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  1. I recently put in a CCA request to Santander for an old GE Capital loan that they took over. The loan was taken out in Oct 2008, defaulted a few years later and I have been making reduced repayments of £62 pcm for the last 6 years. My circumstance have now changed and can no longer afford that. Santander returned the attached signed agreement. Please can you check if it is a valid/enforceable agreement. They also sent a signed direct debit form and application data summary sheet with it. If enforceable, will I therefore need to renegotiate reduced payment with Santander to avoid a CCJ. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Apologies if this doesn't make sense, first timer here. Two years ago, I applied to my old mortgage lender Bradford & Bingley who are now under Santander, regarding PPI. Gave all necessary details and had a letter to say I didn't qualify. I shrugged it off. However, during a recent conversation with a friend, I explained I fell at the first hurdle. He advised me to reapply and to request what grounds I was unsuccessful for claiming PPI. Have I got a chance to reply, or is it a case of a final decision on their part with their initial reply from two years ago? Thanks for having a look at this post
  3. Due to recently selling my house and buying a far cheaper house elsewhere I now have a bank balance of £149,509.10 in my Santander account. Despite this they pay me no interest at all. Santander said I could obtain a different type of account that would pay me interest but only on a balance up to £20,000. I am of the impression that the bank doesn't want my money and would prefer me to transfer it elsewhere. I find this very strange indeed because I thought banks needed people with large balances so they could lend to other people and charge interest on the loans. Seems to me if you have a fairly large amount of money the last place you put it is in a bank. Having no idea where to invest my money I assume I will have to just leave it in the bank and watch it depreciate due to inflation. Oh well, such is life.
  4. Back in 2008 husband died. Mortgage in both names. Santander was sent a copy of death Certificate so Mortgage details could be updated. I thought nothing more of it In 2010 I remarried, went into Peterborough branch with a copy of marriage certificate showing new name and asked if this could be recorded on my Mortgage account. Spoke to Manager about the possibility of the mortgage being portable should I sell. Mortgage statements arriving still in former name, only addressed to me, so it is obvious Mortgage has never been updated. During this time i was arguing with Santander over PPI regarding a loan account taken out back in early 2000's. I never told Santander my new married name, suddenly paperwork arrives in new name regarding this loan account. yes I did get mis-sold PPI repaid. Yesterday i was thinking about getting my paperwork in order a new will to be written, I would need the Land registry Title and Mortgage details. i downloaded a copy of the title of property and there it is still showing with both late husband's name and my former married name on the title. lender is showing as Santander. Originally the mortgage was with Abbey, at some stage Santander updated the lender details but nothing else. the details were lodged at the Peterborough office of Land registry. my questions are who should have notified LR of the name change? Why is Mortgage still in Late husband's name and my former married name? Santander are quite aware which account is being used to pay the mortgage repayments and whose name is on the account, yet they have never queried this. I also keep copies of everything I sent to Santander and got a receipt for the documents i gave Santander to change the mortgage details. I am being proactive and going to make an appointment with the Peterborough office of the LR and take the completed ID1 form and and AP1 Forms with me, with the required proof of identity. of course if I die and my current Will stands, Mr Hobbit is going to have fun and games, so i need to get this sorted sooner rather than later and I don't want to involve a solicitor for all the preliminary work regarding sorting the title of the property before anything else. i know there will be people who will say i should have sorted this before now, but there have been far more pressing matters to sort out before this, now this is the last thing on the list and am wondering about a letter of complaint to Santander about this, or go and see the branch manager in person to get it sorted? I have another 12 years to pay on my mortgage, so I had better live to 85, if Santander can't get their records straight.
