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  1. Around 18 months ago I printed the letter to claim back bank charges. The amount was around £600 but now would be around £750. I didn't receive any money back but they cancelled the next months charges that were due to come out. This was around £95. Now thinking about it and with another £55 to come out on 26th August I feel like I let it go and should have pushed for more. Is it too late now or can I re-open the claim? TIA
  2. My dad had £75 in one week taken out of his bank. And that over drew him and now he has another charge on his account. He has been trying for weeks to change his bank, but none would take him. He left money in his account for car insurance but they kept returning it, because of the charge on his account. He needs a bank that would allow direct debit. I've been with Llyods TSB(now Lloyds, or one of them-confusing) for ten years, it's my first bank. And have had no problems with them. Now he owes 50 for the returned direct debit. Can the bank see how much money their customers have?
  3. Hi folks This is my first post on this forum, so sorry if this topic has already been raised here before and/or is in the wrong place. My ex wife and I separated back in August 2006 but having recently gone through a load of old paperwork, we found old store card statements relating to a Debenhams account from that time. These had payments on them for 'Account Cover.' As the account was in my ex's name she made a PPI claim on Santander (who now seem to be responsible for this). Her claim was that she was self employed at the time (she still is) at the card/protection was taken out and some of the cover provided was useless to her. They replied that, yes, the account did have cover for price payment and purchase protection but since the premium was clearly stated on the monthly statement breakdown it was up to her to cancel it. Santander's response goes on to say that her being self employed did not exclude the main benefits of the cover. Can any one please clarify whether Santander's response is a suitable defence. It sounds suspect to me. For example, I remember us signing up for the Debs card and the PPI was never discussed, we were never told it was optional and just assumed it was part of the terms and conditions for getting the card in the first place. And my ex's employment was definitely never discussed, as she'd have responded accordingly, having run her own business for yonks. Any guidance you can provide will be gratefully rec'd. Incidentally, our paperwork search threw up an old (pre-2006) Marks & Spencer store card with payment protection on it. As this account was in my name I approached M&S Bank with a claim. In contrast to Santander, they could not have been more helpful and I'm just waiting for an offer from them. And the situation with M&S is exactly the same as with Debenhams/G E Capital/Santander, in that I was and still am self employed and the PPI was never discussed - which formed the basis of my claim. As I said, any help gratefully rec'd. Thanks in advance good people. Kevin
  4. hi everyone , when you could claim your charges back from your bank I sent in my request to do so but due to the court hearing in 2009 everything changed so I didn't pursue it . ive received a letter today from Santander saying they handing my account over to robinson way . Santander closed my account years ago and I have not made any activity with the account since 2007 and that was only to try and claim my charges back. the question I am asking is , is this debt statued barred , should I try and retrieve the charges again. any help would be appreciated
  5. I took out a credit agreement with Santander Finance in 2010 for a 3 year car loan with the usual balloon type payment/return car option at the end of it. However, I wanted the car for a further year and they agreed that I could extend the agreement for a further year. They sent me a form which had to be ticked and returned and a document entitled "Agreement modifying a Credit Agreement" which had to be signed and returned by 2/4/2013. Unfortunately I overlooked this and failed to return it as I had a lot of other things going on at the time and I got a call yesterday stating that they had terminated the agreement and were taking steps to repossess the car. Has anyone experienced this? I have not missed a single payment and the documents they sent me said nothing about failure to return them in time would lead to these steps being taken. I assumed the Direct Debit would continue regardless and the money was there for them to take it. I have written to them yesterday quoting the OFT Unfair Relationships Guidance stating that that the Agreement is a related and linked one to the one I have already signed in 2010 and that termination is unfair. Any advice gratefully received
