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  1. 12 months ago a vehicle which was gifted to me three years prior was repossessed as finance was outstanding. 75% of the outstanding finance was paid and the car was simply taken without warning nor any form of documentation. The vehicle had 12 months road tax and many personal effects which were never returned. Santander had the view "they can do what they like"when a manager actually spoke with me. To cut a long story short I complained to the Financial Ombudsman and after many months and much discussion they advised they could do nothing. I also complained to the FLA and got the same result. I understand they are busy but were extremely slow in response and not proactive. These people in my experience do nothing when a finance company flouts the regulations and effectively steals my possessions with no comeback whatsoever. Santander Consumer Finance should be avoided at all costs.
  2. I wasn't sure where to post this, please move it if it woukd be better in a different form. I set up a standing order to pay Asda credit card (santander) £5 a month. They had agreed to this and I have been paying it for 6 months. I paid through online banking but thought I would set up a standing order so I couldn't forget the payment. Obviously this is my own fault as when I checked the list of standing orders I had made it for £500 and not £5! Although it was due to be paid the next day I was able to cancel it. It said cancelled and I took a photo of it as evidence incase there was a problem. My account has no overdraft facility so I with transferred some money to take the balance below £500 so that the standing order wouldn't be taken incase it hadn't been cancelled. When I looked at my account the next day the £500 standing order had been paid. This is the money for my mortgage and I need it repaid. The bank say there's nothing they can do, but as it was a mistake they said Asda are legally required to repay it .Asda say there's nothing they can do and the bank must repay it. I realise this was my own fault but is there any way to get this money back? The bank said as the standing order was sorted online, their online help have to sort it. The person on online help said nothing can be done and just directed me to a complaints form. Can anyone advise?
  3. I am in dispute with Santander about a flexible loan I had with Cahoot, I have no paperwork for Santander just their word they took over the loan they then stopped the flexi loan part without informing me, and put up the interest rates. Cahoot cancelled the standing order Santander never asked for a new one. I have a complaint in with the ombudsman but they seem not to be bothered about the complaint - well that the feeling I get I may be wrong. Have finally had the SAR late but I'm sure it does not have all the information relating to my account certainly no interest rates. Can anyone advise what course of action I can take about this its totally beyond me and I feel out of my depth with it Thanks:-(
  4. can i do anything about reclaiming the charges that are applied to my account with Santander. The charges are £5 per day when in unauthorised overdraft(max£50 per month) I think that this is excessive and feels like I am being "fined" every month
  5. Hi everyone, I'm at my wits end with Santander now. About 2 years ago, someone opened and account at Santander (I think Abbey at the time) in my name and somehow put the account roughly £500 overdrawn. The first I knew of this was about a year ago, when I got a statement through the post showing the amount owed. I immediately went into branch to query, and they told me the account was closed and to contact the Fraud dept. I called the fraud dept who asked for copies of the statements, drivers license etc. I had no reason not to comply, surely the Fraud dept would take me seriously! They had all my contact details, even my correct phone number! I don't know how. I was told the account was closed and had already been through collections. The funny thing is that I've never heard anything from them. Surely if they had my address and phone number for a year and the account had gone through collections, I would of heard something, a letter, a phone call, debt collectors, anything. Here's where the fun starts, I've recently moved and attempted to give them my new address. They told me that as the account is closed, no personal details can be amended! I was gobsmacked to say the least. On top of that, they said that all correspondence will be by post and they can't give me updates on the Fraud investigation over the phone. I have been calling them every few weeks since then to dig for as much info as I can, but in the last call, they told me that the Fraud investigation had been closed because I hadn't responded to their letters. And to complicate things further, I have recently changed my name via Deed Poll, so I am a different person calling pretending to be my old name! I really don't know what to do. I could just leave it, their not contacting me, but I'll have a default on my credit file for the next 4 and a half years if I do that (albeit in my old name). Someone please help me, I'm really lost with this one. Kind regards David
