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Found 22 results

  1. What are the correct marking for residents street parking bays(Residents permit)? I received a ticket in Wimbledon area for parking in areas allocated for permit holders only, however there are no rd marking at all but there are signage to indicate permit holders Is this legal?
  2. Health advice for residents affected by Saddleworth Moor fire READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/health-advice-for-residents-affected-by-saddleworth-moor-fire
  3. I have lived in a block of 10 flats for 10 years, there is a residents management company of which I am a director along with the other 9 owners. I have just been told that at an AGM 11 years ago it was agreed (documented in the minutes) that parking is restricted to certain times of the day in a specific place and that as I parked there at night I must not do it again. There is nothing in the lease about parking anywhere at any time but my concern really is that I didn't know that I would have to abide by some majority decision made 11 years ago of which I knew nothing, also there could potentially be more decisions made that I know nothing of and don’t agree with. I understood that I had to abide by the lease which was discussed by the Solicitor, and I was not presented with any minutes of meetings when I purchased the flat. My questions are: do I have to abide by decisions, made by previous owners, of which there is no mention in the lease? and also, can they just make rulings by taking a vote, and we all have to abide by the majority decision – is that legally binding to each of us? I am concerned that I am being bullied to suit the needs of the Company Secretary.
  4. Would be grateful for some advice pls. LA in middle of carrying out works inside residents homes that were given no choice in the matter whatsoever. Their contractors doing decorating but only the area they had to do work on, other area in same room left undone therefore the room looks unfinished decorating wise. Can they do this look awful partly decorated which means residents has to finished it and cannot afford to do it. Can council do this ?
  5. The following is an extract from a press article today. Westminster Council already have a similar system in place. If only other local authorities could follow this example. http://www.camdennewjournal.com/council-tax-exemptions THOUSANDS of people in Camden are set to be made exempt from paying council tax to save the Town Hall cash on chasing for money they do not have. Labour council chiefs are looking at a plan which would see around 11,500 of the borough's poorest residents no longer receive the bill from the Town Hall. The proposal will go out to a public consultation but could come into use next year. The people who will be covered by the scheme already have a discount of around 90 per cent on their council tax bill due to their circumstances, but would move to a status of paying none at all. Most are living on very low wages or entirely on benefits, and include families and disabled claimants. Conservative opposition councillors said the idea was borrowed from neighbouring Westminster, where the Tories are in power. In Camden, the loss of income would amount to around £1.4m a year, but the council estimates this will be offset by savings on bailiffs and court costs from no longer pursuing people and as the result of more money coming in from the recent increase in council tax. “There is not much point chasing people for £100 or so bill, after the discount they already have, with court orders bailiffs if they are never going to be able to pay." He added: “The rise in council tax will allow some room for redistribution. “In all, people get a good deal from the council with years of frozen council tax or below inflation rises.” “They should have listened to us earlier, as in Westminster they are already doing this. The trouble with Camden though is that council tax is far too high.”
  6. Dear All, This is my first ever post on the forum and hopefully someone can help me. In August I parked in a residents' bay on a bank holiday. The sign said Mon-Sat 0800-1600. I thought Sunday restrictions would apply on a bank holiday so I could park there. The pay and display bays on the same street are Mon-Sat 0800-1600 and do not charge on a Bank Holiday. I am now appealing to the adjudicator. Any tips on how to make my case? I am also trying to find a electronic copy of the relevant TRO. It's called Birmingham City Council (Jewellery Quarter Birmingham)(Controlled Parking Zone) order 2011. I can't find it anywhere! Also is there ever in joy in arguing that the council did not fully consider my original representations so they committed a procedural impropriety? Thanks a lot.
  7. Now that it look's clear that a conservative government is going to be running the UK, I am very concerned for my future. I cannot work and have been unable to for four years now, and housebound for much longer than that. What I would like to know is am I likely to be treated more fairly and be more welcome in an other EU country. Or any other country for that matter! I understand this is not the usual topic, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows about this. I don't have enough ties here to stop me moving, and I imagine everyone in my situation is just going to suffer here.
