couple of months, I emalied them then asking about the car, asking if they had anyone interested. After a few emails looked like someone would buy the car and we agreed an amount. They transfered half of the money into my bank account and asked me to post the spare key and the V5 and so I did. The problems start here. After a week or two I hadn't heard from them so I emailed them again, they told me they hadn't received the key and the V5. I posted the package with recorded delivery and Royal Mail confirmed the date when it was delivered and even the name of the person that signed for the delivery. I went back to them with this information and barely heard from them again, once they replied never showing any interest to sort the situation out. I phoned the company many times asking to speak to a manager and they never got back to me of course. It's been almost two months since they received the package. So they have everything (I don't believe the stuff has got lost and that there is a costumer waiting otherwise they would be trying to fix the problem) and I'm still waiting for half the amount, not replying to my emails, not getting back to me over the phone... Which are my options? Thank you very much
  6. After a monumental cock up by the DWP,the decision to refuse me ESA has now been allegedly confirmed a second time,but they've sent me none of the paperwork that was sent to me the first time - which makes me suspicious. What documents can I demand from the DWP to show they actually did a 2nd reconsideration?
  7. I have owned my Ford Escort Mk 6 for 14 years (since 7k miles, now 118k). I have always used the same local independent garage for MOTs and any repairs, (very few, minor ones - cats, exhausts, brakes, wheel bearings, etc). The previous MOT tester was absolutely straight. I have done 3k miles per year for the past 6 years. At MOT in 2011, my car needed a small amount of welding, with advisory brake adjustment. Last year the MOT failed on a spring, with no advisory. This year the garage changed hands, and the new owner has just been trained for MOTs. Yesterday, my car failed horrifically on corrosion - 1) Offside outer front - front seat belt anchorage. 2) Offside front (floor) - ditto. 3) Nearside outer rear (sill) - suspension component mounting. 4) Nearside outer rear (chassis) - ditto. 5) Offside outer rear (chassis) - ditto. All were judged to be "excessively corroded". Advisory: brake pipes deteriorating. I've been quoted, by the garage, £1000 for 18 hours welding. I cannot understand how so much corrosion can suddenly become obvious in 3k miles, without any earlier signs! There is corrosion, undoubtedly, but that much? Should I appeal or have my car re-tested at the local Council MOT centre? Should I spend my £1000 on my mechanically sound car which is really reliable, or on a banger that will be a gamble?
  8. bought a car from a local garage it had been advertised on their website howver when I asked if I could pay by credit card I was told no as it wasnt through the garage it was the owners own car the invoices etc give his private address but the v5 shows the previous registered owner as the garage and it was insured via the garage. As it was an mgtf we specifically asked if the head gasket had been done as this is a known fault. I said I could just about manage to get the cash as full payment and checked that there were no problems explaining I had a commute to work from wigan to preston daily.I purchased the car on*2/5/2013*As soon as getting it home the alarm continually went off and I returned to the garage and was told it was the way I was turning the key and to keep practising. The immobiliser then kicked in and the car wouldnt start at all. I contacted them they came and took it and I asked for service history old mots etc but got none with him saying I'm sure we have some at home but weve just moved so can't find anything. The whole key sytem needed replacing and I picked it back up on*7/5/2013.On the 8th I managed to drive to warrington but on the way back the battery light went on and the car was dead again I contacted them again and it was the alternator which they repaired.9/5/2013*I picked the car up again and managed to get to work for 5 days. On the 19th I went up to windermere as I was running the marathon and on the way back the car broke down on the reebok roundabout as the slip road exits the m61. A pipe had burst off the radiator so there was some pressure built up in the system to cause that initially the recovery man said it was the head gasket. The pipe was resited and the next day I travelled to work breaking down on my way to work on the m61 and again was brought back by the recovery people who said it was the head gasket. A friend looked at it and said they thought it was an airlock which can happen