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Found 62 results

  1. I purchased a 8.4 Inch Book Cover for my Tab S. The 2 poppers on the back have come away from the unit and sadly means it will no longer connect to my Tab S. Ive had this less than 2 months. I approached CPW to help sort out the issue and I was told as its outside of 28 days, they said as there was a limited warranty for 3 / 6 months, I was to contact Samsung. So i spoke to Samsung and they said the Warranty lies with the retailer... So I rang again to someone else at Samsung who said the same thing. So I went back to CPW and yet again they referred me to Samsung. I sent a complaint email to them and yet again they've told me to go to the retailer yet again. The complaint email was sent to the MD of Samsung UK and their support team. They have now come back with this again... What is my next step?
  2. My samsung reference number is ,,,,,,,, I bought my samsung tablet from argos in april 2013 and in january it developed in problem and i had to take it back to argos but they told me the only option i have is to call samsung which i did, i was told instructed to send it back with the self addressed envelope they sent to me few days later. I was told then that it would only take ten working days and if for any reason it could not be fixed they will replace it. However that was not the case because till this day which is over nine months samsung has refused to return my tablet. I have made several efforts by writing to them via email and also sent a registered letter but all to no avail, they only thing they have succeeded in doing is to continue claiming that they have tried to deliver my tablet through dpd. At some point i had to write them telling them that if they really could not deliver my tablet which was quite unlikely, that they can send it to any of their service centre in london and i will be happy to go and collect it as this has really inconvenienced me, but all this falls on deaf ear as they are not not even making any effort to contact me and find a way to send my tablet. i have come to the realization that samsung is a company that has little or no respect for their customers hence the unprofessional behaviour, and obviously has no integrity since i have the option to go to court and make a claim i want to know the best option available for me, is it making a claim through section 75 of the credit act or to take samsung to court directly because to be honest i would like to avoid getting other companies involved. As this is entirely samsung's mess and they should deal with it.
  3. Evening all Was wantin to pick your brains over an issue I have with Samsung. I bought an american style fridge freezer in december of 2007, which turned out to have dangerous manufacturing defects, samsung sent out an engineer to rectify this. When it was 3 and a half years old it packed in , with what turned out to be a design fault (featured on watchdog) samsung replaced it. The SAME fault has now occurred (3 years on) and samsung are adamant that this slightly newer model does not have the same design fault and will not do anything. I quoted SOGA to no avail. This was a £1000 purchase, I would expect the 1st one to still be going strong at this point not for the 2nd to have packed in too!!! Any advice on next steps anyone? Am I going to have to fork out?
  4. I bought a Samsung S5 from Three in May this year, 24 month contract £45 per month. Last week I woke up to find a purple/black blob on the screen which was slowly expanding. Within 24 hours it had consumed the entire screen and it is now completely black. I phoned Three who transferred my call to what they said was Samsung. They got me to send my phone in for repair I got an email saying that the phone wasn't covered by the warranty as they had found damage. The damage is a small crack at the top of the phone, not even on screen. The crack was from when I dropped the phone within the first week of ownership. I dropped it less than 2 feet and was most annoyed at how easily this had happened. I phoned them up and explained how and when this crack appeared, and that the screen had been fine for the 4months since then and only now developed a screen fault overnight. Even the touchscreen still works you just can't see anything! He agree with me that it was like the front wheels falling off your car and they wont cover it under warranty as you have a small dint on your boot. I said well have you looked inside the phone to see if the screen is physically damaged? He said that they are not Samsung they are Anova Repair Agents and there contract with Samsung says that if a phone has any signs of physical or liquid damage then they are not allowed to diagnose it as the warranty is deemed void. So they have quoted my £156 to replace the LCD. I refused that and they have returned my phone. I have also cancelled my direct debit as I'm not paying for a product (or calls) I cannot use. What are my next steps? I have seen some threads mention SOGA but not sure how to proceed. I have insurance on the phone with a £75 excess, but am worried they will refuse the claim as the screen isn't physically damaged! I haven't yet phoned Three back as I'm not sure how to play my cards, so to speak. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I need my phone for work and am holding back on buying a new contract to sort this out, but I can't wait forever. Also an equivelent contract is now only £30 which adds to the injury! Thanks
  5. I bought an LCD Samsung tv from Littlewoods online about 4 years ago (model no. LE32C450E1WXXU). The model is only 4 years old however the mainboard has gone on it (repair will cost £150 parts + labour). I've rang samsung and they've said there's nothing they can do because the tv is past its one year warrenty. now I'm thinking about ringing Littlewoods to see if they can cover the costs for repairs, or part of it. I'm wondering whether this situation falls under "The Sale Of Goods Act" but I'm a little unsure. My question is does this situation fall under "The Sale Of Goods Act" and if so am I entitled to any help with the cost of repairing the tv?
