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  1. A few weeks ago I had a moment of madness and thought I could get away with shoplifting a £6 nail polish from Boots. I didn't even make it out of the store before a man in casual clothing calmly told me to follow him to the back room. From there I returned the product (in a sellable condition) and gave him my name and address. No picture, bank details, phone number etc was taken. Police were not involved either. I was told that I was banned from that particular store for a year and that I should be expecting a letter from RLP soon. I left the store and that was that. I received my first letter a week ago and from reading around this particular topic, I know not to be stupid enough to give RLP any money. However, I am curious to know when RLP eventually give up and stop sending letters. As I'm currently at uni (I'm 19) the letters are being sent to my mum's house and I won't be travelling back home soon for a few months anyway. Any help is appreicated!
  2. Help....worried sick mum here....and a newbie to this site, please tell me if I've forgotten anything on this post..... My daughter (age 16) was really stupid in July and tried to shoplift from Boots, she was stopped (thankfully - believe me lesson learnt - why does it always have to be the hard way?), the police were called who in turn called us. They had a 'discussion' with my very distraught daughter in front of me but said they wouldn't charge her and that this would be the end of the matter (before I got there they had already tried to calm her down telling here there would be no further action as she was falling to pieces).... As soon as the police left the security guard said that RLP would be making a claim (he didn't mention this once when the police were saying that there would be no further action taken and waited for them to leave), he pulled out a piece of paperwork and worked out what the amount would be (the goods taken were under 19.99, undamaged and recovered), so it was about £130.00. That evening I looked on your site and discovered the delights of RLP's reputation and waited for the letter. It has now arrived.... The amount they claim she attempted to take is way more than reality therefore the compensation cost has gone up (I believe they are set in brackets of value?). They have written a letter in a very 'you need to take responsibility for what you did' naughty girl way (believe me the police and we have utterly made sure she has taken responsibility) The letter is very much worded aimed at a juvenile, my guess is they got rapped on the knuckles for sending out scary letters to minors??? Otherwise the rest of it is pretty much what others have said in the past that they got from RLP, the problem though is that I can't find any recent threads. . is the advice still the same as in, write to them and say 'any liability to you or any company that you represent is denied' or have things changed? She would pay it off (slowly - she earns a pittance), I n fact she says that's what she deserves for being so stupid and disrespectful but I am worried that if she does it could show on a DBS check which she needs for work as well as me really being disgusted with the underhand way in which they dealt with this.. .(make no mistake I am totally disgusted at what my daughter did in the first place - just felt I needed to clarify that)
  3. Hi , Yesterday I, my wife and 10 month son went to shopping at TKMaxx argyle street Glasgow. We are not from UK and, we are from Asia. After shopping I went to pay the bill for the good purchased worth £105.0. Meanwhile my wife went in another direction in the store started watching purse worth £9.99. After I have paid the bill I found my wife is not visible in the store and kept on calling on her phone. After some time the security person came to me and told are you looking for your wife, I replied yes. He told she is being caught stealing purse. I was shocked. Then he took me to the security room and he was very rude. He force fully asked to sign the ban letter and gave two letters one TK Maxx banning letter for my wife for 12 months and another RLP letter. After we came out from the security room I asked my wife about the incident she told me yes she kept the purse in the baby's cart to show me if I agree we will purchase the purse. She generally consults me for everything she likes to purchase. She has not taken out the tags, but the security person was saying she has removed the tag and she has hidden the purse inside the baby's cart. We are threatened a lot by that security person inside the security room. We are scared as we are not from UK what will happen next . Please suggest
  4. Hi, I'm rather embarassed to have to enquire about my rights in this instance, but such was the stupidity of my actions the other night that I have no choice. I have been reading some of the threads about people's experience with RLP and I am somewhat releived to find that the advice given is suggesting that they don't really have a leg to stand on, which is kind of what my gut feeling was telling me anyway. However I did the crime and now I must face the consquences of my actions. I had not reckoned that that would involve anything like this though, and I am really quite stressed out about it, not least because I have not yet received the dreaded first letter. Short version of what transpired. I'm a part time alcoholic/binge drinker and when I start drinking I can rarely stop until the air touched the bottom of the last bottle. The other night in my drunken stupor I decided to vivist my local 24 hour Asda, and since I was unable to procure any more alcohol by paying for it according to to the law, I decided to chance my arm at stealing a 4 pack, and I got caught. They took me into the search room and coerced me into