  8. Royal Mail and Trading Standards have joined forces today to crack down on [problem] mail in the postal system across the UK. Under the initiative, Trading Standards will decide whether mail is a [problem] and alert Royal Mail, before writing to the company requesting they stop posting the items. Alongside this, Royal Mail will warn the company about its actions before cancelling its contract if it continues to post s c a m mail. Here's how you can now help stop s c a m mail – just cross out your details on the envelope, re-address it with FREEPOST – S C A M MAIL and pop it back in a post box. http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/news/crackdown-on-[problem]-mail-delivered-to-residents-homes-sept14
  9. I have uploaded all the files for viewing to my dropbox which can be accessed by the following link. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/30ay5qiynaugl9p/AADand9mVR4yeqIcMqQrbbT7a On 02/05/14 I drove northbound up Southampton Row, and turned left into Bloomsbury Place WC1, and saw a parking place directly on the left hand side. Upon parking the view from my windscreen was a P&D payment box, and next to it a sign. I sat in my car and made payment by phone, following instructions on the sign I was looking at. Upon returning I didn’t even notice I had been given a ticket, was only about half hour later when using my windscreen wipers that I notice the yellow packet sweep across my screen. I my files you can see the Ringo payment, and from the photos I took on going back to the scene, I would have been parked where the black jeep is behind the white car. In the pictures taken by Camden council, yes you can see I am parked in what appears to be a residents bay, however this was not seen from the angle of the driver only the P&D sign next to the tree. There is nothing on that sign to indicate that only the one single bay to the right of the sign was in fact a pay & display bay, but the one to the left was not. I made an initial appeal against the PCN which has been rejected, a copy of their email is included in the files. What puts a further spanner in the works in this particular case is that this is a company car, with the car owned by Alphabet leasing. Their policy when they receive a Notice to Owner is they will pay the charge, and then re-invoice my company + a nice admin charge, then someone will chase me for the full amount. In my experience once a PCN is paid you lose your right to appeal. So not sure how to go about this further complication. So bit of advice would be welcome, if you think I do have a case worth appealing let me know, but again if I have been caught fair and square and is a lack of judgement on my part, also let me know and I’ll just pay learn by experience.
  10. Hi All, I just received a council PCN for a missing parking permit and I was wondering if I had any grounds. I purchased my car not too long ago and have not yet attached a tax disk holder / resident permit holder. I had therefore temporarily removed these from the dashboard when I had the window open to avoid them flying off and had parked the car without putting these back - which wasn't clever. The contravention was for "Parked in a residents' zone or shared use parking place or zone without either clearly displaying a valid permit or voucher or pay and display ticket issued for that place, or without payment of the parking charges - shared use bay". Would I have any grounds on either the basis that I had a valid permit, but not displayed (which I guess is still a contravention), or that the tax disc number / expiry date are printed as "Unknown" Many thanks in advance for your help.
