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  1. Hi My 14 year old son was stopped in TKMaxx and accused of shoplifting. He hadn't left the store but was stopped near the tills. Taken to the back and made to confess and sign a banning order. I was called and advised by security that they would give him the benefit of the doubt and let him go. No Police etc called. Received letter attached which i am currently writing a response too. I am going to deny all liability etc and ask that they forgo the usual barrage of letter and go straight to court. I am not paying a penny and would love to take this further etc. Is the letter attached the standard letter for a 14 year old , i have read other post which refer to a paragraph about showing the letter to a parent etc. My son got this letter before we did and i found it in his room. Although he is 14 he is only 9 to 10 developmentally and has one or two issues. Although he doesn't understand the letter he does understand parts and it has affected him greatly. He struggles with suicidal thought and depression, this is just the sort of thing that could push him over the edge. Its just a shame that this was one of only a handful of occasions where he has been let out with friends and not with us. All replies greatly received.[ATTACH=CONFIG]40494[/ATTACH] Mark
  2. Hello! Sorry for bringing this up again but after reading most of the threads concerning RLP and your pdf file about CAB there is a certain situation which might not be covered, mine. I'm a international student (from an EU country) in Scotland as my sister's birthday is approaching I decided that I want to go and buy her something. I went to Primark as I know that I can get something good enough at a very decent price. . I saw a nice dress and jacket, both worth around 65 quid (quite a lot for Primark). That's when it strikes me this horrible idea, five finger discount. On my way out I've been stopped, went very quiet in the back room, gave my details, w aited for about an hour until police arrived (police was not involved in most previously cases that I read about), they got my details, address and mobile phone number as well. I did apologize for what I've done and they asked me a couple of questions while they were making fun of me being a student and threatening me that I will go to jail if I don't give him my exact details (had no id on me at that time) They gave me a piece of paper about RLP, while I was waiting for the police to arrive, one of them was writing like a report and the other one went to the till and scanned the items (which were with tags on them), came back with the receipt which remained on their desk. My situation is as fallows: - I'm a student, how is this going to affect me in the future? (the policeman said this will be the end of my studies) - They said that I've been recorded by the CCTV (actually, the male dressed normally that hired to walk about spotted me, that's what I got from their RLP guard and the policemen) - I'm leaving at the address provided only temporarily (for another two weeks) - My parents don't help me so much with the money as they cannot afford (100 quid is a wage for a hole month in my country), usually what I get during the summer from my job is what I have during the year 1) When I'll receive their letter should I reply to them saying that I want no trouble and pay them in 10 quid instalments (less food for me)? Do you predict that they would accept? 2) What is this Enhanced CRB and how's going to affect my future? 3) Should I go to the nearest police station/CAB and discuss this with them? 4) Ignore them and risk to get retained at the airport when I'll go back for Christmas? I'm already disturbed about this hole incident, I feel depressed as I'm here alone and I want to get over it but I don't know were to go and what to do. I feel like I paid my debt for all those horrible feelings, but this does not matter for them, they just want the money. Can't think about anything else. . and I have couple of deadlines for a project and 3 class tests ahead. A little advice is what I need. Thank you very much, for doing this honest job trying to help people like me.
  3. Where do I start? on 7/7/2012 I was stopped on the way out of Tesco because I was observed shoplifting. (The items had a value of literally around £4 and I hadn't damaged them or anything - they were still in perfect condition and could be placed back on the shelf for resale I was told) I was taken into the back room and asked to produce the items, which I did, and asked all my details and ****, which again I did. This was recorded I was told. because the items were of such small value and in normal condition still, they did not phone the police (or even inform them, as far as I'm aware), I was just given a 6 month ban from Tesco and made to sign a sheet of paper saying if I do enter within those 6 months I could be charged with trespassing. I was let on my way out of the back door after about 20 or so minutes. Now, fast forward a week and I get a random letter through the door from RLP Civil Recovery Specialists asking for £87.50 to be paid within 21 days or face the claim possibly being issued to the Scottish Sheriff (I'm in England so **** knows what that means) and that if the proceedings are issued I will be charged for court costs, legal fees and interest. It then goes on to say "In the absence of a valid defense, a County Court Judgement may be ordered (again, **** knows what this means). After that though, it says "this is not a criminal penalty" It then says a few things about credit ratings and ****. my question is, what will happen if I don't pay this? Is it best to completely ignore it or get in touch with them and tell them I'm not paying? What's the WORST that could happen if I don't pay? I can't really afford it at the moment to be honest even if I did wanna pay (I recently lost my job so I'm currently on JSA unfortunately). I have been in trouble with the police before, a few years ago when I was a stupid teenager I got done for assault and burglary (maybe a couple of other minor things too) Any help on this would be greatly appreciated guys. Oh, also, the Tesco manager told me about this RLP scheme thing but told me it wouldn't happen due to the small amount of goods taken and the fact it was like 3am so the store wasn't busy.