  5. Hi folks just looking for some advice with this one. I took out car breakdown membership one year ago and paid for a years cover in full using my debitcard. I was advised at the time that this was on a yearly recurring payment basis unless i cancelled. 6 months ago my card details were somehow obtained by fraudsters (luckily i did not loose any money) santander completely cancelled my old card that i had used 6 months earlier to buy the breakdown cover and i was issued with a new card with new 16 digit number. A few weeks ago the breakdown cover renewal letter landed on the doormat saying they were taking x amount using card ending and quoted the last four digits of my old cancelled debitcard. I had already decided not to renew the breakdown cover but i did not inform the breakdown company as i was confident they would not be able to collect payment using my old cancelled card ?? Low and behold i have checked my account online and the payment is in the system waiting to come out of my account. I have rang santander and they claim that the breakdown company have used the card number from my new debitcard not the old cancelled card. They advised me to ring the breakdown company to see if they would agree to a refund. The breakdown company are not available until tomorrow (Apart from breakdowns of course) But i am certain if i ask them for the last 4 digits of the card they have used to collect payment they will quote my old cancelled card. As stated earlier i also have it in black and white that they were going to collect payment using my old cancelled card. The last time i had any contact with the breakdown company was a year ago when i took out cover, i have not had a breakdown all year and have never been in touch with them, it is impossible for them to have my new 16 digit card number. Anyone had a similar situation or can offer an explanation or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Steve.
  6. Hello, Not sure if this is the right area to post this... I've received a bank statement from Santander for an account that I must have opended years ago but have no real recollection of. There is a balance amount but it does not say if the balance is in credit or debt. Anyone a way to determine this without contacting the bank? Thanks!
  7. Hi I have really complicated situation where santander are refusing to return some money. My santander bank account has had money taken out from it by a building company to the tune of £4100 and building suppliers company to the tune of £2800. We reported this to santander they came back to us saying the transactions are genuine due to them matching the email address used to one used with a different company. the problem is that we never used this email address in the past we found out the email address used was the one used by one of our tenants in the past we have a record of a few communications from them using it We have informed the police and obtained the crime ref number. the Bank are still refusing to return the money again confirming they believe its a genuine transactions. We have contacted the building company and they refuse to return the money saying we have to take matter the to court to get it settled. Due to this incident we are in big financial trouble. Account completely wiped off and we have been left with no money I have two little kids age 4 and we have been left without any money to support them. We contacted the bank a number saying we did not use this card the bank refuse to listen and repeating state the same thing again and has closed the case and the decision has been made on the account. Due to this stress our family are completely broken down. I have to contact food bank for food. we contacted the bank asking if this was not fraud, as they say the transactions are genu, can we not claim the money back under debit card chargeback scheme as we did not receive any service from these companies, but bank advisor refuse to do that. Can some one please help us out about this matter or freelance solicitor to look into this matter we need serious help. .. Please
  8. Evening all, I'm after some advice and please forgive me if this has already been answered. I'm using my mobile and it's not too easy to navigate/search on here to see and it's been many years since I last posted on here so I'm a bit out of touch with processes/etiquette. I've received a letter from Santander relating to a PPI claim that I opened quite some time ago and didn't proceed with. I was told at the time that there is no records relating to my account because of its age. The credit card was taken out with Alliance & Leicester very early 2000 and was taken over by MBNA in March 2003. I had a few cards, the repayments were gEttington to the stage where I had little left over after paying the minimum amounts on all of them and then ended up living on credit at the limit but was still able to pay the monthly payments. Then the company I worked for at the time closed down over night owing me a months wage and missed payments. I found work but not soon enough for the late payment charges and interest to escalate. I then entered a debt repayment program with Baines and Ernst chipping away at approx £16k of debt. I had PPI cover on all my cards (and loan) because I was foolish enough to think I would be protected. When I was out of work I tried to initiate the cover but was told that because I wasn't on JSA I didn't qualify (the amount of time I was out of work and then back in employment wasn't worth signing on but did mean I had to wait two months before any money from employment came in). They all told me this about having to sign on JSA and didn't want to quit my new job so hence the repayment program. So today, this letter states that they still hold no evidence but "have recently undertaken a further review of our process and guidlines, and this means we are now able to calculate an assumption redress offer". Their offer is £48.89! I'll have to have a hunt for a statement or any mention of th card balance, but that offer does seem very unfair considering A&L were one of my biggest creditors (£4k plus) and we're one of the most brutal when it came to Debt Collection. This is how they've calculated it A: Full refund of PPI payments: £25.08 B: Interest paid by you on the above: £0.56 C: Lost interest on cash unavailable to date: £29.06 D: Income Tax Deducted @ 20% = 20% x C: £5.81 E: Net interest paid to you = C-D: £23.25 F: Net offer to be paid to you = A+B + E : £48.89 Any advice on what steps I should take would be extremely appreciated.
