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Found 62 results

  1. Has anyone got one of these and is using a 64gb micro SD card? If so how did you format it? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, Having recently had a warranty voided by Samsung and Dixons PLC, after one the 2 Netbooks we purchased for my grandchildren was severely damaged either in transit to Samsung's repair centre, or by their UK contracted repairers (Digicare) I thought I ought to let other potential Dixons Group customers know of the risks they may be running when they purchase a Samsung product - the following risks may also apply to other major retailers, such as Tesco and Asda, who have told me they use the same service in the same way. This is the information I sent to the Office of Fair Trading for investigation. Letter to the OFT Dear Sirs, I am well aware that you do not investigate individual complaints against traders and therefore it does not ask you to investigate an individual single issue but a potentially widespread consumer issue that may be tantamount to fraud, within a major sector of the UK consumer (home electronics) market. Though the potential fraud may extend to several major retailers this request for investigation specifically concerns Samsung and its UK trading partner Dixons Group who together, with the potential collusion of Samsung’s contracted Couriers and their UK contracted repairers Digicare may have constructed a mechanism whereby they may be easily able to ‘ring fence’ themselves against their Warranty obligations, by effectively creating a barrier between consumers and their statutory rights under the 1979 Sale Of Goods Act (SOGA). The following is the so simple as to be almost elegant method they may be widely using to deprive what the Internet indicates may be a great many consumers of equitable treatment under SOGA 1979. 1) When a Samsung product fails to perform you are required to take it into the retailer under its Warranty. 2) When the fault is confirmed, instead of taking receipt of the goods for repair and receipting you for their condition, The Dixons’ Group retailer issues you with Samsung telephone number, tells you that you have to contact Samsung direct and then sends you home with the product. 3) When the consumer contacts Samsung and after they have gone through some basic checks to confirm the product is faulty they arrange for a Courier to pick up the product, from the consumer’s home address. 4) The courier picks up the product, without providing the consumer with a receipt stating the overall condition of the product and takes it to another party, in the form of Samsung’s UK contracted repairers (Digicare). 5) Because the consumer is neither warned of the potential need for, or granted any receipted evidence concerning the fault by the Courier the ‘repairers (Digicare) are then in a ‘bulletproof’ position to claim the fault is due to ‘misuse’ by the consumer, thereby voiding the Warranty. 6) Because the consumer is neither warned of the potential need for, or granted any receipted evidence concerning the condition of the product, by Dixons Group or the Courier, the ‘repairers (Digicare) are then in a ‘bulletproof’ position to claim any damage to the product that may be or has been caused by either the Courier during transit or by Digicare in their premises was caused by the consumer prior to collection, thereby voiding the Warranty 7) When the consumer quite rightly attempts to seek a lawful solution Samsung will support the Courier’s and Digicare’s claims, and Dixons’ will support Samsung’s support of the Couriers and Digicare’s claims, thereby voiding the consumer’s Warranty. 8) At this point, in the case of a faulty product, the consumer’s only options are either to pay for the repair or to have the faulty goods returned without repair, for a fee of £26.00 9) In the case of a product that may have been extensively damaged during transit or repair the consumer’s only options are to either pay for a repair, that may amount to more than the initial cost of the product, or have the damaged goods returned for a fee of £26.00 10)‘Trading Standards’ will advise you that Dixons (PC World) are responsible for the damage under The Sale Of Goods Act 1979 (SOGA). 11)After lengthy delays Dixons (PC World will inform you that Samsung has deemed your Warranty void, on the basis that it has to believe its repairers claim that either you misused the product, or the item was found to be damaged on receipt and, as such, their Warranty is void. 12) If you pursue the matter the Courier, Digicare, Samsung and Dixons Group will continue to support each other to the point where ‘Trading Standards’ will eventually tell you that due to the way the item was conveyed to Digicare (from the consumer’s home) the damage has become a civil issue and you will have to determine liability via a Judge, through the small claims court. 13) This potential collusion between the retailer (Dixons Group), the Couriers, Digicare and Samsung makes it virtually impossible to ‘pin down’ the responsible party and even if a small claims court judgement rules in your favour, it may be virtually impossible to collect the debt if they decline to pay. 14) If the item cost less than £600.00 the consumer cannot even upgrade their legal action to the high court, which does have the power to enforce collection of damages, through its court appointed officer. Thus you can very easily see the Warranty process has been so obfuscated by the involved parties as to turn it into a lottery. I would therefore reiterate my request that the OFT investigate the issue, with a view to compelling the forenamed parties to create and engage in a Warranty process that is manifestly transparent, equitable to all parties and free from all possibility of unfair manipulation Yours faithfully etc.