  4. Hello there! I got cought for shoplifting at M&S, they called the police,arrested me and I finally got a caution notice ( my first one) from the police, didn't asked me for any fee though. I admitted to the police that I tried to steal from M&S. The total cost of the items I tried to get was around 80pounds. The thing is that some days later I received a letter from drydensfairfax solicitors that I have to pay to their client(M&S) the total amount of 85 pounds.because they suffered from a loss!!! I'm thinking not to pay anything to them, but on the other hand I am not aware of any legal issues. Have read many threads in here also. So, people, do you think that I should just ignore them? Can I have any consequences? Cheers!
  5. Cananyone advise if CRS Civil Recovery solutions UKCRS, PO Box 9877, Nottingham, NG1 9GB Are they part of, or formally the company trading as “Retail Loss Prevention”. ? I am pre-empting the possible letter from them seeking civil loss claim from them which I anticipate arriving shortly. Are CRS in a position to recover any form of debt / compensation after being served a “Notice of Civil Recovery” by a store security guard? A fixed penalty notice for £80 was issued by a police officer relating to the DA12 offence (theft) I have paid the Fixed penalty notice. as I want a prompt closure to this matter. The offence was NOT pre planned - was a gnuine oversight / lapse of concentration, lots of things on my mind ,after having had several (seven) operations / procedures to my eye in the last 12 months, this following a serious assault in public house, more treatment planned in the near future, and still under care and medication for stress / depression and anxiety, my GP is willing to substantiate in a letter. I purchased several items to the value of £48 plus, and forgot one item I had placed in my coat pocket value £16.98 as I was struggling to hold all the items in my hands. Genuine error (50 plus years old -no criminal record – yes I walked out of the store with a unpaid item in my pocket – when challenged by security realised my error and offered to pay – they detained me for over a hour (whilst the police arrived) in a small room used to house cctv monitioring equipment, cold , confined area, door covered by security person all the time Should I respond as in early forum answers , that there is no debt and quote the example of “Oxford Court Case” Retailer v Ms K and Ms B ? Or should I proffer a small arbitrary sum ? Your suggestions / advise / experiance would be appreciated please
  6. Hi All, New member looking for advice please. My wife was stopped outside TK Maxx last month and accused of changing the price label on an item which she subsequently paid for. She was told that she could accept the stores sanctions and thus avoid the Police being called. They said they had CCTV evidence but didn't show it to her. The goods were taken from her and she was refunded the sum she had paid, so TK Maxx suffered no loss whatsoever. She recieved the usually banning letter and a seperate RLP letter neither of which makes reference to the other. A month later she recieves the RLP letter claiming an arbitrary figure of £137.50 in compensation, but which is not backed up or broken down at all. I have read this forum, read the 2009 CAB report and consulted the CAB and former colleagues in the Police all of whom say don't pay. I have drafted a reply to RLP based on the advice received from the CAB but have not yet posted it. Before I do so, can anyone offer any further advice please?
  7. I Situation At the end of last month I finally have received my first letter by RLP. I was caught shoplifting in Tesco in September. a. No police was involved. b. The total amount in goods was around £15, and I am pretty sure that it could be reselled. c. Everything was done in 20 minutes. There were two security guards asking me questions, and I was asked to give them my name, address, telephone number, and passport number. d. I did sign on two sheets--a banning notice and a notice of intended civil recovery respectively. e. The 'fine' was £137.5. f. I am now over 18. II What have I learn from CAG: a. I am now still innocent, and it is extremely unlikely that I will be sued. b. RLP does not have any legal rights to 'fine' me, although its threat will be harsher and harsher. c. The best choices are either ignoring them completely, or sending them a short note a single line reply "I deny any liability to you or your client". d. I promise I will NEVER do such stupid things again. This is a very good lesson. III What do I still have in doubt? a. With regard to their 'database', is it very unlikely that it will really affect my future employment and credit? b. Does it make any difference whether I send them that short note reply? c. In usual cases, how long does it take to eventually stop from hearing from RLP? Will they call except from threatening letters? d. I will be applying for a student Visa in a year or two, will it be influenced by this stupid mistake? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I sincerely look forward to your replies. THANK YOU!