giving them my name, address and D.O.B otherwise they would call the police. The next thing I am being read some peice of paper and then given to me and I left. I got angry with them at that point and said a few things and left. They also refused to give me some water when I asked for it several times, my mouth was so dry that I could barely talk. Anyway, I'm currently awaiting the bad news, to find out how much RLP are going to try and scare me into paying them. I also broke several of the points on the Guidance for those Accused of shoplifting thread, especially point 12, because I'm not a career shoplifter, just a one time chancer who got caught. I went back in to appeal to them yeasterday and apologise for my actions and asked to be allowed to shop there again. The woman I spoke to was very understanding and suggested that I write to the manager to apologise, which I have now done. I felt so bad the next day and often confessing and apologising can make things better, but perhaps not in this instance. I no way though have I at any time admitted to trying to steal from them at any time though, and I worded the letter vaguely enough to possibly mean just the general way in which I behaved. Apparently they have me on cctv putting the item in my bag, which is quite possible. So I just wanted to ask, pre-receipt of letter if I have just shot myself in the foot by doing that. If it goes to court will that likely go against me, and count as an admittal? Should I write to them after the first letter denying any claim made by them, or should I ignore the first few? The woman said it would likely be £50 but I'm hearing some horror stories about people being asked for hundreds. This is my mind, whether shoplifting is right or wrong, is completely unethical and I can't beleive that this company are being allowed to act in this way. If it's only £50 I might just bite the bullet and pay for it, in installment, any more than that and they can sing for it! Any advice any has would be apprecaited, thanks. I know I did wrong and I'm ashamed of myself, but I seriously can't afford to pay any money to the RLP. If I get fined by the police, then I have to pay but they are not the police! They got their beer back, nothing was stolen. I therefore owe them or the RLP company nothing! p.s. I'm 36 (and should know better)
  5. First of all, thankyou for being here. Your advice to others about RLP really supported me during the past year. About a year ago I was accused of shoplifting in Tesco while using the shop and scan for my household shopping. I didn't intend to steal but I accept that things were in my trolley that I hadn't scanned or paid for, and my only excuse is that I was having extreme anxiety and depression problems at the time, and my mind used to wander, esp while shopping. I was detained in the back for 2 hours while they waited for the police, eventually they were told the police were not interested, and I was told to sign this RLP form which I refused to do. I was banned from the store for 6 months. We phoned Tesco the next day and were told that they were not pursuing the matter, I got some medication sorted out, and am now much much better. I now shop online and have never set foot near Tesco again. About a month later I received my first letter from RLP. I found this forum and followed the advice to ignore, so I did. I got about 4 letters then nothing this past 6 months or so. Have now received a letter from a debt collection agency "Capital Resolve" asking for £171.48. They seem to be legit from their website. They have named as their client "RLP on behalf of Tesco". What do I do? They want a response by 5th July.
  6. Amount : £200, UK Supermarket. I just called RLP and told them that the person who the letter is for does not live at this address any more. I do, but there are no documents saying I live here whatsoever. They said they will stop sending letters to this address and will begin a trace of the person's actual address. They mentioned banking addresses or something like that. If they do, the address they'll find is no longer owned by my family. At this rate, this should shut them down. If not - I will of course ignore them anyway. Any further thoughts? Thanks for your time and consideration. 2016-04-14 RLP Letter before Claim.pdf
  7. Hi everyone , this is an excellent idea to find help , im new to this , and a big Thank's for that . Now I'll tell what happened . I've done one single swap price at retailer , this is my fist time and last , when i had done something illegal , I'll definitely not doing it again never . The police IT WAS NOT involve , the item was returned back as i took it from shelf and i was scared for first time , and i sign a thing about BANNING , i tried to read it but the guy there explained to me that im gonna be banned from tesco , he was trying to make me sign it , my girlfriend was with me as well .. i don't know if she is in that kind of category - > "involved ", even if she didn't know and do nothing wrong .. and they put her to sign as well AND...now we both have a "gift" from RLP where they asking 115.75£ ...each Now my question is , let's say i ignore the letter , let's say i wont pay it , What if they take me to the court ? What if they have prove against me like cctv video ? why they mention in letter about "take legal advice" ... or " We are required to refer you to the Practice Direction for Preaction Conduct[....] .The Court has power to impose sanction on any party who fails to comply with the Practice Direction " "We are also required to inform you that ignoring this letter may lead to our client starting proceedings .." What should i do , i need someone to explain me , has anyone try not to pay them and then at somepoint the RLP give up ? Should i try to send the letter in here ? Thank you very much for your time !
