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Found 163 results

  1. Hi, guys I know there is a lot about RLP on here and people say not to worry and ignore there letters, but I was hoping for a bit of advice on my own letter I received. I went to tk maxx to return a item what was the wrong size, but they said the return expiry date had expired by 2 days as it said on the back of receipt. So after being quite cross and I know it was stupid of me now, I decided to go and take the size I wanted. But Security saw me and stopped me on the way out the door. I did not damage any goods, they just took them back off me, took my details and gave me a 12month banning order. Then I received this letter from RLP.( below ) THE LETTER.... We are instructed to notify you that you are not to return to our clients premises for the next 1 year. If you do you will be a trespasser and maybe liable for arrest and further criminal action. It is alleged that you were involved in a wrongful act and your actions caused significant disruption to the clients business at those premises. Our Clients lossed include the value of the goods, if not recovered or fit for resale , the cost of security and store personnels time who were diverted from there duties for which they are engaged and paid, plus administration security costs. The law provides the recovery of these losses and makes no distinction between profit generating personal and profit protecting security personal who are equal value to the business. Collectively a substantial amount of time was incurred as a result of your actions such as observing, apprehending, interviewing you, and undertaking all necessary internal and external procedures thereafter. Before instigating a civil claim, which is entirely separate from any police action or criminal proceedings, we invite you to advise us if there are any facts or circumstances surrounding the incident that led to your involvement in the incident that you would like us to take in to account. If you believe you may have a defence, or if there any other circumstances which led to your involvement in the incident, you need to inform us within 14days and provide any evidence in support of your representations. Any information you provide will be evaluated in order to make decision as to whether it is appropriate to seek the cost of your actions ( the disruption ) from you. You will appreciate we can only take into consideration information if it is provided . If we do not receive any information or evidence from you, the information our client has provided will be relied upon, and a claim will proceed. The actual cost of dealing with your actions is considerable . The average cost to our client of an incident of this nature is between £300 and £500, before taking into account the value of losses for any goods not recovered or not fit for resale. Although our client is legally entitled to claim its full costs and losses, our client proposes to seek only a contribution towards the costs of dealing with the incident, which it considers is sufficient to deter you from involvement in further such incidents. Provided our client does not seek to recover in excess of its losses, such losses are recoverable in law. A total sum of £50 ( including any goods if they were not fit for resale ) therefore required to settle this claim. The procedure for this claim is set out in the practice direction for pre-action conduct and civil procedure rules 1998. You are required to respond within 14days. If we receive no response, our client would be entitled to issue proceedings for the fuul value of the claim. We summarise your options . if there are factors that you wish to be taken into account you must advise within 14days . if there are any considering factors, settle the claim by paying the amount stated £50 ( see enclosed sheet) .if you wish to settle the claim,but cannot do within 14days, contact us to discuss payment options. . Negotiate an alternative settlement by conducting our collections department. . Advise that you require more time to take advice and consider your position. We will put this matter on hold to allow you the full 14days to respond. Yours Sincerely RLP
  2. Hi ladies and gents. Back in Feb my partner and I were caught stealing in tesco. This is the first and only time and I am fully aware of how low and wrong it is but we were both out of work and to us at the time needing to eat was a reasonable enough excuse to steal. Security stopped us at the bottom of the escalators asking us to come with them. After calling the police out (who were extremely nice) we got to go home and I felt like crap for weeks. we have both received separate letters each for a few months from RLP asking for £253.75 EACH for time and effort etc and we are now getting near to the time they will be getting DCA involved by the looks of things. My questions are, the letters keep talking about them telling tesco to ask for the full amount as we have been ignoring them (in absolutely no position to pay). Does this mean what they are asking for isn't the full amount? If they set the DCAs on us are we likely to go to court or anything like that? Where do I stand? :/ I am totally stressing out over this so any help and advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I have already done some research on the RLP and their practices after I agreed to help a Spanish friend who for some reason or other decided to take a few items from Boots, after he had already made a purchase, the value cannot have exceeded £20 at most, and the items were recovered, intact, in