  6. Hi all, About 3 weeks ago I pre ordered purchased a brand new Samsung Gear Live watch from Google Play Store. Whilst waiting for the watch to arrive I noticed some of the people that had received the pre release watch at the Google I/0 conference had reported the charging cradle that snaps onto the back of the watch was damaging the plastic on the back of the watch meaning they were no longer able to charge the watch. With this in mind I have tried to be very careful with the watch removing the cradle from the rear of the watch with care. Unfortunately however the watch has succumb to this fault and the charging cradle has broken the plastic on the rear of the watch meaning I am unable to charge the watch. Below is an example of the problem which is well known. http://www.sammobile.com/2014/07/07/samsung-gear-live-charging-mechanism-reportedly-getting-damaged-easily/ I contacted Google play and they have offered me a new replacement watch, after some persuasion, however, I am far from confident that this will not happen again, I asked Google that I would happy to accept a new watch if they could offer a different way of charging that did not require snapping cradle on to the back of e device risking it breaking again. I have requested a full refund, my argument is the charging cradle is not fit for purpose as it breaks the device. Do I have a case in consumer law here?
  7. I have a Samsung mobile phone, which I like, but over the last few months, it does not hold the charge any longer than a few hours. I bought a new battery thinking that it was it, but I now have to carry a spare battery, as I am not always near a charging point. The phone is useless as I have to keep things switched off. I have another 6 months to go on a 24 mth contract with O2. I have no phone really, but need one. Any advice on this?
  8. Please read the attached document as i have faced a number of major issues pertaining to the most simplest of repairs. A hairline fracture within the bezel issue becomes a complete main board rebuild, and now i have all the symptoms of someone elses work order. The customer service staff refuses to acknowledge the mix-up and eventually begun ignoring me. The issue began in April and is still ongoing four months later.
  9. Hi, I'll be brief with my explanation but here goes.. purchased samsung gs3 phone from a tesco phone shop on t-mobile contract 17/08/2012 2 year warranty faulty about 9 weeks ago, sent direct to samsung, returned with same fault sent back to samsung, returned faulty contacted consumer direct, they advised me to ask tesco to repair the phone. came back today, still faulty. rang consumer direct back and they forwarded the issue to trading standards. what is the likely outcome of this situ? I just want a working phone...
  10. Hi This is my first time post here so please bare with me. My handset as above (15 mths old on contract) got hot whilst charging on 7 April so I took it off charge. When i went to try it again later that evening it would not charge and would not switch on. Took it to a local store the next day who said it would have to go for repair. It went for repair and was returned to store on 14 April with 'a new LCD screen', along with a check list saying everything had 'passed' and that the unit had also had a software upgrade and was now working and ready to go. When the assistant in store tried it it would still not charge or switch on. When he looked the battery said 'faulty' across it. So he called the repair centre only to be told that the batteries had been 'switched' at the repair centre. Of course I was not happy that the unit was still not working and the store do not hold spare batteries so called Vodafone only to be asked to go and find a phone shop and buy a battery. I refused and asked for a replacement unit as clearly there was still an issue with the handset. They refused to replace and said that they would send out a battery by courier. Said battery arrived on Wednesday 16 April, but upon insertion phone would still not charge or switch on. I called VF who said all they could do was put me through to the repairs department. I explained that it had been repaired and under the Sale of Goods Act was not fit for purpose ie making mobile phone calls. They said it would have to go back for repair again !!!! I called Samsung direct who said that they would send a further battery and a jiffy bag (in case that battery didn't work). 