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Found 59 results

  1. I bought a Galaxy Tab S 8.4 from Curry's which went faulty. The battery percentage would fluctuate massively within seconds of unplugging the tablet as well as restarts and screen artifacts etc. The tablet was only usable tethered to a charger. As per advice from other forum members in another post, I accepted Curry's offer to repair under warranty, even though I initially requested an exchange under SOGA as it was the responsibility of the retailer to repair the goods without causing significant inconvenience to the customer. I got my tablet back today, with a note inside the box saying that the battery was replaced and the tablet was tested and working. I turned it on in the store and it only had 7% battery left which I found odd since they were supposedly testing the device just a couple days ago. Surely the battery would be charged more than 7%. Especially if a new battery was fitted as they say I brought it home, plugged it into the charger and it shot up to 65% in 2 seconds. I left it to charge for hours and then turned the device on to which I noticed, was in exactly the same situation as it was before. How could they even say it was tested? This is the most obvious issue, and will show itself just by turning it on. since Curry's have failed to repair my tablet when I gave them the chance, am I right in being able to demand an exchange at this point and be able to take them to court if they refuse? Thanks for reading my long story, and thanks in advance for any responses.
  2. HI Everyone, Im hoping you can provide me with some good advice. My sisters best friend gets married today, My sister has spent £150 + on her bridesmaid dress, She now cannot attend today, She has recently become very poorly through mental health and deteriorated in the last three weeks. The crisis team have been involved and a consultant psychiatrist. She has been off from work as her job as a nurse since before christmas and from the 7th June will only receive £81 a week sick pay, ( her outgoings amount to £1200 a month) Her friend ( the bride) has suggested that she does not come to the wedding. i fear this may be through not wanting the hassle or embarrassment, My sister does not know this as she is very confused. The dress has been altered but only very slight adjustments, I.e one stitch in the bust panel and shortened on the straps just a few inches. I need to try and get a refund for this dress as she simply cannot afford to have a dress she has paid £150 that she hasnt worn and financially cannot afford, What grounds do i have if any to try and get a refund. Also this was paid with using a credit card Many thanks for your time
  3. Purchased a car from a main dealer who in previous experience we had received good service. However, purchased a car almost £7k, low mileage, service history, 12 months warranty and MOT. Payment was part cash and part finance. On the original test drive we heard a noise and was told by the salesman that it was the brakes from being parked for awhile and would soon settle down. To be reassured, we took another test drive in it at different time of day on different roads and the noise was quieter, albeit still there. The dealer agreed to carry out a full service and MOT at no extra charge and we arranged the finance with their colleague. Within a week we were getting an engine maintenance light come on and took the vehicle back to the dealer. We waited with it and within an hour they said they had 'cleared' the fault. We drove half a mile down the road and the same warning appeared on the dash so turned around and returned to the dealer. We booked it in for them to investigate it further and once again they said it was 'fixed' but it returned again a few days later. Eventually, they managed to clear it. The fuel consumption is absolutely ridiculous but we put some of that down to the model and engine size not being sufficient enough to carry the load, as lots of owners reported similar. Last week they had the car again to investigate the original noise which hadn't gone and they said it was rear brake pads and discs but agreed to contribute half towards it having had a hissy fit in front of the service manager, lol. The dealership agreed the noise was still there after they test drove it having done the brakes and it was booked in again for today with a courtesy car available until they get it resolved. They attempted to charge me for the insurance on the courtesy car but I stood my ground. So, my question is this: as there is some finance on the vehicle and we've had so many problems with it, can we approach the finance company as they are jointly liable and if so, what could be a reasonable outcome? Not looking for crystal ball answers, just legally how do we stand please?
  4. Hi all My father passed away last month however a few months prior to that he had started talks with one of the "we will help you get PPI back" companies. I know what these guys are like and they have contacted my mother who is not up to speed on their tactics etc and she has agreed to continue the claim. However my query is, there is no official executor as he had no will, so how can they get the info they need from the institutions? Next of kin wont be able to access it will they? Also, am I right in assuming that any money they get from any claim should they be able to get the info will be received by the estate and then dispersed out? At the time of passing he had a Barclaycard, RBS Card (both around £1k balances and was always at that level) and an Argos card. He had had a loan in the past that was paid off. He also had something from Creation which was related to a purchase from PC World/Currys etc. TBH I dont really want to put my mother through all the hassle which these guys are likely to do, because its not just a case of my mother signing an authority form. She has to do everything I would imagine. And all that to be hit with a massive charge at the end of it. Am I right in my assumptions? Or close?
