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  1. Hi all, Im after some advice. My wife has just come home from her job as a hairdresser and has just informed me she has been sacked. The reason for sacking was apparently she has turned clients away who have rang up to book an appointment. She says the only times she has turned clients away is when all bookings are full or during her scheduled lunch break which I would say is acceptable. How can you tend to a client when your either busy with another one or on your lunch break. The owner of the hairdressers has gone on holiday today and instructed the next in charge to see my wif
  2. Wondered if anyone could help with this. An employee of a company worked for 12 years, two days a week, 4 hours per day. Turned up for work last week and was told to go home as she had been replaced by someone that would do her job for the minimum wage. She had no disciplinary's, no absence, no warning she was about to lose her job. Any advice, is an IT1 the only way forward.
  3. Hi all Im looking for a bit of advice regarding a friends daughter shes only 18 and she has been working for M&S money call centre but has just been sacked for gross misconduct. She was called into her line managers office yesterday then escorted to her desk to empty it,then off the premises all of which took place in front of all her co-workers The gross misconduct they have accused her of is criticising her own bank HSBC , on twitter, for refusing to extend her overdraft.... Now i know M&S money are owned by HSBC but surely this cant be right she was showing her displeasure a
  4. Hi, My husband was sacked for theft on the 1st October 2012 without any proof or police involvement, he was not even questioned by the police. He filled in an ET1 form and was given a hearing date for today 31st May 2013. His ex employers solicitor ordered a pre hearing review saying his claim was 34 days out of time. My husband tried to argue that he had appealed internally and did not receive his appeal letter until the 3rd of November which would have made his claim in time but the judge refused to hear his case anyway. Please tell us what if anything he can do now? We don't
  5. In yet another humiliating court defeat for Iain Duncan Smith, thousands of sacked Jobcentre staff may be entitled to compensation due to an employment tribunal ruling that they were unlawfully sacked. Story http://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/jobcentre-illegally-sacked-thousands-of-workers/ As the article states I wonder if IDS will attempt to retrospectively change the law on this one.
  6. Hi I work for a social care company. I have worked with them for 12 months as casual agency staff where I just took the hours they gave me, no work = no pay, no sick pay etc. In February my father died and I had to take care off his affairs, I was off work for 4 weeks. On my return to work they offered me a 6 month set term part time contract (classed as a probationary contract) which I have signed and the HR manager signed, this was due to start in a couple of week while I continued to work on the agency side. 2 days ago I fell at home and broke my ankle and am in plaster estimated to be
  7. Hello, this is my first visit to the CAG and I am hoping for some advice. To cut a very long story short I injured my back at work in April 2006. Government employer would not support it was an injury at work even though went through all the right channels. Carried on working, taking sick when I was in so much pain I couldn't walk. Placed on sickness monitoring twice, had occupational health referrals, placed on final written warning in November last year. Had to take 2 days off in March and was told by line manager she had sent report to big cheese moving for dismissal on capabil
  8. Hello, We currently have a conundrum in our household and would really appreciate some advice. My partner has worked for a certain company for over 5 years now but his contact did not specify particular hours in it, only that he would work a set number of hours per week. My partner is also my carer and before now, this was fine. He would generally work 6am - 2:30pm (in reality until 4:30/5pm as he put a lot of his own, unpaid hours into that place out of conscientiousness). This has been the same since I met him (1.5 years ago) and now that he lives with me, the regular pattern is good a
  9. My employers are soon to be terminating my employment on grounds of ill health. I have been claiming ESA since SSP ran out. How does it work once they sack me.....does the ESA stop and I claim JSA but send sick notes to job centre???
  10. So been at my job for 6 years... Perhaps I should of known better. Retail shop where the company seems not to care. Even with customers complaints are never dealt with. People are bitchy, managers get away with anything (from calling friends and family off work phones, having multiple 1 hour cigarettes whilst they talk to friends, using cctv to spy on staff and have digs at them for not working correctly) Personally I have had many issues with the manager. She has had digs at me and other staff members, says horrible things but to some extent is clever about is, she does it in a way
  11. The Royal Bank of Scotland has sacked four traders over their alleged involvement in the Libor-fixing scandal, it has emerged. BBC business editor Robert Peston says the dismissals happened at the end of last year. RBS is one of a number of banks being investigated for possible rigging of the key bank lending rate. The news comes days after Barclays became the first bank to be fined for false reporting of it. Barclays was fined £290m ($450m) after the Financial Services Authority (FSA) found its traders had lied about the interest rate other banks were charging it for loans. Giving a lower r
  12. Hi cut a long story short i applied for job back in October,got the job at the interview.but i had to wait for forms to come through,forms which i had to send proof of my identity,so I done this but never heard from my manager,,I assumed they did not want me,,this was 2 months on i did send letters and made calls to my manager but never got a response back,..now in February i got a letter saying i will be disciplined for not reporting to work,bare in mind this is 3 months on,so when letter come i rang head office and played hell with them telling them,i have took the right steps to make contac
  13. Hi, I hope that someone can offer me some advice. I am facing dismissal from work for viewing pornographic material in works time. I am currently suspended, and have not yet been disciplined. Although I have been informed verbally that a letter will be dispatch soon starting formal disciplinary proceedings. It started when a workmate was witnessed watching porn during works time on his company issued laptop. He was working alone on the day in question and no one else from the department was present. As part of the investigation the company suspended all 4 members of our department, leaving
  14. Hi, I took out a loan of £350 but just a couple of days later I was sacked from work. I had been on sick pay and may have been fired unfairly, however the fact remains that my circumstances have changed and I now have no income source. The reason I had been signed off of work by my doctor was due to stress so I am anxious as to what Wonga may say. I have tried emailing and phoning them but emails are not replied to and the phone is not answered. If anybody can provide any help it would be much appreciated, thanks. EDIT: Sorry, forgot to say, the amount I owe is just under £500; the l
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