saleable condition. He paid a fixed penalty notice and thought nothing more of it, until he received what must have been the RLP's second letter (the first never reached him) which stated that he had not responded to their first letter and that their client was seeking £147.50. This was the first I had ever heard of the RLP, and my friend being from another country did not understand his rights in this situation, and got into quite a panic over whether this could affect his job with an airline. He sent a couple of emails and, on my advice, requested details of what these "costs" constituted i.e. what loss was suffered by Boots. He has now received another letter (attached below) in which they attempt to justify the "claim" as both "compensation" and "a contribution towards the time administraion and security costs incurred as a result of dealing with your wrongful actions." He has now asked me to draft a written response, and I am just wondering how many legal arguments to include (of the Oxford case, CAB statement etc) or whether to simply dismiss their baseless claims altogether. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. [ATTACH=CONFIG]51816[/ATTACH]
  4. Hello all i too have been stopped at a shop for shoplifting (it is very stupid of me and i do regret it) and i have undergone the as before mentioned procedures. i was told i'll be receiving a letter by RLP to pay a fine and i'm currently waiting on this letter. i have read on this forum a lot that i should ignore the RLP fine, however i would like to know how people on this forum know about the lack of significance of RLP. It has been reassuring, but I would like further reassurance. I am very worried about my CRB record as i have had no criminal history before, and i would like further information about why RLP should be ignored, and why the shop that i have shoplifted from won't call the police after i have been taken to the back and warned etc. Many thanks
  5. Some questions: RLP do make reference to the infamous database of apprehended shoplifters (or attempted shoplifters) which they claim to pass on to employers. This is presumably a scare tactic to frighten those into paying the speculative invoice and thus removing their name from this database. Whilst I know due to the DPA the individual must grant authority for a third party to gain access I wanted to query whether this does in fact happen. I know that in certain professions when applying for a job or even to register with recruitment consultants they will ask/mention they will check your details against certain databases for any criminal/cival convictions, ongoing disputes, bankruptcy and a myriad of other situations. Often the prospective employee will have little choice but to grant access (otherwise arouse greater suspicion) or in some cases its implied in terms and conditions and condition is granted by way of exception. So - how possible is it that the RLP database could be accessed and would in fact harm the individuals prospects. My belief is that RLP are an immoral organisation and I am truly glad these forums exist to arm those caught up in their web with as much defence as possible. However it does need to be clear to the individuals any risks involved - great or small and for now or in their futures - to the "ignore or one-line-denial" approach. Second question - is an apprehended individual obliged to give their name and/or show ID to store security. What would happen if they refused - police called I'm sure - but would that increase risk of criminal proceedings from the store themselves (I doubt). But would the police be required to pass on ID to the store - or has the individual the right to ask the police not to tell the store - unless they formally request to press charges. Thank you all.
  6. Hello, I'm pretty upset with what should I do so I thought you guys might be able to help me out... Last month I was caught in Tesco with electronic items in my backpack worth of £110, my details were taken and the police was called, afterwards I was not arrested, because I proved the location where I live at. I received a letter saying that I need to go to Crown Court next month to plea guilty or not. I think the best thing to do is to plead guilty, because I surely believe this was my greatest mistake I've done so far, and they probably have plenty of CCTV footage. I am a EU student here in the UK and I have no other offences so far in my life. I believe I will get away with a caution and worry about if I might get harder punishment than that. .. On the letter that I've received from the police it says that if I plea guilty as soon as possible I might get a reduced fine for up to 1/3 of it and I think I should write a letter to the judge explaining the situation. If someone has an idea how I should format or structure such a letter it would be of great help... However, the main thing that about this topic is that today I've received a letter from Retail Loss Prevention Ltd, which says I need to pay a total sum of £308.44 for settling this claim against me. I'm really worried about the amount of money that they request from me, since I am a not working student here and I live with up to £250-£300 per month. I don't want to let my parents know about my ridiculous mistake and I was told by a friend that such agencies do not have the right to request any money legally. I don't have money for solicitor for an individual advice and tried giving money to some online solicitor services but without any luck... It would be of a great help advising me about my situation and I thank you in advance.