  5. Hello I am an Independent Accountant and one of my clients has their business bank account with Barclays. The bank returned on two days some of the cheques presented for payment and direct debits with a remark 'refer to drawer' actually there were sufficient funds in the account to pay these cheques and when a complaint were lodged the bank admitted it was due to an error and agreed to refund the unpaid transaction fee. The client suffered business losses and bad reputation due to these cheques being returned by the bank. Is there a provision to make a claim for consequence losses from the bank with out having to go through any legal procedures.
  6. Hi everyone I'm having problems with vodafone at the moment trying to Bill me £190.86 for getting a replacement of a brand new iPhone 6 plus that didn't work straight out of the box! I ordered the phone online on the pre order date on the 12th September and I got an email on the 19th September to say it was going to be delivered that day. I was on holiday in America when the package arrived but my parents were there to accept the delivery and just put it in my bedroom for when I got home on the 29th September onlyl or me to find it didn't work! I contacted vodafone customer service imidietly who informed me that they would get a new one sent out to me next day but never mentioned anything about charges or a 7 day returns policy so I presumed eventing would be fine and I would just be charged the £220 for the phone upfront and my usual Monthly bill, but Instead I got a bill through for £547! Cut a long story short Ive made 3 calls to Vodafone about this and everytime someone just says you didn't return it within 7 days so you have to pay the repair bill!? Surely that would be covered under apples warranty! The advisors I've spoken to just say I need to wait for a text within 48 hours confirming if the extra charge will be dropped and it doesn't happen! Reading vodafones returns policy online it says "How do I return a faulty product? We’ll help you sort out any faulty product as long as: You bought it from us It has a genuine fault If the fault’s covered by a manufacturer's warranty, fixing it will be free." Never mentions anything about 7 days and neither does any other section in there returns policy! They all say 14 days! Many Thanks in advance!
  7. I use Outlook Express for my email - over the course of today I have received something like 80 x "Mail Delivery System " messages to my inbox. On the first couple received this morning, I checked to see which of my messages had not been delivered.. but they were emails I did not recognise and do not have in my address book - so I am assuming these are SPAM. I have not opened the attachments. Below is the message in the body of the email .. not the attachment. How can I stop these, they are driving me absolutely potty.
  8. Hi All I wonder if you could clarify something for me. I sent a CCA request to portfolio recovery and they have returned it stating they want in addition to the information i have given them, (reference number, full name, address ) my date of birth which they say they need have to comply with the Data protection act are they talking rubbish? i have never had to do this before? many thanks for your help
  9. Hi there, I recently sent a CCA request to Marlin. I enclosed a postal order buy didn't put any payee on there. They have returned my PO because it doesn't have any payee details on it. I thought it was not necessary to put this on there. Should I just start again and send it back with the Payee details on there? Thannks
  10. Here for some advice, although after reading some of the other threads of more unfortunate people, I am quite lucky in my situation! I bought a £11k BMW convertible a few weeks ago. After getting in my nice new car driving down the road, the roof started to lift of. I stopped, and went back to the dealer. The roof wasn't locking in, it had dropped on once side, thats when my concern started. After discovering the "Full Service History" in the ad was really only partial service history, and in the previous 40k miles only 2 oil services had been done, a leaking, non-working convertible roof, (confirmed by BMW that the roof was twisted, even with a £2000 change of seals was likely to still leak afterwards) and several trips to the car dealer for engine issues, I told the dealer I wanted to return the vehicle for a refund, explaining I knew the law and I'd immediately start county court proceedings if he didn't take the car back, return my car that I gave as P/Ex, settle the finance and return my deposit. He knew i had him, the misrepresentation in the ad, misrepresenting the vehicles condition and the leaky twisted roof. But, he has refused to refund the money I paid for the tax, refusing to refund for warranty he purchased for the vehicle and charged £40 for cleaning my P/Ex. I didn't argue at the time as I just wanted rid of the car and my old one back. I'm returning in a few days time with the documents I'd already sent of to the DVLA to get back £100 which he had withheld until I return those. I just don't see why I should be out of pocket because of his mistake. Am I being unreasonable.
