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  1. Hi I had a bank account with A&L years ago. We started a DMP with Payplan which ends in a month. We were paying Santander the debt through the DMP but then I got a copy of my credit file and the account in question had a status of settled as of March 2010 so I thought they must of written the debt off, so instructed Payplan to stop payments this was in May 2012. A few weeks ago I got a letter demanding money relating to the account from Wescot. I told them my credit file states settled and they went off to investigate. They asked for a copy of the credit report so I gave them that. They have now come back with bank statements showing the account overdrawn with charges. My question do I need to pay Wescot what they are asking for when the account states settled? Are lenders allowed to pass statements to debt collectors?
  2. I had a direct debit for £6 but went overdrawn through bank charges! I checked my statement and last month paid nearly £200 in bank charges! Some of the charges were 200% higher than the original direct debit! Is the unfair bank charges thing still on the go?
  3. Anyone have any links to threads on reclaiming PPI from Santander/GE store card taken out in 199x please? I have a read a few posts where the responses from Santander have been negative, but cannot find any ongoing cases or helpful information. Thanks t
  4. Hi, First time thread, long time reader. My partner made a PPI claim against Santander on a defaulted personal loan the residual debt of which is still owned by Santander. On 11 July they offered £2606.25 in settlement of the complaint but said they would use all to clear the outstanding balance of around £3k. A letter was sent back as follows: Dear Sir, Thank you for your letter of 11 July detailing the offer of redress I have signed the acceptance with the offset wording deleted. I do not consider this appropriate as: The enforceability of the debt is not certain, your letter commenting on being unable to locate copy signed agreements ("unable to locate the interest rates") I am in financial hardship, principally the property that I share with my partner has a mortgage attached which is in arrears and there is a suspended possession order in place. I have attached recent copy correspondance from the mortgage company. This is considered a priority over any alleged unsecured debt I therefore request full payment of the redress by way of cheque to my address at .......................................... and enclose a utility bill verification for your records The mortgage arrears are £1406 and the council tax bill showed £495.79 subject to court proceedings. On 25 July they sent a cheque for £1741.02 but no breakdown of how they came to this figure. When I spoke to the Santander PPI helpline they passed me to collections dept. They did not have any information as their file has been closed down as the debt has been passed to a DCA, Wescot and that she should be grateful as many people do not get any payment in these circumstances. Therefore they could not answer my question on as to whether the held back sum of £865.23 represented pre default notice arrears. As far as I am aware and looking at DCA correspondance the debt has not been sold to a third party. The cq represents 2/3rds of the actual redress and I am thinking this is not a co-incidence, i.e. they have plumnped for 2/3rd rather than any actual figure. The loan repayments were £158.66 plus £8.20 PPI and none of these divide into £865.23. So, I suppose I am wondering as to whether the cq should be banked rather than wait 12 to 18 months for FOS to come back and tell me just that? I am grateful to CAG as this was the resource I used to help compose my letter to them which has helped get to at least a positive, cq in hand, scanario but would welcome any comments from people who may have had a similar experience.
