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  1. Hi, Really can't seem to get any further with this... In January I started looking round to change my energy supplier, as EDF had nearly doubled my DD just before Christmas. Eventually, I subscribed to the Cheap Energy Club on MSE, which were having an auction in order to get cheaper costs for their members. In February (can't remember the exact date) I completed the online application to change suppliers to Sainsbury's Energy. I received confirmation from Sainsbury on or around 20th February, along with terms and conditions. A couple of days later, I received anothe
  2. To summarise, stay away from them, absolute rubbish customer service. Usual story - current supplier's plan coming to an end, comparison sites show Sainsbury's as cheapest option so despite previous run ins with British Gas I sign up. Order is confirmed, all details correct, they will contact me for meter readings in due course. Didn't hear another word until a neighbour brings round a letter addressed to me at her address about the direct debit. After first accusing me of putting in the wrong address, they eventually concede that it was their error but say it doesn't matter because
  3. I recently received one of these annoying notices from Horizon Parking a t a Sainsbury's car park that I have used for the past 4-5 years without ever getting one even when leaving my car there for more than the free 60 minute period! Should I ignore the notice or pay it? It's £30, which will increase to £60 after 14 days. I've read on many forums that one should just ignore these. Is that right or has the law changed? Rgds radmm0
  4. I changed to sainsburys energy because their direct debit was cheapest. However, it later transpired that their direct debit was badly incorrect and had to be increased . However, even with increase it was same as previous supplier so i decided to stay with sainsburys. Also my annual uesage was 32% higher for gas and 25% less for electricity and my overall DDebit ended up from £90pm from previous supplier to £125 with Sainsburys I contacted Ombudsman and they say my traiff charges are correct -it was just DDebit wrongly set. He says i should accept £53 ge
  5. Please help! The other day I was caught scanning something as bananas on the self-checkout when they weren't. I was taken to the back room to see the manager, who decided not to call the police (thank God), but did take a copy of my driving licence and aive me a letter banning me from any Sainsbury's in the country. What I want to know is, will anything else happen to me? The letter he gave me mentioned other people who may be getting in touch for some kind of claim. Also, what will have been done to my driving licence? Am I on some kind of register
  6. Sainsbury's is recalling 500g packs of its SO Organic Sultanas as a precuation after salmonella bacteria was detected in routine testing. http://www.food.gov.uk/news-updates/recalls-news/2014/apr/sainsbury
  7. For many years I have posted only on the Bailiff & High Court section of the site. This is the FIRST time ever that I have posted a personal question and I hope somebody can help. My son and daughter in law left the UK about 9 months ago and live and work in Kuwait. Before leaving my daughter in law applied for a Sainsburys Credit Card. She did this just in case there was any undue financial needs in the first few months. In fact, she never used the credit card and it has not even been activated. I should mention that they have a house over here that is rented out and a
  8. I could not pay petrol at Sainsbury's petrol station as I did not have enough money in my bank (despite checking the night before that I did have more than enough) as a few direct debits went out that I was unaware of. Now I've had some money cleared I went to pay them today but they said it was passed on to a debt collection agency (something they never told me when I tried to pay the first time) as a week had passed (something they also conveniently never told me) and the DCA would put 1 £50 charge on it. I have complained to Sainsbury's customer service abo
  9. Just visited our local Sainsbury's supermarket and I didnt enjoy my visit at all! Ok the store was clean and easy to navigate round but it was so blooming cold! It was warmer sat outside on a bench than it was in the shop! Why cant these big shops sort the heating out? I am now sat here with the heating on full blast, fleece hoody and scarf on and I am still frozen! My finger/hands are like blocks of ice and my muscles and joints ache so much am going to have to dose up on painkillers, wasnt as if I wasnt dressed for the weather either, had my winter wool coat on and scarf as well, please
  10. I have been in a payment plan with Payplan for over 10 years, and Robinson Way had my Sainsbury's credit card debt of around 700. today I have received a statement from Hoist. I was never informed of this being sold on, do they not have to inform me?