  3. I bought a Samsung laptop from Tesco's for £575 which went faulty and bought a new power supply to fix it costing me £25 and within a few months broke down again I contacted Samsung and got them to admit via email they would expect the Laptop to have a reasonable lifespan of 5-6 years. Based on Samsungs response I contacted Tesco's telling them I want 2/3rd of my cost re-imbursed as the lasptop had only lasted third of its time ie £400 back taking into account the £25 ive spent on a power supply Tesco initially offered me £179 and then increased it £225. I said I would settle for £300 but they won't increase the offer saying they have used industry standard calculations to arrive at this figure Should I just take the money or take them to small claims court ? Would I have a good chance of winning if I claimed for £400 ?
  4. Tigi

    Samsung Cashback

    I bought a laptop from PC World in August which was a Samsung model which came with a £100 cashback offer, I sent my cashback form via post with all the relevant documents and received an email from Samsung to confirm receipt of it and that it would be processed within 30-45 days for purchase. On day 50 I had still not received anything from Samsung so I phoned them up to find out what was happening, I was told that they had a massive backlog and they gave me a reference number, still not confirmation as to when I would receive the cheque and that it could take another 45 days. I have had a manager from PC World chase this for me who got know where but was advise by Samsung that only two people where doing the claims and that it could take up to 365 days. I have again chased this with PC World and they have said that they cant do anything even though it was there offer at their store and I have also sent Samsung another email asking where the cheque is. I have contacted Watchdog and am wondering whether its a good idea to contact trading standards as I cant seem to get my Cashback off them, this was the whole reason I went for the deal in the first place and if I knew it was going to take this long to get it back I would of gone with the other choice of laptop which was £100 cheaper in the first place. Anyone got any ideas as ive now been waiting 81 days?
  5. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Ace on 14/04/2012 on PAYG from a Vodafone store in Norwich. On the 19/10/2012 my phone, for the first time since i've owned it, started to play up. I will now try to explain the events which unfolded. On the morning of 19/10/2012 i tried to charge my phone but there was no response to the phone being plugged into external power trying to charge it up,after numerous attempts taking charger out and putting it back in phone, the phone still wouldn't charge. I then switched the phone off, then when trying to turn it back on it wouldn't. I then took battery out for a while then put it back and finally after doing this on numerous occassion's over a 2 hour period it did finally switch on. When the phone turned on it displayed the word 'charging' and kept displaying 100% battery life. Obviously there was a fault with the phone so on the same day i took phone into Vodafone, 47 Castle Mall, Norwich store and explained the above faults to a member of the stores technical support team. I explained to him that i wanted it repaired under the manufacturers one year warranty and i was advised that it would be covered. When I described the fault to him he immediately stated that it was a common fault with these phones to display these symptoms and it would more than likely need a software update. I was advised this would take 30mins to complete. When this failed to rectify the fault, he said it was probably a faulty battery. So he changed the battery to a new one, which didn’t make any difference whatsoever. I was then advised the phone would need to be sent to a repair centre to be fixed, which i was happy with. At approx 9.15am on Friday 26/10/2012 the repair centre called me and stated that they had found water/moisture damage inside the phone which must have been caused by moisture or rain water getting inside the phone. When i clearly stated that the phone had been nowhere near any type of water i was told i would need to pay £100 to get the phone repaired. After hearing this I was not prepared to pay this sum as I was advised by the store that whatever the fault was it would be covered under warranty. I then called the Castle Mall store and spoke to the manager Jay, and he stated that a fault with my mobile phone would not be covered under the one years warranty, i then went onto say there must have been something wrong with the phone as there is no way i caused this water damage as i keep it in a leather case and it has never been anywhere near water. I then went on to advise Jay to contact the repair centre to get the phone returned to the store with no work being carried out on the phone. On 31/10/2012 i received a call from Jay at the Castle Mall store saying my phone had been returned from the repair centre and that he had also received my formal letter of complaint against Vodafone and he then explained that he had escalated my complaint to higher departments of Vodafone and i agreed to leave my phone in store and await a call back from him either that day or the next day when he had hoped to have got a response from the complaints depatment, which actually i am still waiting for this call. This weekend i have been searching on the internet it seems there are quite a few suspect water damage claims made by Vodafone. From purchase i have had my phone in a leather case and it has never been subject to water or being used outside in the rain. On researching i have found out a phone can become 'water damaged' from being kept in a pocket or a handbag. It can also become damaged from speaking into it with hot breath on a cold morning. If this phone does have moisture damage, then these are the only ways i can think it could have attracted this moisture, which to me makes me question why these warnings are not on the box or instructions or it is my opinion, the phones are not fit for purpose. I want to make myself clear now, the reason i am going to continue with this complaint is i know 100% that i have not neglected this phone in any way whatsoever. Under the Sale Of Goods Act 1979 this mobile phone is not of a satisfactory quality, therefore I am seeking a repair or replacement at no cost to myself. If that is unsuccessful, i will be seeking a full or partial refund of the amount i paid on 14/04/2012 when I purchased the phone. I am really disappointed with Vodafone that i have had to write this as i have been a customer of Vodafone for a vast amount of years and never had any problem whatsoever in the past. Is there a Vodafone rep on this site?? Any help with this post would be much appreciated.