when air gets in the system and bled the system. The next day*22/5/2013**got to work but on the return journey the heating indicator was going up again so I pulled over and was again brought back off the m61 at midnight following my late shift at work having spent an hour and a half on the hard shoulder. The system was bled again on*23/5/2013but before using it again I asked the local garage to have a quick look over before using it and they said there is something seriously wrong with the cylinder head. I text the man to tell him and he rang and my partner answered the phone and said to him to take the car back and give me my money back and he said thats not going to happen. He then said he would have a look at it so it went back to the garage they still said it was an air lock and would try to sort it. As itwas bank holiday I left it with them on the 29 I was told it was the head gasket 600 plus vat and he would take it to be done and would pay half to which i agreed(despite the head gasket supposedly having been done we suspect it hadnt as there was radweld in the water system).What are my rights as this car was obviously not fit for purpose?Julie WilliamsonToday*4/6/2013*I still have no car and apparently it needs a new cylinder head for £260
  9. ]Hi everyone I handed back the keys to a property in 1993 when the proceeds from the subsequent sale failed to even cover the amount owed to the first legal charge holder. This company relinquished their claim to money owed in favour of the second mortgage company in 1999. I have had letters from various debt collection agencies from time to time, one offering to agree a settlement but have never responded to any of them. I have today had a further letter this time from Asset Recovery Ltd asking about my identity but my question is this - I know the magic time limit is 12yrs for mortgage shortfall, but what is the situation if 2 providers have a charge on a property - did the second company's time effectively start in 1993, or when the first company relinquished their claim in 1999? I'd be very grateful if anyone has an answer to this and any advice on how I should best proceed?
  10. Hi there i am new here but have a possibly unique situation. i lost my job and fell into arrears with main mortgage and second mortgage. the first mortgage company have been great and most helpful i am back on track with a suspended money order and paying away. The second loan company are horrible and it took some strongly worded letters to stop them phoning me on the hour every hour. they have not chased me for money for about a year?? i have offered them a token payment recently and heard nothing back, i find it strange that a company who threatened to repossess over a year ago have done nothing since. i also have a case with the FCfs for PPI which should also reduce this debt. i am not trying to avoid the debt, but do not want to lose the house. why have they not enforced? it makes me think they do not have a charge on the house any advice appreciated
  11. I bought a 2008 vehicle with 51000 miles from a dealer and took delivery just over 1 week ago, I found the following problems straight away 1.steering wheel shakes badly @65 mph 2.steering pulls lightly to left 3.heater only works on number 4 position 4.gear grinds going from 3rd to 4th 5.mirror control fell off in hand. I have contacted them to say I want to reject the vehicle but he insists he has the option of repair first, I simply don't want to see it again after all these issues in such a short time but can I insist on refund as I would like? Thanks in advance!
  12. Good Evening all. Yesterday I purchased a sencond hand car from a Dealership. A second hand Fiesta Zetec (2000) for a run around. On the test drive all went well & the car looked in good condition. After purchasing the car, the salesman & myself drove to the Post Office to tax it, on the way it started stalling and running abit rough. He said it had been laying idle for a few days and just needed a run out. Having little mechanical experience I accepted his suggestion. After a 20 mile journey home, I tried starting the car again, it didnt want to know, finally I got it started and the revs were going through the roof. Ive spent today looking for mechanical answers, and have now had enough. I am looking at dumping the car back at the dealership. Can anyone tell me if or what my rights are about with. Totally stumped.com Many Thanks Rob
  13. Hi I have a friend who has received a second written warning, she has never received a written warning or verbal warning, she hasn't discussed it with me yet but it doesn't sound like she has done anything serious. What circumstances would warrant an employer legally giving a second written warning having had no other warnings, other than gross misconduct.