  6. HI, First time poster so apologies if I'm not doing this correctly etc. I have read through a few similar posts regarding Santander Consumer Finance and was hoping I could get some advice on my situation. HP Agreement commenced - Nov 2011 4 yr term Located in Scotland As above my wife and I purchased a car using SCF in November 2011 paying by direct debit, the original direct debit was set up against another account we hold (long story but we though it was a good idea as thats is where my travel expenses from work go) we had finaly closed this bank account to ensure we were only operating one account. As part of this the DD to Santander was cancelled and we thought it would be simple to set-up a new one for our current account (incidentally with Santander) when my wife phone after work in November their contact centre was closed and she was directed to an automated payment line she made the payment that way with the intention to phone back within the next month to set-up the DD. with Christmas and various other things going on, we forgot we have not received any correspondence in the meantime. Last week a Repossesion company turned up to say they had been instructed by Santander to collect the vehicle as it was two months in arrears, I refused stating that I had not had any correspondence from Santander and would like to speak them first. I didn't realise my rights but I asked them whether they could take the car as it was on our drive and our other car was in-front of it, the gent conceeded that he could not but said he would wait until I had phoned Santander, I said no he could go away and wait to here from Santander. I must admit I was surprised that he accepted this and left. I then phoned Santander and explained that it was our fault but I could pay any arrears immediatley and reset the DD, the lady was less than helpful and said the agreement had been terminated and all she could accept was full payment, I asked to speak to someone else and she said that I wouldn't get any different opinion and beside no supervisor was available I ended the call asking for a call back from the supervisor, not happened! In the meantime I lodged a complaint with the financial ombudsman, I know Santander have eight weeks but I'm hoping a letter from them and I have a ref now might help. That same day I sent two e-mails to their complaints department stating what I have done so far and asking why they don't seem to want my money, no responce I then spoke to my brother who works for HBOS and he advised that they will argue that although I do not have the letter they have issued from their system. He told me to pay them by any means as that makes their case difficult, i sent a chaps payment (got their bank details from their website). I have sent them 3 months so that it also includes this months and then sent another e-mail to tell them this including the payment ref, I have told them that I have only sent the monthly payments bringing the account fully up to date (in fact slightly ahead) as I did not have any visibility of charges but was willing to pay their missed payment charges, I cc'd the ombudsman in this with their ref as well. Still no response and it has been three days, have I done the right thing and will they/can they continue their action? My brother said they need a court order to obtain the vehicle and I will have made the awkward by forcing payment and bringing up to date, is that right? Help!
  7. Any ideas whether I can do anything? The policy docs could not be found and both Santander and the FOS said that it's irrelvant because the policy would have paid out depsite my Father being a Police Officer at the time with long term sickness and other employemtn benefits and higly unlikely risk of being made redundant
  8. Evening All, I have spent an hour skimming the forum but have found nothing directly on point. I would be grateful for any assistance as I would like to respond to Apex in the next few days on the below. I was contacted before Christmas by Apex saying there was a balance of approx £560 outstanding on a Santander account. The last contact I had on this account (that I can find) was a statement from Summer 2008, showing me to be around £50 in credit. It may be I am at fault for not updating Santander as to a change of address (I genuinely cannot remember as I thought I had, or maybe just presumed I had). The card I had expired in 2009. I have had no correspondence since. I now bank exclusively with another bank and have done for 3.5 years+ I have requested a printed list of transactions from Apex which I have now received. This shows that as of March 2009 the only transactions are for £1.99 monthly direct debits to Dixons. I then went overdrawn by 64 pence and then £2.63 in April and May 2011 (almost two years after the card expired and two years since my last "active" use of the account ). The remainder of the debt is made up of unarranged overdraft fees (£85 x 1, £100 x 4) (I was not aware it was even possible to get an overdraft on that account), unpaid direct debits (£25 x2) and a £5 charge. I do not have the original terms of opening (this would have been pre 2004) I am minded to send a cheque for £2.63 and the £5 charge but do not know if I have a leg to stand on. To me the charges of £100 per month seem punitive for a £2.63 debt. I am kicking myself and although to date the Apex person with whom I have corresponded has been reasonable I cannot see a £2.63 or £7.63 settlement going down too well. I would be grateful for your guidance before I respond further.