  8. stupidly I stole some blister plasters and heel protecters from boots, they were taken out of the packaging, a security guard in normal clothes took me into a back room took my details down form my driving license, the police weren't called, and i signed a 12 month ban from the store. I was also given an information letter about RLP about making a fine/payment to them for my wrong act. I gave the security guard my uni address as i dont want my parents to know, i just want to know do i have a criminal record even though the police weren't called or i was not read my right? and how long does it take for the RLP letter to come though? i just want to pay it and forget about all of this
  9. Hello everyone. A month ago, me and my friend stole from primark. I am extremely ashamed of this and was pushed into doing it, although I take full responsibility for my actions. I took a pair of shorts and my friend took about 5 items. As soon as we put a foot out of the door, we were ushered back in by a security guard and taken to a back room. The security guard was rude, bullied us and was basically mocking us. We had all our cards photocopied (my friend had his NI number photocopied amongst other things and I had my university card copied) to which i'm not sure is even allowed. After we had given back the Primark items we had stole, we were told to empty all our bags, and to show receipts for other things we had genuinely purchased during the day. The security guy then told us unless we were able to show a receipt for those items that he would keep them. I had lost the receipt for some cream I had purchased and was told that he was going to keep the cream because I probably stole that too. In the end he gave it back, but I did not find that funny. The police were never called. Anyway, before we were allowed to leave we had to give our address's and was told that we would be fined. Although the security guard rang up both mine and my friends parents, my friend was able to give a fake address to which his mum gave aswell on the phone. Because of this, I have been the only one who has recieved the fine letter. The letter is from RLP stating that they want a fixed amount of £174.39!!! I was dumbfounded when I saw this as I only took some shorts worth about £12. I'm guessing the fee is so high because of what my friend took. Anyway, being scared, I rang RLP up right away telling them I would pay when I get my student loan, but realistically I cannot afford to pay such amount! I then rang them again a few days ago and told them I can only pay half of the amount and that they should contact my friend for the other amount. The woman then said that even if I pay half I will still receive letters demanding the full amount because of dual liability, she said it doesn't matter who pays but someone has to. I was quite angry by this and so just put the phone down. When I told my friend about the fine he didn't seem interested and seems unwilling to pay (although he put me in this predicament!), so I've been running around like a headless chicken thinking of something to do. I've read loads of threads saying not to call RLP, but i've called them twice and said that i'd pay the full amount first of all and then rang again stating i'll pay half, so i'm worried they can use this against me in a court, as now I don't want to pay as i've read RLP are bullies and you do not have to pay them. Can someone please please help me, thank you.
  10. In April this year me and my partner while coming back from Liverpool stopped off at TKMAX. I suggested we pick up a frying pan so I could cook breakfast in the morning. It was a quick in and out job as we needed to get back home quick. We looked at the pans in the reduced section which all where £3 to £4 on them i picked up a suitable one i liked in that section but it had no sticker on it (price). i said to my partner get one of them tags and put it on this because being in a hurry i didn't want to take it to the desk where then she would have to send some one back up find a price those making a 5 minute job into a 20 minute one. i took it to the cashier who is actually is a client of mine. payed the £4 and walked out. as leaving a hand grabbed me shoulder. turns out to be security wanting to ask questions about this bloody pan. they asked for our details and said we were watched on camera doing something worse than shoplifting (fraud) No police where called and no arrest where made. He said it was a joint fine and we would receive a letter in the post for a fine he said would be only £40. I told him my story and said I would pay the difference for that bloody pan as I needed one. But they had refund me and take it of me. Later that week I received the letter asking for £170 ( same letter was sent to my partners home address too. i did my research and have ignored the letters. they keep writing to me demanding this money which i think is robbery on their behalf. But now I received a phone call from someone in that department demanding I pay this sum of money. I didn't admit anything on the phone just told them who I was and why was I being celled. He was very aragont and rude persistant to know if I was the person he wanted to speak with. He then stated you where caught shoplifting in tkmax on the 7 April to which I kept saying no because it wasn't it was apparently fraud I committed. To end the call I said am not paying anything. So what will their next tactic be? It put me in such a bad mood all day for something so petty. I had no intention of thieving from the store nor have ever been convicted of shoplifting because I never do it. any advice would be greatful x
  11. Actually i'm very ashamed and regret to do shoplifting under 10pounds yesterday. the security staff let me left name, birthday, address, celephone number and gave me a letter: notice of intended civil recovery, RLP. tell me waiting the letter from RLP around Friday. i don't know whether i have the right to refuse paying to RLP. i will leave uk in the end of this month and never come back. but the address i left which my friends still live in, i'm afraid if i don't pay, RLP continue to send letters to my address, my friend will doubt and wondering to see letters or ask to me. i don't want my friends to know what i have done. if i pay, RLP will not bother my friends, but i'm worry about the high cost. So how should i do?