  6. It is a fixed term laon agreement that I took out in June 2010 for the purchase of a car. It was a fixed term loan for 15k with 5k charges added and was for 60 months at 350pm. Paid every month up until Jan this year. Sent them an I & E asking to write off ...said no. I have had numerous letters off them adding charges at £25 a time and I wrote to them again on on 5th MArch offering a reduced payment of £200pm. No response so wrote again on 3rd April enclosing copies of all previous letters. Then had an income and exp form back with a rather sloppy written comp slip once again sent the I & E I had sent before which is the national debtline one. Has a letter back dated 11th Apr asking me to ring them. Now I know you are all gonna say I should never ring but thought it would be easier ...what a mistake! The guy on the phone said the following:- I should sell my car and then keep say 2k of the money to buy another and pay the rest off the loan? I replied not an option as one I need the car for work etc and also I would not get much for it and would be like giving it away and then I'd still owe most of the loan anyway. They could put a charge on my house. I replied no equity. He then threatened that they would take me to court and I pointed out that I felt an offer of £200 was a fair one in consideration of my circumstances and that I'm sure a judge would too! he asked for a landline and I replied I wanted all correspondance to be in writing ..he said they needed a number to get in touch and I said get in touch by post. then went to say that I would be fined over £100 if they couldn't get in touch! I replied that he should put a note on my account that all corresspondance will be answered promtly in WRITING! I also asked about the charges being added and he replied that as they are not willing to accept my offer charges will still be added!!! Has anyone had any dealing with these ... they are being really unfair in my opinion ..not sure whcih way to go with this please help x
  7. Hi. I've used CAG before and got great advice and hope you can help again please. I think Im about to lose my home. The mortgage is with Santander and the mortgage is in my husbands name. My husband is self employed and his contract finished last August 2011 and hasn't been able to find work since. Ive managed to find a full time job but my income isn't enough to cover all our debits so Im having to deal with these too. My husband has a history of stress / depression and I've only just become aware of how serious matters had become with the mortgage company. When I started work we offered Santander £250per month instead of our contractual payment of £650 per month. We had already missed about 3 mortgage payments by this point. We paid the £250 per month, however Santander continued to chase for the money. When we explained the situation to them, their response was "well you can continue to pay £250 however it will do no good" (nice!). My husband stopped paying the money. H&L Interactive have issued a Repossession Order and my husband is due in court on Friday 27th July. Last week I spoke to H&L Interactive to find out if we (my husband) could change from repayment mortgage to interest only - however I've been chasing H&L Interactive for a reply and they told me today it can take a couple of weeks for Santander to response - even though the court case is this week. In addition, I emailed H&L as we've had an offer from a family member to help pay the arrears if Santander can come to some affordable agreement plan. Also, Im waiting to hear how much we will get in working tax credits. We've had an estimate and if we get that amount we can pay our full contractual mortgage. We've sent budget sheets to H&L showing what we can 'realistically' pay and stick to - which happens to be the £250 mark. Now that Im aware of the situation Im managing it all for my husband. I don't know what to do next??? I've got to prepare a Defence and I'd like to put together something that basically says its not a case of we can pay but don't - we can only afford to pay £££ until my husband returns to work. Thankfully he's got an interview today - Wednesday 25th - so fingers crossed! The pay isn't great but better than nothing I know! I don't want to lose my home and hope the situation isn't too far to get back from. Can anyone help either advice or what to put in the defence. I've never been to court and know it will be down to me to try and keep our home - but up against Santander solicitors its all a bit dauting. Much appreciated. x
  8. My parents have just finalised an endowment mortgage originally taken out with Abbey, (in around 1976) & were expecting a lump sum - they are now being told that they can only have 25% of the annuity in cash, & the remainder paid on a regular basis. I'm trying to help them get to the truth of it, they're sure they should be able to get this lump sum as per the original mortgage agreement. They have all the relavent paperwork, however during a recent phonecall to Santander, they were told that Aviva is now "dealing with this aspect of the mortgage". They are considering the FOS, however I feel that this should be resolvable between them & the lender, & the ombudsman should be a last-resort. As I'm only familiar with my own mortgage, I'm unsure where they stand, if anybody can offer any advice here - they are adamant they've never signed any "changes to terms/agreement" type letters.