  6. Hi all, another Vodafone thread! Had my Samsung Galaxy SII since May 2012 and the other night it turned off and won't turn back on. Vodafone claim 'liquid damage' but agree that it was not caused by liquid but most likely condensation, etc - the fault is around the USB charge area. VF wanted £100 to fix this.. I refused. I have been back in touch with VF via the email WRT135 armed with the following information: If your mobile goes on the fritz within six months of purchase and you’re sure it’s never been exposed to liquid, then the good news is you’ve got the law on your side. The Sales of Good Act states that if a consumer chooses to request a repair or replacement, then for the first six months after purchase it will be for the retailer to prove the goods did conform to contract. In other words, it’s not enough for the retailer to void your warranty by simply blaming liquid contamination; they have to prove that the fault didn’t exist when the phone was sold. The real-world interpretation is that the retailer has to provide evidence that liquid is responsible for the fault. I am getting nowhere with Vodafone, and have now threatened action through small claims court. Looking online, I have found this information: - If you’re told your phone can’t be repaired due to liquid contamination, politely ask for proof, given that you don’t recall any incident that might have caused it. You may be told that while a report about your phone was created, you’re not allowed to see it. Hmmph. - Start quoting the law; point out that the Sales of Goods Act means the retailer must provide evidence that the fault was caused by liquid and not an existing fault. The retailer’s recourse might be to say the law isn’t applicable because the cause is established; don’t swallow it – any proof has to be shared for the cause to be established. That’s what established means, see. - If you still get nowhere, threaten action in a small claims court, in which you seek to recoup the cost of a new handset or the cost of cancelling the contract. After all, you either need a replacement handset or you have to cancel the contract so you can begin another. - At this point, the retailer should be keen to provide evidence of the liquid damage or offer some sort of olive branch. No company in their right mind will hire legal representation to the tune of several thousand pounds to settle a disputed repair. Don’t quote us on that, though. Has anybody been successful through small claims before (or has the fact this process has been started resolved your problems?) My phone has been nowhere water and I am 100% certain the only cause would be atmospheric conditions such as condensation, etc. NOTE to VF Team. I have e-mails from 29th Oct to today trying to resolve this but am getting nowhere. Surely someone can help!
  7. My wifes phone bill was £20 more than usual. She has a certain amount of monthly free minutes, and also free data allowance. She is very careful not to go over these allowances, and she has been getting free music from a free app called Music Paradise. On her phone she had a message saying 'Streaming Null', but she doesn't understand it. When she clicked on it, it took her to the Music Paradise app. Could it be that after downloading a track, she is then automatically seeding it which could could use up all her data allowance?
  8. I went through for a drink there, and the temperature display for the fridge is showing 14C, although the freezer is still fine. Its one of these big side by side things, frost free and made by Samsung, with a drinks dispenser (at a push big enough for 3 bodies! . I am in Glasgow just now, but will be away from tomorrow afternoon, then back again about the weekend or perhaps a bit earlier. There is close to little food in either side as there is a take-away within a five minute walk, so I can just kill what's in it and unplug it. Can anyone recommend someone for repairing Sumsung FFs in Glasgow (preferably who can be very specific about the time they will arrive)?