  7. Hi, I wrongfully so stole from primark. The items came up to £9.50. I was with a 13 and 14 year old who didn't get a fined, however I did due to being 16. I had most of the goods, they were damaged (labels off), and we offered to pay them the £9.50. The police was called, no formal warning was given ~ I understand I was in the wrong, however I don't think it warrants almost £90! If I ignore the letters more will come and it will stress out my mum - is there a letter I can send not to deny responsibility because I am responsible ! But to deny owing then money? Thanks!
  8. about a month ago I shop lifted from primark and got caught and I tried to say I accidently forgot about the bag on the pushchair but my sister robbed aswell right under a camera and we got caught and taken to the back room and they didn't call the police because we had proof of address and said we may get a fine but only as little as £20 and the letter come through asking for £178.30 I think or close to that and I ignored that one and they sent another to my parent and people are saying ignore them and some saying contact them sayin ur not paying, I don't know what to do, can someone who's had the same problem help please
  9. Hello, i am totally new to CAG and need advise. I am currently Nader police investigation for alleged piece swap where tkmaxx has CCTV passed to the police showing I bought items and returned other items under same receipts. I recently had a baby and as soon as I could get out of the house I went on a MAD shopping spree period over a couple of months where I was buying on credit card loads of items then return majority of them. On some occasion I would take the price tag off and then return the items within the allowed time having changed my mind. If some price tags were changed it was done completely innocently with no intention of wrongdoing or causing the shop a loss. One day I was at home alone with mu baby and the police came to search the house, they asked for Ll items I had purchased at tkmaxx recently and they seized them together with credit card statements and purchase receipts found. Same day I was interviewed on tape by police where I was finally told what the allegations were, I denied any wrongdoing and told them that any wrong price tag swap was due to the large amount of items bought and not remembering which one went where. They had a list of about 10/12 items for which tags may have been swapped at a loss for tkmaxx of approx £260, some of which tkmaxx are saying they were either not purchased from them or they are not fit for resale. About a month or so later I was called at the police station again for another interview when they showed me the CCTV and told me they could not understand how someone could make such mistake so many times! I continue saying I did to do any intentional wrongdoing and that the stress of having a baby, tiredness and being disorganised had caused this possible mistake. On both occasion the police told me to wait to hear more about their decision (I was told it could go to court). The items credit card and receipts seized are still in their possession. In the meantime while I'm still waiting for a deliberation by the police, I have receive a letter from RLP banning me from tkmaxx for like and asking compensation of £487. I have lost a lot of sleep over this and I'm starting to become ill with worry, I went to the CAB yesterday and told me to reply denying liabilities to the claim and seek legal advise. I have since spoken to a solicitor who told me to reply to RLP making an offer of part payment as they/tkmaxx could take me to civil court as there is also the possibility I can be taken to criminal court by the police due to the number of items... Over a week has passed for the date on the RLP letter and I still don't know what to do, threads I read seem to suggest to ignore them but my husband is scared they would pass this to the bailiffs. I am on maternity leave at present and instead of enjoying my time with my baby I cannot focus thinking of what could happen to me. I have never been involved with the police, my credit score is immaculate and have no debts. Can RLP access my salary and bank details to see if I can pay them, can they tell my employer to sack me? I have a very good job and cannot afford to loose it when I return from leave. Thanks so much to any advise you can give me, I'm totally confused with all different angles I have been given/reading.