  8. Hello to everyone here, I would be very grateful if you have some advice on a rather strange letter from RLP. Basically I am Bi-polar, normally I'm fine and nobody would know but one day last month I was in the manic phase of my condition due to a change in medication. I had gone into boots and bought a number of items, but I'd also put 3 low cost items a total of £4 in my pocket. I left the store with these but I then realised what I'd done, never stolen in 27 years didn't want to then. So I returned to the store as I was going to pay for said items but as I approached it, two security guards although I don't remember seeing Sia licences on them asked me to follow them. I tried to explain but it fell upon deaf ears. I was taken to the back room of the store and spoken to like a child. Then my bag was searched with paid items being broken before I was searched, patted down. Then one security guard left to price check the items stolen in total 3.95. My driving licence was photographed and so was I. Then I was told I was banned from all boots and would receive a fine for my actions. I though this was fair at the time. But then I received a letter from RLP it stated there had been an incident in store and I was being fined for losses even though in the next sentence RLP say the store suffered no loss. I was expecting a small penalty fine of maybe £30 but no £147.50! I looked around on the Internet for a bit and read through these forums, I decided to ignore the letter. Now however I have has a second letter from them threading to write to my parents or guardian. I'm 27 years old and both my parents have passed away! I'm just wondering what I should do about it, do I just ignore them again? Send them a short reply? Thanks for any advice
  9. Hello. I'm looking for some advice please. I can see that there are several posts regarding RLP but I didn't see any with minors and a search brings up hundreds of posts:!:. My 17 year old daughter and her friend were caught shoplifting in a large well known store. The friend ran off but my daughter went to court last month. She has since received a letter from RLP saying that "their client" wants a three figure amount as a contribution towards losses. The letter spans two pages plus another two with questions and answers. It states that the money requested covers a "substantial period" where the staff were disrupted by "vigilantly observing all actions and apprehending, detaining and interviewing everyone in relation to the incident" Which i thought was the security guards job... Also the contribution () is "to follow all recording, reporting and back office procedures in relation to and the other individuals actions and the goods involved" Not sure I understand that at all... And finally "time taken in advising police and crime partnerships in relation to the incident for the detection and prevention of crime. The incident also gives rise to administration costs and maintaining systems to deal with this incident." When I first read the letter I thought they couldn't do anything as it had already been to court and had been dealt with but I rang the solicitors that my daughter had used this morning to double check. They were concerned and asked me to go in as soon as I could. They arranged an appointment for this afternoon and told me to also look at the CAB website or phone them. I rang them and they told me that they couldn't advise me and I needed to go to a solicitor. The solicitor read through the letter and told me that we need to respond to it asap. She said we needed to explain that we had sought legal advice but that we needed more time as Christmas is approaching. She said she could then look into how to defend it. I queried the cost at this point and she didn't reply but said as it's a civil matter we couldn't get legal aid. She said if I wanted to cut the cost I could call RLP myself and she also said to tell them that my daughter has no income and would not be able to pay any amount and this would leave us, her parents, having to pay (which the way the letter reads, they wouldn't care about either way as long as they got the money.) She said as I left that she would contact me with further information but stated I should not ignore the letter or I will have bailiffs visit who she said aren't nice people. So, can anyone advise where we stand? From the posts I've read on here, I shouldn't respond but the solicitor is telling me I should respond quickly before the 21 day deadline. I forgot to add that the solicitor also said that if we don't pay any amount we were likely to incur fines and charges and also that my daughter would go to court again and receive a CCJ which would affect her credit rating.