  12. I decided to make a new thread as I think this particular letter deserves urgent and strong attention. This is my third thread on this matter the second being here ( it contains a link to the first) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?357193-MY-RLP-case-has-returned-after-8-months.-Help-please. RLP have sent me a letter that contains copied and pasted posts I have wrote herew with them answering and responding to them. They begin by writing. 'We refer to our letter dated 4th July 2012 which we understand you have published on the consumer action forum. As you will recall, we have urged you from the outset to seke legal advice in this matter. You should seek proper legal advice from an appropriate source, and from an advisor who is qualified to advise in the civil laws and the torts of trespass and conversion. If you had contacted us directly with regard to many factors we may have bene able to clarify the position or assist you in so long as it was not creating a conflict of interests. In light of your postings on the CAG forum we now take the opportunity to answer some of the comments and information you have posted there. It would of course be rather more contructive if you were to correspond with us directly, rather than via an internet forum. On 8th July 2012 you posted. What should I do now? Do I still ignore them? I am concerned after hearing about several cases RLP have won. Should I reply to them, or even go into the tescos and speak with them? The silly thing is if Tesco had simply asked me there and then pay the value of the goods even if they were lost ( which was about £30.00) then I would have. I am not however willing to pay extortionate costs to criminal companies. The practice direction for pre action conduct and the civil proceedure rules 1998 requires parties to exchange information in order to promote settlement of a claim to prevent court proceedings from being necessary. We therefore urge you to contact us and engage in pre action correspondance to attempt to resolve this matter before court proceedings are necessary. Where there is no responce to our correspondence statistically it is indicative of a lack of remorse and refusal to accept responsibility for wrongful actions. The main aim of our client in exercising its rights of civil redress in matters such as this, is to deter defendants from future incidents. Where there has been no responce it is often appropriate to issue proceedings. Commercial viability is not the first priority of our client in taking this decision. The deterrent to the crime is the primary aim. By ignoring our correspondance you are therefore at an increased risk of proceedings being issued. There is no question of our clients claim being 'extortionate'. It is actually a claim for only a contribution to the losses you caused at our clients store. We are of course not a criminal company. We are a legitimate company working with a large number of major and minor retailers, other businesses, carious crime partnerships and the police, with the aim of reducting business crime, of which retail crime is the biggest problem. On the 10th of July 2012 you posted. I just wondered, and by all means shoot me down and tell me I must NOT reply again to them if thats still the case. Is it worth me sending a second letter ( my first being about 3 months after the incident denying any liability.) stating something along the lines of. I refert to the recent oxfordshire case, where this was effectively what the judge ruled. If any further action is taken I will be filing a defence equal to that of said case. Therefore I am offering to pay £1.95 to your client for the Cheese and as a conclusion to this matter' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is it worth me posting them a letter saying something similar to this? ( would like caggers to re word it for me if they think it is a good idea) Or should I still reply with absolutely nothing? Just feeling they need to know I would be defending it to the hilt. It is not sufficient to merely advise us that you dispute liability. You are required to provide us with sufficient details and information to investigate your dispute, and to advise our client accordingly. You are therefore required to submit a written defence, giving a full account of your version of events regarding the above incident. We refer you to the practise direction for pre action conduct and the civil proceedure rules 1998 with regard to what is required of you if you wish to defend this matter. You are also required to advise us, as it is proportionate to do so at this stage, of the evidence on which your seek to rely in support of your defence. The case to which you refer was not a 'test case'. It was a small track case in the county court and has no precedence value or binding auithority. The decision in that case was based upon the facts and evidence and representation in that case. Being a small track claim, it was heard on limited evidence and documentation as the small track allocation dictates. It is the only claim of this nature which has ever failed for a number of reasons which were specific to that case. Other cases continue to proceed accordingly and judgements are awarded in both the small track and fast track county court proceedings. Indeed the case to which you refer was highlighted in Northampton County Court only 2 days later, and the judge in that case reached the usual decision awarding damages and costs to the claimant. Our client continues to rely upon the same authorities which have been advised to you, which remains good law. Our client would not have been willing to accept your offer of £1.95, but would have bene willing to negotiaite a reasonable settlment with you. On 11th July you posted. So you reccommend I send them a letter simply stating ' I do not believe that this invoice has any valid case in law, these claims and arguements have been previously relied upon and examined and dismissed in Oxford' Should I word it exactly like that ( I am inexperienced in wording letters to state this kind of case you see so kind of need help in writing the thing word for word almost. Our correspondence relates to a claim for damages and NOT AN INVOICE. We refer you to our comments above. With regard to the valid case law, you would have been advised that our client is relying upon the following cases which are of precedant value and therefore binding. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There is then a list of random risk insurance companies followed by a list of authorities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We note that you had a previous thread and refer to your posting dated April 2011 ( my first post). They pasted that original post onto a sheet to I wont post it again here to save room. In relation to your comment that the police advised that no further action would be taken. This was in relation to the criminal proceedings arising out of this incident. The FPN was a conclusion to the criminal matter. The civil matter is entirely seperate from the criminal proceedings and remains outstanding. There is no criminal sanction for failure to settle the civil claim. Ultimately if not resolved, our client would have the right to issue proceedings in the county court. If successful this would result in a county court judgement, which if remains unsatisfied after 30 days, will be registered and may affect your credit rating. The issue of proceedings must be a measure of last resort. We note your reference to Watchdog. The Watchdog program broadcasted inaccurate and incorrent statements of fact and law, based upon misinformation provided by to the BBC by a representative of the CAB. The criticisms you refer to are totally unfounded and irresponsible to broadcast. The BBC has already removed some of its material from the internet upon our request. There is a current civil dispute with CAB in this regard, and it is also subject to a criminal investigation. You state that you are a new dad, suffering from depression, and in financial hardship. Had you advised of this and not made false allegations that we are bullies, our claims are unlawful and referring to our clients claims as extortionate, our client would have been willing to indeifnitely suspend this matter upon recipt of an apology. The position now. In your initial posting you accepted responsbility for your actions, but expressed concern about the value of the claim. You now appear to have been convinced not to accept any responsibility, and to deny any liability for your actions, in an attempt to evade payment. You have further made false allegations, without any merit whatsoever against us. You clearly demonstrate that you have no remorse whatsoever which leads us to believe you are likely to commit further wrongful actions against our clients. As a result of your involvement and taking wrongful advice from an internet forum, which has its own agenda in its campaign of harassment against us, you have unnecessarily protracted this matter, which could and indeed should have been resolved many months ago. Our client is an ethical company, and understands that individuals to take advice from the internet in these current times. It is therfore willingf to give you a final chance to seek some proper legal advice and respond accordingly regarding your following options. - Pay the full amount outstanding - Advise of any circumstances you would like our client to take into account. - Make any realistic proposals for settlement. If we do not hear from you with regard to what option you wish to persue we will take further instructions from our client with regard to how they wish to proceed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I bolded the bit above because I was shocked to read that. 'our client would have been willing to indeifnitely suspend this matter upon recipt of an apology.' I never received this option in any letter from RLP, so how would I have a clue to do that? I simply seeked legal advice and found my way here. Of course I would have taken that option if I had been offered it, as I was remorseful and have not undetaken any such action since and never would do again. I Will send them a letter doing just that and hope that will conclude the matters. I hope they mean it when they say that and aren't just saying it. I showed remorse and apologised to Tescos at the time as well. There was/is no need to carry this out and bleed me dry. There is no need to make my financial situation difficult because I would never do that kind of thing again, so no deterant is needed. The FPN and risk of future conviction is deterrant enough anyway!
  13. CAG, Back in January, I shoplifted. I'm not proud of that, but I attempted to shoplift goods to the value of almost £50. I was caught, given an RLP notice, taken to the police station and fingerprinted. When I recieved my RLP letters demanding £150 I ignored them, until they started to extremely intimidate and worry me, at which point I called up to make a repayment installment agreement. This is where I had a problem with them. they sent me my 'contract', which I did NOT sign and return. The following month I made a £40 payment as arranged, however when I pulled out my contract to see when it would end, I noticed a discrepancy between the figures. It shows that I need to pay "4 months at £40 and one month at £19." £179. Beneath that, it says that the included debit card transfers amount to £7.50. Okay, that's £179, minus £7.50. Let's make that £160 for simplicity's sake. Below this, it say the total amount that I'll end up paying is a little over £150. Which, as you can plainly see, is incorrect as I'm paying £160. At this point, I've stopped paying them, heard nothing for a few months until a letter turned up on my doorstep. This has shaken me, and I'm too frightened to open it, as I broke their contract, which, as is explained on the website, is legally binding as I'm over the age of 18. Is the contract still legally binding even though I didn't sign and return it to RLP? Please help. I want to bury my head in the sand over this matter, but I'm too frightened of the repercussions. Thank you
