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  1. I am not sure if I am in the right place. I have just been sent this by the local neighbourhood watch alert system An email circulating purporting to be from Action Fraud, threatens legal action because of failure to provide Western Union details to PayPal [22 August 2013] Threatening [problem] email from “Action Fraud Team”: Threatening [problem] email from “Action Fraud Team” Threatening [problem] email from “Action Fraud Team”: Threatening [problem] email from “Action Fraud Team”The personally addressed email mentions a recent transaction with "Mercy Peters" and threatens
  2. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/330278/Banksters-in-18bn-compensation-for-PPI-[problem] dx
  3. Hello! I'm not sure this is the right place to post but is the most accurate I could find for the problem I have. I have actually seen another thread about the company I'm complaining about here, but for now I'll hold on the name. See if someone can guide me in this situation I find myself now: I brought my car from Spain a few years ago, registered it here and some time later I decided to sell it. So I contacted a company I found on line, specialized in buying and selling second hand left hand drive cars here in the UK. All seemed good, a guy came to collect the car in London and to
  4. If you receive a phone call from this number 01179639046 BEWARE!!!!!! This number is used by [problematic] in India and they will use scare tactics and lack of computer knowledge to gain remote access to your computers during the phone call. If they are successful they will install spyware/malware to steal personal information, like bank details and passwords. These people claim to be from Microsoft or its Partners but 'they are nothing to do with Microsoft, nor its partners'. They know nothing about our computers, including our ISPs and IP addresses. There is a warning a
  5. Hi, My husband has a pension that came to light earlier this year. Luckily his parents kept all the letters etc for him & gave it to him after he made contact, hence why it's just come up. Anyways going by the paperwork it says he has approx :£20.000 & its been frozen for over 18years. So he has been looking at ways to do something with it. (he's nearly 51) But unknown to me he got into contact with a introducer who looked into the pension then sent him paperwork about what they can do to help him. Apparently they put the pension into their company & invest it or someth
  6. Hi, A friend of mine went to Heathrow in the early hours of this morning to catch a KLM flight to Zambia, flight to leave at 6am she arrived at Heathrow 1am. Check in did not start until 5am, she was unlucky in the fact that her luggage where badly packed and she had gone over by 3kg. She said she will pay for the extra luggage and they sent her somewhere else to pay. Where they've sent her, they wouldn't take her payment - she was sent to and fro about 4 times at the end of which they told her she has now missed her flight. Will she be able to get her ticket refunded? they are
  7. Feeling very stupid and angry regarding what has happened. On Saturday needed a car and went to Carcraft Leeds. Knew the sort of car I wanted and they had a few that fitted the description. found one which had a showroom price of £7999 but I had seen on the website at £6795 the night before and also viewed on my phone the same day. Agreed to buy it at the web price with the salesman and was paying £1500 deposit and the rest by deposit. The way the finance was sold was mainly by looking at the weekly cost. I obviously wasn't on the ball enough here as he basically sold the idea of kno
  8. Central Tyre Macclesfield, London Road, Macclesfield are the biggest nightmare ever. I took my car there for an MOT and they quoted a few hundred quid for the work to be carried out, only to be presented with a bill ten times that. They claimed I must have misunderstood them. Yeah right. You'd notice the difference between "hundred" and "thousand". They refuse to do anything about the situation and are not prepared to reduce the bill to a reasonable amount. Does anyone else have any similar experience with this lot, so we can take combined legal action? These jerks don't de
  9. Most people who take out online insurance never expect to have to send something back in the post and certainly do not expect to be charged £12 for not sending something back in 14 days. What a [problem]! Close Premium Finance have all your banking details to take the monthly payments but will still hit you with a charge if you fail to send some paperwork back that is hidden amongst the mass of stuff they send out. BEWARE of Close PremiumFinance £12 [problem] charges. They must make a fortune from people who do not expect to post anything when they complete
  10. Here is good read. http://www.bbc.co.uk/ouch/2013/01the_great_disability_scam_as_t.html
  11. I have just spent £1.50 on getting a letter delivered. It is claiming that we reversed a payment for their "flexifly" service.... and demands payment, instantly. It also gives a German address (but the letter was posted in the UK, without a stamp) - and the only contact details are an email address, and a 50p a minute phone line. The date on the letter is the 5th December - and the email address is @fly-service.co.uk We had a credit card cloned this time last year, and the details on the letter (name and address) match the name and address used then - my name and address, but
  12. My husband bought an Audi TT on finance from cargiant in April '12. I am the second driver on the insurance policy. Cargiant talked us into buying their warranty and told us that it would cover anything that might happen with the car in the first 12 months. In September, the engine started shaking, we were both in the car, had to drive it to the nearest petrol station and call the AA. The AA guy did a quick diagnostic and said it was a faulty camshaft position sensor. He also said it would be the best thing to take the car to an Audi outlet for repair, so we searched
  13. Hello, I'm new to this so bear with me I've recently been contacted by mail by a company called Bank-Smart, which deals with recovering missold PPI from loans etc. I signed their authorisation document, giving them the go ahead to proceed with my claim, then things started unravelling over the past few weeks and I found out, from reading other people's stories with BS, that Bank-Smart were involved with some really shady issues where they charge ludicrous amounts of money for services they don't even provide, and that they can be nasty when people dispute the fees th