  9. Background. My husband had debt when I met him - not irresponsible spending, debt accrued trying to keep his house after a divorce. We are in NI. Santander started sending us letters in May 2013, saying we needed to make payments on a card I thought had been cancelled. I checked our records- it was closed, the balance was nil. We phoned Santander who took some time, but eventually a manager replied saying it was their mistake - debt to someone of a similar name had been attributed to us. Their explanation was the agent responsible had hit the wrong name when printing out the pay your debt letter. They apologised profusely, promised it would not happen again. In September we started receiving letters first from Wescot, then Dryden Fairfax Solicitors, and we spoke to Santander. They apologised again, blaming another error and said they would speak to the companies concerned. They also said, on request, they would remove any erronous markers on credit rating. Now we have received another letter- Arden Credit Management, stating they took over the debt from Idem Servicing. Neither company is known to us. Santander have said there is nothing more they can do as the debt is now owned by a company they have no dealings with. They have said they can do nothing at all. This debt is not owed. It is not ours. Santander acknowledged it stems from their mistak initially and we should never have been pursued for a debt owed by someone else. What do we do now?
  10. Hi all, first post here so thanks for taking the time out to read my story. I thought it would be best to get some advice here before proceeding with an insurance claim, just so I am armed with the information I need. In June this year I upgraded my phone to a HTC One from EE. Within 6 weeks the screen on the phone began to lift away from the body. Following that, the battery began to die at around 60% and I was unable to turn the phone back on which, a s I work part time and my partner is disabled and housebound, is totally unacceptable for obvious reasons. I called EE to tell them my problem, and I was initially met with some resistance. The advisor I spoke with claimed that it wasn't their responsibility and tried fobbing me off with a number to contact HTC directly. I hung up, and called back when I had calmed myself down. The second advisor was far more helpful, and told me I should take it the handset to my nearest EE store and they will send it off for a warranty repair. No problem, I thought, just a case of a quick repair under warranty and worst case scenario I may have to accept a refurbished phone in replacement. Well, today I discovered that my warranty is void due to 'water damage'. I can tell you now, for absolute certainty, that my brand new HTC One never came in to contact with water, not even a drop. Humidity? Perhaps. The problems began when we had that heat wave this summer. Nor have I ever dropped the phone, incidentally. I was still in that stage where you have just begun to use a brand new flash phone and you treat it almost like your child. Either way, I am not prepared to argue with EE, HTC or anybody else that is going to try their damnedest to avoid honouring the manufacturers warranty. I have too much going on at home to get involved in that brawl. Luckily however, I have contents insurance with Santander - including extended accidental damage, and personal possessions cover which, as far as I can tell, cover me up to at least £1000 and includes mobile phones (there is certainly no mention that they aren't included in my paperwork). This is where it gets me a little confused though. I'm unsure whether they will pay out because I have already sent the phone to EE for a warranty repair, which means EE have taken the phone apart and it is probably now in a worse state than it was before - I can't be certain as it isn't ready for me to collect from the store yet. Secondly, I have no idea how the damage occurred. If Santander are quite happy about the fact I have already sent it off for a warranty repair, to then be told that it was supposed water damage to the phone that caused the problem and it is that turn of events that lead me to making a claim - then that should be easy surely? "Hi Santander, my phone was damaged by water apparently, please could I have a new one?". Likely Story. I need to be armed to the teeth, brimming with insurance know how that I can brandish when my Santander advisor least expects it! I am a little stuck, and this is my very first insurance claim in the 30 years I have been on this planet.. I could seriously do with your help! Thanks in advance guys. Danny.