  9. Hi please can someone help me. I was awarded a suspended eviction order on 9th November 2009. Whereby the judge ordered if I had to go again I had to go before him and He would basically chuck us out (due to me being there previously) That was dated until November 2010 - Will this be relevent now. Mortgage is with Santander. I have fell behind a few times since just before xmas, but ALWAYS made it up. I am up to date with my payments. And dont owe anything til end of September. My arrears currently stand at £856.71 I have been away on holiday, and come back to a Warrent for the possession of property. Eviction will take place at 28th August at 10.20am. Santander, phoned me in on 20th July - My payments where up to date. Requested I went through a income expenditure with them - right there and then on the phone. I was at work and requested they put the forms in the post. I promptly filled them in and posted them back. Santander say today that because they didnt get them & I defaulted on court agreement they either want the Full £856.71 or the House. Please help me Please help 1 small child and a pretend teenager. Reading through some of the other threads, people have been evicted for being up to date. Really starting to panic Forgot to say I do work, and can pay the mortgage. Just messed my money up a few times this year. But It was payed as soon as, And I am up to date
  10. i suffer from heart condition my wife had an op 18months ago and we are slowly getting in more debt as she was off sick for four months and just ssp i took out credit cards etc to keep us going now we are paying so much out each month two weeks ago i bought some shoes clothes for us both on a catalogue as we hardly had anything, we have a santander overdraft £600 which is nearly used 90 percent of the debts are in my name and just £500 in my wifes name keep wanting to sort things out but scared to do so my wife works i trying to secure work dunno how to cope with this i could not get a simple bank account as still got overdraft with santander have set up a cashplus account so wifes wages can go in that just scared of the phonecalls which will come etc when we start sorting this mess out we have £4700 in debt total, want to pay it back its our mess but need to sort budget and be able to live but pay back our mess up pls help
  11. I recently sent a claim form to reclaim the PPI and other charges that I had with House of Fraser store card which then belonged to GE. Santander now deals with it, and after many letters they have agreed to send me the refund. However, the letter is about 4 pages, and it says I cannot claim interest charges and other charges because of the time limit. I know it was from 1999-2009 and it has been a long time. If I were to send the letter can someone have a look at it please. They said some money was refunded, but I cannot recall as it has been a long time. Also mentioned about the second account I cannot recall that either. They offered me full and final offer of £161.75. I know the PPI amount was only £2.00 or less at the time, and I remember cancelling it sometime ago. Does this amount sound right. Thanks
  12. Hi, I have a default which I am still paying albeit a very small amount a month, the date of the default is 19.5.10. It has been sold on several times. In December they started returning my payments, I have only made one payment since, this week I have received another letter to say its been sold again, and to contact them to make an arrangement to pay. In May this year should the default be erased from my credit file. If I am still paying it how does that reflect on my credit file? or can I just stop paying it. My credit file hasn't been updated on this debt since 12/15. I have never signed an arrangement to pay, I tried to arrange one, years ago and they refused the arrangement, however I continued to pay it regardless. However it still appears as a default not an ATP. I would appreciate any advice on what I can expect to happen. thank you
  13. Just paid out. It was for an old credit card, though I'm not sure which one as I think A&L bought it over then Santander bought it. I applied a couple of years ago but they said they couldn't do anything as there were too many companies involved. Roll on last week when I received a letter telling me that they'd make an offer, which was duly accepted. Moral of the story is, and I've had it told to me by companies, there is no 6 year time limit. Get claiming folks :whoo:
  14. Today, 3 days before Christmas I learned that Santander had closed my account without warning. On the phone they said they are sending me a cheque with the account balance - that is my Christmas spending money for the family. I asked them what good is a cheque when I now don't have an account - open an account elsewhere was the reply - they know that will take 2-4 weeks and probably longer at this time of year. If they were decent they would give you a warning and allow you to collect your money as cash from the branch - not send a cheque which they know very well will take weeks for you to access. They have my email and phone number surely they could have advised in advance - what if I had been in a restaurant at the time they cancelled and I could not then pay the bill or worse still been abroad with a hotel bill to pay!!! Been with them for over 25 years and have never had a complaint from them about my account - it was in credit - :mad2:
