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  1. Hi All, my friend and I were shopping at Asda, she had trolley with her stuff and I had my own stuff, I was in the queue but then realized she is in some kind of trouble with security officers, After 40 mins or so she came out and explained me what happened - for some reasons she took trolley out of asda gate without paying and one security officer came out and asked her if she had paid, she honestly said she has not and came back in, they took her to security room and started interrogating her, they obviously did not believe that it was just her mistake and she agreed that she made a very stupid mistake but she is not a criminal. Moreover she just received British Citizenship and is about to apply for British passport. Security officer did not call any police as she agreed that she made a mistake, and she signed a letter which states that she is now banned from coming to asda for next 6 months or so, officer also mentioned that she will be receiving fine of £150 which she has no issues in paying She is working as a manager in a very reputed company and now extremely worried for following reasons, has been reading about all of this since it happened yesterday with her, Any kind of help will be much appreciated. 1. Is this incident going to affect her current employment, she is working there from last 4+ years and has very good reputation 2. Is this incident going to affect her future jobs etc especially if she works for a financial institution 3. Is this going to affect her passport application, she has already received British citizenship 4. Is this information going to be shared with police? can police be involved now? 5. Officer told her that she will receive civil recovery fine from another company, I read some posts related to that where it says that her information will be stored in National database of dishonest people, is that true, if yes how does this affect her career? Pls help with information, does she needs to visit a lawyer? Regds Shikha
  2. Hi a couple of weeks ago i was caugt shoplifting from T.K Maxx it was only a small item worth £8 which the got back, it was my first offence for which i was arrested, put in the cells, a police interview and the rest of it. Along with that i was given a £80 fixed penelty notice, im also not aloud in the majority of the shops in my local town centre for a year(i think its called shopwatch) and barred from T.K Maxx fro life. Today i recieved a letter asking for a contribution of £87.50 to recoup there considerable losses and to act as a deterrent to future incidents. Is there anyway this "deterrent" can by chalanged(what will happen if i ignore the letters and not pay?) as the humiliation of being arrested in a busy town centre has servered as a better deterrent than a contribution can, also ive payed for what i did already in the way of the fixed penelty notice and the inconvienience of not being able to shop in my local town. Sorry about such a long post. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm ashamed to say, I shoplifted, or attempted to shoplift from Boots today. It was an expensive electric razor, costing something like £250. I wanted to sell it to pay my rent. I got caught half way down the street, and I admitted to stealing almost instantly. They took me to a back office, and took my name and address, searched my bag and got me to sign a few documents. This is the first time something like this has happened to me. I didn't really read on what I was signing, but they said they weren't going to contact the police, but I have been banned from all Boots stores for a year, and will be contacted by the RLP by post. The security guard was very friendly and down to earth, getting my permission before searching my bag and wallet. I have a few questions that I looked for the answers for in other threads, but could not find. 1. Are the RLP envelopes marked obviously? I would prefer it if my housemates did not find out about this. I am very embarrassed. 2. I am currently unemployed and looking for work. I cannot even afford my rent at the moment. I have read that it is possible to persuade the RLP to end their requests for money, if your financial position is already in bad shape. Does anyone have any ideas on this? 3. The security guard said that because it was a high value item, the charge would be quite high, something like 200/250 pounds. However, as they have retrieved the item, and it is still sealed and available to resell, should it be this high? I guess I should wait for the dreaded letter. I really don't want to tell anyone about this, but how do I avoid going into Boots with my girlfriend/friends/family?