  11. Hi, I have just received a letter from the county court about a credit with Santander which I have not paid as there is a dispute between me and them. I purchased a laptop from comet and Santander provided the credit. After few months I took it back for repair as it was still under manufacturers warranty unfortunately comet went bust and I couldn't get my laptop back as its under administration. Santander called and I explained to them the situation but they have refused to listen and the letter that I have received is from debt collection agency they have sold the debt to them. My question is what are my chances of winning or defending this in county court as I cannot pay for something that I don't have or should I ask them to come to an understanding so that I can pay some of the debt. The laptop was £400 but now the debt is £650
  12. I have a simple question ... Can a Bank do the following to me without any notice whatsoever? I did not know I was overdrawn and had a bunch of money in my other account, it would have taken me a second to transfer if I recd. a notice. All these were slapped on me on a single day. 31/01/2014 PAID TRANSACTION CARD PAYMENT TO xxxx £25.00 £1,050.33 31/01/2014 PAID TRANSACTION CARD PAYMENT TO xxxx £25.00 £1,075.33 31/01/2014 PAID TRANSACTION CARD PAYMENT TO xxxx £25.00 £1,100.33 31/01/2014 PAID TRANSACTION CARD PAYMENT TO xxxx £25.00 £1,125.33 31/01/2014 UNARRANGED OVERDRAFT USAGE FEE £20.00 £1,150.33 Thakns
  13. I got a letter from Santander a couple of months ago telling me that I have to change my current account from a Premier account to another. This poses huge problems for me as I have used the same account since I became an account holder with A&L in 1986. My mortgage, home and contents insurance, salary and esa and dla all operate through this account, not even taking my overdraft into account, but there is an even more pressing matter. On May 3rd, my 50th birthday, I will be pensioned off on ill health grounds from work. I received word yesterday, March 7th, that I will have a hefty lump sum paid on that date and I have to nominate a bank account to have it paid to. This should now be a time of joy as I will be paying off my mortgage, overdraft, credit cards, credit union loans, all the regular monthly bills that hang over our heads, leaving us debt free for the rest of our lives. Instead I have the worry of having to find a new suitable current account, have it activated and all our regular incoming and outgoing expenses set up. And to make matters worse, my sister works for Santander and even she has told me that theres no way I could possibly be operating a new account in this timescale. Can anyone give me any hints or tips for what I can do ?
  14. Hi All I have an interest free loan with Santander Cards (Via DFS) I've just received a letter from then to say the loan is being assigned to NewDay Ltd. I'm just over half way through the term. As this is a major change to the loan is there a way to wriggle out of paying the remainder balance? H
  15. Hi All Has anyone had a response for Santanders Resolution Manager Lesley Budge..... I recieved a resolution letter today regarding a dispute between myself and Santander, the resolution letter has to be the biggest joke i've ever read as doesnt address the dispute I actually rasied and then goes on to state how many times they have tried to contact me.... I called the resolution manager - Lesley Budge and asked if she actually read the original letter and clearly she hadnt...., I asked when she called........er dont know....., I asked did she leave a message on answerphone.......er dont know, Clearly i know the answer as she hasnt... Is it me or are they completely inept at anything they do.....? So I guess it backs to the Ombudsman again....................................................................
  16. New debt new story, as follows. Not mine This is a bank account debt IRO £750-00, CCA req was sent 03/01/2014 acknowledged on the 06/01/2014. No return of CCA. The account was then closed on the 11/01/2014 and returned to the OC NOA issued by the bank 17/02/2014 to Westcot. Contacted Westcot and stated still have an outstanding CCA request, why are you involved? they say I now have to resend the CCA req to them with the fee of £1-00 again. My understanding was as the original CCA request has not been dealt with the enforcement can not continue until it is. This account with Westcot is on permanent hold until they can look into this from their end, had to get DPA for this debt all over again, to remove all telephone numbers from their systems, which was requested by me to Moorcroft, this again was not done. All info suppied to Moorcroft has not been forwarded to the OC so will I have to start this again? There are far to many charges on this account, but will deal with that once the CCA request is sorted in sent to me. I will then will have to digest the info for several weeks, then send off a SAR to Santander as she no longer has all of the statements. but only at the right time. I was lead to believe that by OFT guideline's a debt can not be pursued whilst it is in dispute and a valid CCA request is not forthcoming. This to date still this has not ben sent to the debtor? A formal complaint has been issued for non compliance and the debt in dispute letter was sent at the same time, but these went to Moorcroft. Since they have sent it back to the OC do I now have to start all over again? MM