  11. I have read the other threads relating to DWF and Sainsburys but I feel that my letter is slightly different so please feel free to comment as appropriately . . . . I have today received a letter from DWF following an incident at Sainsburys which was resolved by a police community resolution order. The letter from DWF asks for a balance for £150.00 to be paid within seven days "to avoid further action" but then beneath the Balance Due line is written: "The sum is broken down as follows: Value of goods stolen £0.00 Value of goods damaged £0.00 Value of cash stolen £
  12. Hi, A couple of weeks ago my wife was caught shoplifting at Sainsbury's. The police were called in, took her to the police station and she received a caution. We're still talking about it with me trying my best to re-assure her and make her put it behind her. To not worry. What's done is done. A few days ago she received a letter from DWF demanding £150 followed by another one the following day which was essentially the exact same letter as the previous day's one. I have read the posts on this forum about RLP and their tactics and, specifically, the post about DWF and Sains
  13. I was wondering if someone coumy finanld help/advise me in relation to a SB (Sainsbury's Bank) loan I took out in 2005. A scenario of the situation is as follows: - Full contractural payments made on loan until Dec 2010, when I lost my job through illness Received advice from CCCS to make reduced payments of £1 per month until financial situtation improved. CCA request made on 7 Nov 2011 as unsure if debt was enforceable. Copy received on 21 Nov 2011 SB assigned laon to AG (Arrow Global Ltd) in Dec 2012. Texts & calls received from WC (Wescot Credit Services Ltd) - accepted
  14. Hello! I wanted to start a new thread as I have just called Sainsbury's bank to file a claim re mis sold PPI and I'm nervous about making sure I do everything right. I took the original loan out late 2004. I cannot remember exactly how much the loan was for (approx £9,000 I think), or even the length of the loan. I do however remember the exhorbitant interest rate of nearly 15% and the pushy sales woman suggesting I clearly didn't care about my family if I didn't buy the insurance policy! Anyway, I do not have any paperwork for or other information about the loan so I'm hoping I
  15. Hi, I sent Sainsbury's a SAR on 30th March, they wrote back to me mid may saying they couldn't find me and needed an account number or previous address. I had supplied my Name, Address and D.O.B in my original SAR and I haven't had a previous address. I don't know my account number so I wrote back again stating this and infoirming them I had not moved so details were the same. They have responded again with exactly the same letter saying they can't locate my details without an account number or previous address. I tried to ring number on letter because it takes weeks for them to res
  16. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-2220269/Sainsbury-s-makes-suppliers-wait-crucial-payments.html
  17. I sent off requesting a copy of a loan agreement. Nothing else asked. A week later I received a copy of an agreement showing the PPI and all the details. A week after this I receive a second copy of an agreement. The second one has the insurance bit blanked out and hand written across the top 'Best Copy' and on the front page they have written 'NO PPI ON LOAN'. Is this common place ?
  18. In 2002 applied for their credit card. This arrived adhered to a card with some info on Credit charges, limits, repayments etc..it didn't have any signatures on it. they gave me a limit of £3000 but by 2006 I was struggling to pay a new credit limit of £6,950. I wrote and they offered a maximum 6 months of £1 p/m and no fees/interest charged, this was extended a further 6 months to November 2007. Then they added interest again, and fees of £12. In january 2008 they agreed to me paying £1 p/m for 3 months with a possible additional 3 months after a review. How
  19. I took out a Sainsbury's credit card in 1998. I filed a PPI complaint with Sainsbury’s two months ago claiming that I was mis sold PPI and it was added without my knowledge. It has to be noted that I do not have the Credit Card Agreement or the terms and conditions that were applicable at the time I took out the agreement. Sainsburys have denied my claim on the basis that they established that I have applied for this credit card in 1998 via post. The Credit Card Agreement had an optional tick box for consent of PPI and that box was ticked. Therefore I had knowingly asked for this PPI.
  20. Firm loses thousands as people max out multiple cards Bank employee loaded £10 tray with £20 notes in error Customers walked away with hundreds of pounds of 'free' money after a cash machine started paying out double yesterday. Long queues formed outside the Sainsbury’s ATM in Tottenham Court Road as word of the unexpected windfall spread like wildfire. Some pocketed hundreds after withdrawing the maximum of £300 on multiple cards and getting the same amount again each time for free. The problem arose after an employee accidentally loaded the £10 tray with £20 notes Read
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