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  1. I have just sold a mobile phone on ebay. I described the phone exactly and honestley as possible. The phone sold and the guy paid instantly. Three days later I received a message thanking me for sending it so promptly but saying it wasnt as described. Corners were broken and there were big scratches on the screen. The phone I sent was mint but naievley I posted a libary picture of phone. I messaged back offering a full refund if imei number matched. He replied asking for imei number for his inbox??? Too cut a long story short a case has been opened and he has just sent the phone back.
  2. Help! I've been scammed! I saw this products online. It was advertised as the secret fat burners and muscle builders used by Hollywood A-listers like Gerard Butler and co. It promised a free trial, and all I had to pay was just £2.99 for each of the above, for postage. I duly punched my credit card details in, requesting the so called free sample. Lo! and behold! Credit card statement came in after a few weeks, and these guys had charged me £79.97 and £94.97 in addition to the £5.98 earlier charged for postage, totalling £180.92. Though I've instructed Barclaycard not to honour any
  3. I have just received a phone call from a guy calling himself Harry, he has a pronounced "Asian" accent. Harry claims to be a specialist advisor at Microsoft and has information that my computer is at risk. Had these before but this time my wife answered and Harry used her first name and asked for me by my first name. Number with held of course.
  4. Just got a £70 fine for 'overstaying' in Aldi's Boscombe store. As a paying customer I would expect to at least be informed that this time restriction was in place. Signage is appalling. I would have gone elsewhere to do my shopping if I had known about the ?70 tax on shopping at Aldi. Apparently there is a machine inside you're meant to put your registration number into - only they try not to let you know as it is more profitable for them to get their hired thugs to send court threats and fines. I now have to deal with Parking Eye - a well documented bunch of cowboy bullies with a n
  5. Police are warning people to be on the alert after an 89-year-old woman was conned out of £100,000 when she was persuaded to transfer it from her account. The [problematic] were posing as bank officials and police when they told the victim in Atherstone, Warwickshire, that there was a problem with her bank. She was told it would be wise to transfer the money to a different account "to be safe". Officers say people should be on the alert to similar scams being carried out elsewhere in the country. Detective Chief Inspector Sean Paley said: "While people are generally aware
  6. a Malaysian who ordered a penis enlarger online was stunned when he was sent a magnifying glass. At least it came with a useful instruction: 'Do not use in sunlight'. The victim-who paid £100 for his £5 magnifier-later reported the internet [problem] to Malaysia's customer complaints bureau. Its chairman, Seri Michael Chong, said: 'As you can imagine, he is feeling rather disgruntled.'
  7. Hi, I'm sure I am going to be advised to "accept it and move on" but I checked my latest online bill yesterday and it was just under £100 instead of the normal £43 for 2 Galaxy S handsets on 600 minutes each. Anyway, I checked the bill and found one call had cost £44.66 plus VAT (£53.59). It was for a call lasting 2 hours 33 minutes to an 0843 number. I avoid calling 0843, 0844 or 0871 numbers from landlines let alone mobiles, but do get calls from them and I must have accidentally done something that activated a call to this number - but 153 minutes? So I dialed the numbe
  8. My sister is selling her car. The license plate is visible in the images, and she has someone calling up asking for the VIN number and some number from the MOT certificate apparently to do some "checks". Surely you only need the REG for a HPI check? What would they need the numbers for? Or could this be a possible clone attempt? Edit: Should say "clone".
  9. Hi everyone, I thought I would post this in case it happens to anyone else on CAG. Yesterday evening my daughter was going on about the "bearded lady" who was going to be on Eurovision so I googled Eurovision and went on to the Daily Mirror site. I was looking at the running order, saw a picture of the "bearded lady", clicked on it, and immediately a "Cheshire Constabulary" website appeared with a box telling me I had accessed child pornography and that my computer was locked, my files encrypted, I had committed a criminal offence and been reported. I couldn't believe it. Ov
  10. Hey I got in contact with a software developer, he agreed to write some software for me, I paid him in instalments total of £277. The software was never delivered to myself he took the money and ran. I paid him via bank transfer. I am planning a small claims court but it turns out he is 16 and from the UK. I would like to know who is responsible for the the money owed, Would it be him or his parents (I have located his address and parents names) that I sent the initial small claims forms to ?
