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  1. Hello, One year ago out of curiosity I decided to set the account on the quickflirt.com website. Quickly found that running the website's account on this portal is linked with high fees - money taking out from your bank account in LLOYDS. Due to this I decided to close the account asap. The close and removal of my quickflirt's account was confirmed by website and by quickflirt staff by calling intervention. Unfortunately this month I spotted there is suspicious withdraw out of my bank account on the amount of 40£. Quickly went through the history o
  2. here goes i was contacted my an ebay sellers club on facebook just a few weeks before christmas 2014 asking me to sell michael kors bags through my ebay account, i would recieve the money from the customers and i would send it on to the alleged seller, they would pay all my paypalicon fees and ebay fees, im very vunerable and fell for this [problem], i started to send money onto the supplier andd customers didnnt revieve thier items so requested a refund back through paypal (im glad these customers got thier money back) however my paypal account is now in a deficit of £4500 .. this wouuld be
  3. Hello, I hope someone on here can help before things get worse. I have taken out car insurance with Octagon and emailed them all the required documents. I even called (expensive hotline which is the only way to contact them) to confirm they received all documents. All of a sudden I have received a text message saying they will cancel my policy unless I get in touch. I have called them again and asked what the problem was. All I was told is that some documents are missing. When I told them that I have emailed all documents twice and have previously been assured that they h
  4. Guest

    Is this a scam? HMRC e mail.....

    Today I received an emails from supposed HMRC This is part of what it contained..... Dear Taxpayer - We are sending this email to announce that after the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determinated that you are eligible to receive a tax return of £148.32. In order to receive your refund online you need to create a Government Gateway account. Has anyone else received anything like this? Is it a [problem], and how did they get my email? Thanks in advance. Miss A. PS Note that the spelling of "determinated"....I don't even think that is a
  5. I purchased a ticket before travelling today, only to discover that my train was cancelled and the next one wasn't due for an hour. I went to a member of station staff, asking who I should speak to about receiving a partial refund due to the delay. My ticket was then taken from me and they wrote on the front of it that it wasn't valid. I looked for the station manager to complain, but I was told that I would have to purchase another ticket if I wished to travel. I was then told that, as my new ticket was purchased after the cancelled train was due, I would no longer be entitled to a refun
  6. Why do car insurance firms increase policy premiums for people with poor credit history? I just went online to check out my renewal costs on go compare - my new premium would be £520 - thats with 9 years no claims and 1 accident So I entered exactly the same details again and the only detail I changed was the name of the driver (made up a name) the address, car, annual mileage etc all stayed the same and the new quote came in at £380 As a previous discussion I had with an insurance firm the person stated that they only do a CRA check to confirm your details - but its quite clear
  7. I rented a car from Green motion over the weekend. Upon returning the car, it was discovered there was a small scratch (no more than 2mm in diameter) at the rear end of the car. I did not cause the damage but I didn’t spot it when I got the car (it was really very small and probably near impossible to see in broad daylight). However, the guy at the car rental place managed to spot it in a late evening with a torch. Long story short, I disputed without avail paid for the damage but now I feel that I have been set up. It is as if the rental place knew exactly where to look. The cost is
  8. I just received a letter in the post from GDR Trace, simply asking me to contact them as I may be the person their client is looking for. No other info is given, just a freephone number and an email address. All I have so far done is send them an email saying I can be contacted by return email. Almost immediately, I received an email from them with exactly the same wording as the letter. This made me suspicious enough to do some research on the net and what I've found is very worrying. Apparently they are a debt collection agency who hound people to pay debts which very often they don't o
  9. On the 6th of November my son ordered a moped online from a company called thescooterbox.com. He received an email asking him to do a direct bank transfer to a Lloyds bank account. Unfortunately it did not occur to him that this was not a normal process when ordering goods online. He was then informed that delivery would be three to five working days. A week later he had still not received his order when he tried to contact the company there was nobody answering phone calls or responding to emails. Now the website is down and I feel
  10. Hi all, Can anyone help out? Do you have any information on the following company. https://www.instantdecisionloans.co.uk/ or has anyone heard of them or had any dealings with them? A colleague of mine has unfortunately been duped by them out of circa £500. A police report is in the process of being filled out for fraud. He is currently cancelling his card and changing his account details so that they can no longer take money from him. any info on these would be great if anyone has had dealings with them. Thanks
  11. Around the two-four month mark, my friend eagerly accepted a UC course. Some of it was actually helpful and useful. Other bits were a complete joke. But anyway, the main plus was it came with a 'guaranteed job interview'. Now I am wondering if this is a [problem]. My friend can not find out anything about the job. I was wondering if anyone has experience of these being a [problem] and also what the rules are for declining the job. If it is possible. The job coach has said he has to take it if offered it so long as it is not commission, however if he doesn
  12. Hi Everyone I just bought a second hand car and discovered there is a general [problem] going on. The con basically involves any kind of car with a price range of £1000 to £1500. There are a lot of people now who pretend to be car traders. They look for drivable cars with faults, buy them cheap, somehow get these faulty cars MOTed and sell it on for a much higher price. BEWARE OF ANY TRADER WHO SAYS THEY HAVE JUST STARTED THE TRADE AND SO DON'T HAVE A PROPER CAR SALES GARAGE. BEWARE OF ANY TRADER WHO SAYS THEY JUST BOUGHT A CAR OR JUST HAD A CAR IN ON PART EXCHANGE. THE
  13. Hi, I received a letter in the post today with a cheque attached for £50. I have dialed the number for customer services but no anwer just automated then music. I have an old debt to Capital Bank lost my job and defaulted but think it was after 2007 so if they passed the debt out to a DCA would be around 2009. Anyway things going through my mind 1) is this just an out an out $cam 2) Is this a clever new DCA technique I bank the cheque they now have my confirmed home address and my bank account can be identified from the account it is cleared through. 3) Just paranoid
  14. Hi not sure if this is reported but new [problem] today and one that Action Fraud says is doing rounds. - You get called (number I got was 02032872234) and you've won, you have a cheque to come. - You have to call back with reference and sort the VAT. Easy! So avoid that one.