  10. Hello, I'm interested to know how RLP have acquired my son's details? He has received a letter today stating he has to pay £149.50 and that they are acting on behalf of TK Maxx He has mental health issues and part of that is VERY impulsive behaviour, he told me he tried to steal some earphones (even though he had money to pay for them;) he was taken in to a room, no police involvement but banned from the store for 12 months. He wasn't told about any fines or further action. I have read other threads about RLP on here and have decided to ignore the letter and those that will follow. I'm just puzzled as to how they think it's "okay" to send people these letters and how on earth they have his details. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi, I'm a new user here. I don't underestand forums very well, but I am going to tell you what happened me yesterday. First of all, my English is not very well, because I came to England a few months ago. I am from Spain. I'm so humiliated and disgusted with myself but I was caught shoplifting £80 of goods from Primark. I am having bad money problems so I decided to do it. I honestly don't know what went through my mind. When I were about to exit the store, two guards were waiting for me and we went to a dark and close room on the ground floor, and we were there for about 1 hour & half. They asked me for my address, my identity card, and then they called the police. The police man take me a picture and write all my information (date of birth, parents names, my address on Spain...), then he told me the typical movie's phrase ''Everything You Say Can And Will Be Used Against You…'' and I said I'm sorry. Then, we went with his car to my house because he want to prove that I am currently living there. Also I'm absolutely petrified that this will stop me from getting jobs in the future. Do I have a criminal record and will employers be able to see what happened? I'm constantly worrying about this, I am 18. He told me that I would receive a RLP letter in the post, and I am so sad because I do not have a lot of money and I have read that maybe I would have to pay a lot. I have read on this forum a lot that I should ignore the RLP fine, however i would like to know how people on this forum know it. And what would happen if y do not pay the money. I really won't have time to collect so much money!. What is better, ignoring or answering? And do you know how many money should I pay? Every advice much appreciated. Please accept genuine apologies, I am not a bad person. Many thanks.
  12. To briefly explain the situation, at the time of the incident I was 16 and tried to shoplift items which combined to a total of £50. I was brought to the back of the store and was detained for around 30 minutes (most of this time was spent waiting for police officers to turn up and take action). I signed a year ban agreement, and my passport that I happened to have was scanned and I gave them my general details in order to avoid being accused of a lack of cooperation Police arrived and decided to not arrest me or escort me to my house. I was escorted of the premises and was let to go with a slap on the wrist and I thought this was the end of it These events occurred on the 26th of November 2015 5 months later (yes FIVE months later) I received a letter from RLP saying I need to pay "associated security and administration costs", totalling at £149.50. I have read through the many forums but haven't seen enough to know whether or not I should pay or try and tackle the situation. What I mainly see is "ignore" or write them a one line letter If possible could somebody please write something word for word that could be sent or a step by step plan of action. What legal action could be taken against me? Can RLP sue me or take me to court? Will ignoring them actually make the problem go away? Anything would help but I don't want to risk my fine increasing as I am unemployed and my parents are not willing to pay such a substantial amount of money. Thank you very much
  13. I was in tesco and was caught shoplifting. I took a pen worth £5 which I put in my pocket. I needed to write something but was talking to my wife and put it in my pocket without realising. After we did our shopping the alarm went off and the security guards pulled us to the side. I emptied my pockets and they saw the pen. They asked for photo Id but I didn't have any. Only thing I had was bank cards. They said if I didn't produce photo I'd they would call the police. I didn't have anything but they saw my tesco clubcard and took it away. Then they asked me to confirm my name and address and date of birth. They gave me a pre written letter notice of civil recovery compensation. The police were not called. Then the security guards let me take my shopping and allowed me to leave the store. What will happen next? Will the police be contacted? Will I get a criminal record? I've never ever done anything like this before. I'm sick with worry. Will my employers be notified?
