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Found 32 results

  1. 29-8-2012 I paid £6.00 for petrol at local gas station, one of the malthurst Group. Plenty of cash in account, no worries, forgotten all about it. I was checking the accounts on Monday, (1.10.2012) when I noticed my current account was £6.00 overdrawn. This is odd as I do not have and do not want an overdraft facility. If I tried to use my card when there were no funds in the account the card would be rejected, simple as that. When I looked to see what had caused this, it is the £6.00 I spent on 29-8-2012, only just put through for payment now! And of course it had to be when the account was empty didn't it? I checked with the bank straight away, they say this is quite common and sometimes accounts aren't debited for up to 6 months later. I rang the garage and spoke with the manager who assured me that everyday at 12 noon, a list of all receipts is e-mailed off to whoever for clearance/whatever it is they do. I am stuck in the middle here, this is unfair as I did not know that my £6.00 hadn;t been taken on 29-8-2012, and in any case when it came in late the bank ought not to have paid it as it caused an overdraft. I know its only £6 but it could have been £60 if I'd filled the car up that day, and anyway its the principle of the matter. Can anyone shed any light on what might have happened here? I've been hit for another two lots of £6 as the daily charge on being overdrawn. I've cleared this £6.00 now, and the other charges come later in the month. Willing to have a go at whoever's fault this is, but I cannot fathom out whose fault it is!
  2. Hi, a few months ago I posted another thread, can't link because my post count is too low but if you want to read it I'm sure you can get to it through my profile. Long story short if you don't want to read it, I got a new PC power supply for Christmas 2011, developed a fault after a few months, returned to retailer but they refused to do anything. Anyway, last month I coughed up the £36 testing and return fee with the understanding that if (actually when as it had already been arranged) the manufacturer replaced the power supply, the retailer would refund that £36. The swap is still taking place, the manufacturer has confirmed they are sending out a new power supply today. I e-mailed the retailer yesterday to ask what they needed to process my refund and was met with this reply: "We require confirmation that OCZ tested the PSU you returned to them and it was confirmed to be faulty, rather than them simply just replacing the unit." Now, I could give them the RMA number but other than that I have no idea what OCZ did once they received my power supply. But surely the fact they have replaced it is proof enough? What are my options if the retailer still refuses? Give them a few days/weeks then file a Money Claim Online form? Thanks
  3. Hello, Just after a small bit of advice before I need to contact Panasonic if this is the case. I recently emailed the retailer / online store that I purchased a 3DTV (42VT30) from in January of this year for £1,024. I've contacted them by email of a fault I believe has just delevoped but they are telling me to contact Panasonic and get a Panasonic Service Centre to look after me and take a look at the fault it seems, but I believe that this could cost me even though the Television is still under warranty. Here is the following coversation with this Company with regards to the fault I've found, in my first contact I made a mistake on the date of purchase but later told them the correct date, anyway here it is. And their response to me was To which I replied to them with And their most recent reply, which has caused me to create this thread asking for advice was
  4. Can anyone advise? My friend purchased something online today. Its a small retailer, He saw the advertised price on the web (could have bought direct online) but instead spoke to a sales person who set up a area for him to pay online - price difference was £300 discount! Anyway he made payment and received a email confirmation - and then had a call from the salesperson to say they had made a mistake in the price (should have realised with the price online) and could he pay the difference - he said no - you have sold me the price and I have paid for it, so that should be it The retailer pointed to there terms and conditions and said they have a right to cancel and refund any payments if errors are made. My friend also said he had previously checked with another branch of the same company who had quoted him the correct price - so when he had spoken to the sales guy who made the mistake - he thought his luck was in. Where does he stand with the retailer - even if the retailer has verbally give him a price and he then paid?
  5. Hi, I am new to the forum and wondered if anyone could kindly give me some advice. I ordered a red pair of shoes through a retailer on Amazon and when they arrived the quality was poor. The vertical join on the inside of the heel was poorly finished off and the white of the inside of the material was showing. I contacted the retailer and they suggested that I returned them for a refund. I did this and when they refunded me they did minus the postage (2.99 to send them and then I paid over £5 to return them first class) leaving me £8 out of pocket. I recontacted the seller asking if we could come to some sort of agreement over postage and they said no because they didn't consider that the shoes were faulty. I disagreed and they said that they would refer it to a manager but it would take a couple of days. I heard nothing for over a week and when I recontacted them they said that they had contacted the manufacturer and they had disagreed that the item was faulty. I don't believe that they have referred the matter and now it's my word against theirs, I just wish that I had taken a photo. Could someone advise me whether or not I can take this matter further, it's really a matter of principle now.