  15. Stemologica are spoofing through surveys and trying to charge lots more money than people expect? what to do as I am in the middle of it at the moment
  16. Not sure this is the right sub group, couldn't find a sub group for potential [problem]s. I say they are pyramid/ponzi scheme ......, my friend thinks they are not. Their whole business seems to be based on pay a yearly membership of £650 for some emotional mentoring and some free webinars and creating a feminine network. Then pay some more; £15,000-20,000 to become a group director and make money by starting your own group and get members for £650 each/per year. There seems to be NO products or services to be sold in lieu of memberships so members seems to be the on
  17. Darrens brother, I took a car out for Darren since he couldn't get the finance to get it himself from car craft, everything went okay all the paper work was done then after a month the finance company got in contact with me demanding full payment for the car because I had broke the contract due to taking out finance for a 3rd party which I wasn't aware of while buying the car carcraft had told me they had done this loads of times with other customers and that it was perfectly fine.
  18. I started this course last year when I had just split up from my partner, recently had a baby and had to move home! A sales man came out and was saying how I would be guaranteed a plumbing job at the end of it and I would get loads of work as I am a woman and vulnerable groups prefer woman in their homes etc etc he said I could take as long as I wanted to complete and I would pay the college monthly!! As I am currently off work due to a back injury I am struggling to make payments and have contacted the college who have told me they need to see proof which I am gathe
  19. Hi Everyone. I have received a Claim Form from these crooked debt collectors for £1649 for an alleged debt with MBNA which was sold to Arrow Global. Issue date is 5th November. Im about 20 months away from this alleged debt becoming Statute Barred. Can someone help me with which process to follow? Do i put in a defence or do i ask them to provide the credit agreement and other documents before i do that? Thanks. PS im prepared to fight them. I have beaten alleged speeding offences on 7 occasions because i understand the law and system. But im new to the CC
  20. Hi All I've just joined because Google came up with you when I searched for global Debt Recovery Ltd. I've received a letter from them out of the blue today claiming that they are appointed by as agents for recovery of £47,751.74. Their client is quoted as being Experto Credite. I don't owe this money. It looks like a similar amount that my insurance company settled with the finance company when I had a serious car accident which wrote off the car last year, but I can't be sure it's that. The finance company weren't called Experto Credi
  21. Hi all, long time no speak, but nice to be back Here is my rant about this company: http://www.djhenry.co.uk/ I have been trying to get the direct email for the CEO, so if anyone can help, that would be great. Here is basically the treatment I have recieved from them. April 2014, I bought a top range laptop (over £1400). This was manufactured by MSI, and came with a 15 month warranty. Unfortunately, my little boy decided that my laptop may like some of his curry that he was eating for dinner. Ir turned out that it didn't like curry so decided to keep restarting with a
  22. had two loans that I paid for 3 and 4 years respectively and like so many more discovered a big chunk of my payments had been going on PPI , one had been miss-sold because I was self employed and could never have claimed under the terms of the policy and the other I had refused but they added on anyhow. Calculated what my position would have been had all my payments been coming off the capital and concluded that one was definitely cleared and the other had possibly a few hundred outstanding. contacted the companies and got into wrangles with them that went
  23. I was told to post on here with regards receiving money back from a [problem] company? My bank say it was paid a couple of months ago as a one off payment to the same bank (as mine) so its all within the same bank branch/company I even have the bank details/sort code etc Is there anyway internally this can be retracted? I know this was a couple of months ago now, but the bank looked into it (hopefully) but they then said it wasn't really possible? Is there something called "Continuous Payment Authority" which I could get back my money?
  24. I dont quite understand what the problem here is, claimant on DLA, partner is a carer, claim income support/child tax credits etc. Do not claim Mortgage relief (barred for whatever reason it was at the time of the claim some years ago) October, the Atos form arrives re assessment, form filled in and sent back (recorded), nothing heard from since. No medical sought (as yet) Roll forward 2 months and a letter drops through the door from the Benefit Integrity Centre in Ilford (about 100miles from the claimants address) withan Income Support from A2/04/12 . Form states that clai
  25. We keep getting calls, usually with no one at the other end or start to speak and then cut off (Foreign voice) from 08081450360 On googling this number and the various sites, some say its a genuine Lloyds collection but the majority say its bogus Any definitive thoughts please One here does bank with Lloyds
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