  9. Hi I had a River Island store card with ppi & have some statements and agreement from Santander. Claim form sent and final response recieved stating I had option to cancel and that I signed the agreement. Have reffered to FOS and am just completing the form. I can remember being asked to sign the form to strengthen the case for getting an agreement by a young shop assistant who was more interested in selling the ppi than the goods! Dont recall any option being mentioned either but am looking for advice to strengthen my case. BF
  10. Hi, In 2001 I took out a 'Monsoon' storecard, I was informed that I needed to sign the 'account protection cover' even though I said that I did not want it. (it was part of the package and I would not get the card if I did not sign. This I am sure is a PPI so I started a claim against Santander who took over the account. I received the normal you don't qualify so I then took the matter up with the financial ombudsman service who informed me that because Santander did not become members of GISC and MCCB until 2005 I could not claim against them but I could claim against the underwriter. Unfortunately I have destroyed all the paperwork relating to this account so do not know who the underwriter is. The original agreement that Santander sent me does contain in small print that the agreement was between myself and GE Capital Bank. So the question is how can I find out who the underwriter is without paperwork. thanks
  11. Hi all Don't know if you can help and I am new on here. I lost my wife Jan last year suddenly and unexpectedly and my life turned upside down lost job depression etc etc. Fell into arrears with my mortgage and had a suspended order for possesion issued. I negotiated to pay back 62 a month on top of mortgage 2 months ago. Unfortunately I hit rock bottom again over the christmas perod (first chistmas etc) and stuffed up. I know its my own fault and I have been stupid and shouldnt have buried my head in the sand but what is done is done. My arrears are 6367.44 and total month payment is 750. I can pay 750 this month nad have done a spreadsheet detailing income, expenditure for the next 6 months incuding bank balance on a running basis. I dont want to lose my home as my daughter (20) and we love ur home and it was the world to my wife and is a glowing testimoey to her as she was the desginer and innovator. Please can anybody help us in our moment of crisis Many many thanks in advance
  12. In September 2012 my 20 year old daughter stopped using her Santander account on a regular basis, as, after a short period of self-employment, her circumstances had changed and she was now living on a budget, paying cash for everything. She had two months’ of direct debits still to come out of the Santander account and a £100 payment (loan repayment from a friend) that was due to go into the account would have covered that, so she assumed it was OK simply to leave her account unmonitored as she thought all would be covered. She’s temporarily living away from home, so didn’t see her bank statements for September through to the beginning of January until yesterday, when a letter arrived here (which I opened at her request) telling her she was overdrawn, at which stage she asked me to open her bank statements and send her copies. That was when she discovered that the money she thought had been paid into her account with Santander in early September hadn’t been paid in (the fault of person meant to be paying that £100 in, not the bank’s). Consequently, on September 24th, when the bank tried to pay a £17.75 Direct Debit from her account, contrary to what she believed at the time, there was only 16p in her account, so they returned the direct debit. On October 24th Santander applied a £25 fine to her account for bouncing that direct debit in September. This put her in the position of having a £24.84 unauthorised overdraft. On October 24th Santander tried to pay the second (and final) direct debit that was due. This also bounced, because, not realizing there was a problem, my daughter had not put any money into her account, which was already £24.84 overdrawn owing to the fine Santander imposed from September. The situation then began to spiral out of control. Santander didn’t notify her that she had gone into overdraft, she (believing there were sufficient funds in an account she was no longer regularly using) hadn’t looked at her bank statements and didn’t know this was happening, so wasn’t able to redress the situation. On 24th November Santander added a further £75 fine to her account - this was a £50 fee for being overdrawn at the end of October and a £25 fee for them bouncing the direct debit in October. This took her £99.84 overdrawn – entirely in Santander bank charges. Once again, nobody notified her about this. On December 26th Santander fined her a further £100 for still having an unauthorised overdraft in November. This made her £199.84 overdrawn in total. Until the letter arrived yesterday telling her about the overdraft, she had been sent no notification, even though the bank had her email address and mobile phone number and have communicated with her in that way in the past. The letter was dated January 2nd, but arrived on January 9th, and it was the first time she had been told about the overdraft, even though it began in October. Her end of December bank statement shows that the bank had fined her a further £100 on top of that, for still being overdrawn in December, and they propose to take that money on January 24th. And at the time she received the letter they were fining her at £5 a day for still being overdrawn. To stop them running up even more charges against her, I yesterday lent her £355, which has gone instantly into her account and should, I believe, be enough to cover the £199.84 overdraft and leave enough money in there to cover the overdraft fee of £100 that they plan to apply on January 24th and the fine they will apply on February 24th (this will be the £5 a day for the unauthorised overdraft from January 2-9, so I guess £35). It wasn't easy for me to come up with the money, but she wasn't in a position to do so, and I couldn't bear the thought of them racking up yet more charges. Of course she should have checked her bank statements, but she genuinely believed that she’d been paid the £100 the so-called friend (who is now, unsurprisingly, no longer contactable) owed her, and that she’d left the account with sufficient funds to cover the two direct debits. £335 seems an obscene price to pay for this. I have only ever once myself gone into an unauthorized overdraft situation, and the bank wrote to me that same week to alert me. I simply don’t understand why they didn’t do so in my daughter’s case. All her bank-related post comes to our house, so I would know if something had arrived. She is going to write to ask that they cancel these charges – do you think she has a hope?