  14. Hello all, I am extremely embarrassed to have to post this I was caught shoplifting from Tesco last month. I had just found out the company I work for was going into liquidation and therefore was having one of those days where you could cry at any misfortune that might happen to you. I went to use the self check-out in a large London Tesco. After scanning all the items through and put them into my own "Bag for life" it came to £47.00 and so I took out my debit card and went to pay, after putting in my pin it said my card had been declined and therefore I was waiting for the assistant to come over and put a pin into the screen. After waiting 5 minutes (One assistant to about 20 tills that all seemed to have a problem) I saw red and picked up my bag and walked out. I know this was the wrong thing to do and I have never regretted anything more. As I was walking out a security guard stopped me and asked me to come with him, I said of course and followed him. They took me to a room and checked though my bags, I was very calm and showed them everything I stole. They asked for my I.D and they wrote down all my information into a book, Then because there was someone kicking off in the store the guy came in and said "Collect all your things, we need this cell" and so i collected everything he gave my ID back. As i was leaving he said to me "You are banned from Tesco for a year and you will receive a letter in the post with a amount of compensation you have to pay", he then opened the door and I left. A week later I come home to find a letter from "RLP" saying that I need to pay the amount of "£147" to cover Tesco's cost's. 1. Firstly is this a normal amount? 2. Did the man at Tesco do everything he was meant to do? I have read alot of these Forums and alot say that people signed a form saying they were aware they were going to get given a form with a compensation amount on? 3. What happens if i don't pay? The Tesco in question is one off the biggest in Europe and I see people get caught all the time in there? Does this make any different. 4. Because the police were not called does this mean it will not get forwarded to the police if i don't pay? 5. Or do I just find the money somehow and pay it? I really don't have the money now I have lost my job and have to pay for my studies. Many Thanks in advance, A very silly man.
  15. I was sacked from m&s for theft (i admit it and i know it was stupid of me) I was told that i will have to pay that money back (which i said was fine) They said a letter would come though the post in 2/3 weeks (it was over a month and it was a letter saying that they will be sending a letter with an invoice of how much i owe which is fair enough) Im wondering if it will be RLP that is sent and will it have extra charges (E.G If i owe them £10 initially can they add extra charges on top of that? ) Thank you for your help
  16. Hi I am a new student here I was accused of some shoplifting from Boots in a shopping center yesterday by misunderstand. I come there to buy some makeup value £80 and forget to pay for a eye drop value £8. I am so tired and lost and I did not even aware of what was happening then until I was taken to a detention room. The security guy was rude and didn't believe whatever I said and asked my Id card,phone number and address. He had photocopy of my Id card and of me by his phone. He said my info was sent to their system and I was ban to go to Boots forever. I wrote a letter to complain this by e-mail and their web, but no reply so far. I have read some info there so I am not so worried about RLP. What I want to ask for help is: 1. He have my info of ID card and my photo, if I came to other shops, will they know that I was a "thief"? I am very afraid to go shopping now. 2. Will it matters if I look for a job in London? 3. What else influence will this incident have? I really don't want this misunderstanding effect my life and what others think of me, even if strangers. I can't sleep all the night. I like London. Once I thought my future will be bright until this incident happened. So is it demonstrate that I can't stay in London freely any more? Though full of sad, I hope you can tell me the truth and the worst possible in me. Thank you, thank you very much. Any advice will be appreciated.
  17. Like mentioned in title I was caught shoplifting at TK Maxx. Long story short. The police was called and I was taken to their small room for a search. TK got all their stuff back. The police gave me a warning and I had to sign the paper saying that I am willing to give my personal details to the store so they can send me the letter from RLP. Their job ended there. I was told by the store manager to wait for the letter from RLP and so it came a few days ago. They want me to pay 270 pounds. In general Im not from UK. I am an exchange student going back home by the end of jan. In the paper (notice given by tk maxx) only my current uk address has been written down. They also have my full name and date of birth. My question is : What may happen if I just ignore the letter. Can Tk max obtain more details regarding my persona from the police in order to take me to court? Is it possible this can chase me back to my country (personally I dont think they will want to)? If you need any extra info, just ask. Could really use some advice. Cheers
  18. Thank you to anybody who decides to help. My family are having money problems and despite never doing it before, I for some reason decided to slip some cosmetics into my pockets. I had made my way out of the store when a security guard had stopped me and brought me into a security room at the back of Boots. the police man was there and gone and nobody had really explained anything to me. I asked the security guard what to expect and she said that I would be banned from Boots, they would take my photo for the Retail Crime Operation, in which i would be banned from all the shops also under it for 12 months. They also gave me a notice of Intended Civil Recovery from RLP and said to expect a letter regarding what I need to pay. I signed something accepting the 12 month ban and was sent on my way. I am really seeking advice/info on what to expect, whether this can affect me in any other way, the likelihood of how long RLP will badger me or if they will take me to court. Please help!