  17. The following has just arrived. This is about an O/D which includes loads of bank charges.
  18. My daughter had a card with Dorothy Perkins which was run by Santander. In 2011 she tried to re-mortgage only to be told she had a bad credit rating. She checked Experian and saw a charge from Santander. She did not recognise this and phoned them and was told that it was for a Dorothy Perkins card. She then spoke to another company who we think were the Lewis Group. This was on the 6th October 2011 and she told them, rightly or wrongly, that she would pay it straight away to try and clear her credit history. She then paid the money to a firm of solicitors called Howard Cohen who confirmed on the 6th that the money had been received and then sent a cheque to the court and got a Certificate of Cancellation. However when we checked her Experian account it still shows: Current Balance.............Satisfied Default Date....................21/07/11 Satisfaction Date.............18/10/11 She moved house in 2008 and had her mail redirected for a year and in that time received nothing from either Dorothy Perkins or Santander. So prior to this going to court she knew nothing about it. In fact if she had not tried to re-mortgage she would still not be aware. We have been trying to get Santander to remove this from her file but were told that as she did not pay the minimum as required under her Credit Agreement £12.00 late charges were applied to her account. I have asked Santander for details of how the money we paid was made up. I have a suspicion that most of it was late charges. I know we should have queried the whole thing before paying up but decided the remortaging was more important and as it happened, and is still happening, the mortgage was refused. Does anyone have any suggestions about where we go from here.
  19. In November we applied for a DIP for a mortgage with a "soft" credit history search and surprisingly it was declined. naturally we checked our credit history and found 2 things, firstly Experian could not find my records as Flat 8 is recorded as Flat 5-16 at the Royal Mail and secondly I have a string of missed payment marks with a closed Santander account which was unexpected. I applied for a different more expensive mortgage DIP with a "soft" credit check and got it and started looking for a property. In the meantime I sorted out the address issue with Experian and then looked into why I have 7 or so missed payments with Santander. This was a student account with an interest free overdraft and on occasions Santander decided to charge me interest which put me into unauthorised overdraft around 7 times over the space of 2 years. At the time I had all interest charges and fees refunded and thought nothing of it other than it was time to leave Abbey/Santander. in December I made a complaint with Santander and sent a letter with a table listing every missed payment mark explaining why it is incorrect. All of the dates on the credit history do not match with the events and are in some places 6 months out. Late last month I put an offer in for a house which we just could not miss out on. Best thing about the property is that the executor has applied for a probate which will take around 3 months to complete I thought I had plenty of time to sort things out with my credit history. Turns out that as of this week we have been informed the probate will probably be granted in 3 weeks and I need to proceed with the mortgage. I have been chasing Santander since I put the complaint in December and now have a direct number to my complaint handler which is great. However I get the impression that Santander are doing their best to ensure this takes as longs as possible. She keeps contacting various departments and most recently the credit history department confirmed that my credit history is correct! The dates are about 2-6 months out and all charges were refunded as it was not my fault! My complaint hander at Santander has now contacted another department, with no resolution date. As we really should should be continuing with my mortgage application I really need to get my credit history sorted ASAP. I have made Santander aware of the situation but they do not seem to be taking it seriously. Does anyone have any tips on how to talk Santander into sorting my credit history out quickly? As a cheaper mortgage is about £70 less a month this could turn into a costly issue over 2 years fixed rate. After speaking with my mortgage advisor I have been informed that the only cheaper mortgages available today for us do not do "soft" credit history searches. If Santander do not sort the credit history out I am tempted to risk applying for a cheaper mortgage now that my address issue has been resolved with Experian, but if it does get rejected it will get recorded on my credit history but I still have the valid DIP for the more expensive mortgage. Even with the missed payment marks both of us have excellent credit histories. Thanks in advance.