  10. Hey About a month ago me and two others were taken by security guards at Primark in London because of shoplifting. I tried put a pair of sunglasses in my bag for my buddy and the other tried to take clothes for about 20£. The last one didn't know about this but he was prosecuted too. After a moth (today) I got a letter from RLP (as expected) and it tells me I have to pay 218.78£ for the incident, I think the others got the same amount. The sunglasses I had in my bag was fit for resale and all the other clothes was too. Why should I be charged this much? Also, I am from Norway and I live here, can RLP do anything to me other than spamming me with mails? After reading a bit I have found out that the police in England can't do anything to me unless I live in England, and because I live in Norway only the norwegian police can arrest me if it ends like that. I also know that you only get a warning for shoplifting ATTEMPTS here in Norway if you haven't done anything criminal before. I need help here, me and the others have talked about this but I just want to be sure. I am not willing to pay almost 220£ for this.
  11. HI EVERYONE ! firstly i know this is definitely in the wrong section of the forum but. i could not find the right one so i am sorry mods! i have been panicing about a certain letter i recieved today and scrolled the internet for advice etc and came across this website which in all my days of hobbies and hobbie related forums have never seen such a nice one as this. Everyone ive seen replying is honest and un judging! the letter i recieved today was from RLP the civil recovery specialists... im going to be honest and its so embarrasing i could let the world swallow me up i might of even shed a couple tears of embarrsement i was caught shop lifting in a major supermarket. stupid i know :( i was taken to a room in the back and asked have i got anything to say i just gave them the goods backs which was in perfect order. they explained i was banned from the store and would be looking for reclaim damages costs from me then police was called and asked me the usual.. have i been in trouble etc. they gave me a 80 pound penalty i was then allowed to leave. i paid the 80 pound then today i recieved the letter demanding 147.50 for damages and distraction of staff etc i am in a really bad part of my life atm. not to bore you and that would really topple my life atm. i paid the police fine as i acknowledged my wrong doing and was willing to accept that slap on my wrists. but this is rather... stressful as im not the most brightest person or even confident person to deal with this. can anyone shed some light on this situation. i feel its a bit unique as the others i have read havent been the exact same circumstances as mine. i wil be donating to the forum from my penny pot as i honestly feel i am able to be honest without judgement here and i thank you all for that. for the record im 22 and live in england. thank you
  12. Hi everyone I'm new to Consumer Action Group and found this website after searching for details regarding RLP. I have read many threads on here and so far have found them very helpful I have a question or two for anyone willing to answer them, but it's probably best that I explain why I'm in the current mess that comes with being in the scope of RLP. A few days ago me and my partner were in Boots where I brought some comdons. Whilst she was looking at make up, I got bored and ended up pocketing another packet of 3 condoms and some lube. Although nervous when doing it, I left the store with my partner who was completely oblivious to my crime. Further up the street, I was stopped by security and asked to come back into the store. I apologised to my partner and the store, the police were called, I was in Boots for about 5 minutes before I was handcuffed and put in the back of a police van (my parner in the front of it). The police were actually very nice people and seemed to take kindly to the fact that me and my partner are graduates and that we are both well-mannered and polite etc. I was then told that we would both be interviewed after we were put in cells. I asked if it would be the same cell, which prompted roars of laughter given what I had tried to steal, and was told that I was bound to get "ribbed" for all of this (get it, RIBBED!? ) We then waited around 3 hours each in a cell before being interviewed where I confessed to what I had done and that I was truly sorry (which I am, I will never shoplift again). We were then told that my partner was offered a NFA (No Further Action) notice, and I was offered an £80 penalty, which I accepted (because I believe that receiving a penalty is better than receiving a caution? Could I have this confirmed if possible?). I have paid the notice, and as far as I know, it is all settled as far as the law is concerned. I received a letter from Boots telling me that I was banned from their store (which is fair enough), it also asked for a signature but seeing as they did not send a return envelope and they have banned me, I have chosen to ignore this. I also got a letter from RLP telling me that they were going to demand money (this looked suspect straight away when I read that they would take into account hours security put into detaining me etc. , it's their job and surely a part of an hourly-based salary!) Being completely broke, I do not wish to pay RLP (invoice speculators who recently lost in court), and from what I have read, I am not going to. The one question I really want clarification on is: If RLP go to a DCA to try and get my money and I still refuse to pay, will this affect my credit rating? As I have only just paid off a phone debt from 3 years ago in order to try a nd sort out my credit rating a bit, and don't want to be back to square 1 again. Thank you so much for reading, apologies for this lengthy post, and any help or suggestions whatsoever will be hugely appreciated. Kindest regards Journeyism