  13. Hi, I have been sending various SARS and PPI Claim forms and started receiving some back. This thread is about Abbey, First National and Wagon Finance who are all part of Santander. I sent them a SAR request but they have written back (having cashed the £10 cheque) stating that they are unable to locate any details on me for any of these fiance companies. ("Santander are not obliged to comply with your request unless you have provided enough information enabling us to locate your data"). As I provided them with my DOB, all relevant addresses and current address I am unsure what else I can do. They also state that anything over 6 years may have been deleted from their data inline with their data retention policy. Can anyone suggest a way forward or is this just something I have to accept? thanks JJ
  14. Hi, just wondered if anyone knew what you could expect to get if you sold 100 Santander shares. I know the price varies from day to day, but a ballpark figure would be okay. I've looked on the internet but can't believe that what I think would be the selling price, actually is, if you see what I mean! TIA
  15. Hello all, I am getting closer, I think, to being in a position to get control of my finances. I have set up a parachute account for my wages, cancelled my card (lost/fraud) sent letters to all of the lenders asking for a repayment schedule and withdrawing the authority for the CPA. I walked a letter into my local Santander to try and get them to stop the CPA their side and it's taken them three days to get back to me, but they have managed to register a dispute against each of the lenders. They have just said to me that regardless of this is the PDL go to VISA they can still get the transactions authorised!! How is that possible?? Santander appear to be supportive and would like me to provide them with all of the evidence of communication between the PDL and myselves. The current situation is that I have not deafualted on any of my PDL yet, I have written to them explaining I will not be able to make payment and requested that they put me into a repayment plan. Should I also be doing this via e-mail or just leaving it to recorded delivery letters. I cannot enter a DMP with StepCHange as my I&E puts me at a negative due to me being paid commission every month. I just want to get on a repayment plan as quickly as possible so that I can get out the other side of this horrible mess. The stress is really starting to hit home as I have bills coming up that I just won't be able to pay.
  16. Hi, OK, my Barclays claim is well underway, now I'm going after Santander. I've had a mortgage with them since '97 (Abbey in those days) with a £4.80 monthly insurance payment to Royal London. Couple of litle questions here, 1) Do I submit my claim to Abbey/Santander who sold me the insurance, or to Royal London, who are the recipients of the money? 2) Which is the correct spreadsheet for this? Many Thanks
  17. Been looking to reclaim PPI for my wife. Amongst a few others she had a Debenhams card which was repaid in full in 2003 or 2004. My wife doesn't have all statements, but those we have show £45 per month account cover premiums. Those "nice" people at Santy have now replied to an initial letter (not using any CAG templates etc) saying effectively "it's too old, we no longer hold the records for that account, go away". My question is what are the record keeping requirements on them - how long do they have to keep this information? I don't want to waste money on an SAR if they have binned everything and done so legitimately. Thanks
  18. Hello all. What would constitute mortgage miss-selling, and how do i start my investigation into it ? Ie ..The correct procurement of documents and signatures !! Help would be appreciated. Thanks DS
  19. Hi all, I just been served a court claim from santander Via Howard and Cohen, kind of confused on how to go about it, called someone and they said to fill out the Admissions form, I think she though I was going to fill it out to say I owe them all of the money they claim.
  20. To cut a long story short my wife bought a new car late 2007, I think originally the finance changed from GE Money to Santander during the period, as she's been made redundant I'm sorting the payments, the balance is negligible and will be cleared shortly as such I asked for a statement of account. Over the period of the loan there are 3 instances of charges where direct debits were refused (normally for a period of days) the charges are listed as 'charge' £30 'charge' £15. So in total £135, before I settle the account are these figures a valid charge for a refused direct debit, I may be well out of date on this but I thought that they'd been limited to around £12? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi all, today I've recieved a Court claim (Northampton) from Howard Cohen on behalf of Santander. The amount they are claiming is £174.09, from an old dorothy perkins/ GE Capital storecard. I intend to try to counter claim but not sure exactly how to go about it Basically I SAR'd them in January this year and they sent a copy of the agreement and a few statements. From the statements they did send, I was able to work out that I have already paid around £2,000, including PPI which I tried to cancel twice. Three things were purchased on this card in total amounting to less than £100. Yet even after I cancelled the store card I was still paying PPI on a balance entirely made up from late charges and PPI! Is it worth counter claiming? Any help appreciated, Ally
  22. Hi! I'm new to all this. I have received a reply from Santander regarding PPI paid on a Debenhams account. They are refusing to refund the PPI payments. They have enclosed a copy of the account application dated Feb 2002 showing my signature at the "Protect Your Account" section. The shop assistant did not discuss PPI with me at the time and it clearly shows that she has marked "X" where she wanted me to complete the form and where she wanted me to sign. It's the usual story that we are all so familiar with now "If you open an account today you will get 20% off your purchases". No mention of anything else. They also state that this is their final response and they have now reached the end of their internal complaint handling procedures. They have advised me that they are members of the Finance & Leasing Association and thay may also be able to consider my complaint. Any suggestions what I should do now???? All advice and suggestions greatly received!!!
