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  1. The good news is Santander have upheld my complaint on mis-selling PPI on a Wallis Store Card I had. This acount was transfered to CL Finance as I am currently working with Payplan to repay my debts. The bad news is they have transfered the entire refund to CL Finance and told me after the event. I'm more than happy that money should go to pay off my debts however I dind't think they had the right to transfer the interest on premium and loss of cash interest award to them as well. Before I put pen to paper ( again) would appreciate some guidance. Many Thanks
  2. I have received (finally) my statements from Santander from the period 2004 to 2008 I had the card from 1994. I have some statements from Dec 2002 and have been able to mostly fill in the gaps up to Jan 2008. I have filled in the Compound Interest Calculator-Regulatory Method form but can't find what I do now! I assume it is to send another letter with the form or totals back to Santander. Could someone point me in the right direction of the said letter please?
  3. I had a Debenhams store card that was opened in a rush, the PPI was added, she thrust the application form at me and put crosses where I sign, I cancelled when I realized but was diagnosed with cancer shortly after so it was 3 years before I cancelled. Debt was sold to Link and I am paying back monthly but having done my rolling credit, once the PPI is off the card went into credit and would have stayed in credit if it were not for interest and over limit fees etc. So do I draw attention to this or just claim PPI for now? And once again do I go to Santander who sold the debt or Link who will probably equally ignore this one.
  4. Hi Moorcroft are chasing for our Santander overdraft. Have CCA'd them (yesterday), but have had the following from Moorcroft: Letter 1 Appointment Notice - goes on about trying to visit property (first I'd heard), etc,etc. And then today an "Appointment card" from a Mr Brar who will call again "next week" at a time "TBA". It doesn't contain a Moorcroft ref (it's just crossed through), it does have his mobile number. Moorcroft telephone numbers are crossed through. This came in a portmarked envelope through the post, so he's clearly not been here. What happens now? Obviously I've no intention of phoning him, or letting him in, etc, etc, but where do I stand. Moorcroft would have received the CCA letter today anyway. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, About a year ago I wrote to Santander complaining about excessive arrears charges and them sending field agents out without informing me that I could refuse the visits. Santander refused to pay up so I sent a complaint to the FOS. After over 6 months of waiting I finally received their judgement today which boiled down to them not considering the fees to be excessively high. When I spoke to the guy on the phone and mentioned the FSA judgements he seemed to indicate that since the judgements weren't made against Santander, they don't apply to Santander. I'd love some advice on what to do next.
  6. Starting a claim against Santander, was originally sold by to my wife by Evans at the tills, pressure selling, sign here gets loads off, and great deals ect, you know how it goes She didn't know it had PPI on it until i did SAR, there's a small box which has been ticked which say "I wish to purchase Account Cover insurance" her signature is above and below it, the box has of course been ticked, but other than that the only mention of the insurance is a box mention some benefits and nothing about conditions, the terms of the store card are actually tine I don't know if that's just because they have been shrunk when they copied to send me (A4) but I really doubt it. Now I have tooted up all the payments and done the Questionnaire, the thing I need to know now is which spreadsheet should I be using to work out the interest?
  7. Like many people I have had a rejection letter from Santander regarding PPI on a 10 yrs plus Debenhams card. They have sent me my original credit agreement where I have signed agreeing to PPI. I usually NEVER agree to PPI as I dont want it or need it - God knows why I signed all those years ago .... any idea where I go from here? I know its rare that Santander pay up .....:|
  8. Hi All I have just recently sent off SAR requests to several banks / lenders giving them 40 days to comply however, I have had my SAR request and cheque returned by Santander with a covering letter stating the following: We refer to your recent correspondence. Based on the information you have provided - name, address(es) and date of birth - we regret that we cannot locate any Unsecured Personal Loan account data. In accordance with Section 7 (3) of the Data Protection Act 1998, Santander UK Plc is not obliged to comply with your request unless you have provided enough information that enables us to locate the data subject and the account data you seek. We would like to advise you that historical information can only be retained for legitimate reasons, therefore some personal data may no longer be held as it has been deleted in line with our retention policy. In circumstances where our relationship ceased with the customer more than six years ago we do not retain the documentation required, there we are not obliged to provide this information in accordance with guidelines set by the Financial Services Authority. I was unable to provide any account numbers when I sent the original SAR to Santander but gave them my name, address and DOB. I had 2 accounts which Santander are responsible for - a loan with Alliance & Leicester and a revolving loan account with Cahoot, both of which were paid off in full in 2010. I'm unsure how to proceed and what reply to send to Santander, any help & advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi I wondered if anyone can help i sent my ppi claim off to ge money and today received a letter saying: the data protection act prohibits them from retaining personal data for longer than necessary and the only hold records for six years and say the destroyed/deleted my records and they have no records to investigate my claim. Additionally as any policy relating to this account was sold more than 6 years ago any claim would be time barred by the limitation act. Please could anyone give me advice on the matter I have a copy of original agreement. thanks in advance lou