  9. Hi guys, I brought a brand new laptop from Comet, it cost me £545 and I use it for University assignments. I only used it for couple of months and some keys are just about to fall off, one of the keys has already fallen off. I took it back to Comet and one of the guys in there told me that the guarantee does not include the keyboard, only hardware. As I'm a computing student, I asked him what his definition of hardware is and he told me, an example of hardware is the internal part of the laptop such as hard drive, RAM, motherboard but not the keyboard. When I asked him to send it back to Samsung to get it repaired, he started to tell me that the Samsung company will charge me for it as the keyboard is not part of hardware. So I asked him, what is the keyboard a part of, he said its a physical equipment. I only used it for couple of months, the laptop is really good, battery life is very decent but if the users' are touch typests then it would not be good for them as the keys can easily come off by itself. The laptop is fine for normal use. What do you guys think of this?
  10. Hi guys. got a problem with vodafone. i have a contract with them with galaxy s2 (about 500 quid worth mobile), but I didnt take out the insurance option. recently i left my mobile on charge through the night and woke up to a black screen - nothing works. so obviously I went through their repair service, courier collected it. I've waited around 2 weeks and they got back to me saying that my mobile is basically fried and unrepairable, although they have no idea what caused it as the battery was apparently fine. and they've refused to fix it or give me another mobile saying this is my fault and it's not a samsung fault - although they have no idea what caused the fault !!! my question is - is there any leg I can stand on regarding this problem ? I don't fancy buying another mobile. let me know, please.
  11. Hi I'm a new member on here and came across this forum after seeing this thread after searching on Google for help:. Just a bit of background first of all; I first signed up with Carphone Warehouse (CPW) 8 years ago when I turned 18 as I wanted what all the kids that age wanted, a nice phone with countless minutes and texts - CPW happened to be my choice, purely out of convenience more than anything as there was a store at the bottom of my road. Fast forward 8 years and I have had endless trouble with them, from obscene bills to horrible customer service so when I was advised on my upgrade date that o2 were migrating all their customers back I jumped at the chance to upgrade with o2 - "Bye bye CPW and your rubbish service..." or so I thought. I upgraded less than 28 days ago (the standard warranty period) on 28th August 2011. On Friday 16th September 2011 late afternoon, I took a nap whilst watching BBC iPlayer before work (at 17:00-ish). The phone was left on charge. I woke up at 19.30ish to find my phone had overheated something bad. To the point where you could have used it to warm your hands. I had also noticed that the touchscreen wasnt as responsive and the BBC iPlayer default screen had 'burnt' itself onto half of my display lengthways. I called o2 who advised me to return the handset to CPW as soon as possible. o2 understandably cannot replace the handset as the stock is CPW's - not theirs. So I agreed. I went to work as normal that night and as the night wore on the state of the screen got worse, turning half the screen blue then by 4am - the whole screen was blue, looking like ink had leaked. During work I'd noticed a crack on the far edge of the screen which was surprising as I had never dropped the phone nor sat on it or anything. The next day I took the handset the CPW on Market Street, Manchester - next to Boots in the city centre. I explained the situation to the manager, Danny, and he advised me that due to the screen having a crack on it, the warranty repair/replacement may not take place as it doesnt cover cracked/broken screens. I explained to Danny that I wasnt confident that CPW would replace/repair the handset as CPW are notorious for admitting fault. He tried to assure me they'd do everything they could but ultimately the technicians have the say as they are the experts. I left the handset with them on Saturday 17th September 2011 at around 17:30, Danny advised he'd be in touch on Monday when the technicians were in. Sure enough a voicemail was received today at 11:48am with Danny explaining that there is nothing they could do as it was deemed the display is broken and the warranty excludes this. Is there anything I can do? I have signed into a 24 month contract, it has been less than 28 days, my phone is worth between £300 - £450 and a new LCD is £100 with labour on top. I haven't insured the phone as I haven't got round to it yet... Just to add... the phone wasnt dropped AT ALL. I have a case on the phone as well as a screen protector. There are NO MARKINGS on the phone, case or screen to suggest it has been dropped and even if it had been dropped screen/face down - it would most likely leave a 'spider web' type crack whereas this is along the edge of the screen where the image had burnt on. I have found somebody with a similar overheating to cracked screen problem on Google. Thanks in advance, Stephen
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