  11. Hi everyone looking for some advice, I have not had a ticket here but nearly did till I saw the residents only parking sign. I then looked much more closely at the road markings for this particular bay, please use street view to let me know what you think, as I believe the line markings are non compliant, but cannot find the "legal" markings for this type of bay. I was visiting a friend for a few days and think that the local council are issuing tickets in these bays when they are not compliant. see here please https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.550452,0.728156,3a,75y,162.69h,57.61t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s_4cXHxBSqg49fx1DD0XhMw!2e0?hl=en Any advice will be gratefully received or if anyone can post a link to the "legal" marking's page, as I am struggling to find a good one Thx MM
  12. Hi everyone, been looking over various posts on this forum and think it's probably easier to ask advice than on my specific problem I was issued a Parking Ticket at my (previous) residence in Manchester, it was a private residents car park which was policed by UKPC. I had a Parking permit for the Car Park and displayed it every time i used it. On the day i was ticketed the permit had fell onto the floor so was not visible When i looked at the ticket the attendant had filled out the form but had marked the registration of my car incorrectly, marked as an '08' rather than an '09' model. I ignored it (smart move?) as considered the ticket to be invalidated so didn't think anything would come of it i have since sold the car and moved to london so no longer live at those premises having received some mail from a previous address (where my car was registered with the DVLA) I have since seen numerous notices from this company and then further letters sent from Debt Recovery Plus LTD with intended court action etc It seems they took photographs so have got the Registration number of the photographs and pursued me anyway Just wondering what to do. had a look for the ticket but can't find a copy anyway. surely they should have a copy of the ticket which would be invalid, and therefore so would the fine? I have not appealed but obviously it seems the 'process' is way past appeals now anyway they don't have my current residence or contact details i have not made any contact whatsoever what would everyone recommend? I have read a few forum threads from last year advising just to ignore these letters and they will go away but has the law changed now? Should i contact and plead ignorance saying 'i never received the PCN, i had a permit so consider the issue of a ticket a bit strange and could they provide proof in form of a copy of the ticket issued at the time?' or should i just ignore? any help greatly appreciated, thanks
  13. Hi all, First post on here, so please go easy on me. My situation: Currently residing in family flat (NOT the owner), and finally bought a car. (Full time student at the moment.) The flat owner (aka my parent) has access to ONE off street parking space in the complex car park. Applied to the council for a residents permit to park on my street, where most of the bays are always empty. Told that as this is the inner town zone, and demand is high, there is a 6-12 month waiting list. In the latest email, they are now refusing me a permit in this zone (the inner town one), stating as I already have one off street parking space (I don't, my parent does?!) they are unable to offer me a permit for this area. They said they are only able to offer me an adjacent zone (meh, fine by me I guess), but the zone they offered is not the second closest one, it is the third closest one!! Arggh!!! This third closest zone that I speak of has over 90% of its bays almost half a mile away from my house, which is frankly ridiculous. Some of them are almost a bus ride away. So my question is: Is the council LEGALLY OBLIGED to provide me with a residents permit, and for what area? Are there any laws regarding this? If there are any laws that deal with this in my favour, I would like to quote these. With all my work (and dealing with my minor lifelong health condition), I am absolutely sick and tired of being pushed around by the council.
  14. Hi all, For approx 8 years now I have had a space in a council locked car park which I pay a weekly rent for. There are numbered spaces which you have allocated to your vehicle. you must provide MOT and owner info showing that the vehicle is roadworthy etc. You are given a permit and in the entire time of my occupation it has never been either checked or indeed enforced. ( We have always had issues with access being blocked by twats parking in front of the gates on a yellow cross hatching and double yellow lines etc. They get away with it frequently on an almost daily basis. The thing is clearly marked and you would need to be blind and stupid to not realise what it is. ) Until recently. It has now been allocated to a Private Company. New permits were issued and new signs put up. In the last 2 weeks I have had 3 tickets for not displaying my permit. One poor lady has had a ticket for parking incorrectly. I have done my research and appealed the first ticket. i gave the second one back to the attendant and told him...not to stick anything else to my windscreen and further not to force my wiper out of position as they are electronically positioned with rain sensors etc. He ignored me and came back with stronger glue which Ii cannot get off and is now damaging my passenger side wiper. Along with this I had my car MOT'd and as I know the guy professionally he told me that it would be perfectly reasonable for it to fail...due to significant driver view obstruction on the windscreen. I have told all this to my local council. A manager answered my call when I phoned to complain. His response was to remove me from the car park for no other reason that they need the space back. He was rude, arrogant and dismissive and when I stated that I was prepared to go to court for the tickets and the damage to my vehicle he said..' yeah, i like your style'. I was dumbfounded. Where do I go from here. I am uncontrollably angry and l want to go tot he council office and knock this Piers Morgan right out. which wont get me anywhere.