  10. My wife has the misfortune of banking with Santander. At the start of each month, we both move money from our own accounts into our joint account to cover the rent, council tax, and other household bills. So, here we are at the start of July, and she can't transfer her usual amount because some has somehow made two fraudulent transactions on her Santander account for £125 each to Oyster. She phoned Santander and explained that these two transactions were not authorised and were therefore fraudulent. After being given the run around, and having to explain the situation again and again to different people, she was finally told that... ... she must wait 15 days before they even class it as fraud and begin investigating No immediate refund, no card cancellation, just "please wait 15 days". Their excuse? She has an "existing relationship" with Oyster, therefore she must wait. Can she do anything in the meantime? "Phone Oyster". So, she phoned Oyster. They can't do anything or tell her anything, other than that it definitely was not her Oyster card that was topped up. Also, apparently the figures in question are actually somehow above the maximum top up amount for Oyster. She phoned Santander back. Went through it all again. Won't budge. "15 days 15 days 15 days..." WTF? Here's what the FSA has to say: fsa.gov.uk/consumerinformation/product_news/banking/know_your_rights/solving My wife did not authorise it, and she contacted her bank immediately. - Santander has not mentioned having proof that my wife authorised the transaction, it merely says its procedures require it to wait 15 days as she has an "existing relationship" with the payee. - Santander has not mentioned having proof that my wife is at fault due to acting fraudulently or negligently etc., it merely says its procedures require it to wait 15 days as she has an "existing relationship" with the payee. Santander has no evidence that one of the above reasons applies. Santander has not asked my wife to "answer some questions and fill out a form confirming what has happened". Santander is not conducting an investigation before making a refund - it is making my wife wait 15 days before it even considers it to be fraud or gives her a refund. My wife passed the phone to me the last time she was on the phone to Santander, as she was getting too upset. I tried to keep my cool, but after the robot kept going on about "15 days 15 days 15 days" each time I quoted the FSA, I did raise my voice... :erm: Unbelievably useless. I have had unauthorised transaction issues with NatWest twice in the past. Each time it happened, my account was refunded as soon as I phoned them, even though the payees were both companies I had an "existing relationship" with (Santander's excuse for their 15 day wait). This farce with Santander is one of the worst examples of customer service I have ever experienced, rivalling the time that DSG "lost" my TV when they had it for repair. My wife is now thinking about ditching them for her current account, although isn't sure as "they're probably all as bad as each other".
  11. Does anyone have a time frame for this? I have a RG account with RBS but couldn't get an account with Santander when I tried. Will I be refused an account again? Should I just go back to using my Natwest select account? Bearing in mind I hate Natwest.
  12. Hi All, I would like to start claiming back bank charges from a closed A&L account. I now have all the details after getting back all my data from Santander via a SAR. I understand from reading around the bank charges issue here on CAG, that I will need to put together a letter explaining why (my reason being based on Financial Hardship and unforseen changes in my income and outgoings), a budget sheet showing my income and expenditure and a Schedule of Charges. Can someone point me in the right direction for a SOC, budget sheet and template letter for reclaiming bank charges, pretty please? Also what are the banking code rules applicable in my case? Thanks in advance BP
  13. Not sure if this is really anything to do with Santander - however:- My son has an account with Nationwide and found a payment of £20 made payable to Santander Cards Ltd on his bank statement. He queried this with Nationwide and was told it was not their problem and that he should contact Santander. He rang the phone number which appeared next to the payment on the statement but this showed as "number unobtainable". He again contacted NW and they said they would look into this. They mentioned that it was GE finance. My son has never had any form of credit (he is only 18 and a student with no income as such). As a result of them taking off this payment he has been landed with bank charges of over £45 which is a lot of money to find when you have no income. Any comments would be appreciated.