  11. Hi I wonder if anyone could help me. I had an RBS Classic credit card that I opened in 1999 and closed in 2009. I wanted to find out if I had PPI on the card so I raised a SAR. It was returned in the first instance saying that I had given them insufficient information, I had given them the last four digits of the card, dates the card was opened and closed, my full address that the card was registered to and my name. The letter sent back said that without dates that the account ran for and without an account number they couldn't help. I called the SAR team and asked what exactly was missing to be told that I must have been sent the letter in error as nothing was missing. I sent another letter telling them to look again and that I had been told by their staff that I had given enough information. I put the information again on the next letter, sent the previous letter plus their response and a copy of my council tax bill for proof. They have come back again and said that they can not find an account under my name at the given address and with the date of birth I gave and as the account was closed over 6 years ago they no longer need to hold any details.. ..I never gave them my D.O.B and the account was closed 4 years ago. ..so my question is can anyone tell me that to do now? Do I write back again? I had a loan with them and a current account also which I have successfully claimed ppi on, should I give them the account numbers for these in case they can link them? I am imagining that they will send me everything they have on those two accounts and not the credit card though and I will be right back where I started. Sorry if this post is long, new user and just finding my way. Any advice would be amazing
  12. Dear All, Could you please advise on what would be the most optimal course of action in the situation as per below in order to claim against the non-compliant landlord with Housing Act 2004? The situation in few bullet points: 1. We have signed a 12 months fixed term AST with a private landlord starting from July 30th 2011 and then renewed with a new AST contract on July 30th 2012 with a new increased rent and the second fixed term has ended on July 29th 2013. The deposit of £1,494 has been paid in July 2011 to a letting agency (property was let as LET ONLY) and the letting agency has transferred it to the private landlord. 2. Shortly before the end of the second fixed term (ended on July 29th 2013) we have run into a disagreement with the landlord over his long overdue flooring repairs which he hasn't completed before the agreed date July 5th 2013 (we have vacated the property for two weeks to allow him to complete the flooring repairs affected by a damp occurred long ago and before our initial tenancy started back in 2011) after which we were due to return back from holidays with two small children (4 years old and 6 months old). Upon our return the floors were missing and their condition has been totally unsafe for little kids which has later been confirmed by the Council Environmental Officer who visitted the property and confirmed a tripping and feet laciteration hazard in an official HHSRS report. 3. After I have threatened a legal action to complete the floor repairs - the landlord become somewhat 'unstable' and 'emotional' (exact quotes of his series of messages from him were: 'don't tempt me you stupid little dick' and 'I will come over, punch you in the face, cut your head off and will **** into the hole' - all these have been reported to local police shortly after') and he has served Section 21 to evict us as soon as possible despite the the fact that the AST fixed terms is to end within less than one month. Since he threatened that 'he holds my deposit and will not return until this matter is resolved' I have started to look around to understand what the story about the deposits and finally found out that the deposit should have been protected with one of the Tenancy Deposit Schemes and that the certain prescribed information has to be served to me within 30 days after the deposit has been paid or 30 days after April 2012 when when the new Housing Act 2004 amended legislation (I think it's called The Localism Act 2011) has come into the force. 4. Shortly after discovering this fact I have searched through the various schemes trying to find my deposit and also requested the confirmation in writing from each of the schemes. All schemes have come back to me by email and confirmed that this property has not been registered with them and I was also not able to find it through my own searches on their web sites. 5. While I was still a tenant (on July 11th 2013) I have sent two postal (recorded) letters to the landlord requesting to provide the status of my deposit protection and to protect the deposit if it has not been protected yet. These have been ignored / unanswered. 