2nd replacement battery arrived on 19 April with only about half hour of batter life, so I reset all my applications and proceeded to put the unit onto charge. Guess what it wouldn't charge, powered off and now wont switch on again. I called VF again and was told it has to go back for repair. I explained that it has been repaired and had 2 new batteries so clearly is not fit for purpose ie making mobile calls. Vodafone are having non of it !! As you can imagine, I am running out of patience, yes I have been lent a basic phone to use from the store (who incidentally do not know of the further goings on since I collected the phone on 14 April). I have been onto live chat and am still told I have to resend for repair 3 times before it can be replaced and then only at the manufacturers discretion. I have been pointed to the Contract Terms & Conditions (which incidentally even though they were updated on January 2014 do not say anything about a unit having to be sent for repair 3 times before it can be replaced) ! I am a Business Contract user with 2 lines with VF and feel that the service is appalling. How can a unit come back with everything ticked as 'pass' still not be working, then I am asked to send it back for repair again. Usually, when something electrical goes wrong under warranty you take it back for repair, if it goes wrong again you are normally offered a replacement. I was also told on several occasions that 'the Samsung SII is an old phone - the new Samsung S5 comes out on Friday' - why was I not told that the SII was an 'old phone' when I took out the 24 mth contract 15 mths ago and that my unit would not be supported by replacement - only repair. I have all my original paperwork and nowhere does it state this ? Thank you for reading this epistle but I am really at the end of my tether:mad2:
  11. i purchased a samsung rsh1 american style fridge freezer from currys in jan 2010 £699 it stopped working over xmas in 2011 failed again in 2012 failed again in 2013 each time i had it repaired through samsung as curries refused, the fault is a common occuring issue with these models where they freeze up tripping out the fan unit and subsequently tripping the house consumer unit. after its repair in 2013 it failed again a week later but this time the compressor failed i have a independent engineers report i have sent to knowhow they have accepted it was a manufacturing issue there offer is £335 which includes the refund for the report £48 would this be a reasonable offer, could i appeal the decision??
  12. My son has the above phone from EE on PAYG. It is less than 12 months old and has developed a problem. It freezes on the Samsung screen. It has been seen by a Samsung repair centre who replaced the software and checked it thoroughly before returning it to us. He downloaded Facebook and Twitter and put his photo's back on. The same problem has happened again. This time I took it back to the EE shop we bought it from, explained what was wrong with it, showed them the card Samsung gave us and asked for a replacement phone. The person I spoke to said they will not replace it as we've had it longer than 14 days, without the manufacturer checking it first. She said it is Samsung's decision as whether or not it is replaced. When I asked about the 14 days policy she replied, that's EE's policy and pretty much everyone else's policy. I asked how can that over ride the sales of goods act all she did was repeat what she had already said. Is this right? Does a stores 14 day return policy over ride the sales of goods act?
  13. We need some advice and or help. We got our Samsung TV a few years ago. Recently it has become slow coming on. We googled this and found it was a common capacitor(?) problem and when we contacted Samsung they agreed and organised a free repair. So the TV was still able to be watched. It still functioned as a TV. Then today their repair men came round. They took the TV apart and replaced bits. Then fiddled a bit more. Then the picture wouldn't come on at all and the TV started making a horribly dangerous sounding loud crackling noise. They said the repair had blown the screen. They hummed and hawed, tried to phone their boss who wasn't in because he's on half day today. They laughed when I said they'd killed the TV and agreed they had but Samsung only paid them to change the capacitor and left. My husband immediately rang Samsung customer services to complain. They say it is nothing to do with them, it was a free repair and the TV was out of warranty. We tried to point out it was working as a functioning TV before they sent these two men round to "fix" it. But they had paid two men to come round and break our TV. This went back and forth with Samsung saying they had no idea IF it was working before the men blew the screen. We said we have witnesses if necessary. After an hour of getting nowhere and not even an apology we took the name and address of who to complain to because they wouldn't even let us speak to someone higher up. What can we do? The TV is vital to us. My son is autistic and has a routine which includes certain things he "must" watch at certain times. So we now urgently must go and grab a TV, any TV we can afford otherwise he will literally go a bit off the rails. It's a nightmare on a low income where we are his carers and he is already not very well at all at the moment. We were happy enough with the TV this morning and if they hadn't come round it still would be. I now its a few years old but it was working fine apart from coming on increasingly slowly. If we had never had them come we would not need to go out tonight and buy a new TV. I know it was older and would need to be replaced eventually but not when their repair men came and wrecked it. But what can we do? Have they no responsibility at all? If I paid two men to go to their office and break their computer I would be responsible- no matter the age of the computer I would think.