  19. Had last year a letter from RLP every month which USED to scare me but now I know they can't touch me lol! Then all of a sudden they stopped and NOW a year later they are back!!!!! Ruined my wkend but now realised when i looked on here again that they are doing this to other people 2, 3 YEARS on! They also phoned me 10 times last week!!!! How is this company allowed to keep doing this? This is NOW harassment! Surely something can be done cos i will NEVER pay them anything! I have never done any stealing since and have so soooo learned my lesson! Can i take this sumbags to court?! Cos I will if it's possible!
  20. I have been taken to the police station after being arrested in Tkmaxx 3 weeks ago by the offence “fraud by false representation”. I have been realised after receiving a simple caution, saying that ‘…committed fraud in that you dishonestly made a false representation, namely swapping price labels, intending to make a gain, namely returning goods for cash, for yourself...’ On the day of the incident, after I returned my purchase and left the till, two security guards approached and asked me to go with them. I didn’t even asked why as I was one of their regular customer for a several years, knowing almost each staff and been offered few times an extra discount from the managers or the supervisors for my loyalty. I have been taken to the security room. Firstly they accused me by shoplifting and when I refused this offence, they started to talk about my previous refunds on which they accused me with false representation. I didn’t deny. I said that the returning items are all bought from Tkmaxx but as they were past the 28 day refund policy (unworn/unused items from the past season), I swapped the barcodes with the new items that I bought this season. I do not say that I am innocent as I admit that I foolishly swapped the barcodes, but I didn’t steal anything or returned any items that doesn’t belonged to Tkmaxx. After this long conversation they said they don’t believe me, that I lie and I do the refunds to make a gain. Although I repeat saying they must have the CCTV record and they are able to check it, they interrupt me by saying that they never sold such items. They also add that they need to call the police as this is a case for them. I may say that I was happy to see the police as I thought it would be an opportunity to explain myself. The surprise came out to end my hope at the moment when the police officers asked me to turn back in order to handcuff me and held in custody. I just wanted to die at the moment. 42 years old, never been arrested, didn’t even get any single traffic fine, now taken to the police station for a crime. I was extremely embarrassed, ashamed, stressed, astonished and mostly, worried about my children. At the police station, I was now hardly hearing and trying to understand what was going on when the police officer asked me if I wish to contact my embassy (as am not British) and my solicitor. I was so frightened and felt under pressure as I wasn’t sure where this story was going on and if I might ever see my children again. After I saw the duty solicitor and being interrogated by the police officers, I was free to go with a simple caution and have been warned do not go again to Tkmaxx I paid visit to my job to talk to my manager three days after being arrested and to explain openly the incident. I said I could resign and leave the company willingly if they want to. She said "no need, we know you" She was upset for me and encourage me to get legal advice to clear my name. A week later I received a letter from RLP in which they are asking me to pay £417.47 (£219.97 for the losses and £197.50 for the contribution) I visited the duty solicitor to to get legal advice, he told me to pay this amount. I was googling and trying to get more info about this issue and payed an other visit to the CAB. At CAB they told me to pay this amount in order do not be taking to the court. I called RLP to ask the breakdown and why I will be charged for such amount as Tkmaxx still kept the 3 items they I returned? (the items I returned are not even taken by the police for evidence) I told them that I will contact them later as I will get legal advice. Long story short, can you please tell me * if I really have to pay this amount? *what will happen if I do not pay? can the Debt collector bring me a bailiff? *Can Tkmaxx take me to the court for this unpaid sum? *Can I be found guilty and jailed as I already get a simple caution? thanks for reading and help...