  13. Hi As everybody here i need some advise regarding RLP letter... few weeks ago i've been stopped in one of the shops for swapping the label on an item to cheaper one. they took my details and police came to confirm my address as i didn't have any proof of address on me. The shop security stuff handed min RLP leaflet and said i'll have to pay a small fine for their "cost" so i knew i'll have to pay some fine. but i was rather stunned when i rcvd the letter claiming £130. first i was considering contacting them and appealing from their decision as i thought it's way out of proportion ( the difference in price of the item i swapped was less than £5) but then i started reading about RLP and found your website and in a result i've ignored their 1st letter. now i've got the 2nd asking me to contact them to advise if i want to settle or defend the claim. so i'm wondering what's best to do now? contact them saying i deny liability or just leave it? and if police involvement can make any difference in my case. also i've read quite a few of the threads but haven't seen anyone saying RLP stopped sending letter to them? or is it just gonna go on and on... i'm getting really stressed everytime i even think about RLP:sad: thanks in advance for all your help
  14. Hi guys, So I attempted the most stupid thing in my life which was to shoplift from waitrose. The stuff was £9.99. I was caught after I exited the shop and was taken to the camera room by a guy dressed in civil clothes. They told me that they'll resolve it in the office so they did not call the police. I was asked my address ,name and date of birth but they didn't ask me for ID or make any scans of my ID. They gave me a document which banned me from waitrose and another which was from RLP. They told me I will receive the fine in the post. They took a picture of me and sent me home. My question is, since the police was not involved in any way and they didn't take my ID details, will this case show up on an enhanced CRB check? I am extremely worried and cannot get this out of my mind. I just want to pay the fine and make it a part of history. Any help would be welcome! Thanks!
  15. Hi Today I got a letter from RLP stating that I had been involved in a wrongful act and my actions caused significant loss to their client Tesco. They are demanding 147.50. What really happened - I bought a lot of electrical items, totalling 110 pounds. The cashier must have not scanned one item without me knowing (honestly!) which was a 12 pound set of headphones. I was stopped at the door as it beeped, I apologised and paid straight away at the customer services desk. The security guard said no further action would be taken, he had to take my details for his records, along with a copy of the receipt for 12 pounds. I phoned them up to tell them this and they said they would investigate and check the cctv and that they had 2 witness statements from tescos which "didn't seem very clear". Which is odd because there was only one person present, the security guard!. Can you advise me how to proceed, I was going to send the following email to them, but after reading this forum I thought I would check with you guys first, do I need to be contacting Tesco directly first or taking other action? ============= This is in follow up to our telephone conversation with you today, 14th February 2013 at 14.08 with your colleague Ellie King as your terms require a written response. The allegations made are false. One item out of a large purchase was not scanned by a Tesco cashier. This was unknown to us until a bag check at the exit to the store. We had already purchased and paid for several other items of the value of £110 in this transaction. The item in question (a £12 headphone) had not scanned properly. On discovery of this we immediately made payment at the customer service till. There was at no point any "significant disruption" to your client. The item also did not scan on the customer service till and 2 attempts had to be made to get the item to register on the till. On both purchases a Tesco clubcard was scanned and the security guard also took a copy receipt for his records so there are several proofs of purchase available to them and no losses to your client were made. The security guard informed us that no further action would be taken and that our name and address were only for him to complete his normal paperwork. At no point did we attempt to take goods, and all goods were paid for in full. Reviewing the CCTV will show us queuing in the upstairs section of the store with all items. You informed us that Tesco had 2 witnesses. This is false. We were stopped by 1 security guard, there were no other Tesco or security staff present at this time, other than the cashier we used to pay for the item who had no knowledge of the incident. Again the CCTV footage will confirm this. We politely request that this claim is cancelled. I believe this can be put down to an honest mistake caused by your clients checkout operator, and as no loss was caused to your client there should be no further action. ==============