  14. I had a recall repair to my samsung fridge freezer following a safety issue highlighted on their website. The adaptation was a new defrost sensor which was carried out by a authorised engineer sent by samsung on Monday 23rd dEcember. When I returned home from the christmas celebrations on Saturday 28th December, the temp reading was -26 but the contents of the freezer had defrosted. The same engineer came out the following monday and stated that the "refrigerant leak" which was the cause of the failure was nothing to do with the original call out. The leak occurred on the heat exchanger inside the fridge awhere he had carried out his repair on the monday. Both Samsung and the engineers state that they are not responsible. Do I have a claim for any loss of food and compensation for having to rplace the appliance. The fridge was 6 1/2 years old but according to one frige manufactirer following a survey fridge freezers should have a life of 10 years 9 months. I am not asking for a new appliance, but compensation for the shortened life of the unit ( approximately one third). I look forward to all the replies.
  15. Hi, First post so I hope ive started this thread correctly:-) I have the above side by side fridge freezer which I believe has had other issues (mechanical). My problem is that it is showing signs of rust around the water dispenser. At first it was noticed about twelve months back and yes it should have been questioned then but it honestly looked like little stains which of course it was but rust? I contacted Samsung a few months back and their reply was that as it was out of warranty I would need to arrange an engineer (theirs) to view it at my expense. The chap I spoke to on the phone seemed uniterested tbh and went on to say that drip trays collected water and I could expect rust or words like that as metal and water did these things! Other event took my eye of the problem but I eventually contacted their engineer and I am getting a visit tomorrow. My question is. What can I expect from Samsung?
  16. Hi Caggers Can anyone point me in the right direction with the following problem ??? 1: Took out a new contract with EE - June 5th 2013 for 24 months 2: New handset kept freezing and was inoperable August , took it to EE they sent it for repair, would not issue a temp phone without a £100 deposit 3: Phone returned 7 WEEKS later 4:I Took it away and they said it was fine now and blamed the manufacturer for the fault. 5: 2 days later not only was the phone still freezing etc but was even worse in as much as you could not be heard when making a call, so it went back again 6: After 3 more weeks i collected it this morning to be told it was water damaged ????? possibly due to the change in the climate etc, yes this is exactly what I was told, people were dumbfounded by the assistances remark How do I go about resolving this matter ? I am now in a contract costing £36 per month for a phone that does not work AND has never come into contact with water AT ALL Any advise would be really helpful and if there are ant EE or Samsung representives I would be grateful for a response Cheers Andy
  17. Hi everyone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 on contract with orange, still under manufacturer warranty. The problem that i have is a very common one when searching google called the Sudden Death Syndrome, one day the phone was working fine and then go to use it again....ITS DEAD. I get in contact with Orange and they organised for me to send the phone to the Samsung Repair centre (SBE Ltd), i waited circa 2 weeks and received the phone back with the report of the problem being "Water Ingress", they blamed this on numerous reasons such as: 1. Dropping the phone into water or a puddle 2. Spilling liquid on the phone 3. Rain, fog or mist!! 4. Steam (e.g. Leaving the phone on the kitchen counter whilst cooking) 5. Condensation (e.g. Leaving the phone in a vehicle overnight) 6. Body perspiration (e.g. keeping your phone on you when exercising) Now, from my point of view points 4 to 6 are what people do with their phones in every day use! An example, what if i were cooking and using the recipe application - does this mean i can't do that? or perhaps wanting to go down the gym? I know i have never spilt any water in the phone directly, their are plently of stories gonig round about Samsung putting the blame on the customers to cover their faults. I'll really appreciate you guys help on this because i need this phone for business. Many thanks, Layla
  18. hi everyone. after some advice please ill try and keep it quick. my tv is about 5 yrs old and developed a fault where it would click on and off called Samsung after some lets call it banter they agreed to send an engineer out to replace the psu board which causes this fault because its a know fault the repair and part will be free, brill so far. 1st vist from engineer the new replacement psu board he came with was faulty so fiddle around for a while then decided there was no more he could do and would order another board. on placing the tv back on the wall no more than 5 mins after he left my tv had a white line across the screen ( not there before). called Samsung after a full blown argument with a power tripping call centre agent telling me oh well its chargeable now because its out of warrenty I decided to find the email address for the ceo of Samsung. emailed this and a member of staff from the executive office called within 10 mins said he would deal with it because there was no mention of the line on the engineers report he said it is safe to assume the engineer has knocked something so he would arrange another appointment. 2nd appointment engineer tells me its just dust build up so he got his cleaning equipment on it this appeared to do the trick until he tested just before he was going to leave and the line came back. with that he leaves says he will return a week later with a new psu board and a new buffer board. 3rd appointment engineer replaces the psu board this stops the clicking happy days but the buff board makes the situation was the screen goes inverted and green, the engineer tells me he has no idea calls his office and Samsung and they agree to take the tv into the work shop. heard back today from Samsung in order to get rid of the line they need to replace the screen which is not worth doing offered me the Samsung ps34f4500 as a replacement or £200 as a refund but they also keep the other tv. now I feel a bit annoyed by this because I have lost 3 days work totalling £450 had my tv broken by Samsung offered an entry level tv that is worth £250 and surely I should be entitled to keep my old tv as I own it outright.? am I being unfair here?