  4. Okay, I shoplifted. And believe me, I regret it. The police were involved and I signed his notes, not sure if this has anything to do with anything (does RLP have any involvement with the police?) but just in case, because I haven't seen any other threads which are the same as my situation. The police officer also told me that I'd receive a 'small fine of around £70 from the RLP', which I thought was odd because I thought the police normally have to go through a massive procedure to fine someone, and the RLP have no legal rights to 'fine'.... (is this correct?) So anyway, I got a letter 3 weeks ago demanding the 'full sum of £174.39'.... I'm a student, obviously I cannot afford this and I think it is extremely unreasonable seeing as they didn't really have a loss at all. I got another letter today saying basically I haven't written back or paid, and it also says (which doesn't make sense at all and kind of makes me think they just copy and paste all their letters): 'Our clients offer of as contribution of £174.39 to settle this matter is still on offer. In absence of any response, our client is entitled to pursue the full amount of the claim rather than the contribution you have been offered.' This makes me a bit confused as the £174.39 was the original full amount.... odd. The letter goes on to say stuff like 'You are required....to respond to us to advise whether you wish to settle the claim, whether you wish to defend the claim, or whether you seek more time to respond. As failure to do so may result in cost sanctions........' etc. So basically, should I write back or just ignore it? If I write back, should I mention the fact that I am a law student and my mother is a legal executive and has a thorough insight to the law?
  5. Hi, My friend recently took items totaling around £9 from a TK Maxx store and was caught. She is now banned from all TK Maxx locations and is to get an RLP letter with a fine. The police weren't called and they got their items back. She's never done anything like this before, and I don't know what she was thinking. But I've been doing research for her, how much should she expect to be fined? What happens if she doesn't pay? She's repentant and ready to pay all losses and make the wrong right, I believe. Could the fine be lowered because of it being a first time offense? Or because the amount stolen was small? I've just heard the fines can be extreme, and am concerned because she doesn't have much money. Also, she was never asked to sign anything, only given a statement of ban and a sheet of paper from the rlp. Any advice from anyone with personal experience with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I am a student currently studying law and want to be a solicitor one day. I have been so stressed out this year with the huge work load and exams and feel stressed and disorientated all the time. I have trouble sleeping because of the stress and have been taking sleeping pills to help. About a month ago I went to Superdrug to buy a lipstick for a friend's birthday. I felt woozy (possibly from the sleeping pills possibly from just stress) and I started walking out of the shop carrying the item without having paid by mistake. The security guard on the door asked me what I was doing and I instantly apologised. He asked me to accompany him to a staff room which I did. I was terrified. I apologised profusely and explained it was an accident. He said he was going to "give me the benefit of the doubt" and accept that it was an accident. He said that that together with the fact that I had been "polite and respectful to him" meant that he was not going to call the police. This was an enormous relief to me because I was afraid being accused of theft would mean I would be unable to qualify as a solicitor one day. He asked me to write down my name, address and date of birth, which I did on the back on an envelope he gave me. He did not mention any banning orders or anything and did not ask me to sign anything. Then I left. About a week later I received a letter from RLP (a company I had never heard of) asking for £137. I looked this company up online and read a lot of news reports about how their actions are controversial and they are just out to make profit etc. However, I understand how civil procedure works and understand that Superdrug did suffer a loss (in staff resources, etc) because of my actions, even if they weren't deliberate. I have read many forums saying they take no action if you don't pay, but would still hate to suffer court proceedings. I went onto RLP's website straight away and paid the full amount. I know people say you don't have to but I thought £137 was a small price to pay to avoid being implemented in court proceedings which I was afraid would damage my career prospects. However, I have since read further stuff on the internet about this company and their "database of dishonest individuals". People say that when you pay you are admitting guilt and then they put you on this database. I'm now terrified that by paying so willingly I have made a huge mistake and in effect admitted myself as a thief. Is this something that my future prospective employers could find out about? Could the Solicitors Regulation Authority refuse to accept me because of this? I have thought about this everyday since it happened. I don't want to tell any of my family because they are all so supportive of my studying to become a solicitor and have gone to so much expense over it. I'm terrified I will disappoint them if I tell them I have possibly wasted all their money by making such a stupid mistake. My logic tells me that RLP just uses this database as a way to make money and no employer, nor the SRA is ever likely to find out about it. And even if they do, they surely won't persecute me for a simple mistake which I apologised and made amends for. Especially as no police were involved. I just can't shake this feeling that I have doomed my career though. I feel sick every time I think about this. I have been to my GP and explained my feeling to her together with my stress over exams and she has put me on a course of anti-depressants as a result. I can't sleep properly at night and am worried my exam performance is going to suffer. Can someone please help me and give me some advice as to what the possible ramifications of this are likely to be? I'm desperate to put this whole incident behind me and move on with my life with a view for a positive future.