  20. After dispute over the bank charges i closed my account with Abbey in 2007/8 . The last transaction being on 31/12/2007. I left with an unpaid overdraft of £1550 , which i disputed during the bank charge reclaims. I was contacted by Equidebt in 2010 asking for payment, i countered by not acknowledging the debt and stated that the overdraft was simply bank charges unlawfully imposed by the bank and that i would defend any further actions along that basis. Equidebt never proceeded any further. I have moved house since 2010 and today have had a letter from Santander thanking me for updating them with my new details i.e. coa. I have not acknowledged the letter. The account as been inactive since 31/12/2007 albeit they continued to send statements for a short while. Is this overdraft debt now statute barred ? Would it take effect from the date of my last transaction or the official date the account was closed which was sometime in the January.
  21. I will start by apologising for the long post but I really hope someone can give me some advice please? I recently called Santander to make a payment on my account and was informed that I was unable to pay as the debt as it had been transferred to a Debt Collection Agency. This came as a complete shock as I have been paying it. I wrote to the bank and complained that this was an unfair decision and requested it was looked into. They wrote back and said it was being investigated, during this time I received 3 DCA letters (Fredrickson) and hounded by telephone calls (which I haven’t answered). I wrote again to Santander to add some additional information to support my original letter. (below) I have been experiencing severe financial difficulties over past months due to changes in my circumstances (job loss and erratic payments) and on numerous occasions telephoned Santander to inform them of my difficulties. During this time I have made every effort to meet my payment obligations and feel I have done this to the best of my ability. In November 2012 I telephoned, as usual, to make a payment and was told by the operator that I could make payments online instead of having to telephone each month. In December I decided to do just this. Since then I have made the following payments using Santander Bill Pay. Mandate xxx Account Number: xxxxxxxx Payment Reference: xxxxxxxxx Payments and dates: 19/12/12 - £55 29/01/13 - £55 12/02/13 £329 – This sum was paid in error, when I telephoned to request that it was refunded as it was an error and an overpayment of £274 I was told it wasn’t possible and that I should be more careful! These unhelpful actions made me overdrawn and incur further charges. 26/03/13 - £55 01/05/13 - £55 04/06/13 - £55 23/07/13 - £55 When I telephoned in September to make a payment for August and September 2013, I was told I was over £500 in arrears (7 payments); in fact this amount should have been £110 (2 payments). I was then informed that no further payment could be made on this account as it had been passed to a Debt Collection Agency. As you can see from this list, all payments have been made and I therefore cannot understand why you have made this decision? I request that you check all of your records against the stated transactions and provide me with a valid reason as to why this account has been passed to a Debt Collection Agency when payments have always been made. I will seek further advice on this matter if a satisfactory conclusion isn’t reached as I do not feel I have been treated fairly as a customer of Santander UK PLC. I also kindly request that you contact Fredrickson, your Debt Collection Agency, and request that they cease all contact with me as this account is in dispute and no monies will be paid. I look forward to your reply. Yours sincerely Electronic signature. I also sent a letter to Fred :- To whom it may concern This account is in dispute. Complaints are being investigated by Santander and until this is resolved I request that you cease all contact with me as no monies will be paid to you. If you have any issues with this I suggest that you contact Santander. Please do not contact me again. Yours faithfully Electronic signature. To date I have not heard back from Santander (initial letter sent 18th September ) but this morning I have received another letter from Fred – CONFIRMED RESIDENT - Contact us now to arrange payment or the account will be passed to solicitors to consider legal enforcement without further notice. Please could anyone advise me on what I should do now – it seems no-one will listen to me? I have not defaulted (well only one payment but that is what I was calling for initially, pay the two months owed) and I feel this is unnecessary action from Santander. Thanks in advance.
