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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys just wondering if I can get some help. I have issue a claim against amazon and their solicitors have emailed me stating the following: However I am sure I sent them what should be counted as a separate detailed particulars. First I sent amazon my money claim online form in pdf format within the post along with a separate detailed particulars detailing why I have raised the claim against them by first class post stating the following: Would this count as a separate detailed particulars as I sent this to the solicitors who are dealing on behalf on amazon via email as they sent out a letter well before 14 days since the claim was issued and I responded immediately via email with the details they wanted me to send. On the MCOL form I just briefly said I ordered some goods from amazon, were not as described, also claiming for gift certificate balance and a Iphone that was not delivered, nothing like the above that I sent to amazon via post with my pdf MCOL form along with what I've quoted I sent them above - Would this count as a separate detailed particulars as they sent me an email today asking for this stating I should of done within 14 days.. Thanks for everyone's help in advance.
  2. Hi all, Looking for some advice regarding a parking charge received in an NCP car park for having an expired ticket. I park there every weekday for work, I pay for 2 hours as I'm in the office usually for about an hour before heading out again, but on this day I was delayed leaving and returned 20 minutes after it had expired to find one of their lovely bogus charges. I received the ticket stuck to my windscreen, with the time of year and seemingly countless work and personal life issues I didn't get round to writing an appeal. The Notice to Keeper arrived in due course and I haven't responded to that either, most recently I received a Keeper Liability Notice stating that it is now too late to appeal and they will pass the matter to a debt collection agency who may take me to court if I don't pay up. Now I'm not worried about their scare tactics, but I've reached the point where I have room in my brain's limited attention span to deal with this What would be the best course of action at this point? I understand that I was at fault but they're asking for £100 which is ludicrous, and I know they cannot charge more than the amount of lost revenue for the car park owner. Should I write to them offering payment equivalent to 1 hour's parking to cover the lost revenue? Thanks in advance, Nick
  3. I've been issued with court papers from an old debt from Three/lowells/BW Legal Is there a secure/private part of the forum I can ask questions and get help with writing my defence?
  4. Hi Folks! In December 2011, GE took us to court as we fell behind with our secured loan with them. The judge ruled in our favour and suspended the order and we all agreed on a given repayment plan of £156 per month. I stuck at that for 9 months, with every month calling GE and paying the amount over the phone, October 2012 when starting a new contract job in London that involved long commuting and even working some Saturdays. I work in IT btw. I know it is not an excuse but the commute overwhelmed me in every sense, and I started to get ill too. I forgot to stick to my repayment. In December, I left that job after it was agreed that it would be better for my health (with the contracted party). I started a new job in January full time closer to home but the employer didn't manage to secure a big client so my wages was a stumbling block for them, so they gave me one week's notice and I lost the job within three weeks of starting. This is purely because they employed me in anticipation of securing a big contract. in Februray, 2013 I had a minor stroke, and was in hospital overnight. I recovered and found another local permanent job. In February, I made a lump sum payment of £500. Up until last week, no communications from GE. Last week thursday,they notified me that they have sought a warrant for possession of the property. On monday, I called GE, and I offered a lump sum payment of £2000 (Aussie tax refund which I got only few days ago ) and I said with the help of my new job, I can increase my monthly to £500 to help clear any backlog. The guy at the other end of the phone didn't even hear my offer and said he declined it! In the end he said come back and when you have a better offer. I came here for help on this forum and with the help of this forum and my sister who was a lawyer but now a mum for two little boys, I submitted on thursday a n244. I made the same offer in my appeal to set aside the judgement. However, I also called GE automated service and paid £2000 for which I should have it appearing on my statement tomorrow (Friday 19th). My hearing is on Monday at 10, while the eviction is set for 23 April at 12.30pm I can demonstrate that I can afford the new repayment but I am so worried. I messed up but I want to rectify but I am not being given the chance. GE want the whole money owed to them which £15k. They say that the £15k is the arrears but that is the full balance . I am confused with this? missed payments at £156 from October till February. I paid them £500 in February as soon as I could. Please help me get myself togeher again. I am still going to hospital appointments for various tests a the doctors trying to find out what caused my mini stroke. They did say that bad news can do this too. In the meantime, I have kept all from my wife as I don't want her to feel the pressure. At the last hearing, she was so scared of losing the home and because of me this might happen again. Please help. I need to go on Monday with some clear ideas, which I am hoping good folks can help me get. Thanks you for reading and helping PS: GE have added a large number of charges that I know some are unfair and they also charged me PPI, which is clearly marked on my contract! I will seek these back, soon as I have done with them. Please help. Thanks Another point: My telephone offer was for £2000 lump sum, and increase of monthly obligations from £156 to £500 and set up Direct Debit. The last point of direct debit was left out in the N244 which was done in a panicky state as I originally thought the eviction was for monday and wanted to hand in the n244 by end of wednesday! I have also made a hasty mistake too: My statement for n244 says offer of £2000 lump sum but have paid this by phone. Oh dear, what to do next? I know I need to stay calm, as my blood pressure was 152 in my last test at the hospital last week! I haven't slept since last week and hardly eaten but put on a brave face for my 14 year daughter and my wife. They hardly know anything. But it is getting me donw.
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