  7. Hi there. I have become interested in the debate surrounding the RLP company since seeing an item on it on the BBC a few weeks back. Since then I have read a lot on this forum and others, as well as the CAB advice on uncivil recovery. My main question is, I see in many of the threads on this site that those who have been contacted by the RLP are advised to not pay and simply ignore the letters and I just wonder how sound this advice is? Surely such a large company wouldn't just give up on a case and just forget about the money owed? I can not see how a company can just cut its losses and ignore the fees which they do not receive by so many of those who have not paid. Especially regarding cases where there is a true case of shoplifting, to which the police attended and the suspect admitted to the crime. To those who have had contact with the RLP and decided to ignore and not pay, have they stopped sending you letters? And how can you be sure that they won't get in contact with you a year or two down the line, making it a lot worse for you? Especially since some who have posted to this site have commented how eventually outside debt collecting companies get involved after some months of non-payment. Sorry for so many questions. I do not agree with the vast amounts of money that the demand, but I am just curious as to the success of the advice given on such sites as this. I hope you can make some things clearer for me here. Thanks very much for your time reading this. Jo.
  8. Hi - would very much appreciate some advice. I was doing my normal weekly shop in my local supermarket this morning and as per usual visited the magazine aisle were I picked up 3 magazines that I commonly buy. The magazines not covered in plastic I stuck under my handbag at the front of the trolley (as I do every week) as experience has shown that these can easily get torn at the bottom of the trolley. I did the rest of my shopping, paid for the goods and on leaving the store was apprehended by a junior manager in the store saying that she had reason to believe that I was leaving the store with goods that I had not paid for. I initially denied this (not being aware of the fact) and then as she escourted me to the managers offices I realised that my magazes totally £8 were lying under my bag. I explained the situation and was then read the Notice of Intended Civil Recovery and provided my name, address, phone number and national insurance number. Meanwhile the manager went and produced a receipt for the two items in question and explained that they would be bringing civil recovery proceedings against me. I initially calmly explainined the mistake, but as the proceedings were read out against me, I became quite upset and 4 hours on am still feeling sick to my stomach. The questions I have that I need answers for are as follows: 1) No police were involved and I have not admited to any wrong doing - am I likely to be charged? 2) Should I contact the store and argue my case further to try and get the civil proceedings revoked? 3) If I pay the civil recovery amount (when it comes through) - does this get reflected on my criminal record or indeed on any search an employer may conduct. 4) Is paying the civil recovery amount seen as an admission of guilt - I am maintaining my innocence in this matter. 5) Will a civil recovery be picked up on a visa appliation for the US/Canada - I am moving there in 6 months time. I am sorry for the questions but I am genuinely feeling very sick and confused. Any help or answers to my questions if you have experienced something similar would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I have never had this kind of problem and let alone I was stupidly thinking!!!!! I am an international student and yes,me and my friend went to Boots to get cosemetics and we both took perfumes 4 each and they cost around £200 :-( . They called the police,I also got a RLP letter and they banned me from Boots. I will have to go to the Thames Valley police station tomorrow (They took my passport,the officer said ''I'm taking this to make sure you come'') I am very worried about how much this will cost me. My boyfriend has promised to pay this off for me but isnt it going to be too much?? Also.. .I will have to re-new my Visa in July and I am worried about the Criminal charges and stuff.. ..How much does this usually cost??? and will I be able to get my Visa???