  19. Hi there, I'm fairly new here, I've been hovering around the site recently as I am unsure where I stand with a repair for my Vodafone contract phone (Samsung S3). I will list the chat I had with a member of their online chat help team, as well as the string of emails I have sent and received since. Long story short: the LCD screen cracked despite minimal pressure being applied to it. The only activity my phone undertakes is walking journeys in my front right pocket, and when I'm sitting at my computer at work. I paid the £190 repair fee and openly said it was only to ensure the phone was not sent back to me in it's still-damaged condition and that I would take it up with Vodafone once I had more time (I was at work at the time). Since then they have refused to take responsibility for the issue and are basically shrugging their shoulders about it because they now have the £190 for the repair. I have cancelled my direct debit as a result until this is resolved (harsh, I know). Am I in the wrong? I feel extremely poorly treated thus far. This is the initial chat I had with Shabab after visiting my local shop (who were flat, unhelpful and unsympathetic). I have blanked out the personal info: So as you can see, at no point is a payment to have it repaired discussed and it is implied the warranty covers this sort of issue, which it should. He also does not explicitly state it is covered by warranty, which I understand. Below is the conversation I have been having with the various members of the Vodafone email response team. I have amended the names to just the forename for privacy reasons: Their response: My response: Their response: My response: Their response: My response: Their response: This is the point where I really just lost patience dealing with them. My response: I'm pretty exhausted repeating myself, but I don't know what else to do. I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice, I'm sure I can't be the only person that has been messed about just like this. I fully regret paying the £190 repair fee. I wish I had just told them to keep the phone at that I would no longer be using them, but I assumed it would be relatively simple to be reimbursed. Clearly I was wrong and now Vodafone are likely going to cancel my account and chase me for the £609 I would be due to pay over the next 21 months of my 24 month contract. If anyone has any advice or can offer any help, I would be unbelievably grateful. Please, if I am being a total prat to Vodafone, someone let me know. This is only the fourth phone I have owned in the past 16 years, and I had only been using it for two weeks or so as it took me ages to get time to visit the shop to get a micro-SIM for the handset. I take good care of my things and I even checked with friends and colleagues to make sure I didn't forget banging or dropping the phone at any point. Many thanks guys. Sorry for the massive post. Kris
  20. Hi all, my wife as had to send her phone to Samsung because it stopped working, she took it to 3 store where we have our contracts they looked at the phone and said it was in exhalent condition they said they thought it was a soft ware problem. Samsung have come back and said there is a crack in the screen, so the warranty is void, we didn't see any crack and nor did the shop my wife has been very careful with the phone, when it stopped working it was in her bag, with her kindle and glasses, and was in a good case to stop it been broken, my wife said it must of been do in transit they say it's not transit damage so could someone please tell me where we go from here. Thanks
  21. Hi I'm in need of some helpful advice on how to proceed with this please. 3rd July 2012 I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S III Marble White 16GB online from Tmobile for £200 (capital one credit card) + 18mth contract (£26 ish). January 2013 it became faulty and Samsung sent a courier to collect it and Regenersis in Glasgow repaired a faulty usb connector on 21st Jan. Unfortunately I have no proof of this, but Samsung are not denying that this took place (so far). 11th June 2013 I awoke to a completely dead phone and took it to an authorised repair shop who deemed it Beyond Economical Repair due to an unauthorised repair on the usb connector Basically he explained that he didn't believe that the repair was carried out by Samsung (flux residue around charging point) and the warranty was void. You can imagine my surprise and anger at being accused of such a thing. I rang Samsung and explained and they said send it in for inspection. To cut a long story short today I have received the decision from Head Office that they will not repair my phone free of charge as they believe it has had an unauthorised repair on the usb charger and is subsequently out of warranty. Basically Samsung believe that I got the usb repaired via themselves in January under warranty, then paid somebody else to repair it again in the meantime. And the actual customer care woman (Laura) said that they "Believe