  15. Hi I received a PCN the other day for parking in a residents only zone in Bury, Greater Manchester BL9 0RS. I had no idea that it's a resident only zone as there were no signs or marking on the road that I parked. There was a sign two streets away as you enter that area that said residents only parking, but I didn't see that sign as it is obscured and angled in such a way that from the direction that I came from you just couldn't see it properly - as shown in the attached photos. I emailed them all this info to NSL but they rejected my appeal and said I can appeal further if I want but if the outcome isn't good and before the 14 days then the £35 is going to become £70. Do you think it is worth appealing further or am I just being hopeful? Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]44451[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]44452[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]44450[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]44453[/ATTACH]
  16. I recieved a parking ticket today whilst displaying a pay and display ticket. I had drove along the road (Arley Hill, Cotham Bristol- new residents parking scheme set up nov 2012) looking for a space and noticed a bay opposite the pay and display meter, I parked, paid my money and merrily went on my way however on returning to my car I noticed the dredded yellow ticket, stating contravention 16 : parked in a permit space without displaying a valid permit. I had mistakenly parked in the sole residents parking bays (between 9-5) instead of the dual use bays. I hadnt seen the sign as it was a few metres up the road attached to the wall and the van infront had obscured my view. By walking across the road to the pay and display meter I didnt have to walk past the sign. Is this hard luck on my part or is their grounds for appeal? any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks in advance
  17. Hi Everyone, Sorry if I do anything wrong whilst posting this....this is my first post!! I received a PCN (on 28/11/2012) for parking in my own parking bay without displaying a permit, after reading though a few websites and some of the topics in these forums (a belated thank you!!) i felt relatively confident that i wouldn't have to pay the fine. With all the information at my fingertips, I sent the following letter (on 04/12/2012) in the appeals section on the PCM (uk) website thinking that it would be end of the matter. Dear Sir or Madam, Speculative Parking Charge Notice Number: Vehicle Registration Number: You issued me with a parking ticket on 28th November 2012 and I decline herewith your invitation to pay for the following reasons: 1) The car was parked in an allotted bay appertaining to the flat of the registered keeper. I am the current registered tenant of Flat , and as such am in possession residents parking permit of bay and have legal right to exclusive use the space. No trespass took place and there has been no loss to the landowner or other residents. Thus presenting me with a Parking Charge Notice is at odds with your contracted purpose of ensuring that there is no misuse of parking spaces by unauthorised individuals. Please see the attached evidence: a. Picture : Evidence that I have the appropriate Parking permit for Bay b. Picture : Evidence that I am the current registered tenant of Flat 2) On 28th November I cleaned the inside of my windscreen; whilst cleaning, the tax disc came away from the window and fell. As I was present at the time this happened, I was able to pick up the tax disc and place it on the dashboard. Upon exiting the car the parking permit was still adhered to the windscreen. I can only surmise that the drop in temperature as the day went on coupled with the remaining cleaning solution caused the adhesive on the permit to give way, thus the permit fell and so could not be seen by the Parking Attendant. It was a circumstance beyond my control that the adhesive had fallen off while I was away from the vehicle. Please see the attached evidence: a. Picture : Evidence that my tax disc is not adhered to the windscreen and is resting on the dashboard where I placed it after it fell off. b. Picture : Evidence of the residue left behind from where the permit was adhered. 3) The alleged indicated offence has caused no financial loss to the land owner. Requesting a payment of between £60 and £100 is judged by me to be unreasonable and disproportionate and therefore constitutes an unfair contract penalty under the terms of The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1997, which is not legally enforceable. 4) The Explanatory notes on the back of the Parking Charge Notice indicate that I was to ‘allow 24 hours after issue of the PCN’ to view the alleged contravention. I, however, was not able to view the alleged contravention on your website until the 4th December 2012, 6 days after the date of issue of the Parking Charge Notice. 