  10. I know you get this all the time but I would really appreciate some advice on this and this seems to be the best place for it. Last Thursday I was shopping in Boots, I was in an unfamiliar town due to work and had a few hours to kill before a presentation, because of this I was generally browsing in the make up section of Boots. I realise now in hindsight the fact that I had time to kill and was idly browsing probably looked in itself suspicious. I looked at some of there swimwear items first then moved to the make up section. I had selected a mascara and was looking up and around for where the till section was. As I was doing this I had a panic attack, I used to experience panic attacks frequently as a teenager but haven't had one for years, in light of this I quickly walked away from the busy area I was in to a quieter area of the store, I had the mascara and my card holder in my hand. As I stood still and tried to calm myself down with breathing techniques I was approached by two security guards naively I assumed they were going to as me if I was OK. As it happens their were two entrances to this boots one that led out into a shopping mall type area and I had inadvertently exited through this. As soon as they asked me to follow them it dawned on me what was going on and exactly how it all looked, I passed them the mascara apologised and offered to pay for it, we are only talking £5.99 here. They told me not to worry but that I still had to follow them as there was a procedure. In the 'little room' they informed me I had been caught shoplifting, whilst I accept I had effectively left the shop with the item this was not an intentional criminal act, I started to explain but got the predictable 'we have heard it all before response' they informed me a police officer was on his way. They also asked me what else I had stolen, when I offered them the chance to search my bag they declined. When I then offered again to pay for the item they told me, I would be sent an invoice for it. A PCSO arrived and said he would not be arresting or fining me as this was a first offence, instead he had me sign a community restoration order. By this point I was quite upset, I was asked to give my name and address and write a letter of apology to the security guard/store manager, which I complied with. Once this was done I was allowed to leave the store, obviously incredibly shaken by the experience even though I do accept it was really my own stupidity, and that I had left myself vulnerable to the situation. The bit everyone is expecting: I have now had the RLP letter claiming for £152.00, I think I have been punished enough for what can only be described as an accidental act of theft, I was expecting to pay for the mascara but this seems rather a rather random and extreme amount to charge. What is my best course of action here? I don't really want to pay that kind of money, I barely have that kind of money but also after having been quite shaken by the experience I do just want it to all go away. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hey, please don't judge me but i was recently caughts shoplifting in tk maxx for 2 pairs of headphones each worth £9.99 but were removed from packaging and i doubt could be resold. I know this was very dumb of me and i know i will never do it again , the guilt is too much. It was really a dumb thing to do i understand but i need some help. Me and my friend were caught , with me handling the goods and the security guard dressing in casual clothes , brought us to the back of the store in a room and asked if we knew what we had done, feeling so guilty i told them that i shoplifted and he asked for the goods and did a quick search of our bags. He said he wouldnt call the police as we were very cooperative and he took down our names , addresses and mobile numbers. and made us sign a banning notice from the store. He told me that as i had the goods i was in deeper trouble and that i would soon get a unmarked letter from RLP requiring me to pay a fine.No police were called and this was done in under 15 minutes but he had seen us in the shop for about 30 minutes before on cctv. The guy was very friendly surprisingly , but if my parents find out, they won't be. The problem is that, When will the letter from RLP come as this happened yesterday? What does the letter look like, is it really unmarked or does it say" shoplifting fine" or something. How much will the fine be approximately? and if i pay this fine , will it show up on a CRB or Enhanced CRB ? If i pay by card, how much will that cost me? I just don't want my parents finding out, and am extremely worried, i have no idea why i did what i did and am extremely ashamed. I've been very nervous and just need some help , I don't mind paying the fine as i know that i am guilty, if you could help me with this , it would be very appreciated thanks..