  14. Hi everyone, Thank you for all the posts and advice on other threads - I have read through them diligently over the last 5 hours, but I am still terrified and feeling downright ridiculous and am more concerned with the 'integrity screening' repercussions from future potential employers. I was in TKMaxx earlier and removed a face bronzer from it's packet and repeated that action with a nail varnish before putting them both in my bag. I was stopped outside the shop by security and escorted to the back office where I admitted to the theft, returned the items which amounted to about £12, offered to pay for them which was declined and was asked for ID. I presented my passport and student ID card and was warned to expect an RLP letter to my home address. I signed the form banning me from entry into all TKMaxx and Homesense stores. I am a 23 year old female student, recently on antidepressants (no excuse, but feel like I am totally losing touch with myself and my principles) and this is the first time this has ever happened. In my panic I volunteered my student ID card as I had no proof of address and they noted down my university name and registration number. After studying for so many years and having student debt up to my eyeballs I am now horrified at the thought that Cireco and associated integrity screening databases could render all my hardwork (and debt) useless because of this frikking awful incident. For all of you who have been very helpful on other posts and are in the know (scarlettpimpernel, 2grumpy, dx, honeybee and the rest), I would so appreaciate having your advice on the following: 1) I understand that Asda, Superdrug, Tesco, Iceland and Boots have access to Cireco's "dishonest database" however can anyone tell me which other non-retail clients RLP have? On their website they mention communications and finance companies as part of their client group. 2) I am in the process of my graduate applications which will include those to law firms (painfully ironic) for grad schemes, government and civil service fast track schemes and grad schemes within the EU, UN and domestic politics. Apparently my name will be on the "dishonesty database" for 6 years so I am almost convinced at the moment that my idiotic actions will have cost me employment in the future due to screening in recruitment processes. I appreciate that this is a dramatic assumption, however I know I will be subject to high-screening for the roles as trainee lawyer, MP staff etc. Does anyone with law/civil service/RLP background know how much of my career I have actually sacrificed? 3) Considering that my priority is my career and therefore not wanting to draw attention to my name on the database, I think I will pay the fine. I understand 99.999% of you will think this completely unnecessary, but I do not want to be remembered or risk anything more that could damage my future any further. Therefore, my question is once I have paid the fine/contribution/office xmas drinks, will RLP come running back for more money? To be completely honest, even though I don't really have the money I can borrow it from my partner and my guilt/shame will be slightly eased by paying for it and not having to worry about my parents opening countless letters from RLP while I am at uni. (I gave them my home address in my panic - so so stupid.) 4) After volunteering my university info and registration number, could RLP notify my university or use that information against me in any way in the future regarding screenings, asking for more money etc? 5) I have a part-time job in a boutique clothes shop and I very much enjoy the work and am a loyal, honest employee. Could TKMaxx/ RLP notify my work place of this incident? Lastly, (and thank you very much for reading this far), I understand this is not a criminal affair but anything that stands against my name could be very damaging, so anyone in a similar situation or with any knowledge about the scope or effect of integrity screening processes for future employment as a lawyer or civil servant, please please please come to my rescue. I am too ashamed to tell my parents - it's not how I was raised. Many Thanks Jerry
  15. Hi there I wonder if anyone can please help - and apologies ifyou have had questions like this before! I am at work so can't search the forum as well as I'd like to. I had a shoplifting incident with Boots, in October 2011. I received and ignored various letters from RLP, acting on behalf of Boots. It appears my debt has now been passed to JB Debt Collection, who have texted me asking me to contact them urgently (this is the first time I've heard from them). Should I interact with them? Ignore them? Pay up? I've happily ignored the RLP letters as I understand they cannot enforce payment, but this is my first time dealing with a debt collection agency. Any tips would be welcome, thank you ~ Vicky
  16. This is my previous thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?303042-Accused-of-Theft-price-swap. I thought this was done and dusted but RLP think otherwise. This is the most recent letter they sent me. (the first bit is the same as always is) We refer to the above matter, and that it remains outstanding. You have not engaged in any pre-action correspondence, or made any attempt to address this matter despite us writing to you on multiple occasions. Ignoring this matter will not make it go away. You are aware from our previous correspondence that our client exercises its civil rights of redress, mainly as a deterrent to future incidents. Whilst you do not deny your actions, you have failed to demonstrate any remorse for your wrongful action. Neither have you offered any reasonable explanation for your conduct, which whilst there is no legal obligation to do so, our client has been willing to take into account. Our client is an ethical company and has a clear understanding of the wide number of reasons incidents such as this occur. It has been some time since we have written to you as we have been reviewing your case with our client to determine the most appropriate cause of action. Given that you have not responded we have only been able to take into account the information that was reported at the time of the incident. As you have not contacted us to advise us of anything to the contrary we can only assume the information we have is a full and accurate account of the incident. Furthermore. in the absence of any representation, we are unable to advise our client of any mitigating circumstances. We are instructed that you were observed by security personnel removing reduced price labels from reduced goods and placing them onto full priced goods. You were further observed selecting Cheese to the vlue of £1.95 and concealing it into your bag ( was actually under my bag for life, not inside.) You then approached the payment point and presented the originally full priced stock for payment at the fraudulently