  14. I too fell for this -I sent the tablets back within the 14 day period -was unable to send via "Signed For" as it is a PO box address but I have got a proof of posting certificate and have taken a photo of the package with the relevant reference numbers on the OUTSIDE of the envelope, directly below the address (another sly condition!). Have just called my bank (Barclays) who are very aware of this company's antics-ordering a replacement card will not help as payment has been authorised against the account BUT if the payment is taken, it will be refunded when reported t
  15. Not sure if this is the right forum for this but they were offering a Payday Loan so I have put it here. Got a phone call from an unknown number on my mobile today, a foreign gentlemen telling me he was phoning from Fast Cash about the £2000 loan I had applied and been approved for. I had done no such thing. He knew my name and that I lived in Glasgow. When I said I hadn't applied for a loan and didn't want it, he started to tell me that because I now wanted to cancel the application I had to pay £50. At this point I asked him why I could hear cars beeping their horns and zooming
  16. Hello, I have read loads of bad news stories regarding the myloan 69.99 [problem] and could honestly cry. I only had £70 left in my account for weeks shopping and they took it! I have not given ,y card details to them ever, I wouldn't as it says on their main front page that they take £69.99 and I would never have signed up for something asking for that kind of money. I rang my bank which is halifax and they seemed to be able to reel off the t & c s from myloan which was odd. Whats even more bizarre is that I found myloan emails in my spam now that I've looked and on the same day
  17. The phone rang once and stopped I dailled 1471. The number which had called me was 0871-6920396, a premium rate number regulated by Phonepayplus, the premium rate reguator. A search of whocallsme indicates that hundreds of people have complained about this company, ABC Matketing. I have it to and phonepayplus Phonepayplus on Wednesday but I see that this company is still [causing problems] people. Perhaps I shall have to complain about the regulator, but to whom?
  18. More news about them today here: http://www.staffordshirenewsletter.co.uk/News/Rugeley-couple-in-18million-debt-[problem]-had-no-magic-formula-20092012.htm
  19. Sorry guys and gals... a long story. Questions: should I take this to the ombudsman? How strong is my position really? last summer i received notice that my dual fual provider was going to up my monthly by about over 25%, to approx £125 ....time to switch I think....I duly switch and agree a monthly payment, £100, to cover projected energy consumption, a few £'s more than my original Monthly bill, I'm very happy. A couple of weeks later nice man 1 from the original Energy Company rings me and, after some discussion, states he can offer me a new deal....£80 pcm. I say "can yo
  20. Hi all, I have just received this email from Avon and Somerset Constabulary. I know us Caggers know the pitfalls of using a company to reclaim PPI, but thought this would be beneficial to people who are searching Cag looking for help with claiming through a company. http://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk...spx?nsid=25964 This info has been copied from the Avon and Somerset Constabulary website, but is possibly happening all over the country. If you feel you have been a victim of this you should contact your local police authority. Up2
  21. NPower is making me pay 12 months usage within a 9 month period - i.e. 3 months early? NPower estimated what my future usage would be between May 2012 and May 2013. They then set my monthly charges to pay off this estimate by Feb 2013. This means I will pay 12 months (May 2012 to May 2013) in a 9 month period (May 2012 to Feb 2013) When I confronted NPower with this they kept referring to different parts of the (confusing) bill as an explanation. Eventually, having argued away all their arguments, there was no other conclusion but the fact that they are making me pay early and
  22. Highways Agency and their contractors sending 'enforceable' invoices to people who are breaking down on the motorway for 'damages'. It's been on MoneyBox. It's quite disgraceful because the one company ("A1 plus" as it was called) is owned by a number of companies but all enquiries have to go to the HA who won't comment. There is no warning, no justification for the rate of the charges - eg one woman is fighting a bill for £320 for a bit of petrol leakage which the AA has challenged as being unreasonable because the company (under the banner of the HA) turned up, sprinkled a bi
  23. I recently booked a holiday to Portugal and due to having 2 young children, I chose the flights that were at the best times, rather than the cheapest. This meant outward flight with Ryanair and return flight with Easyjet. I chose to add insurance to both flights. Unfortunately our son got chicken pox and we had to cancel our holiday at the last minute. When I rang the insurance company to reclaim the costs, I was told that my Easyjet insurance was not valid because I don't live in Portugal!!! When I made the booking, they had my address details so why did they offer me a policy that
  24. Morning everyone, Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I've just been scammed. I received a large number of unsolicited texts on a rarely used mobile from 60699 (Zamano PLC) based in Dublin. I noticed about £35 extra on a usually very small monthly bill. Orange, my service provider were completely useless and downright uncoperative. I have complained to Zamano but received the usual bland response. Any ideas on which regulator I should contact, or indeed anything else would be most welcome.
  25. Hi, I rented a car in scotland and signed a contract with a car hire company who I've been suspecting to be a fraud. It's a cash hire cash deposit. I've paid vague charges such as the "CC surcharge" (whatever that is), and they have kept my 200 quid deposit. Recently they emailed me asking for another 129 quid for damages to the car. The point is this company does not seem legitimate. On the contract, they have my last name and initial of first name, my address without house number, licence number, date of birth. I suspect the company is a fraud,
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