6. At this moment the tenancy fixed term has ended (on July 29th 2013) and we professionally cleaned the property throughout (have an invoice) and have moved out from the property 7. Since there was no inventory check-in, the landlord has asked me to simply had over the keys to a letting agent and said that the deposit with all the deductions will be returned after 'inspection'. Shorting after end of tenancy I have sent the landlord another recorded letter (template has been taken from shelter) to request of the return of the deposit within 14 days. I had to track his new home address (or rather an old home address as he seems like moved back to his original home which he used when purchased the lease on the property he rented to us) through the land registry in order to get this letter signed for by him as the initial letter send to his mailing address specified in the AST contract has returned with 'Gone Away' sticker. ----------------------------------------- 8. Now as I am writing this I am waiting for for a postal letter from the landlord with a cheque for the remaining sum of the deposit after deductions which are unknown as of yet (hopefully the breakdown of costs of repairs will be in that letter) - although I fail to understand what damages he have come up with as a 'revenge'. The question is as per the first paragraph of this post and in particular I would like to understand what is the optimal step forward here: 1. Accept the cheque and all the deductions (whatever they are) and then take him to county court for 'Failure to comply with Housing Act 2004': i.e. to claim just for 3x Deposit amount which would be £1,494 * 3 = £4,482 and is below £5,000 limit for small claims procedure or 2. Don't accept the cheque and take him to the county court for deposit return and for 'Failure to comply with Housing Act 2004' and therefore claim for deposit return and 3xDeposit: i.e. to claim for £1,494 * 4 = £5,976 and which is above the limit for small claims procedures which might mean that I would be risking to end up paying his solicitor's costs if I lose this case (for whatever reason) And in addition to this - are these still valid concerns in terms of potential appeal against my claim? - Because of the fact that the tenancy has started before April 2012 - can I still claim after my tenancy has ended - i.e. I am no longer a tenant and in Option 1 above the deposit has been returned back to me? I.e. Can the landlord appeal here to a precedent appeal court ruling (can't recall the particulars of the ruling) that 'non-tenant that have deposit returned cannot claim for return of the deposit again' and that claiming just for 3xDeposit compensation isn't allowed? - Does the new legislation (The Localism Act 2011) that came into force on April 2012 actually apply in my case? i.e. my first tenancy in this property has started before April 2012 and before the new legislation and contract got renewed in July 2012. If I am not mistaken the new legislation states that 'all tenancies commenced or in effect on or after April 2012 should have deposit registered within 30 days after April 2012'. I would really appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this. All I am trying to make sure is that whichever option I go with from the above - I will not end up going beyond 'small claims procedure limit' and that the landlord has no option whatsoever to appeal against the claim/court ruling based on past precedents 'that ex-tenants can't claim if deposit is already returned'. Many thanks, Alex
  13. I recently returned a ceramic sink to the supplier (all agreed), the sink was sent back via a in the same packaging it arrived in, labelled "Ceramic- Fragile". I had to arrange my own return as the supplier stated they didnt do collections. (later found this not to be the case). The sink left me in tact, it arrived very broken. The courier said they were not liable, the supplier said they will not refund due to the damage. Where does this leave me?
  14. Hi I know this has probably been asked a thousand times on here but looking for some advice getting my deposit back We rented a house in December 2010 for £850 per month, we paid a deposit of £1700 on the house. The land lord has NEVER placed this money into a deposit protection scheme In February this year we had a spot of money troubles and agreed with the land lord to use ½ our deposit to pay Februarys rent which we did. This now leaves £850 deposit I am due back. This arrangement was never documented anywhere and our 3 tenancy agreements (6 months each) all state they have the £1700 deposit. We agreed to hand keys back on Tuesday 11th June. On Monday 10th June I had an email asking me to drop all keys into the office by 17:00 that day, to which I replied we are handing them back tomorrow as agreed as we still had things to move out. They replied saying that they desperately needed the keys back for the next morning so could we get our stuff out and leave the keys with a neighbour who is a relative of the landlord. Not wanting to cause any unnecessary bother I agreed, moved my last few things and handed keys to the neighbour. We left the