  14. Hi, My account is due to move from RBS to Santander imminently however I am slightly worried due to the whole process of credit checking, when I opened my RBS account it was only allowed a basic key account however over time I have managed to build up a good standing with the branch which has allowed them to give me a royalties gold account. The problem I have is that Santander declined my application for a bank account a few months about when I was looking at transferring over to take advantage of the £100 credit offer..When I ask about the credit check affecting me when I was moved over to them following the RBS Sale I was advised that I will still be credit checked once I am moved over and if I fail that then they have the right to close my account... is this right? What can I do as apparently I have missed the chance to move my account over to Natwest now due to the tight time windows. Many Thanks Scott
  15. Having heard a lot about PPI in the last few years, I was always tempted to find out some more information but never did so from believing I had not ever paid it. Back in April, I received a questionnaire from HSBC about PPI. This to me seemed like an admission of guilt in receiving the questionnaire alone. I duly filled it in and returned it. They said I would hear back in 8 weeks and i am due a response by Friday 15th June. I phoned them yesterday and no decision had been made yet, but that I would hear next week. Surely this is cutting it very fine. The more I think about it, the more annoyed I am about having paid this. Please could you tell me if the following factors make me a candidate for a claim: 1) I didn't know I paid any PPI 2) I have always been in a secure profession with a generous sick pay should it ever be required Then lo and behold, last week I had a different questionnaire from Santander! I'm really confused as to what's going on and if I'm in line for any refunds. Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated as this site was such a huge help when I reclaimed bank charges several years ago. Thank you!
  16. Hi I sent my SAR for my Evans and Debenhams credit cards to GE Capital which I was sure would be Santander! I sent both the letters and cheques on 22nd May and today have received a letter from Santander with my letters returned and stamped 22nd May saying that I needed to send £10 for each claim! Now they have taken the money from my account on the 24th May and are now saying that they haven't got them! Is this a delaying tactic? I have been to the bank and they have requested copies of the cheques which they say will take about a week. Now do I wait for the conformation from the bank or do I send a letter to Santander saying they have had my money? I just feel that they are wasting time and are using that to put me off. Thanks for any help in advance.
  17. Hi Help please. Had a couple of Abbey/Santander Accounts and by 2007 I had had enough of the constant errors etc so closed the accounts. I have just checked my CRA reports ( All 3 ) and both Call Credit & Equifax show that on the last 3 months of this bank account (2007) It showed late repayments and then on the 4th and last month it shows default and then S for settled. However I never owed any money so had nothing to settle but more importantly nothing to pay. I never had any loans or credit cards. Not sure if I ever had a overdraft allowance but would not of exceeded it. I know from past experience that trying to phone or get any reply from this gutter bank is going to be impossible. I need to correct this entry and have emailed the two above CRA. Any help would be more than helpfull.!
  18. Just rang my local RBS and stated that i do not wish to be transferred to santander. They have told me that as a personal customer i can insist to stay with RBS and have my account transferred to Natwest as English natwests are not included in the transfer (only scottish natwests and english/welsh rbs's) Just waiting for a call back so i will update then
  19. Hi, I'm new to the site and it looks like an amazing resource with lots of helpful people. I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me with a couple of questions that I have: Firstly, I have a credit card that has definitely had PPI active on the life of the card. This card was originally taken out with Abbey, but it was actually an MBNA card, that I think was managed by Abbey. Then more recently, the card was taken over by the Bank of America, as (as far as I understand) MBNA was taken over (or their credit cards were) by Bank of America. I am planning on doing a SAR to find out everything so I can best prepare my compliant, and I'm a little confused to who I should send it to. I think that I would have to send it to Bank of America, but I'm unsure. As I am trying to obtain copies of original agreements and records of telephone calls relating to my CC application, does anybody know if Bank of America will be able to supply this information, as the agreements were originally with Abbey? Or will it be possible to get that info through Santander (previously Abbey National)? I'm unsure when I originally took out the card (bizzarely, it doesn't seem to show up on my credit report, so I can't check), but I think it was about 8 years ago, and as I said, the card is still active and had PPI on it on the last statement. Secondly, I'm also looking to investigate a loan that was settled in 2009 with Santander, but am struggling to find the account number. If i send a SAR to Santander in relation to this, with my full name and address, and the dates that the account was opened, is it likely that this will be enough for them, or are they likely to try and fob me off? Hope that makes sense. If you need me to clarify anything, just let me know. Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks,