reduced price, and making no attempt at all to pay for the cheese. The police were then called and you accepted a Fixed Penalty Notice in conclusion of the criminal proceeding only arising out of this incident. Before offering you a fixed penalty, the Police Officer was obliged to comply with certain conditions. The Police Officer had to have seen evidence of the theft sufficient to report the matter to the crown prosecution service for criminal prosecution. Further, the nature and meaning of the fixed penalty was notified to you. You had the choice to accept this and to pay the fine, or to refuse the Fixed Penalty, and take your chances having your case heard by the Magistrates( or crown court). Your acceptance of the Fixed Penalty Notice may be relied upon as evidence in the civil claim, and is sufficient to establish liability for conversion and trespass. We also advise you that a Fixed Penalty Notice is paid to the crown and does not compensate our client in any way for losses incurred. As such the civil claim for compensation remains outstanding. We note at the time of the incident in addition to admitting your wrongful actions on this occasion you advised our client that you had commited similar wrongful acts in store on a regular basis ( rubbish why on earth would I have said that unless they had known 100%?) In light of this admission our client requires you to take responsiblity for your actions. We have however been instructed to allow you a final opportunity to contact us before our client decides how to proceed with this claim. Our client is an ethical company and has considered that at the time of the incident you were upset and remorseful. We are instructed that you informed security personnel that you were a new parent and struggling financially. In addition to this you were issued with an £80.00 Fixed Penalty Notice which may have further added to your financial hardship. If you have any fanancial issued (sic) or mitigating circumstances you would like our client to take into account in decided(sic) how to proceed with this claim, whilst there is no obligation on our client to do so, they will take these into account if you advise us and provide evidence in support. If you do not have any circumstances that you feel are relevant, we urge you to comply with the civil proceedure rules 1998 and Practise Direction for Pre-action Conduct, to enter into pre-action correspondance in an attempt to settle this matter without the need for court action. Your options now are to : Advise of any circumstances you wish our client to take into account. Pay the amount by one of the methods detailed overleaf. Set up a settlement agreement to enable you to pay by installments, please see overleaf. Our client does not regard Alternative Dispute Resolution ( ADR) as a suitable option given the value of the claim. Our client is however willing to negotiate a settlement if you contact our collections department. Please see overleaf. If you reject all of these alternatives our client will be entitled to issue a claim in the county court. If proceedings are issued, your liability will increase due to the addition court fees, legal costs, and interest which is accruing at the rate of 8% per annum. If you wish to defend the claim, you will be required to file a formal defence, disclose any documents which are relevant, and file witness statements setting out your evidence of events. A judge would then consider the evidence at a trial and hear representations from both parties. Both parties are required to consider all other options before resorting to formal court proceedings. Please confirm which of these options you wish to persue within 21 days from the date of this letter. You should take independant legal advice about your position if in doubt. You may be entitled to free legal advice from a law firm which holds a Public Funding Franchise, like the old legal aid scheme, or a law centre or other advice agency. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What should I do now? Do I still ignore them? I am concerned after hearing about several cases RLP have won. Should I reply to them, or even go into the tescos and speak with them? The silly thing is if Tesco had simply asked me there and then pay the value of the goods even if they were lost ( which was about £30.00) then I would have. I am not however willing to pay extortionate costs to criminal companies.
  17. This just popped up on the BBC Twitter feed. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18595023 CAG is mentioned in the story.
  18. Hi Guys I was walking around in Primark with a friend, and this was a genuine silly mistake, but i had put a pair of jeans on my bag - IN FULL VIEW, i wasnt attempting to shoplift but had placed it there as me and my friend were considering to buy it later on. Anyway, i had forgotten that it was on my bag and i had walked out the shop. Before i knew it, security had taken us upstairs and searched our bags and called in the police - who had given us a warning and banned us from primark. On the 16th of June i had received a letter from the RLP demanding £174.94, and i'm pretty scared. I'm only 17, but my parents are willing to pay the fine - although after reading the posts on here i am trying to convince them not to pay. My friend has also received the same letter asking for the same amount. Can you get back to me as soon as possible, i need your help!!
  19. I need assistance with an RLP issue however reading some of the posts it seems that RLP staff seem to read this site and sometimes match up cases. I am therefore reluctant to give many details. I went to CAB to-day but the lady I saw I think just made it worse. She said she knew nothing about the company and immediately phoned them. I did say not to phone them, especially as she had no idea who RLP was and what they did. She got me to go through their 'security' check etc then she started speaking to them, but i had to take the conversation over because I feared she would say the wrong thing at any minute. She then advised me to phone the store directly which I did but luckily I couldn't speak to the right department as on reflection I am not sure it is the right approach. Is there anyway I can in box a PM to any of the site team to get some initialadvice. I do not mind sharing the issue afterwards once I decide what to do.