house and gardens in a very very clean state, It was cleaner than when we moved in, oven was spotless, floors, gardens etc….and no damage to property. It has now been over 3 weeks and no deposit has been returned and they have not even done an inspection with us present! After sending various emails and getting no reply, I eventually got through to the office manager on the phone. She said she would call the landlord to find out what was going on. She rang me back and said he has had a quick look and all looks ok except for some minor decorating! My contract does not say the property needed decorating and there is no damage, only possible wear and tear you would expect from 18 months in a family home. She said she would arrange a time with LL so I could have an inspection with him. It has now been over a week and still no contact. Im pretty fed up as I want my money back. I have emailed this morning again, outlining my concerns and asked for my deposit to be returned into my bank account within 24 hours before I take further action to seek my money back through the small claims courts I have had a quick look on here and I can see that I ‘may’ be entitled to my rent back PLUS X 3, and all costs etc? Is this right? What is my next move? Looking for some help from you guys Any help would be very much appreciated Cheers all Richard
  15. Hello All, I have a problem with ebay. A buyer opened up a case with ebay saying the item I sent him was damaged - in the resolution process I asked for video or even just a picture of the damage so I could email it to the courier company so they could go to his address and inspect the damage.Once the couriers have confirmed it was dmaged I was going to refund the buyer and not require him to return the item as the couriers would have refunded me and paid for the item...BUT the buyer wouldnt even take a picture nor let me have his phone number etc which is strange! After being away for a week I checked my ebay account and the buyer has esculated the case to ebay and they've ruled in his favour - they havent told him to return the item and they have said they will be taking the refund from my 'reimbursement payment method' in 10 days time which is actually now only 7 days time. I have opened an appeal but dont hold much hope as ebay can do what they like and everyone is at the mercy of them Does anyone have any ideas what to do incase they still take the money without returning my item. Thanks.
  16. Hi, I fired of a CCA request to Restons who were chasing me for a debt. I received a reply from Arrow (with my £1 postal order returned) with the following text: We thank you for your letter addressed to Restons Solicitors and passed for our attention as assignees of the debt. We acknowledge your request for documentation pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. We do not accept that we are the creditor as envisaged by the above statute. However, we are willing to assist in obtaining that which has been requested. We will now process your request for documentation from the originating creditor and will revert in due course. We confirm that all collection activity will be suspended pending provision of the documents. I have an earlier letter from Restons confirming the debt was assigned to Arrow in 2011 and I should have received a Notice of Assignment. To me, that means Arrow should be responsible for providing the CCA. Are they just trying to worm out of their responsibilities, or are they right? I figure I can't CCA HSBC as they no longer have control of the debt. Thanks, Kristian
  17. Hi I on ESA and work 2 hours per week from home which I've done for a few years. Every year I have to send in 5 payslips as they check you don't earn over the £20 threshold, which I don't. However, there have been a couple of problems with DWP returning the payslips; Once they sent them to a disability organisation I never had any involvement with but, as the employers name were on them, the organisation sent the payslips to them. My manager then came home to me with the payslips, he was angry as they contained personal information and couldn't understand why they were sent to the organisation in the first place. The second time,2012, they were not returned and to date they have still not been returned. I now have to send in a letter about annual pay increase as well as the payslip with my new wage on. Are the DWP allowed to keep any original letters and payslips?
  18. Hi folks. I have just had my SAR letter returned saying that there was no cheque for £10 inside. I enclosed a P.O. for the amount and following a caggers sound advice I photographed both sides of the P.O. with the letter it was also marked for SAR only. The letter was sent Special Delivery and received just over a week ago. Should I wait until I find out from the Post Office if it has been cashed before I re-apply, cancel it now and ask for a refund or should I just write back to Barclays with a copy of the photographs enclosed? Thanks in advance.