  16. Hi All, of my friend went to Boots today, she had purchased perfumes of aroung 40 £. She paid for 40£, she got a Boots bag but she felt she missed something so went to perfume location again and took two more perfumes which were costing around 60£ and was to pay for it, but issue was she kept the perfume in the Boots bag, She was in some other thoughts and went near the doors. As she went near the doors she was asked by security officials to stop and was escorted to the Cabin where she found two ladies and 2 security gaurds. As she is new to UK she was not aware what was happening and got afraid. She was questioned on perfume bottles and charged against her that she tried stealing it. and they said it was recorded in CCTV. She informed them that she was not aware of it and apologized for the same. But they did not listen and threatened her to sign a paper and if not signed then she will face consequences and gave her RLP contact details on a paper and said she would get letter for RLP in a week. she was asked for her address and her debit card details and banned her coming to Boots back. Not sure if they had called police as she was not able to understand what were they talking. We both are roommates and we both havent slept for second day now thinking what would happen next.. I saw the blogs. wanted to confirm what should we do Should she pay to RLP If she pays would they not send the letter again and what proof she gets of payment made. we are due to go to apply for Shengen visa , would this affect the visa application. Will she have any Police record against her because of this. We are leaving UK in next 6 months. will it affect her work and will she be asked to leave from work. Will boots take action against her and police will get hold of her. Will RLP keep her record and will it affect my coming to UK again on work permit affect. I am going to call RLP and check what they do if money not paid. please give me answer as I and my freind are very afraid as we are new in this country.
  17. I was caught shoplifting a £10 top in Primark and was taken back into a room by security where he informed the police. All he did was take my information from my ID card and tell me I will get a RLP letter. I probably took up an hour of the security mans time by waiting for the police and then going through a few things with the police man when he was there. After that I walked to the station with the police man and went into an interview room where he went through a few things. I'm not sure if it was classed as a caution or just a warning but I haven't done anything like this before and I was not asked to pay the £80 fine people have mentioned about. I know I have done wrong and I am over 18 so should know better. I know for certain that I wont be this stupid again. But I wanted advice on this RLP business. I am still awaiting my letter in the post but I have read on a lot of threads that I shouldn't pay. I'm a bit scared by it all and really really don't want this to go any further. Part of me just wants to pay it and get it over with and I am worried that if I ignore the letters I will be taken to court which I definitely do not want to happen, also people have mentioned some Debt collection thing that I'm confused about. I would appreciate any help for my situation.
  18. This did make me chuckle http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25879310
  19. Evening all. Here's a brief summary of the situation. On January 29th 2013 my friend got caught shoplifting some batteries and a sandwich from Wilkinsons. They had never done anything like this before and had never been in trouble with the police. The police were called by security, and my friend was offered Restorative Justice, which they accepted, and were not charged and told they would not have a police record. They were also banned from the store for 12 months. There was no mention of RLP at this point, in fact my friend has since told me they had never heard of them? Then they received the following letter: [ATTACH=CONFIG]45013[/ATTACH] The first thing they did was Google RLP, found this website, and after reading many threads decided to follow the general advice and ignore it. Then, a month later, a second letter arrived: [ATTACH=CONFIG]45014[/ATTACH] Again, they ignored it. (They had received a third letter, which unfortunately has been lost.) Then, today, a fourth letter arrived: [ATTACH=CONFIG]45012[/ATTACH] So now my friend has asked me to post a thread on here, as a diary of events if not anything else, and hopefully someone can put their mind at rest?