  20. If RLP do not take people to court then what happens to all the letters they send out. Do they just stop sending them?
  21. Hello all, I have a letter addressed to me from RLP - it suggests i have caused financial loss to Wilkinsons stores? from some searching im assuming this is shoplifting - the letter asks i pay £135 or they will take me to court? What i find odd is that i have never been accused of a crime by Wilkinsons nor been questioned by their staff? how shoudl i approach this as i don't want lots of hassle, but equaly am concerned at who they are and how they have my contact details? any help would be great
  22. We knew it was only a matter of time before the Matrix was made redundant...a sad victim of a lost case. We understand that RLP have now discovered something with equally as much mystery as their speculative invoices. It looks like whilst in Oxford,JL took some time out to visit the university bookshops and came up with an idea for inclusion in letter number 5.
  23. I'm a poor student and I was caught stealing bed linen and a t shirt from Primark. The security guards caught me as I was walking out the shop and said they had CCTV footage of me doing it. I admit that and I know I was stupid to shoplift. Anyway, they took my name, home address and mobile telephone number down and let me go after what felt like a long time. They said they would pass me onto the RLP (retail loss prevention) and I would receive a fine via post. My questions are these: What does the letter look like that I will receive in the post. I ask this because I do not want my parents to find out I have a letter from the RLP. Does the envelope have the address on the outside? or the logo? or any indication it's from the RLP? Is there a time limit as to when I have to pay the fine? I don't live at the address it will be posted to so it may take longer for me to receive the letter. Can I phone them and stop them sending letters to that address and deal with them over the phone? Or change the address that they send the letters to? most importantly is the first question and I'm hoping someone who has received a letter from them can answer for sure. thanks in advance.
  24. Hello all, My daughter was set up by a "friend" who used my daughter's bag to try and take goods from a Primark. My daughter was apprehend outside the store and then taken upstairs - the "friend" had disappeared by that stage. The police were never involved and the store did not pursue the matter any further other than barring her from entering another Primark. The girl who set her up is apparently know for doing this and, whilst my daughter is no saint, she wouldn't shoplift. She was totally up front with us and told us what had happened as she had nothing to hide. I did some reading around and told my daughter to expect a letter from RLP which she did today. It is cloaked in the sort of legalise that DCAs (of whom I have experience of kicking in to touch thanks to CAG!) and really worried her. The letter is headed "Without Prejudice Save as to Costs" We act on behalf of Primark. We are instructed that on 21st November 2011 at our client's premises you committed a wrongful act causing loss to our client. They then go on to say that the staff were diverted from their normal activities etc. etc. for which they are entitled to compensation for. They claim that the costs are considerable but they are willing to accept a fixed amount of £87.50 I can post the whole of the text if needs be. I have a couple of problems with this. As the Police were not involved and the store did not pursue the matter, can they accuse her of committing a wrongful act? Can they really claim this money from her given that there is no evidence whatsoever that any offence was committed? As she is only 16 years old, what is her standing in law? I would like to handle this one for her (she has now realised that they are nothing to really worry about since I showed her some of the highly witty letters that Moorcroft and Roxburgh have sent to me in the past!) Can she write to them and grant me permission to act on her behalf? Any advice on this would be gratefully received. I am also considering pursuing Primark over potential breaches of rules regarding safeguarding. Whilst she was accompanied in the lift upstairs by a female member of staff, she was left alone with two male security guards and was then interviewed by them and felt highly intimidated by them. She was then escorted off the premises by a male security guard with no female member of staff being present when she was taken down in the lift. This has bothered us more than the letter from RLP. Thanks
  25. Hi everyone I have been reading the various threads and I know the general consensus is to ignore all RLP letters and it's very unlikely they will start court proceedings. I received my first letter from RLP, a week or so back. I replied, asking for a breakdown in their costs. I received a reply today with details of the costs (staff/management time £52.50, admin £15.75, security £19.25). RLP also included details of the incident in their letter and they have given me 21 days to respond. My options are to pay in full, pay by installments or contact RLP to negotiate a settlement. I also received an ADR from the police (a verbal ticking off) and RLP mention of this in the letter. I know the advice is to ignore all letters and eventually they will go away, but I have never been involved in anything like this before, and since receiving this second letter, really want to pay the full amount or write to them regarding a settlement. If I pay/settle, will this be the end of the matter, does anyone know? I really don't want to be on the receiving end of letters and more threats of legal action, and certainly don't want to be involved in any court action! Your advice would be very much appreciated, thank you. Vicky
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