  5. Hi All, I would really appreciate some advice on an issue I have with Santander Cards. In March last year I bought an Ipad from Comet. Finance was through Santander Cards. The finance had a deferred 12 month payemnt option at no interest. I was told I would receive a welcome pack from Santander Cards that will confirm all payemnt details and allow me to set up a direct debit to start making regular payemnts should I wish. This never arrived in the post, nor did I receive any further correspondance from either Santander Cards or Comet. When Comet went into administration it jogged my memory that I had not heard from them, I immediately tried to make contact with Comet to no availe. I tried all the contact details on the contract including a telephone number for Santander Cards that was no longer in use. I just presumed I would hear from them at the end of the 12 months to set up payemnt. Last Friday out of the blue I received two letters from Santander Cards on the same day. The first letter was to let me know that they had to put a trace out on me as they were unable to make contact and the second was to demand immediate payment as I have not payed the minimum payment on the account. I have never missed a payment on any of my credit accounts and was completely flustered by the letters. I immediately called the number on the letter and completed security checks that was my address and telephone number. I told the lady I wanted to raise a complaint. After she checked my details she advised me that there is a block on the account as they could not get in touch with me. I pointed out that they do have my correct details as I just gave them this as part of the security clearance and this is the first I hear from them. As I was very concerned I asked what the balance was. After discussing this she agreed to take off 3 x late payemnt charges and I cleared the outstanding balance immediately. The Loan amount was for £426.58. To clear the acount I had to pay £526.59 After checking my credit file I now have 3 x late payemnt notices registered on my file... I dont feel this is my fault. I have asked Santander Cards about this and they are unwilling to help. I feel I was made to pay an extra £100 for their mistake. I also now have 3 x late payments registerd on my account.. I would be extremely grateful for any advice on what to do next? Any help on next steps would be gratefully recieved. Kind Regards M
  6. Hey everyone, got a rather interesting issues i hope someone can give me some solid advice on I use to have a ban account with Santander (when it was Abbey National) Being young and stupid i was in my overdraft a lot, first by £200, i'd go to the bank get £300 then max that out and this carried on till it got to £800. I then lost my job and due to charges the amount when to over £900. Santander saw no money was being paid in and froze the account. In the end we came to an agreement where i would pay the amount to take it into the authorized overdraft and pay back £10 per month for 6 months then the plan would be re assessed. Now here comes the share stitch up. After paying back £10 each month for 6 months, on the 7th month i go to the back to pay in £10 just in case, the cashier tells my my account is frozen and that i cannot pay any money in. We write to Santander and get nothing back. We leave it a year to be greeted with a "your owe us XXX" In the end we came to an settlement figure and i paid it. The problem is not there is a nasty default on my credit file and this also tells a different story. They made a note than i had missed all of the 6 months payments of £10 and then 2 late payments on the 7 and 8th month then hit me with a default. In my opinion they are morally wrong. They allowed me to keep extending my overdraft knowing i lived in it. They stopped me from paying in money to reduce the debt, then told a pack of lies to the credit agencies. I do know that 95% of this is my fault as i was young and dumb but as a duty of care, Santander could of stopped me from getting a overdraft and worked out a way to bring the balance into credit. Any thoughts of how to get this default removed if its even possible, the story is much longer but i'm sure you all dont want a book to read so summed it up. Got 2 other accounts that default in a similar fashion and i'm at the stage in my life where this is effecting my chances of getting a mortgage big time.
  7. Hello to everyone, I am a new member and I am interested in other members views on a credit agreement taken out with Santander in Oct 2011. My wife bought a static caravan in 2011; the invoice total was for £37000, which included £31000 for the caravan and additionally, further site costs of £6000. The Santander agreement signed to finance the purchase totals £37000; however, it states that the purchase is for a static caravan: value £31000 plus £6000 VAT. The agreement says that Santander has purchased the caravan on behalf of my wife and owns the caravan until the full price is repaid. My query is about the inclusion of VAT in the agreement and its effect on the enforceability of the agreement. Would they be legally entitled to reposess the caravan if we stopped the payments. I would grateful of any informed views and suggestions as to how to proceed with this.
  8. In late 2010 I applied for a current account online with santander, they accepted me and sent me out a debit card with a £100 overdraft limit. I spent the limit, then got a letter through the post asking for £80 in unplanned overdraft fees because I'd apparently spent £106 over. The last transaction I remember doing on the card declined, so I think maybe that's the one which which took it over. I want to contact santander to try and sort this out now, but I've never had any correspondence from them since about it. All the contact info on the site says are phone numbers, but I'd rather email them if I could. So basically, how can I email Santander about my account, and how much am I looking at repaying now to get the account back in good standing? I wanna sort all this out! I don't have the debit card for the account, and I forgot the PIN number for it. And the account is registered to a previous address, so any letters they'll have sent out will have been returned.
  9. I'm dealing with my elderly parents' debt troubles and have a complaint currently with the FOS in respect of the above credit card. In the meantime we sent a SAR in April to see what charges and increases to credit limits/ rates etc had been applied to the above account. We did not receive a reply to the SAR but when we queried it a letter we have now had a letter stating that a DSAR was issued in April "please accept my apologies if this was not received. I have enclosed a copy of the report" The information they have sent is a copy application signed but completed in unknown handwriting with an inflated income figure (presumably to ensure a card could be issued). The page of terms and conditions are too small to read even with glasses and magnifying glass! There is one page of abbreviated notes in the form of a "word" document There is a list of transactions from the account opening but it ends in 2010. On 15th of each month since October 2006 there are two separate amounts noted as "Interest charge" I'm not clear why there are 2 separate amounts on the same date each time and I have no transaction records for the past 3 years. Please could someone advise what I should do next?