  14. Hi, just wondering if any one can help me. NRAM are trying to evict me from my house. I went to court for not paying my mortgage this july and got a second suspended eviction order. I have now broken this order again by missing 2 payments this was silly of me but my car broke down and needed to by another car for work as no car no work. I have phoned NRAM and told them this but they are proceeding with the eviction. I did another income & expenditure form over the phone with them and sent in everything they wanted ie Bank statements & Pay slips and even made them an offer but after waiting to hear from them they have said they want full arrears of £4500. I have not been given my eviction date yet so should I proceed and go to court as I do not want to lose my home.
  15. Hi guys, brought a car from a trader about 3 weeks ago now, about a week ago it developed a fault and i had to be recovered and has now left me without a car for about a week The seller is saying that all he will do is give 5% of the purchase price which is classed as their warrenty, so this means ill only see £85 to get the vehicle transported to a garage, diagnosed and repaired.... but does this go against the SoGA or is £85 the best ill see? if i had the car longer than 2 weeks when it developed the issue then i wouldnt be as annoyed but 2 weeks is silly! any help would be great
  16. This is likely to be a move we will see from other Councils. It will surely affect those who entered the buy to let market before the credit crunch and find themselves with empty houses as the austerity measures bite. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20634448
  17. Hi all I’m getting in touch on behalf of the Electrical Safety Council – the UK charity dedicated to reducing electrical accidents and deaths in the home. Electrical accidents currently kill around one person every week in their home and injure 350,00 a year. We’re currently running a campaign about faulty electrical goods and we need your help. Have you or a family member ever bought second hand or cheap electrical goods online or at a market stall and run into problems? Perhaps the product didn’t work, overheated, or even caught fire. If so – we’d love to speak to you. If we use your story you could get a reward. Contact me with details at Rachel (@) forster.co.uk
  18. The second wettest summer on record has blighted UK harvests and will lead to food price rises, farmers and retailers have warned. Wheat yields in England are down by almost 15% on the five-year average, the National Farmers' Union (NFU) reported, with some areas in the west of England suffering worst from the summer rain. The world price of grain has already been rising in recent months following a heatwave in Russia and the worst drought in 50 years in the US, which destroyed 45% of corn and 35% of the soya bean crop. Read more here :- http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/oct/10/food-prices-rise-wettest-summer?fb=native&CMP=FBCNETTXT9038 Farmers are taking the first hit as feed wheat and compond foods for stock have risen by £50 a tonne this month !!! Lex
  19. hi there, i have bought a second hand car from a private Car Trader and i didn't get V5C along with it.i have paid him in cheque for the car and applied for V5C at local DVLA but dvla said it would take 4-6 weeks before they can issue me a new V5c on my name. but i am not sure if the person who own this vehicle (who sold it to trander) refuse to accept change then what option i will have to recover my money or keep the vehicle. i also spoke to big name Garage and they have confirmed me that trader is trustworthy and they can produce an invoice which shows they sold this vehicle to private trader. sorry if i have created any confusion here. thanks and i appreciate your feeedback on this matter.