  6. Hello, Short summary: I have had an ongoing problem with an online retailer for months now. In April I placed an order with Aquatuning.co.uk. I paid £11.57 for 2-3 day delivery. They dispatched my order to the wrong address — a different one associated with my account, but one that I did not select when ordering. I was promised a new delivery and a refund of the postage costs. It took over a month to receive the new delivery. Furthermore, I still have not received the refund several months later, despite frequently chasing them up about it. Yesterday, I got an email from them telling me that I won't be getting the refund after all as they had to send out a second shipment "at great cost to them", as though I should have to pay for their mistake. Detailed history of events: Friday, April 15th - I placed my order, paying £11.57 for 2-3 day delivery. I took special care to select the correct delivery address. Tuesday, April 19th - My order was dispatched. Monday, April 25th - I still had not received my order 10 days after ordering and 8 days after it was shipped, and so I investigated and found that it had been sent to the wrong address (a different one associated with my account, that I didn't choose while ordering). I then contacted Aquatuning by email, explaining what had happened and asking for the problem to be resolved. Friday, April 29th - Several days later and I still received no reply. I therefore added the MSN contact and spent several hours sending messages (not all at once, of course) and waiting for a reply. I got no reply on MSN despite the contact being online. I then proceeded to post a message on the Aquatuning forums, hoping to FINALLY get in contact with the elusive Aquatuning there. Saturday, May 1st - 16 days after placing my order, and I still had received nothing for my money. I hadn't yet received any response on the forum, so I decided to send another message by email, explaining yet again what the problem was and that I hoped for a resolution. I then finally got a reply to my forum post from an Aquatuning staff member stating that the German office should have contacted me, but they didn't, so they would chase it up on Tuesday. Tuesday, May 3rd - I finally got a helpful email asking me to confirm my address and stating that a new shipment would be sent. Finally, it looked like the problem would be sorted out. I replied with the necessary information, and asked if it would be possible to have my delivery costs (£11.57 for 2-3 day delivery) to be refunded, given that I hadn't received it within 2-3 days or even 14 days after it was shipped. I got a quick reply clearly telling me YES, the postage fees can of course be refunded. Unfortunately, part of my order was then out of stock (despite the original delivery apparently being collected from the wrong address), and so those parts would be sent on later. Thursday, May 5th - I finally received part of my order, with some of it missing as was expected. Tuesday, May 10th - I still had not received the rest of the order, nor had I received my refund. Therefore, I sent another email to Aquatuning asking when I can expect the rest of my order and when I will get the refund. I got a quick reply telling me that the refund would appear "shortly" and that the ETA for the rest of my order would be the 27th of May. Saturday, May 28th - I STILL had not received my refund. Furthermore, the 27th of May had been and gone, and I hadn't received any new updates about the rest of my order, so I sent another email asking about my refund and asking about the rest of my order. Friday, June 3rd - I still had not received my refund which was promised to me a month ago (31 days ago). I still had not received the rest of my order despite the ETA passing a week ago. It had been 41 days since my original order and I was still waiting to receive some of it. I still had not received a reply to the email I sent a week ago. Monday, June 6th - I finally received the missing part of my order! I finally had all my items! And yet I still had not received my refund. I later received an email reply from Aquatuning telling me that "because it was a postage error we have to wait for the postage claim to be approved before being able to process the refund which can take a little time". To me, this sounds like they're blaming the delivery company (UPS), but I doubt they had access to my account to be able to discover my past address. Clearly this is Aquatuning's mistake, as they gave my past address to UPS instead of the address that I selected. Wednesday, June 22nd - Still no refund. I sent ANOTHER email to Aquatuning chasing it up. Thursday, June 30th - Over a week later, I finally got a reply from Aquatuning. They said their manager "declined to refund the postage as we had to send the shipment out twice at a great cost tour ourselves. However we would be willing to offer you a discount on your next order to help you get back the amount paid for shipment." I find it ridiculous that they're behaving this way over £11.57. I do not want to ever place another order with Aquatuning again, and there are no further items that I need to purchase. I just want my postage costs refunded to me as promised. I paid £11.57 for 2-3 day delivery and instead got the full delivery after a month due to their mistake. I have then had to constantly waste time emailing them and chasing them up for several months! I have all of the email evidence for everything I've mentioned in this post. Could anyone please advise me on this situation? What action can I take, if any? Many thanks in advance.
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