  22. I have an address which I got off the net for the above. I have: Santander Complaints Department, Santander UK plc, Po Box 1125, Bradford, BD1 9PG Can anyone tell me if this is correct? I have written to them twice recently and got stony silence. Thanks David
  23. Hi Guys, hopefully can get some advice on an issue I have with Santander at the moment. I have a Current Account with Santander at the moment, which had a £20 fee applied last month for being over my limit ( I dont have an overdraft, it went straight over into unarranged overdraft). I called Santander and they looked at my account, and agreed that indeed the £20 had been incorrectly penalised on my account, and refunded it. This was because im currently abroad, and the bank had incorrectly charged me 2 times for a cash withdrawl from an ATM, which resulted in me going into unauthorised overdraft. However, due to this £20 fee, I was in my unarranged overdraft for another 15 days, which totals up to another £75 in charges. This was then deducted from my account a few days ago. Im currently working in a remote village with disadvantaged children abroad, and checking my bank statements online can be a difficult task so I didnt realise there was an issue until now. I called Santander to ask them why they had deducted the £75. If they had not applied the £20 charge, I would not have been in my unarranged overdraft, and therefore would not have been charged. They admitted to a system error with the £20, and therefore it was their fault I have been in another unarraged overdraft. The woman told me that I should have checked my account and contacted them earlier and that the sum of money was now large and they would not be refunding it... Now I will be in a never-ending spiral of charges, as I currently live abroad and the money that goes into my Santander account is gone the same day it is paid due to bills and rent. Therefor I will be stuck for 15-25 days in unarranged overdraft. Do I have the right to get these charges refunded by Santander, due to the fact the £20 charge they admitted was incorrect was the cause for my other unarranged overdraft days? Also, my salary is only £400 a month at the moment, and their charges are causing me serious financial hardship. Can this be used in my favour also? Thanks
  24. I Had an account with cahoot from about 2002 and it was a very good way to borrow money I was up to about £8500 but it wasn't a problem, I then had an accident and had to give up work, I called cahoot straight away and told them about my change in circumstances, they told me that if I agreed to a ten year payment plan of £76 A month that they wouldn't default or record the debt, my son then offered to pay the amount and everybody was happy, that was in may 2007, In june 2010 I had a letter of Santander asking me for for the full amount or they would close and default my account, I wrote to them explaining the payment plan and that I hadn't missed A payment, they wrote back saying they didn't care and went ahead and closed and defaulted the account, as there was no account for the money to go in I cancelled the direct debit, then nothing from them until feb/2013 I received A letter identical to the one in June 2010 and now they have passed it to Westcott, they have also recorded missed payments from 2007 to 2010 on my credit file even though I ever missed an agreed payment, I am going to write to them not that I think that would be of any use, and making a complaint to the ombudsman, Any help would be appreciated .thanks
  25. Hi I have received a default notice from Santander for a vehicle HP agreement. They say I owe just over £850.which is a little more than I thought I owed, I thought I owed just under 3 months (which is still a lot) so they have also added some charges to the account that are within the default notice. I am a student and agreed a date to repay my arrears with them at the end of the Summer break when I should have accumulated some money. ( I did some self employed work this summer and I should have been paid by another company for the work I did but they still have not sent payment - I may have to take these to court) So as I have not been paid then I have not been able to settle the arrears with Santander. The Hp agreement is almost finished. I have had it about 4 and half years. The default notice states that... Total amount payable = £16,828 I have paid to date = £15,243.25 Amount outstanding = £1684.75 They say the arrears are £851.45 and I must pay this by 27/11/13 I don't know how true the above figures are and I suspect the £851.45 to contain some charges. Please advise on the best way to proceed here. I don't have £850 (well £850 minus whatever charges they have added as they are not getting them from me) to give them until I am paid for the work I did in the summer I have been expecting the default notice to come but its still a shock when it does and I feel sick with worry that I have paid £15k and I could soon be without a car
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