  12. Around a week ago i swapped a label at tkmaxx in crawley and was caught on cctv apprently. im 21 years old and should know better i know!! i was confronted outside the store by their security guys and i was totally honest i knew i had been caught i even offered to pay the rest and forget about it and say i was sorry, its not like im a repeat or known offender. but no they called the police and had me arrested? no need for it at all considering i admitted what i had done and offered to pay the rest!! i went to the station and recieved a police caution for fraud...... sounds very damatic. Its a week since and yesterday i recieved a letter from rlp demanding £110 within 21 days for damages?? i dont condone what i have done but £110 is an unjust demand!! will they take me to court or turn up with debt collectors if i dont pay? any advice would be helpfull! cheers
  13. Sorry if this thread post is too long! I believe it is worth it though as people have said that it is of use to them to fully understand the case! Also, I do not condone what has been stated below. Hi, I am new to this forum but looking forward to being a more active member as I believe there is a lot of wrong in society nowadays! This thread post relates to myself and I am asking for no-one to judge me for my actions. In the end, everyone makes mistakes in life. Also, this is my very first offence and something that I consider minor too. So, the story is below: Just over a week ago, me and my family decided to pop into TK Maxx to have a look around. We all split our usual ways to just browse around. Now, me and my brothers were just playing around (out of boredom) some games that we usually play in a place like TK Maxx (such as finding the highest priced item in a type of item) as we do as kids/teenagers. Me and one of my brothers came across an item. It was a chain that came attached to a wallet. I didn't notice this but my brother did at first. He decided to take the chain from the wallet. (I'm solely not putting the blame on him.) I promptly did the same. (I am not blaming my younger brother here and accept what I did was wrong!) We then just walked around the store with the chains in our pockets. My brothers then decided to get some elastic bands and leave the store to play another game with them. Now, shortly afterwards, an in-store detective came out and told us to go back in, to the back room. We acted accordingly and they did their job of asking us to present the items we had in possession, got our parent in to the room, get us to admit. (All of this was done properly after researching what these people are allowed to do etc. thanks to this forum.) They did not search us and did not use threatening/aggressive behaviour and so wasn't acting unlawfully. In fact, they were quite authoritative but understood our case. (As closest as I can explain it.) No police were involved as the people gave us the option to admit or get the police involved. (This was considerate of them!) In the end, both of us got a ban, signed a ban notice and we got informed that Civil Recovery would be used. (For other people investigating, as far as I'm concerned, I didn't see any Civil Recovery posters around the store but there was one in the back room that we were shown.) I didn't pay attention to reading it though. Now today, as you may now guess, I have now received an expected letter from the famous company RLP(!) As far as I'm concerned, the letter uses the standardised template that others have received as victims. The letter contains the usual text with the costs split up into the usual four categories totalling a "fixed" pricing charge of £137.50 that I believe that many others have received. However, I have the option to pay £110.00 within the first 21 days before the usual further action takes place. As with my deep research, I understand that juveniles cannot be taken to court unless they have a litigation friend appointed. I am also aware that RLP still has a pending Consumer Credit License requested etc. My parents have decided for me to try to negotiate with RLP (which I know isn't going to work with other people's stories) or to take them to court. Also, my brother who also got caught hasn't received one yet (hope he doesn't) as he is only 13. If he does, he will be the youngest to get a RLP letter in the country. (The CAB report states age 14 was the youngest since the report in late 2009.) Other notes are that I'm currently a student at college and not in any form of employment. I am of previous good character with no criminal convictions etc. I had no intention of entering the store to just steal something! I'm also aware of the Data Protection Act but can anyone please advise me further on this, I'd be happy. Plus, I'm currently studying Law as one of my A-Levels and so have a rough view of things. (I now understand that I could have jeopardised the chance of a Law career if I decided to continue Law! I might do though now, thanks to RLP and their greediness!) I have also learnt many things including that taking an item off of a product that is meant to be part of it is considered shoplifting, especially when the security guards/staff can only prove this after waiting for people to leave the store. Now, deciding to take this up on my own (for now), I want your advice! I deeply resent what I have done and will never do it again! I have also decided to be as detailed as possible to make things clear to you guys. The first thing I'm considering is to go to my local Citizens Advice Bureau as soon as possible. What do you guys think? (I also have the banning notice and RLP letter at hand, just in case you guy want to have a look at it upon request.) I hope that my case will guide others in the future, put RLP to shame with their ridiculous, out-of-proportion damages costs and thanks in advance to all. I don't believe that even juveniles like myself who have committed something like this should be pressurised into paying a huge amount of money for something that was so small in terms of costs. I will be fully co-operative.
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