  19. Halifax have charged me £30 for a returned direct debit which was due to pay my car insurance. Is this considered excessive and should I try to claim it back? I paid money into the account (cash) on the same day at lunch time but the DD had come out in the morning which I did not realise. Due to credit history I only have the most basic bank account with them which has no overdraft and an electron card. Andy
  20. Good Day I hope you can give me some advise on my problem! We bought a Lounge Suite on 25 Jan 2013 from Furn-4-U. After they offloaded the goods and we unwrapped it we realise that it was damaged. The material was damaged on each couch. It look like they have put screws in after they have put the material on. The next day we went back and asked if we can return the set and get a refund. The sales lady said it wont be a problem we just have to take the set back to the store rooms and come back on Monday because the lady doing refunds does not work on weekends. On Monday i went back then the manager told me i must pay a amount of R450-00 (which is also 10% of the amount we payed for the lounge suite) banking fees because it is not his problem the furniture is damaged. He want us to pay for his suppliers mistakes. Is he allowed to charge me any fees? We still haven't received our money back. Thank You
  21. I have a medical condition, memory problem and as such I ended banking my cashback cheque after more than 6 months. The cheque has now been returned to me as out-of-date. Do I have any rights to have the cheque issued again? Thanks for any help
  22. Hi guys i had 3 phones on contract with Orange about 12 months ago everyone in the family was linked to my account then everyone in my family said they wasn't paying the bills after a few problems we had with orange with connection issues making calls, sending texts etc and orange didn't care the slightest to fixing our problems dispite us paying them £110 a month for 3 phones. I sent Direct Legal a message last night saying i couldnt afford this months re payment due to my grandfather passing and needing money for a suit for his funeral. I received an email off them saying they have closed my file and passed it back to their client (Orange) Does this mean that they think its more trouble than what its worth to claim this debt do you think Orange will try and claim this debt if its been sent back ? they wanted £1368 out of us for the remaing contract people we are all with different providers now and having no problems misses is with three im with virgin mobile as i get discount with having home services and my son is with Vodafone
  23. Hello this is my first post in this site so not sure if this is the right forum for my situation. i recently sold some artwork on ebay but when the buyer received it he complained to ebay saying he was not happy with goods and wanted refund.Ebay then told him to return goods to me,provide tracking information in order to be refunded. Ebay have since refunded the buyer and are asking me to reimburse them yet i have not received my goods back. I appealed to ebay and they said their decision stands as the buyer provided tracking information that delivery was attempted..yet i have received nothing back or any contact card to say delivery has been attempted..they have said goods could have been lost or left with a neighbour and i should look into this myself. Surely it is there job to look into this as they asked buyer to return? Any advice on where i stand with this or what action i could take would be greatly appeciated. My apologies the thread title i have written incorrectly,i should have said may have been delivered next door Thanks
  24. hi can anyone please help!!! myself, my partner, and 2 teenage boys (both under 16) have had to return to uk after living in spain for 7 years. (my partner 3 years). we are in the process of having our house in spain repossessed. in the last few months that we were there we were having to sell our possessions just to survive. in the end we had to sell the last of our furniture in order to be able to travel back to uk as we had nothing left to live on out there. we have now been back for 2 weeks and are staying with a friend. we have one room between the four of us. we applied for jsa and have been refused. they say we have to have lived here for 8 weeks before we can even apply. we have also been told that we cannot claim any child tax credits for our children for 8 weeks. nor housing benefit. this means we have no financial help whatsoever and have to live in one room with our teenage boys for at least another 8 weeks. (we are two women). i dont understand why we are being treated like this. i cant believe that they wont even support the children. we are looking for work with no luck so far. does anyone know of any other benefits we may be able to claim. my children are waiting for a place in a school, but i wont even be able to buy them a uniform. please help!!!!!
  25. Hi All, I rented a single room in 4 bedroom shared house in sheffield and paid all my rent in advance and on time, when I moved in initially as it was a already shared by 3 people, so bathroom and kitchen was not very clean but would say ok ok condition. I stayed there as per my rental agreement and gave notice to my landlady on time and the day I left which was 16th March 2011. I called her to return my deposit and have a look if all OK with the room, She said she can't come as busy and she asked me to text her my new address and she would send a cheque to my new address. She didn't do so for couple of weeks, I called her and she didn't pick my call, only thing she did was text me that I left the room in dirty condition and there were some nuts below my bed, hence she won't return my deposit. I gave up after calling and texting her many times, as I was new to UK and thought solicitor would be expensive as £200 was the deposit amount. I agree there were some nuts left beside the bed but I left the room in much cleaner and better condition to what I got initially. but she kept entire £200 for that. I do not think she protected my deposit in any deposit protection scheme also, I still have her details and tenancy agreement. This place I left on 16th March 2011, so has been around a year or so, as I became more aware after being in UK for couple of years, could anyone advise please if I could do something to get my deposit back, appreciate your advise. Thanks
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