  23. I have recently been claiming back PPI and so far have had one success with HSBC. However I had a HOF store card which I am paying off on a payment plan and have been for over 18 months, I pay well in advance of payment date and have never missed a payment. I attempted to claim PPI that was imposed on this card in store, with the intention of this clearing the outstanding amount. In September I received a letter from Santander that PPI had never been applied to my account and the matter was closed. I however have every single statement for that store card and it is clearly there. This letter from Santander was quickly followed by a letter from Lewis DCA demanding the full amount outstanding to Santander, and two days after that I received a letter from Howard Cohen re court action. I immediately wrote to both Lewis and Cohen stating the facts, that I had never ever missed a payment and was meticulous in my record keeping. Santander had obviously decided to do this because I had requested my PPI. I received a letter back from Lewis DCA requesting details of my September payment to Santander so that they could investigate. I not only sent those details and clarification of when it left my bank account, I also sent proof of all other payments including October and current November, all of which were sent to Santander and they processed through my bank account, once again well in advance of my scheduled payment date of which I have never broken. Today I received a letter from Howard Cohen stating they have now been instructed to formally commence court action against me without further notice. They are ignoring my correspondence and my regular payments and Santander are still cashing my monthly payments regardless. All this because I applied for my PPI. Its making me ill now, I don't know what to do, this is harassment. Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks.
  24. I had a serious motorcycle accident in June and have been out of work sick since. My sick pay expired on 5th November and I went on to Pensionable Rate Of Pay, which is less than half my salary. Part of this is still Statutory Sick Pay, which exhausts in January, so I cant make a claim to Employment and Support Allowance until then. And my wife works too many hours for us to claim Income Support. I have just made a claim for Disability Living Allowance, which I have a good chance of getting given my injuries, but this will take 10 - 12 weeks for a decision to be made. As a result of all this, we know we will not be able to make ends meet as a result. So we have been contacting all our service providers to ask if they can make allowances in the short term. Enter stage left, Santander. We have had a mortgage with them since 1989 (A&L) and this is the first time we have had to contact them for this type of reason. We have never asked for a temporary reduction, or interest only, in our repayments as we have both worked all our adult life. I can't talk to these people, they just get me so angry, so my wife called them from a private room. When she came off the phone, she just sat and cried. They were asking her how much we spent on busfares, the kids lunches, clothing, anything they could think of. When she told them we spent around £800 a month on groceries the girl told her that we couldn't be spending that much as the national upper limit on grocery spend per month is £650. I take it they haven't been shopping lately. She wanted to give my wife the number of a charity to approach for a handout. Just so THEY continue to get THEIR money. I take it the allowances they were told to make to homeowners facing financial hardship just went in one ear and out the other, like everything else they're told to do. The laughable part of all this is that we only have just over a year left on our mortgage and I hope to clear it when I get my injuries claim. Can anyone give us some advice on what we can do, or who to approach, to try and get something sorted out.
  25. Hi, I am currently considering a PPI claim against Santander for Mortgage PPI, I took a mortgage out with Abbey in 1998 for 45000 and have remained with Abbey/Santander through out this period and after additional borrowing over the years have a remaining balance of 72000 (including interest). When i took the mortgage out i was advised that i had to show the mortgage under writers that i had a means to repay the mortgage if either myself or my partner went sick and so I was advised that PPI would be needed to show this, I now believe that this would be deemed as being mis-sold, if this is the case do I need to make a claim against Santander and a separate one against Abbey or on the basis that Santander purchased Abbey are they solely responsible for the life of the claim.
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