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Found 25 results

  1. I have number of plastering defects around the flat that i rent from Radian housing association. Im a complete failure when it comes to anything diy related so have asked if they would do it as i feel it falls under their responsibility as quoting from their online documents i would only be responsible for 'filling minor cracks in plaster'. The defects are several 'plaster pops' where the head of a nail/screw protrudes out the wall with a head of plaster on it giving a kind of roundish raised head of cracked plaster which protrudes when any weight is put on the wall.
  2. Hello This is my first post here so I've tried not to witter on, but it's complicated. The situation is that I was evicted from my home last year when I couldn’t remortgage it after the interest-only mortgage expired. The circumstances don’t matter, I have no quarrel with that. My query relates to what came after. I had managed to dispose of a lot of stuff I didn’t want, but there was still a lot of stuff I did want, left in the property. I’m past retirement age, live alone, and am severely disabled: I cannot legally walk, I have severe spinal problems and a max awa
  3. I've been living in a block of four flats with a social housing provider. flat for was "privately owned". unfortunately she died and the property was "sold on". the new "owner" has made my life, and the two other tenants life a complete misery for 11 months with no end in site. Front door left wide open by builders resulting in missing post and parcels communual areas are a disgrace and are getting damaged-were paying a service charge for nowt they can start work at 6am working right through until 2am building materials dumped in basement,which I went flying on they climb on my
  4. I would like to know how much help you would expect from a bank if cash was paid into an account found to be a fraudster. I thought they made enquiries into the receiving bank account over a certain amount of money.
  5. Person in van decides highway code does not apply to him. Decides to drive on wrong side of road around a parked car on his side, and then drives all along the side of my car....and blames me. Despite the fact that he is clearly in the wrong he will not accpet any responsibility and my new car is wrecked. What next.
  6. My brother received a notifications of a charge from UKCPM. Going back a few months he went on holiday, during this period he parked for considerably under the time he paid for in a UKCPM car park. He wrote to them flatly denying that any "offence" has occurred. They have now written back informing him that his "appeal" has been turned down. He says this wasn't an appeal. It was a complete and utter rejection of the notion that there was ever anything to appeal about. This is the enquiry that I am making on his behalf. He, being a charitable sort
  7. Hi all, I bought a car on 01/04/2016 from car sales trader for £500. After a week ABS fault light came on, exhaust blowing, brakes and 2 front tyres worn. Halford Health check said head gasket leaking oil, all brakes disc and pads needs changing, clutch worn. AA breakdown patrol man confirmed that clutch is worn (high) but not slipping. I paid to get exhaust replaced due to needing a car to work and school runs desperately. I paid a garage to use diagnostic equipment to check ABS warning light on dashboard. I spent these money before I learnt of clutch and oil leak is
  8. One for the (Scottish ) legal eagles. Man & wife divorce and £750 put into their childs savings account. When it was set up, both parents had to administer the account. One parent has just discovered the other has systematically emptied the kids account over a six month period without prior consent or knowledge of the other parent. Police say it's not theft or mis appropriation of funds. Bank says T&C's were changed and this allowed one parent to administer the kids account. Other parent swears blind they were never notified of this change by the bank or wo
  9. Hi everybody, I have a van Toyota Hiace from 2004. I bought it this summer (July) and from the beginning I regularly bring it to my garage. I spent around £700 in 7 months for maintenance. Initially I did a general service, i changed some mechanical parts, tyres, and recently I did the MOT. A couple of months ago the orange light of the oil turned on, i checked the oil and it was full. I spoked with my mechanic about it and about the fact that the van was doing some smoke at the start. The mechanic cleaned the filters and told me that the light was probably caused by an electric malfu
  10. Could a married partner with a joint account with the other partner be held legally responsible for the debts of the other ?
  11. My family and I have lived in our property for almost 6 years. Over that time, our letting agents have failed to do any sort of maintainence on the property. Fixed cupboard doors, broken taps, peeling ceiling paper, have, over the years, been repaired by ourselves after countless and fruitless requests to the letting agent. Things weren't so bad up until last year. Our letting agent did do yearly checkups on the property, however this year, not only has this stopped, but they have failed to even respond to emails or phone calls. My main question is: As we've been living in the prop
  12. Hi all, this may be a long one. We've been in our rented property for nearly 3 years (since August 2011). We rent privately from landlords who used to live in the property and have never been landlords before renting this house. A few months since we moved in, problems with the house started - damp patches, due to the balcony mostly, which they promptly got "sorted". The house was then less than 10 years old and all of the houses on the small estate had similar problems with damp, due to shoddy building work. The damp problem was never resolved despite "builders" being sent b
