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  1. Hi all, I have been reading the site for a while with interest, following a failed business investment 3 years ago, I have been in a poor financial state, and had the usual threatening letters/calls from a myriad of DCA's. I have ignored them up until now, and reading the advice on here from similar cases has helped lots! However, I have just receieved yesterday a letter with a computer generated statutory demand from Cap Quest, relating to a debt with Halifax bank for an unpaid overdraft. The SD signature is computer generated, and some details are missing, so I th
  2. Hi, I took a loan with (Un)Welcome Finance in 2006. In order to do their prelim checks (which they did after giving me the money) they called my referees and told them information that is data protected. I disputed the account and then agreed to payments of £20.00 per month until dispute resolved. Dispute never resolved. I then requested a copy of CCA. No CCA for over a year, so I stopped paying. I have heard nothing from these fools since I was forced to attend the shoddy offices in 2006 to sign the original paperwork. A man in their offices simply asked me to pay £20 per month unt
  3. I've had a problem with Santander calling my neighbours regarding an overdraft. Despite several letters to them they didn't stop and it caused me and my neighbours great distress. They claim that I've given my neighbours number as a contact number, which is wholly untrue. I then did a subject Access Request and found that not only do they have my real telephone number, they also have my neighbours listed as being called a dozen times. Also, they say their systems will automatically refill a missing number from the internet - presumably directory enquries as I'm unlisted but my neighbours
  4. Hi All, New to the site and very impressed by what I have read. Great support from the site team who appear to be more knowledgeable than the advisors at Gladstone Brookes:-). I am just starting down the road of reclaiming what was wrongfully taken from me, MY MONEY:-x. I have a couple of questions that I hope someone might aswer for me regarding the very start of the claims process and who I should be sending SAR's to. I have just today sent off a SAR to my bank, RBS, to find out how many financial institutions have been doing me over the years, I like many do not have pa
  5. Hi, I sent a SAR to HSBC specifically about a visa credit card. I have had a response from them saying that as I didn't sign the letter the bank is unable to act upon my instructions at present. They have returned my postal order. They ask me to send a new signed request. Is this right? I thought I had read that the request didn't have to be signed, but I have failed to find that in a search here. Is there a standard reply to this? Thank you, Sue
  6. Hi All I'm self-employed and have been for 4 years, my husband and I put in a claim for Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit in January this year as work for me was slowing down and the company my husband was one of the directors of had gone into administration. As work was slow I decided to do a Diploma course to make good of the extra time I had, this course cost £1500 and was to take 10-15 weeks part-time at home mostly. The Council have now had 5 S/E forms and done numerous checks on my husband and I, we are and have been for some time living on nothing more than our Tax/Child
  7. Hi I have started another thread going on this subject on the dealing with debt in Scotland. However these are my real legal issues to resolve. Thanks to advice I am starting this thread to seek clarification on my plan. I have 1 day left to file the small claims summons (return date is 12th May 2011, Hearing date 26/05/11) I have a small claims summons for 2.9k. It appears likely it is SAR as we have never had an account with the Original creditor and they have claimed 2 different creditors for the same amount, we have not ever paid them a penny. Apparently the agreement was
  8. Hello All The ET accepted my claim (sexual harassment, discrimination, victimisation) and I have recieved the ET3 responses (1 from employer, 1 from manager) both basically the same and prepared by their rep from the EEF. This rep is the same person who advised the repsonse to the Statutory Questionnaire that I issued to the company. This was given to me on the last day of the 8 week time limit (and a week after the last day lodgement to ET) and was signed by a HR rep rather than the EEF rep (even though it was she who drafted the response). The response left a large number (
  9. Hello everyone, this is a great site and I’ve learnt a lot from the forum posts. I am not very computer savvy so please forgive me if I am in the wrong section & advise me where I should be posting this. I have uploaded some of the letters which may help. I am hoping you may be able to give me some advice regarding my HBOS / Derby County (don’t laugh) credit card account which I opened in 1999. I will try to be as brief as I can. I got into trouble (messy divorce) and was left with over £20,000 debt and 2 beautiful little girls. Over the years most creditors have been pretty good
  10. Hi Folks, I've had issues with a company (The Post Office) where they have referred me to a debt collection agency for an account that should have been closed by them in 2008. Last November I sent them a Subject Access Request (SAR) including the £10 fee. On the 28th of November I got a response returning the £10 and saying that the request would be passed on to the appropriate department. 40+ days have passed - and now I get another letter telling me to send £10 in again to another address along with ID in order to get the SAR processed. Can someone confirm here whe
  11. Hello, This post I've moved from the Bailiff & Court section. Arrow Global purchased a delinquent debt from Nationwide going back to 1999, and have worked in conjunction with their letterheads-for-hire lawyers Shoosmiths in bringing about a CCJ against me which was granted last month by Northampton BCC. The CCJ was granted BY DEFAULT because I did not mount a defence at the time, because I was given to understand that the case would be passed to my local court at which time I would then mount my defence (which is a robust one, as Arrow Global have NOT sent me a copy of
  12. As detailed in other threads in the debt forum I made an SAR back in April and for one reason and another which i wont bore you with I only received the data from the bank on Friday last. I have been with the bank since 1997 and requested all of the data including all copy statements and used a template from the forum. I was astounded to see just a handful of statements from various years but not numbering more than 5 pages. I also got copies of letters I sent them - I am really angry and fed up and realise they are just doing this to put me off but could you please advise me of my next m
  13. Hi guys, hope you guys can give me some advice, basically back at the end of last year my mum received a letter from JB Recoveries about some alleged debt. she had no knowledge of this so i Sent them a CCa Request with a cheque for the £1 fee. she got back a photo copy of some old credit agreement from 1998 but nothing else so we sent them a Subject access request with a cheque for the £10 fee. since then we forgot all about it as we have not heard anything from them. Then my mother receives a statement from cl finance for £10,000. A statement nothing else. we sent them a cca request and
  14. I was contacted by the above vultures on 13/08/2010 by letter: Dear Sir/Madam 1st Credit (Finance) Limited is attempting to contact the above named regarding a personal matter. Your address has been supplied as a possible address for our subject who was previously resident at: (address from 5 years ago) Please conact our offices immediately on telephone number ### and qutoe the above reference number at which time further information can be provided. If you are not the individual we are attempting to contact or have any information that may assist please call us at your e
  15. I've been doing quite a bit of reading on here about CCA Requests and, swamped by debts I thought I would give it a try. I've read some conflicting opinions on whether the 77/78 letters work or whether they give rise for banks to provide a modified copy etc. First I'll tell you a little about my situation: I have most of my debts with Natwest - 2 credit cards, 2 unsecured loans, 1 overdraft and a mortgage. I've moved my main bank account to another provider to protect my income. I also have credit cards with Capital One and Tesco (also run by RBS/Natwest I believe). Could yo
  16. Hi all, thanks for helping. I have been lurking here for a while, waiting for MBNA to come up with my SAR, which they did, on the 40th day! SAR Reply 08-10002.pdf It came with all statements since MBNA took over the account from HBOS and a copy of MBNA's current agreement which doesn't even have a signature page, let alone a signature! (It does have my address printed on it tho!) I had been having problems with Allied International over this one and sent THEM a CCA request first, which they replied by admitting that they had not been sold the debt, but were "acting on behalf of MB
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