  15. Hi there, I had a credit card with Santander for some years and have kept up with the payments but only the payments as due to being ill over the past seven years with several illnessess I have been unable to work so defaulted on the card. I was unable to deal with this, part burry head in sand and dealing with hospital sttuff and now I owe nearly £5000, £4000 being the credit and £1000 being the charges. End of january I recieved a letter from 1st Credit saying, (this was the first letter from them) "Client: Santander Cards LTD Debt: xxxxx Client Account Number: xxxxxxxxxxx Our records show that the above amount remains outstanding. If you do not make contact we will concider pssing your details to a local Doorstep Debt Collector. This individual would visit your address to confirm that you are still resident and prepare a Pre-Legal report. We appreciate that you may not want a personal visit. I will therefore delay the visit for three days drom the date of this letter to allow you time to settle your debt. Please send your payment blah bla blah DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE SERIOUSNESS OF THIS MATTER. Ok no one visited and five days later I recieved the following: "Client: Santander Cards LTD Debt: xxxxx Client Account Number: xxxxxxxxxxx The above amount remains outstanding. We may now take legal proceedings against you and if succesful it may result in- Substantial Legal Costs; -entry of your name in the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines, which may make it difficult to obtain Credit in the future. Continued failure to make payment could result in enforcement action such as;- -An application to your employer for an attachment of earnings;- -Seizure of your assets by a County Court Bailiff. PLEASE TAKE THIS FINAL OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE CONTACT, TELEPHONE BLA BLA BLA Well not working and only been able to eat and live due to others buying me food, I have no income so what should my next step be please... many thanks for all and any advice.
  16. Its a first post I'll be brief. One year left on mortgage. trouble with payments, only £7000 left to pay and will be paid off next year. Santander want to threaten me with litigation and take me to court. I was forced to take early retirement couple of years ago due to cancer. Any advice? going through the usual channels RE debt advice, expenditure etc cheers guys Meicimac
  17. Good day all Just one question I have emigrated to SE Asia. I wish to get all my charges back from the bank but I will need to SAR them. I know it is 40 days from the date of posting but the post takes about 21 days to arrive from this country. Do the 40 days rule still come into it and when I request the SAR should I ask them to include the Proof Of Posting slip with the SAR to ensure they don't get more days than they should. Might seem a little petty but the bank have been very petty with me over the years and I estimate around £3,000 of charges from Bank accounts, Loan Accounts and Mortgage Many thanks in advance.
  18. Hi Starting a new claim re Debenhams Card. Unfortunately card applied for in 1988 . Definitely has tick in the box . Remember this was in store . No explanation . Santander have sent SAR no statements and letter states there is no PPI on account and I am almost sure PPI was charged. Can I claim direct to Genworth and if so can you please advise the address please Glad of any help thank you
  19. Made a subject access request to Santander. One of the acknowledgement letters they sent says this (in bold): If anyone here has made a subject access request to Santander, can you please check the Acknowlegement letters to see if it says the same. If it appears can you include a scanned copy of the letter on this forum. The ICO has told me: Santander acknowledgment letter also says this about call recordings: Santander did send me call recordings, but one of the recordings had a bit missing from the dialog. I've reported it to the ICO. They've just got back to me after 2 months and said I need to ask Santander for the missing data. I'll probably do that, and let everyone know if Santander does locate the "missing data". BTW, about storing call recordings under telephone advisor's login (and not by customer name or account number). I'm pretty sure the Data Protection Law says if a living individual can be identified from the data, then it's classed as personal data. Here's the quote from the ICO website:
  20. Hi, all the charges are in my husbands name I did not know about them until they had already gone to court and been put on the property, they have been on the house since 1997 heard nothing from two of them no request for payment or anything since 2000 but one is with Adams & Sons and they contacted my husband last year have a lovely letter from them saying that they are going to get a local estate agent to drive passed my house to do a valuation then try to force me to sell it their charge is for £5000 offered them £2000 but they said no and havnt heard from them since. scrudge
  21. Dear All, I am hoping someone could assist my wife here with her rejected Santander for a Debenhams Store card. Herself and her mother, where in the store at the same time and both took out a newly offered card at the same time, and spent near the same amount and never again used it since, All they needed was some wedding stuff at the time., Now a month ago or so Santander got intouch with her mother out of the blue and said "hey we owe you some money" and she got £2500. The wife wrote off to them, and i think they have just fobbed her off, I have uploaded their reply and can be seen below. It would be fantastic if anyone can let me know if we can turn this around and put it back in our favour.. I feel she is being mistreated and fobbed off with a standard letter Regards PDF file now attached, Many Thanks santander.pdf