  13. Please delete this thread, I'm worried about getting in trouble for asking you guys for advice.
  14. Hello everyone, I was hoping for some advice. I have read a number of threads on this forum relating to the damage of goods/packages by couriers - who universally seem to want to wriggle and writhe out of any responsibility with pretty flimsy excuses. On this occasion, my issue lies squarely with Parcelforce. Let me set the context: About 4 weeks ago I sold a pair of Bose speakers for £80 on ebay. When the buyer received the speakers, there was a big-ish dent on the corner of the box and sure enough after opening the package part of the wooden speaker housing had been cracked
  15. We park on the road outside our house, as we have no driveway. The neighbour across the road has a drive, and has a recently upgraded his car to a giant 4x4 on motability. When we're both parked outside, he has been having some difficulty getting into his drive, but usually manages it after a few minutes. The other morning, we found that my OH's car's tail light has been smashed, at the right height for the bumper of the 4x4 to have hit it, but all debris had been cleared away. Another set of neighbours says that they saw him attempting to enter his drive, and thought that they sa
  16. hello, We have been in a property for a year now, when we first moved in there was no TV (we provided one) although when we were shown around the land lord confirmed there was an aerial. The aerial is not listed in our itinerary. However after we moved in we realised that the aerial cable was damaged (water travels through the inside of the aerial cable from the exterior into our living room in wet weather) When we first asked the landlady if it was possible to repair this she said ok no problem, but now ( a year after we first asked) she is refusing to take
  17. Hi there I rent a commercial premises and recently my boiler has stopped working so I have no heating and hot water. I reported this to the landlord who sent a handyman to come and look at it - he did and said a registered gas safe plumber would need to come and look at it as he couldn't figure out the problem. He then told me that I would have to contract and pay said plumber as whilst they maintain boilers in the residential properties they have they don't in the commercial. I have checked over my lease and there is nothing in there about me being responsible for the boiler, i
  18. 01 October 2013 Payday loan advertising has recently been thrown into the spotlight following the OFT’s compliance review and mounting public concerns about the sector. We’ve highlighted some of the key areas to consider when creating advertising for short term loans - make sure your ads are socially responsible. Speed and Ease It is understandable that marketers will want to highlight the advantages of their product, including the simplicity of the application process and the speed at which consumers can access funds. But speed and ease of access should be referred to respons
  19. Hello All, I wonder if you smart people can give me a bit of advice. My mother in law recently purchased an LG TV from Ebuyer. It arrived fine and worked for a few days. However within less than 10 days of arrival the item fizzed and smoked, which is obviously an electric fault/issue, it failed and had no picture. She turned it off and unplugged it because it was a fire risk. She called Ebuyer the next day to explain her issue and was told to contact LG for a reference number and then to contact them back to get an RMA number to return the item, and they would arrange to collect the item
  20. During recent weather, the fence between us and a neighbour came down, and it looked like the base of the fence posts had rotted away a little. The posts were on their side. They tore down the entire fence, not just the damaged section, and replaced, putting fence posts on our side. They're now asking us to contribute towards the costs they incurred. We did not consent to the work, nor to the style of fence. Are we obliged to contribute? Morally, should we? We have no relationship with next door. With the fence posts now on our side, does this then give us responsibility fo
  21. Hi, I'm trying to resolve this issue with a PCN that has gone to Bailiffs for parking without a Blue Badge issue, (because the BB fell from the dashboard) on behalf of my partner and i would like to know if anyone is able to clarify 1- Who has the actual responsibility over this PCN under the law... Is it the Owner, Keeper or Driver? and 2- point me towards the legislation and/or case law that supports this? I am asking this because 3- i was wondering if it is still possible to submit a late TE9 appeal to the court on the basis that the notice
  22. Dear all. Great to have found this forum. Im really hoping I can find some sort of direction. My problem has been on going for about 4 months now, almost from day one of purchasing the car. Its a Toyota Celica 2006 model. To cut a very long story short here ..... the car was purchased, knowingly by me, with non standard alloys. However, from day one I noticed issues with handling. This was reported several times to the garage. After the first recall I was told that there was nothing wrong but also that a 4 wheel alignment check had been done. This turned out to
  23. Hello I have a car on finance and in the weeks before Christmas it went wrong and cost us £650 then less than a week later it needed two further tyres (another £230). I called the finance co to see if they would be willing to help with costs / reduce payments as obviously this was a big expense and they advised that there was nothing that they could do but that if it went wrong again, they could possibly give us a loan to help. Sure enough a week later, I was advised that the front alloy had two cracks in and shouldn't be driven on.. the cost for a replacement.. £35
  24. Hi, My mother in law past away yesterday. After her death my wife came to know that her mother was in debt. some thing she never discussed with my wife. Now we are concerned about her debt and the effect it will have on my father in law. As my mother in law always dealt with all money related issues, my father in law is not sure exactly how much debt she was in and with whom. Our biggest concern at this moment his there house. Both my parents in law were pensioners. I wonder if some one could guide me where should i start first, will my father in law will be liable for his wife's
  25. My parents recently had their Council house renovated by the Council. They made a complete mess of their home which they have spent years and lots of their own hard earned money improving. They are Pensioners and have retired. Basically, during the renovations, their fridge had to be moved several times by workmen, which, in doing so caused damage to it. They were left without a Fridge for the best part of two weeks and had to fork out £300 for a new one. Albeit their old Fridge was some years old, but it was in excellent working order and was clearly damaged by the workmen movi
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