  21. I have been reading the threads here. I was caught swapping price tag in a big store, I have never done this before, there is no reason or excuse, I have been going throught depression and anxiety for the last year,, I was feeling very low decided to go to town to pass some time,, while in the store I felt I was being watched, then I saw a man behind the counter watching me, while I knew he was watching me, I changed the labels, went to the till and paid £20 less,, the item was no interest to me, I give over £100 every month to charity so £20 was nothing,, but I made this mistake now I'm loosing my sleep, my confidence, I have revieved 3 letter from RLP which I have ignored, but I'm getting panic attacks,, I know I'm due another letter, I have been reading your threads,,, that have been helping me,,, I'm worried just in case my employer finds out I will get sacked,, I'm scared in case im on tv in the criminal programmes,, im petrified,,, I work with vunrable pple I'm scared my next crb will show this,,, as police were called and I got a fine £90 from the police and photo was taken by the police,,, I don't want to go out .. I'm embarrassed ,,,, ashamed to be seen with friends and family ..... In case I get spotted by the store assistance ,,, my life feels ruined,,,, RLP stress me when they write to me I'm crying all the time I don't want my friends or family knowing
  22. Hi there, seen a lot of people able to help out others in sticky situations as this one, so here goes! My daughter, now 20 received a letter (maybe 2nd/3rd letter? she can't remember) from the RLP stating she must pay the £150 owed 'where it is alleged you were involved in a wrongful act and were apprehended as a result of your actions' at a TK MAXX store in 2012. When this first came to my attention and I looked over forums like this, I was told that letters from the RLP are all threat and no action, and was advised to ignore them as they tend to disappear within 9-18 months. She said she was taken into the security room, and held for 5-10mins, police weren't called and the goods that she took her were returned. Should we be worried that it's now three years on, and they're still writing to her? Will my address be marked/blacklisted because of this as she still lives at home, as her home address is my home address. Thanks in advance!
  23. I was in Leeds when I decided I would do some shoplifting. I had taken testers from a variety of different shops and hadn't been caught and then tried to take a pair of shoes from New Look when I was caught by a security guard in casual clothes. I was taken to the back of the room where I had to explain myself and told them that I had no previous convictions. The police were called to verify this and it was true. I was made to sign a Youth Community Resolution and told to pay a fine when a letter from RLP comes. The shoes were worth £29.99 and I do regret trying to steal everything because I had enough money with me. Do I pay the fine? I don't want this situation to escalate any further so any advice would be helpful. My friend had to sign the Youth Community Resolution form because I am only 17.
  24. In the post below is a set of FAQ's sent by RLP to one alleged shoplifter and in my opinion it is full of misleading information. I have tried to respond in a factual way but if I am wrong, I would hope to be picked up on it. The post below could not have been made without the excellent assistance of Stu007. While it is my strong belief the above is factual, I am not legally trained however to go further, here are two opinion from Richard B Mawrey QC on behalf of RLP http://www.lossprevention.co.uk/pdf/RLP~opinion.pdf http://www.lossprevention.co.uk/pdf/Richard%20Mawrey%20QC%20Advice%202.pdf and also the claim from Citizens Advice https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/Global/Migrated_Documents/corporate/uncivil-recovery.pdf and the rebuttal from RLP http://www.lossprevention.co.uk/pdf/CAB%20Referral.pdf In the following links are threads related to the judgement mentioned above. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?356933-Oxford-Retail-Loss-Prevention-A-Retailer&p=3898857&viewfull=1#post3898857 This is the short judgement. If you feel like trawling through 150 pages, here is the full judgement on this thread. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?369114-Trial-transcript-A-Retailer-v-Ms-B-and-Ms-K-Oxford-County-Court-9-May-2012&p=4017030&viewfull=1#post4017030
  25. Hi everyone My daughter who is 18 had a moment of stupidity in January and decided it would be ok to shoplift a mascara from Boots. She was accosted by the security guy on leaving the store, taken back inside, her details were taken was given the option of them either calling the police or agreeing to be contacted by RLP - she was terrified out of her wits as she suffers from acute anxiety problems, and agreed to the RLP route. The guard copied her student ID details and took her phone number and our address. They asked her to empty her bag which she did immediately and returned the mascara which was worth about £10. Since then she received three letters from RLP that I have already seen as standard on this group (and I am most grateful for all the advice I have already seen on here about similar incidents) I have told her not to reply. They first demanded £155.49 as a "contribution" towards Boots' losses - which as far as I can see do not exist. They also managed to spell her name completely wrongly although since they had her student ID photocopied I don't understand how! She has now received a 4th letter attached offering her a settlement of £108.84 - again, I have told her not to respond. Is this one of the letters you have already seen for something like this? Thanks very much for all your help.
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