  22. Hi Guys I took out a loan in june of this year paid over half of the price for the car with cash......I have sadly lost my job now...but I need the car for getting to and from interviews and ultimately to get to and from work once I gain employment again I have noticed within the terms and conditions that I am not allowed to go bankrupt or seek IVA without losing the car?...I was going to see if Santander would allow a payment holiday giving me time to find a new job and carry on repaying the payments I still have the option of handing the car back and walking away but this would mean losing £9k, and also I have the option of making Santander obtain a court order to get the goods back.........what can I do guys obviously I don't want to lose the car?? Is asking to lower the repayments an option? or not?....is there anything I can do...thanks for reading my concern and any help would be very much appreciated Kind Regards Nick
  23. I would be grateful to know if anybody who has been successful in a claim against Santander on the 2008 svr/cap margin issue could explain the grounds on which the claim was made; was it on the basis of breach of contract on the bank's part or the longer-term financial implications of Santander's application of the cap margin increase. Cheers
  24. I recently checked my Credit Reference File and saw that a default was on my account for a Cahoot flexi loan, the default was incorrect in that the last payment date and default date were some 18 months apart and the original debt was incurring interest, making the amount outstanding an additional £4 K. I approached Santander on 2 occasions and they refused to remove the default, so I then moved on to the ICO, who upheld my complaint and instructed Santander to put things right. The debt would be statute barred and should thus disappear, this happened on my Noddle file but still was showing on my Experian file, this has prevented me from a re-financing deal due to adverse credit being shown. I got back to the ICO and once again they contacted Santander, who stated they had removed one but had forgotten about the other CRA's, to say I am annoyed is an understatement Is there any way to get compensation for this as I see ICO cannot penalise them?
  25. Hi, OH did a bank switch in April though unfortunately new lender couldn't offer an overdraft to cover what we had with Santander so the account remained open with the overdraft which was £21 over the £500 limit. He called Santander and made an agreement to pay £100 in July and full payment in August. Was told this was fine and they would freeze the interest - no-one informed needed to make monthly payments or that we needed to pay £21 to be within limit. The £100 payment was refused due to being unable to pay by card as now told the account was closed. He then agreed to pay in full in August in branch as busy with work (working full time and setting up own business on weekends unable to get in branch during opening hours.) Again told this was fine no issues with the account. He has had 5months late markers and a delinquency placed on his account within 3 months, partly due to Santander refusing debit card payment as the account was "closed" I sent a complaint to Santander CEO and was referred to an executive manager who has basically replied saying once certain triggers are met they can back date late payments so can place 5 months within 3 months. He's said that everything is correct and accurate reflection and would be despite the agreement and regular contacts and updates and that an agreement of monthly payments wouldn't have made a difference of the reporting either. He states the initial agreement was broken because the £100 in July wasn't paid. I received a letter a couple of days ago saying thanks for making the final payment of your repayment agreement. What's the point of a repayment agreement if it won't make a difference anyway? We're being treated the same as someone who has made no effort to contact or repay the debt. I've asked for copies of the agreement the letter refers to but he's ignored this. My other concern is he says that the account was not closed and the reason full card payment was refused was due to being unable to accept credit card payment as legislation prevents debt being cleared by debt. We definitely didn't offer to pay by credit card, we don't own any credit cards so would not be able to offer this payment and payment was refused four times on different occasions! That would mean 4 times customer service advisors would have to had misunderstood or assumed we wished to pay by credit card. This includes twice in branch as payment had to be made in two halves because of ATM withdrawal limits. Why would we be able to pay in full by cash which meant two separate trips to the bank over 2 days because of ATM limits but not pay in full by debit card? It would have been much easier for us to make one payment, and even easier if they'd allowed debit card payment over the phone weeks earlier. Like I said we don't own a credit card so wouldn't have even been mentioned for all four people to assume such thing when card payment was offered. I have replied disputing we tried to pay by credit card which was why it was refused and payment delayed but with the previous reply I received I'm not hopeful this will change anything. He has sent full details to forward my complaint to the ombudsman. All I'm asking is that they remove the delinquent status and update the late payments to 3 months which I feel is fair eventhough we did have an agreement in place which they stopped us sticking to. Thanks
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