  20. Hi I would appreciate some advice here. The scenario in a nutshell is as follows: I have two accounts with Santander. The one had a zero balance and is dormant, however Santander started charging unauthorised overdraft fees on the zero balance, which then pushed the account into overdraft and hey presto they started having fun. My recorded mail letter to Ana Botin fell on deaf ears and their charges increase at a rate of £100 a month. The second account I wanted to close with Santander, so wrote a letter on June 2011 instructing them not to pay out any monies from that account and to cancel all direct debits as no money would be coming into the account as I had a new account with another bank. I also enclosed payment to bring this account to a nil balance. Santander ignored my instructions, withdrem my overdraft facility, passed the direct debits, claimed unauthorised overdraft fees. I wrote to them 15 times with no response and once again a recorded delivery letter to Ana Botin yielded no reply. I took the case to the ombusdman who concluded that I actually had no intention of closing my Santander bank account and that the baks no reply to my letters was in order as mail correspondence was not the banks preferred method of correspondence, although it was mine. I cited BACOBS unfair treatment of client to the ombudsman who just ignored that fact and stated that the bank has not acted wrongfully at all and I'm liable for there bank charges. The amount of bank charges outstanding is now close to £2000 and I can't afford this in one lump sum. I've conveyed this to Santander who once again responded by placing a default on my credit file about 4 weeks ago,but still have not sent any written default notice to me. I've made an offer to settle the bank charges which Santander, thru the DCA which they own has stated that they want the ful amount payable and payment plan is not negotiable. Please, where do I stand here?. When I was unemployed Santander was taking approximately 50% of my job seekers in bank chanrges and now that I've retrained at my own expense and managed to become self employed, they then started with these excessive charges. It seems that all Santander wants is every last penny I earn. I don't understand why I can't pay this off to them. Thank you for your input
  21. I need advise please. I took out a 6 year repayment loan in April 2008 with ASDA Loans (GE Capital Bank Ltd) and it stated in the terms and condition that I could repay the balance at any time with out any penalty charge or early payment interest charge. However, during the course of the loan Santander took over the loan from GE Capital without my knowledge. The payments going out of my account were the same so I had no reason to believe any change had occured. It was only when I called them to clear the balance that I realised the loan had been taken over. They said that a letter had gone out to all former GE Capital customers offering them to either clear the balance or to continue the loan with them. The terms had also changed, in that if I wanted to clear the balance early I would have to pay early payment charge. After complaining to serveral members of staff I was finally put through to the complaints department. They said that although a letter had been sent out they did not have a copy on their system and offered £122 off the balance. Despite their offer they would still be charging me an early payment charge. My question is that due to the fact that I never received any corespondence from Santander and they have no record of sending it out, are they in breach of statutory duty. Should I not have had the opportunity to read the terms and condition and the opportunity to settle the loan early by finding another loan company with a more favorable terms. If I do have a case what should I do and what am I entitled to? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Hi some advice please I have three accounts outstanding with Santander. One of these was a current account with an overdrawn balance of about £1800. I have been paying a credit management company a token figure for 2 years now. On viewing my credit history, it shows this went into default 2 yead ago. However, it then shows "default settled" 2 months later. I have just raised this with the bank. They stated they put money into the account in order to close it. That was very nice of them, but I did not ask them to do that and make a change from the thousands they have siphoned off in charges over the years. Would the money they voluntarily put into my account count as a seperate account, one which I had not knowledge of or desire for. If so, can the force me to pay it back? Thanks for your tiime.
  23. hello there : ) I was recently paying £7.50 a month to santander, but now it has just shot up to £20. (£240 a year) for £700 max overdraft. I am on incapacity benefit and am trapped in my overdraft. I wonder does anyone know of a decent bank that will transfer my overdraft and offer a better rate? I am sure allot of people are planning to move away from this bank in the following months. thanks for your help : )
  24. Hi, I have had an claim ongoing against Santander for some time now & it has been before the county court for over a year now. To cut a long story short they have lost the case & judgement has been made against them but they disagree with my calculations but surprise surprise I disagree with theirs. The matter claim is now for the court to decide but I was wondering if there was anyone on here that could give me the benefit of their experience & look at my calculations & what Santanders solicitor has put to the court & give me some advice on the matter. I can post the details here or can send them privatley to someone if that would help. Thanks in advance for any help someone can give me.
  25. Hello, Any advice gratefully received please: I was made bankrupt in Oct 2012. I only included debt that belonged to me in order to avoid the wife becoming embroiled in the bankruptcy and to keep her credit clean. Unfortunately I received some duff advice and a loan in joint names with Abbey that wasn't included in the bankruptcy now has a default registered against it. This loan wasn't included in the bankruptcy but (and I've now checked the c/a small print to confirm this) because I was declared insolvent the T&Cs of the original c/c weren't adhered to and Santander automatically defaulted the account. We attempted on three occasions to have the d/d set up to pay the account and I have spoken to people in Santander collections a few times and argued that we are more than happy to continue servicing the loan. Unfortunately it is out of 'normal processing' and is a 'dead debt'. I was discharged from bankruptcy in Oct 2011 and have still yet to be contacted by anyone at Santander or any debt recovery agencies in an attempt to recover the loan balance. It is all quiet on the Western Front!! I have 2 choices to make, do I: 1) Go through the process of getting default removed as they have never once sent me or the missus a notice of default and therefore was registered incorrectly. 2) Keep my head down for a number of years and hope the debt goes away. If I choose option 1, will this also clear the debt balance or will we have to start a new agreement or continue the old one? If I choose option 2, will the debt ever just disappear? I assume 6yrs from default notice date it will drop off the credit file but surely the debt won't just disappear will it? Basically do I stick my head above the parapet to fight this or stick my head further in the sand in the hope it just goes away. Thanks in advance for your help, Ben
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