  10. Back in April Wonga , who my son is having major problems with, took £70 from his account, there was no money in the account so it went overdrawn. He had an agreement with wonga to pay back £38 per month, they emptied his account in March taking £227 because they tried taking the money before his wages were paid in . He then applied for a charge back and it was paid back in. This time Santander are being awkward. He originally asked for a block to be put on them, they said they couldn't block it but would get the money back if it happened again. He filled in the forms, 2 weeks later he received the same forms asking for more information. They wanted proof that the loan had been paid off. Forms were sent back with a letter stating the loan was not paid but there was an agreement to pay £37 on the 28th of April which had gone through, but wonga is trying to say didn't which is why they took the money unauthorized. Yet again he had received the same forms and the same letter asking for proof the loan is paid off. Meanwhile they have added £200 in overdraft fees which they won't remove until the case has been sorted out , He needs it back charged so we can take it to the ombudsman, but its like banging our heads against a wall!! I think they should not have allowed the payments in the first place as the account was empty, any advice appreciated!
  11. my family member tried to reclaim a ppi claim fron santander loan taken through a famous windows company for over £10.000. she contacted santander about the loan ppi, which the window company arranged, but they have written back saying that they must go after the windows comapny as they are libal for the missselling of the ppi . at the time they were both self employed . is this true ?
  12. Dear all I have been charged £25 by Santander Consumer Finance for a bounced DD payment that was collected successfully a few days later on reapplication. It was my fault so I am in no doubt that some sort of charge is justified but I regard £25 to be excessive for the cost of sending one letter and using an automatic reapplication procedure. For example, my bank charges £8 for the same process which is probably about right give or take. I wrote to Santander asking them why their charges were more than three times the cost of the same procedure at Barclays, citing COBS and saying that if they took the money they would be in breach of contract because they had a statutory duty to treat me fairly (this is not a current account, but a motor finance loan so COBS rather than BCOBS applies). I said I would be pursuing the matter further if they applied the penalty. I also mentioned section140A of the CCA in my letter. They have written back today dismissing my letter and saying that they have satisfied the FOS that £25 is "...a reasonable pre-estimate of the additional administrative costs in relation to the related breaches..." They have not responded to my request to provide an accurate breakdown of their costs. So, my next step is what? Send them a LBA or just sue them and see what happens? Grateful for any advice
  13. Hi all I am just trying to get my SAR... with no hope I have had knock backs and excuses from other banks but persevered and finally got my SAR's but with Satan’s bank this is proving more difficult, I am just getting standard knock back after knock back, passed form dept. to dept. I feel like giving up with this one.....?? I have also asked for the underwrites and just been ignored. This is chasing a car loan from Foods of Windsford 1996 GE were the finance house, I know it had PPI I remember the salesman telling me I wouldn't get the car if i didn't take the PPI I was in my early 20's and he took advantage, any ideas anyone???
  14. Hi all, I'm having a bit of a battle with Santander over a number of accounts I've held over many years under their various guises. I've got a Santander current account that I've only had for a few months, an A&L Cashplus account I've had since the mid 1990s (but not accessed for a few years), and a number of various store cards with different companies that have ultimately been taken over by Satan's bank. I put in a SAR about 3 months ago. Santander sent an illegible copy of some T&Cs and a poorly scanned copy of the agreement for one storecard, and a good copy of another agreement but T&Cs that were clearly out of date (it's a Burton account from the early 1990s but Santander are listed as the bank, not 1st Personal Bank who owned it at the time). I let them know on expiry that they'd not supplied sufficient data and that they were in breach of my SAR as they'd not complied in time. Today I got another letter back, with just one agreement (the same one they sent last time) and another copy of the Santander T&Cs. Nothing regarding the accounts that are still open, however they've advised me that they've passed my request onto the banking department. They've stated that there is not a legal requirement to retain data over 6 years, however I've not hinted at this. I believe in one of my replies I stated that they are to supply ALL data they hold on me, but it seems that they've decided that they can interpret this to only supplying data within the 6 years. However, I have them on this as nothing has been sent regarding my Santander current account. I note on here and on MSE Santander normally end up sending the missing data once they get court papers, one of my work colleagues being one of them. I was wondering if anyone who has had success with them could advise how far back they hold data for. I've got a feeling they're using the 6 year advice to get out of supplying any data that would ultimately cost them. Alternatively is it better to send a SAR to Genworth, as it appears that in PPI cases they've been the ones to pay out?