  20. I purchased a car on 24/07/2012 from a local garage in my hometown, Leyland, Lancashire. When I got the car the oil pressure light came on when the car was ticking over. I immediately took the car back to the garage, I was told the car was OK to use until they could get me into the garage a week later (they use a third party garage) A few days later the car began to sound very loud/rattley. I also noticed that leaving the stereo on for 2-3 mins after turning the engine off would drain the battery so much the car could not be started. Again I told the garage this straight away and they said they would book it in the garage when they could. Finally, they booked the car into the garage for 13th August 2012, after many attempts of contact. xxxxxxxxxx lent me a small Ford KA. The car has been with the third party garage ever since. I have repeatedly called xxxxxxxxxx for updates. I was first informed that the garage was inspecting the car, and that they would provide an update later on that day. I did not receive the call as promised and had to return the call myself. I tried calling them again over the following days and was continually informed that the garage was still trying to diagnose the fault. Following this, I was told mixed stories, that a part had been sent off, and that the garage was still investigating the engine. My car insurance policy only covers me to drive a car lent by a garage for up to 7 days. I had expected the car back by this point. I had to pay a £36 insurance premium from my insurance company, to insure me for following next 7 days (20/08 – 27/08). Again, numerous phone calls were made to chase the progress of the repairs and excuses were made. I have again had to pay another £36 for the current week (27/08 – 03/08) on top of the high premiums I pay every month regardless. I again called xxxxxxxxxx today to chase the progress of the repairs. I was informed that it was their day off and was given the direct number of the garage. I did call the garage directly who told me that they had not done any diagnostics on the car and that they were waiting for a space on their engine stands. I was lied to and I have lost all faith in the garage and the car and am seeking advice regarding rejection of the car. I understand under the SOGA I may be able to reject the car as it is less than 6 mths since I purchased the car. All advice is greatly greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  21. Hi all, this is a long story but I am so frustrated that im not sleeeping too good and this has been going on just shy of 6 months. Any help or advice gratefully received. Purchased a used BMW at the end of February from a second hand dealer, not a BMW dealer though. Car was £10,500 which was over my budget but my dream car so borrowed a bit and got it. Its 2005 and was described as superb condition with comprehensive warranty. Got a train to get it and drove it the 300 miles home and all was good but 3-4 days after an error message came on the dash with a suspension warning. i phoned the dealer and he said dont worry it just needs resetting. Phoned a local independent who had a look and reset it and was very helpful and all was ok for a few days until the dreaded light came on. Phoned the dealer again and he said was probably the compressor and that there was one on ebay for £100 and was worth a try so I should buy it and if it fixed it he would refund the money if it didnt he would have it as a spare and give me the money anyway. I also chased up the warranty paperwork which had not arrived. Got the compressor and the independent fitted it and all was well for a few days. (at this point I had him look at an anoying squeak that was there and the rear bushes were pulled apart and deemed dangerous even though it had 12months MOT and the dealer paid for this to be rectified) The warning light came back on again and I contacted the dealer again. He said to book it into the main dealer as they would diagnose it straight away. I contacted the main dealer and explained what had happened and who had looked at it and they said there was no point in using them as the independant used to work there and was very experienced and also had all the same diagnostics. I relayed this to the dealer and was told to hang on to claim on the warranty as there was a 30 day no claim period. Waranty arrived and I read through it it has a £500 individual claim limit and doesnt cover the suspension which is what the error is with. Contacted dealer and he said dont worry he would sort it. Book it in and he would pay. So to miss out loads of unneccesary bits took it to the dealer loads of times and he tried many parts and didnt charge me for any that didnt fix it and didnt charge me for much labour. Dealer was kept informed and towards the end of the second month said he would collect the car and refund the money. I said that as I had travelled up to get the car and had a tracker fitted I would rather try once more to fix it. Dealer said he would give me £11,000 back £10,500 spent on car and £500 for tracker etc. He also told me to tell the independent to lie on the warranty claim and claim loads of small bits to make up any parts which I told him I wouldnt ask as he had saved so much money on the job and it was not fair to ask that of him and not right. Eventually a part was put on that made the light stay off over 5 days when usually it came on after about 3. I phoned the dealer and said I had paid for the part and it was approx £460, I was told he is a business and