  11. Hello, I`m wondering if anyone can help me? I lost my job in January and with bills to pay have been desperately applying for a new one. I saw an ad on Gumtree for a personal assistant job, which I applied for and got. It turns out I think this is a [problem] as I was sent a cheque to run some errands for someone away on business, after I deposited the cheque into my bank account I was then asked to send £200 cash via moneygram as part of an errand to someone in South Africa. This is when I realized it was a [problem], I have not sent any money via moneygra
  12. I am another victim of Phoenix Business agents who are very good at [problem]ming innocent people like myself who just wanted to sell my business. I did not approach them instead they somehow got details of my business on sale and approached me. They made it sound ever so promising and very good at selling that they talked their way into selling my business. They said they would market the business and would be able to sell my business within 6 months and with a high price. They initially said that there is no fee until the business is sold and when the agent had come h
  13. Hi all, I have no idea what to do, Mini credit are saying that I have taken out a loan with them when I have never even heard of them. There isn't a date when I was meant to have taken out this loan, but I'm being harassed by their company and they've sold this debt to OPOS limited saying that I now owe £815.96. They also said that my card was used, I have a new debit card now so it must have been my old debit card which was used but I don't know the dates. I haven't used my Barclays account or my card in months and months. I use a different bank account. I emailed them and told them that it m
  14. wrong topic maybe someone could advise where best to put this topic or move it for me?? thanks Ill start from the beginging. I Purchased a car(carcraft) oround late march 2005 through black horse finance. Car was 6k turned out i was paying around 18k back. Bought the car and it was the worst thing i ever did. Fault upon fault up on fault. Took it back numerous times just to be fobbed off. In the end after paying £304pcm for around a year i took the car back to carcraft left it with them wioth logbook keys everything and canceled my standing order. Time went on which at the time i w
  15. Hi all, I've had the usual experience of being told my payment of £152 is pending and then not receiving anything. Contacted them by email but got no response. Started filling in the MCOL form today (22/12/13), went to the C4P website to get the full postal address...and the website has gone. I've read a few posts saying they have changed company names. New to all this. Can I bring an action against a company that has ceased trading? Can I bring an action against a new company name and address (even though my contract was with C4P)? Or have I missed the boat completely?
  16. Hi Warning to all not to use Money Warehouse, don't even visit their site, let alone put any of your personal details in. Seems they are just out to make as much money as they can from the most vulnerable people. They take, from your bank account, some random charge for doing nothing at all, then refuse to give it back without making you jump through all sorts of hoops, and even then it's likely you won't get your money back. Surprised our Government are letting these people get away with it, but getting away with it they are. We need to make as many people as possible awar
  17. Hi I'm after some advice please. usual Story never received a payment from cash4phones. Did a money claim online and have since enforced a judgement. No response or payment but to issue a warrant is another £100! I have since found out I should have made the claim against C4P trading Ltd. Is there any point in me pursuing this any future and does anyone know if I can change the name to C4p Ltd or is it too late?
  18. Hi, I am new to this forum and just joined because of the lift and glow [problem]. I am In the middle of a dispute and trying to get my money back. Any help would be much appreciated, Dianne
  19. I recently did a valuation on my car - "for a laugh" with we buy any car. 2 weeks later I get an email from them saying... "Oooh there is more demand for your car, click here to see a new valuation" Turns out the valuation is mysteriously £995 more than the first! Really!!? Somehow my confidence in that company has diminished somewhat on the grounds of ethical business.
  20. i bought a phone for £198 from simply electronics thinking it looked genuine when i placed my order all looked fine, email acknowledgements the lot was sent, then tonight i looked into my order history and it comes up you have no orders in your history, also checked the pending orders and nothing in there also After doing some research i find endless negative reviews about these bunch of hong kong rip off merchants, I have no idea how the hell this company is still going Post and Post saying people are having there money taken and nothing being delivered t
  21. Ex Newsreader; Peter Sisson's has made the headlines regarding a ticket issued by Smart Parking when shopping at Homebase. The link to the story is here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2477165/How-Peter-Sissons-received-Homebase-apology-90-parking-ticket.html
  22. BGJGEG

    CSA Concerns

    Please bare with me on this one. I am a father of three, two of those children live with me my eldest lives with my former partner 200 miles away (she decided to move not me) My former partner made me trudge through a contact order application and fought tooth and nail stopping me seeing my son which cost me £5k to fight in court, to rightly be awarded contact, needless to say she does not commute our son all travelling is done by me alone. I currently work and have been in contact with the CSA in regards to an assessment. on a net weekly income of £400 here are the calculations.
  23. :evil:Has anyone taken phone companies (Virgin, Orange, BT etc) to court after getting a bill where they could not recognise phone calls made on their account and won the case. I know of at least 3 people to include myself that had bogus calls recorded on their bills (I had 2 premium calls on my account I definitely did not make). Most people suspect crooked phone engineers but how would you prove this and get a refund (it is time this [problem] is exposed)...
  24. Hi everyone! I had recently a bit unusual ebay case on the ebay as a seller. I'll try to describe it below, but sorry for my English , I am not a native speaker. In the end of June I sold on the ebay a piece of relatively expensive equipment on the ebay (selling price was $4000). Next week after the end of the auction I intended to go to the vacation and wrote to the about this to the buyer as well as offer to pay later (in 3 weeks, after I come back) or cancel the deal if he not able to arrange payment before my leaving to the vacation (3-4 days, so I could post item immediately). He ag
  25. Motorists are being warned about a new insurance [problem] where criminals flash their lights to let other drivers out of a junction, then crash into them on purpose. Anti-fraud experts are calling it "flash-for-cash". The gangs tend to target new, smarter vehicles or vulnerable road users, including older people and women with children in the car. The [problem] is costing insurers hundreds of millions of pounds every year. It is a new tactic for an already well established crime, called "crash for cash", where criminals slam on the brakes for no reason so that the victim
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