  15. Hi, I'm wondering If anyone els has questioned Santander about there 'admin fee' that they apply to small loans? I had a loan for a car from Santander that finished last year (22nd dec) I was quiet shocked when a letter came stating I needed to pay the final DD and on top of that an 'Admin Fee' of £299. I called them up and there call centre staff said it was on my contract that I signed 5yrs ago. Thats fair enough, so I paid it. I then sent them another letter asking for the full financial breakdown of this charge. I received a letter back from them stating that 'due to company policy we do not provide details that are considered to be sensitive data'. Is this fair? Can they hide behind 'company policies'?.
  16. Hello to everyone this is my first posting, although I have used this forum as a resource. Santander (ex Alliance and Leicester) have offered me a nice sum for miss sold overdraft cover, a version of PPI but only going back six years. Although I have had an account there for at least twenty years! Is this correct? They state that they only hold six years statements (very convenient) and can go back no further, I am sure I read somewhere that they can estimate the redress due even though no statements are available. I might have one or two old statement in my shed but nowhere near over fourteen years worth… Will I have to accept the very generous offer or can I push harder and get proper redress?
  17. Hi, I was sold mortgage payment protection insurance. I feel that I was missold this as my employee benefits from my firm were sufficient and the Abbey/Santander insurance was an unnecessary expense. Please could someone tell me how to get this sorted. Should I contact Santander directly and just complain to them? Many thanks
  18. I have been helping my Nephew with His PPi on His Mothercare Card. He honestly didnt know what it was. He even had Menangitis and was very ill and didnt claim. Had problems with DCA but has caught up and nearly paid off . Only realised he had PPI when I looked at his statement and told him. Put in a claim for him and this isthe response. Absolutely terrible was sold the card at a till in the shop. The card was originally issued by GE Can you advise next move please.
  19. Hi all, Have a debt with Santander which was with IQOR, sent all correct letters to with ended in IQOR writing back on 14th FEB 2011 saying that they were going to conduct an investigation into the issues raised and they would write back with an outcome of the matter. that was the last i heard from them, until........ Receive NOTICE OF DEBT COLLECTION from WESCOT on saturday for the same debt (client ref number matches) Do i have to start the process again? or is there a different letter to send them as account is still in dispute even though its been over 2 years since last correspondence.
  20. Hi , went in my branch today to cancel 4 continued payment authorities. They said i could not do it in branch , but i asked them to phone their head office, then i spoke to to a gent on the phone who said they can only request to stop one which was pduk as that was the only cpa on my account although wonga , cash.co.uk and mr lender are listed on my statements. what are my options to stop them taking money from my account i have 7 days.
  21. Hi All, I have received a letter from Santander Cards stating that they are going to increase my Interest Rates as follows: Purchases: 17.9% - 29.9% Balance Transfers: 17.9% - 29.9% Cash Advance: 27.9% - 29.9% Needless to say I was rather appalled at this. They have stated in the letter that I may close the account and repay over a reasonable time period at the current interest rates. What would be the best course of action here? I don't particularly want to use a card with an interest rate at that percentage APR. I have another credit card I can use so I am more than happy to jump ship on this one. (Don't particularly want to Balance Transfer though, would rather come to a sensible repayment arrangement) Cheers, NukeShark.
