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  1. My brother-in-law received two letters from Ruthbridge regarding a debt supposedly owed to Argos Distributors LTD. He ignored the first letter, as he has no knowledge of any such debt. A second letter arrived on the 2nd Dec, in which Ruthbridge were offering a 65% discount, which seemed more than a bit fishy. After looking around the site and seeing other actions taken regarding Ruthbridge, I have sent them a prove-it letter. If they don't stop, what further action is advised?
  2. For the past four years I've been getting letters from these debt collection agencies and it's beginning to drive me a bit crazy. They never say where the debt originated but I suspect it was from a Cable&Wireless phone line in my name in my shared house in university (14 years ago!) that I forgot to get disconnected when I left. I had a letter from C&W shortly after I left university asking me to contact them but I was leaving the country shortly after for a few years and so left thinking nothing of it. It then started about four and a half years ago with a letter
  3. Hi All I recently wrote to ScotCall regarding an old statute barred debt which they were trying to get money for on behalf of Activ Kapital Ltd. In response to the statute barred letter I sent ScotCall, they did the right thing and confirmed that they had closed the account and were returning it to their so-called client at Aktiv. However, despite my insisting that ScotCall advise their client of the contents of my letter, Aktiv Kapital have now just passed the same statute barred debt on to a DCA called Ruthbridge. I have received a letter from Ruthbridge making the s
  4. hi just had letter from ruthbridge stating that they have traced me to this address, please contact us immediatley or an agent may telephone between the hours of bla bla bla. should i sit tight or send them a letter asking for prove of the debt which i am pretty sure is over 10 years old as i have been living abroad for the last 10 years!
  5. Hello all, This is my other debt issue, apart from the Equidebt one. I moved to Ireland 2001, inadvertently leaving a debt to PCWorld, and returned to the UK in 2007. Ruthbridge sent me a letter, I called them, there was an inconsistency in the details they held, and my recollections (the address they had was slightly different to what I remember, but having checked later, I'm pretty sure they are right). Because of this, they were going to send me (and I quote) 'the signed paperwork'. This was in May, I still have not received it, they insist they have sent me letters which I ha
  6. Has anyone ever heard of these. I had a CITI Card . Haven't heard anything / Paid anything for nearly 3 years, Its a complicated matter. Was dealing with a Debt management compay who messed me about. Then i done a record of debts / Payment plan to all my creditors with CAB Sent them off and its been in place for nearly 3 years. However i heard nothing from CITI untill Now ? What should i do as they passed debt onto Direct Legal Collections. Who now seam to have passed it onto RUTHBRIDGE
  7. Hi. New to here. I got a letter week ago from Ruthbridge asking me to call regarding a 'sensitive matter'. rightly or wrongly I just emailed them and with the reference asking what this was about and got no response. Today i got another letter with capital letters stating they had trace me to my address and to call them in 5 days. of course their letter was sent on the 12th. I have a feeling it is related to a Barlcaycard I had in 2001. i was made redundant in my job but did send a letter (which i obviously don't have now) asking them to contact me at a new address. But I never go
  8. Hi, i wonder if anyone else has been subjected to something similar. In brief, i disputed a payment on a contract that i was told had been stopped when i reported a mobile loss, and was later billed for the contract after it was supposed to have been stopped when i reported it because it was out of contract. In trying to resolve this. I was then told the account had been closed. I am aware THREE different DCA had bombarded me with telephone calls on my home number - my number is ex-directory and i rarely provided it as an alternative contact number to anyone as i alwa
  9. Hi all, first post here. I had a credit card debt back around 1995 - nearly 20 years ago! - which I believe ended up in a CCJ. I was young, dumb and skint back then. There were a few attempts by various DCAs to track me, probably Mackenzie Hall were the most vigorous, but I was living overseas at the time they contacted my UK correspondence address, and they eventually wrote to me saying my case was closed. Suddenly, up pops this new outfit Ruthbridge Limited, with a standard fishing attempt. "contact us urgently about a personal matter..." etc. Now, I expect that this is i
  10. Hi Everyone! I read through this site last week after receiving a letter from Ruthbridge and you guys look like you know what you are talking about. Today (11/5/12) I received a second letter from Ruthbridge and would like to know the best way forward. I received the first letter about 10 days ago, the content of the letter was along the lines of: Dear Mr..... We are trying to contact you..............please call us on XXXXX The letter was longer, but it felt like a phishing letter so I ignored it. Today I have received a letter:- Dear Mr..... We no
  11. Does anyone know who the Chief Executive Officer of Ruthbridge is as i need to write to him/her. Thanks
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