cant keep spending money out and he would go halves, I said not good enough and he said tough. I told him I need time to think and I would phone in a few days. Eventually I though OK if its fixed keep it get the major bill refunded, loose the £100 for ebay part and enjoy the car. I called him back and asked if he had thought any further about refunding the repair cost and he said half or nothing. I then told him if he did not pay it I would claim it of my credit card (put £1000 on credit card) he swore at me and told me if he ever sees me I shoudl cross the road and that he would pay on receiving a letter stating I except any further faults with the car. I didnt want to do this so said I would write asking for a contribution of £300 towards the part to which he replied fine. i though it better to loose £130 than sign something I didnt want to so sent the letter and waited for the cheque which never turned up a week or so after this the error message came back anyway so I contacted the dealer and said I had had enough it was messing up my head and I was having sleepless nights so forget the cheque, come and pick it up and give me the £11000 he had promised. I was told he would check his book for the guide price, I did say why would you do that, knowing full well what was coming. He then said he would give me £8000 as that was the trade in price, I told him I didnt want to trade it in I wanted the refund he had promised he said he couldnt I said your taking the p**s and he said I will terminate the call for being abusive. So I got of the phone and sent him a recorded letter saying that he had 7 days to reply and I was rejecting the vehicle under sale of goods act, this wasnt answered but after 8 days a £300 cheque came in the post with the date written as 2 weeks before but no response to the rejection letter. I kept the post marked envelope and cheque and went to see a solicitor. Solicitor wrote giving him 28days, he didnt reply so solicitor phoned and he was away for 2 weeks so he was given an extension, finally a letter came stating that he has been trying to fix it and been there every step of the way and I was delighted getting a car advertised at £12995 for £10500 but I have a copy of the ad for £11000. Upshot is that the dealer wanted to take it away 300 miles and book it into a main dealer which I didnt want him doing so I have it booked in locally for Tuesday as the solicitor said we have to give him a chance. My main worry now is if its not fixed which Im pretty sure it wont be my solicitor has sent me a letter with terms and conditions etc and it has scared the life out of me saying if I loose I will have to pay his costs and even if I win I might still have to pay my costs, now I really cant sleep. what do you guys reckon? Points to note are my gf noticed the dealer when he filled in the sales invoice that he slid the top copy over and put the value on his copy as £8000 before sliding it back before giving it me to sign. Also have a receipt from 3 months before I got the car for the dealer I got it off having suspension parts replaced on the car. He had the car as a personal car for about a year before I got it and my suspicion is he got it cheap with the fauly used it then got it repaired to try and sell but light came on so he had it reset and sold it to me. HELP!!
  22. No suprises there then. http://www.fsa.gov.uk/about/media/facts/fines/top
  23. I recently bought a car for £2895 - £2595 p/ex for Nissan Note and £300 by debit card. After picking car up 3 problems were found(oil cooler/air-con not working/warning chime going off for no reason that was obvious). Car was returned to the dealer within 24 hours. Informed dealer of the issues and they said they would resolve. After 1 week was told all issues resolved - collected car and found only 1 fixed(air cooler) and 2 others still remained. Returned to dealer within 10 mins and he said would fix others. Today collected car and still not sure air-con is fixed - does not seem cold. Also the warning chime kept going off for no reason - dealer said it has been fixed however I think he has just disconnected the warning chime as none are now working. Dealer says he has spent £1000 on this car and will spend no more - warranty limit on website says £500 max. So he has offered to return my p/ex vehicle plus my cash to me - however he says in the last 2 days the auto gearbox has gone on the p/ex car and needs £500 spent on it. He did say that there was no gearbox issue when he first had it - he did not drive the vehicle when we completed the deal - and I have had no issues whatsoever with the Nissan (only replaced 1 tyre and rear wiper blade in 2.5 years of ownership) . So he says only offer is for me to keep the one I bought from him(Chrysler) or I can have my p/ex (with broken gearbox) and cash back. What rights do I have - he has not supplied any warranty paperwork for the vehicle but says he will provide copies of the invoices for the work he has carried out on the Chrysler. When I left him earlier I said that I had not fully accepted the car even though I had to take it to get home (my son witnessed the whole conversation). I have called the Gearbox garage he says he has taken it to (told me i could call if I wanted) and they have had no Nissan Note cars in to look at in last 48 hours so he is not necessarily telling the truth there. So any advice much appreciated - ideally I want a full refund or a fully working Nisan back and £300 cash.
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