their technicians more than they do their customers" and that " You can't prove otherwise"........... Tmobile are not interested and I now realise that not going through them for the repairs was probably a mistake. Consumer Direct have advised me to check my contract with Tmobile and formalise my complaint with my credit card (consumer act 1974 sec 75), samsung & tmobile (sale of goods act). I'm prepared to see this all the way through as I think it's an absolute outrage. I'm just feeling a little wobbly as how to go about it and how I can prove I'm telling the truth and would appreciate some guidance. I am not prepared to have my phone repaired at a cost of £120 (even under protest) as Samsung have deemed the 2yr warranty now void, which means I will lose the remaining 13mths left of the guarantee and have to pay for any further repairs required. Can I only claim the £200 from my credit card company? Or as it came as part of an 18mth contract can I also claim/cancel the remainder of the term? I've attached the the image that Samsung have sent me of the "proof" that they based their decision on.
  22. Hope some tech savvy person can help with this. I've had my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 for about 3 months and until 2 weeks ago the battery was lasting quite well - up to a week sometimes. I don't remember changing anything or downloading anything but in the last two weeks the battery has lasted about a day and a half. Wifi, bluetooth and GPS are all turned off, screen brightness and time out are at their minimum and I've stopped all apps that were running and it's made no difference. I can't find any other suggestions online. I'm trying to avoid taking it back as my old phone died the day before I bought this one and I can't be without a phone, but I will as a last resort if no one has any other ideas.
  23. After a burglary, I had to get my laptop replaced at a cost of £900 or so. I went to Argos and bought it as the insurance company had given me a voucher for there. Now I had quite enough of problems and insurance, so when the NIVIDA graphics card kept closing down and then opening up the websites whenever it felt like it, I just left it. Got it in September 2010, and now it is just shutting down altogether, and taking an awful long time to do anything. I deleted everything I could, and then found I had loads of space and didn't need to delete. My question is, can I return this to Argos, as faulty, or is it Samsung I go back to, and will it be too late to take it back.
  24. Hi, this is my first ever post so please be gentle with me. In october 2011 i got a samsung 51 inch 3D plasma tv. The shop i got it from is similar to brighthouse wherein you can pay weekly for items, however they dont provide any insurance products, so you only get the 1 year manufacturers warrenty even though i am paying for the tv over 2 years. My problem is that there is a fault on the tv now and the shop wont do anything as the 1 year warrenty ended in october 2012, so i contacted samsung who said as the tv is over 18 months old ( its 18 months and 2 weeks ) the best they can do is offer to pay for the part and i would have to pay for labour and v.a.t. The labour and v.a.t. would be a lot more than the part im sure. My question is, how long should i reasonably expect my tv to last before it needs repairing, and am i expecting too much from samsung. Thank You for any advice.
  25. I wonder if anyone can advise please. I bought a 55" D7000 Series 7 SMART 3D TV in March 2012. Around August it developed a problem with two black lines at the top and bottom of screen, I contacted Samsung and they put me in touch with repair company who came here assessed problem then returned and replaced the screen. All seemed okay. Tv is only used occasionally so when my Husband was sat watching it at xmas he noticed that there was a further problem with different lines around the screen and large white patches showing through the picture. He got closer to inspect and noticed that the bottom of the screen is bent. We put a straight edge on it and confirmed that indeed the bottom part of tv is completely bent. I again contacted Samsung who put me in touch again with same repairer who called here and took tv away to repair. Friday evening the owner of repair company called here to drop tv off for us helped us attach it to bracket to find it was just coming on intermittently and upon inspection we found again it was bent at the bottom again. He has just come again to take it away tried it again and although it came on this time I am still concerned that I have spent money on something that I keep having to have repaired. what I would like to know is if anyone has large Samsung could they possibly look and see if theirs are bent at the bottom as repair man said this may be the case with big tvs ?? And also whether anyone has had any success in getting their tvs replaced by Samsung. Thanks for reading sorry it was long.
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