  20. Unfortunately in the summer I lost a close family member to cancer. This lead me to doing stupid things which one of them was stealing from Primark. I stole a shirt for £15 and when I was about to leave the store I was stopped by 5 security guards and was taken into questioning. I immediately broke down and admitted to what i did. Lucky they didn't call the police as I have no criminal record; they however did take down address and told me I would receive a letter from RLP. I've so far received 3 letter demanding £137.50 and I've ignored all of them. Today I received a text from Scotcall saying " this is an important message from Scotcall regarding your account. Please call us to discuss this further" I've read other forums which have said they sometimes turn up at you doorstep, is there anyway I could avoid this? Btw I'm 16years old doing my A levels and this is affecting my work as I've been having panic attacks.
  21. Hello there, I have been on the site before asking about RLP and the advice you all gave was very helpful. However I recieved a letter from RLPwhich I thought wouldnt even arrive... My parents told me I got a letter and watched me open it. I was so scared I ripped it up infront of them and said it was junk. However my dad got suspious and went in the bin to find scraps of the letter and he found that is was a letter for "suing". Breif of the insident: I was caught shoplifting in primark about 2 months ago, NO police were contacted, nor my parents, i was just told I would get a fine. I later came here for legal advive and to just ignor letters and that RLP have no legal obligation or proof. I persisted to tell him it was rubbishd said my ftiend got one last year in college. He believed that it was a [problem] due to him finding a P.O box on the letter, saying if it was a legit company it wouldnt have one. My problem now is I really want to stop an other lettet coming as I remember reading something about the 12th of August so im guessing thats when the nexr one will arrive I have no intention of paying up as its been adviced not to by you guys My dad said the next one that arrives hes gunna open it himself and take it to the police. I am guilty of my actions however no police were called in the first place so what shall I do? I have spoke to my dad numerous of times and told him i got legal help with it and to just ignore the letters but he started going on about "harrasment" I have been loosing a lot of sleep due to this mess and my anxiety had bern worse than ever, how can I make the letters stop before it gets out of hand? Im begging for someone to help me. 1- how can I stop the RLP letters 2- what will happen if my dad DOES take it to the police 3- Does anyone anywhere have any proof that I did it? Please help me as soon as possible Im gettibg really really worried, i keep thinking it will be okay but I've gone insain with bad thoughts about it all... Btw I'm 17 years old... Thankyou for your time reading... H x
  22. hi i just recived that letter from RLP can you help me : do i neet to pay,is it going to be in my criminal recort
  23. Hi guys, I was caught shoplifting at boots a few months back (which i'm not proud of). As i was leaving the shop, a plain-clothes officer stopped me and told me to follow him back to the store. I agreed, knowing what i had done. Along with him, there was a security officer who took down my particulars such as my name, my current college as well as my address. They decided not to call the police and told me to sign the RLP form as well as the ban from the store. Apart from that, they also made racist remarks on my ability to read or write. As i'm a international student studying in the UK and was about to leave the county for a school break back to my homeland, i could not pay within 21 days, which was the requirement they had given me. I called up RLP and requested if they could reduce the amount as i'm not 18 and whether a delay the payment was possible as i wouldn't be in the country for a few months. They agreed on my request to delay the payment for a few months and reduce the amount to £145 . Also, i told them that the address i had previously given them was a temporary address and i would update them my new address when i am back in the country. Reading through the forums, many people have said that not a single cent should be given to them, however i still have a few questions i would like to clarify. 1. As i'm about to renew my visa this july, will the RLP have any effect on the application? 2. Also, should i update them my new address and number when I'm back in the country? 3. If i do not update them, will they be able to track me down? 3. Will boots charge me in court if i refuse to pay up?
  24. A month ago I stole £12 of make up from Boots and was issued a fine through RLP which i have paid. I was told at the time that the police wouldn't be involved but they rang me up today saying that i needed to come into the station but i won't be taken to court. I am 17. What will happen and why have they been informed?
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