  22. Hi All, Today a mother at the school gate looked really upset and burst into tears when I asked her what was the matter. Having got her back to her home and made her a cup of tea, she showed me two letters from Santander. It appears it's a small world in that she too had a Flexible Loan account with cahoot and it was transferred to the loan account when Santander took it over. She had buried her head in the sand and had not paid them in over 3 years. Her statements had been arriving with no monthly payment amount set etc and had received no other chasing calls, letters in all of that time. She then received a default notice last week dated 30th January and the original balance has more than doubled. She then received another letter yesterday saying that in 28 days, they would register the default with the CRA's if she didn't start paying. I explained to her what had happened to us and that we had written back to Santander a couple of years back, challenged the rate increase and the refund had paid off what we owed. However, when looking at the remedy date, I noticed that there wasn't one! In it's place it said that the remedy date was 14 days from date of service, nothing else! No you must pay by 20th Feb or we may do X, Y or Z. Have the regulations or requirements changed on this as I thought a properly created DN MUST have an actual date quoted for it to be compliant??? In addition, are Santander now playing hardball with refunds on the old cahoot Flexible Loan rate refunds and have stopped paying out? I'm going to help her draft her response etc but wanted to double check on the above two questions first. Many thanks, Bel
  23. I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve been helping my cousin straighten out his finances as he’s dyslexic and doesn’t understand his statements – I suspect he’s also got dyscalculia as numbers just don’t stack up for him. He has a Santander account and when I log online for him it says the product is a ‘preferred in credit rate account’ but I can’t seem to find any information on this account online. He’s banked with Santander for about 18 months and although he has a £100 overdraft facility which he’s dipped in and out off on occasion he’s generally had no chargers bigger than a few pounds here and there for the overdraft facility; that was until last month when he started getting paid monthly instead of weekly. He basically went form getting paid £200 a week to making the last £200 last 5 weeks so needless to say he went over his £100 limit. The charges so far are as follows for last month: Daily unarranged fee £30 Daily unarranged fee £20 Paid item fee £25 [for a £6.19 debit card transaction] Paid item fee £25 [for a £26.00 debit card transaction] Paid Item fee £25 [for a £51.51 Direct Debit] He’s given me access to his online banking and when I first logged on his account was £133 overdrawn – I’ve increased his overdraft allowance to £200 to minimise the charges and I’ve paid a chunk of money in to bring it back into credit, however on the 25th of this month the following charges are pending: Daily unarranged fee £75 Paid item fee £25 [for a £51.51 Direct Debit] Paid item fee £25 [for a £5 debit card transaction] Pain item fee £25 [for a £42.66 Direct Debit] I assume there will be some charges next month too as he was over his overdraft limit until today and 2 direct debits have also been paid out. So for now he’s going to be OK with my help, and I’ve opened him a basic account elsewhere which I’ve set up a weekly standing order from his Santander account to give him his disposable cash – I guessed this would protect his bills money and take away the room for error. The question I have is are these fees he’s been paying justified? £75 a month for an overdraft facility seems steep – when I had a £3000 OD with Nationwide I think it was only £19 a month in interest! Not to mention being charged £25 for a £5 payment which they could have declined! All insight welcome. J
  24. hi guys - just need to run this past folk who are more knowledgeable I am thinking of starting a PPI claim against A&L, just need to know if it's worth it? I have a copy of my original credit credit agreement from when I took out the loan in 1998 which outlines payments, duaration, interest, PPI payments etc. Everything was fine until I was made redundant in 2001, after which time it was passed to a DCA. Subsequently dealt with DCA and paid off arrears, but during this time I was sent a letter by A&L in which they state they were cancelling the protection due to the arrears on the account questions: is it worth starting a claim from that far back? Do I need to SAR them seeing as I have a copy of the credit agreement? does the fact they cancelled the PPI themselves have an impact on the claim? thanks in advance
  25. Hello, I can't find this subject anywhere, so I hope its ok to post it here. I have received a letter from Santander explaining that they did not specifically tell me about the Cap Margin increase, (and, that part of my mortgage was on a fixed rate) I have looked at my statement of 2008 to date. It shows: 1) Details of the early repayment charge 2)The interest rate (SVR) is 5.34% I'm very confused about what I should do (if anything), the gist of the letter is that Santander could have mislead me as the communications sent to me in 2008 may have left me unaware that I could have moved to a better deal offered by another lender. Their letter says that I would need to call them if I have any complaints, I'm slightly unsure about phoning them, as it might be a way of them putting me off making a claim,(if I'm eligible) I would appreciate any constructive advice on this please many thanks
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