5) The Parking Charge Notice placed on the windscreen is incorrectly filled in with inaccuracies and numerous blanks. I request that you cancel this payment request relating to this invoice in writing to me within the next 35 days after service of this letter. Should you decide not to cancel I require a Verification Code in order to refer it to POPLA, incurring a charge to you of £27 + VAT, not recoverable from me, and their adjudication, if sought, would be binding on you but not on me. In the event that you wish to proceed to County Court, please be aware that I will defend against your action. Any further correspondence relating to this invoice, except for agreement of cancellation will incur you with an administrative charge of £30, per correspondence, for research and response and time involved in so doing. Any response other than an acceptance of cancellation will be taken as your agreement to the said charges and will be responded to with an enclosed invoice. Failure to pay such invoices may be the subject of debt collection or legal proceedings in a county court. Yours faithfully, Yesterday evening, however, i received a reply from them saying that my appeal has been rejected. The reply e-mail is as follows: PCN number: Vehicle registration: PCN issued on: Parked in: 10 December 2012 Dear Mr Thakor, Thank you for your correspondence regarding the above Parking Charge Notice (PCN). I have considered your case carefully and have decided to reject your appeal on the following grounds; The Parking Attendant recorded that the vehicle was parked without clearly displaying a valid permit. You should only park your vehicle in this area if you clearly display a valid permit. The area is clearly marked and signed appropriately advising this. The Terms and Conditions of which our services are provided are clearly displayed throughout our sites, including the requirement to display a valid permit. You now have a number of options; 1. Pay the Parking Charge Notice at the discounted amount of £60.00 within 14 days. Please note that after this time, the Parking Charge Notice will increase to the full charge of £100.00. Payment can be made: * Online, by visiting * By phone, calling 0845 8679445. Please have your credit/debit card details and the information in this letter to hand. * By post, sending a cheque or postal order made payable to Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd to the address at the top of this letter. 2. You may also make an appeal to POPLA - The Independent Appeals Service. If you wish to make an appeal to POPLA, information on how to appeal can be found at The verification code you will need in order to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service is and the appeals form you will need is also available on the above link. It is important that you reference the verification code on the appeals form in the required section at the bottom of the form as appeals submitted without this code will not be assessed. If you opt for independent arbitration of your case, the Parking Charge Notice will increase to £100.00 which you will be liable for in the event your appeal rejected. Please note that the independent adjudicator is unable to waive the parking Notice because of mitigating circumstances and a decision will be based on facts and evidence only. 3. If you choose to do nothing, we will seek to recover the monies owed to us via our debt recovery procedures and may proceed with Court action against you. Yours sincerely, PCM Appeals Team Could anyone please advise me as to what to do next. I'm starting to worry, as i really don't want to pay the extra £40 if I don't have to. Thank you in advance!! P.S. Just looking at the letter to which the permit was attached too when it was delivered to my flat. It states: 'Place permit on display. It is your responsibility to check when leaving your vehicle' As i stated in my original letter to PCM (uk) the permit was adhered to my windscreen when i exited my car. Don't know if this information can be used, but thought i would post it and see what you guys thought.
  18. Hi I am an owner/occupier of a flat where the management company has decided to re introduce parking permits. There are new signs around the car park stating that you must park in a marked bay and display a permit or you will be liable to a parking ticket of £100. This came into force on Monday 19 November. I went away on Friday 16 November,not using my car which I left in the car park in a marked bay, and returned today. When I went to go out in my car I noticed I had a "Parking Charge Notice" on my windscreen for not displaying a valid parking permit.. .I had forgotten to display the permit. Do I have to pay this fine? Would it be best to write and appeal against it? Help:???:
  19. I visit many residents in a residential home for the elderly folk. The residence is " advertised as Sheltered accomodation and Retirment homes for the elderly" However the residents have now aquired a new person who is 59 and is working full time. He goes out to work at 5 30 am in the morning and is bacjkaround 9 30pm. His works van is parked directly outside some of the residents flat windows and is restricting their views of peacful gardens. Many residents cannot go outside and this is all they have to look at. Also many residents a woken at 5 30 in the morning by the slamming of car doors when he puts his tools in. Some residents have gone to the extrem by drawing their curtains as they do not want to look at the advertising on this van and they cannot see any thing else but this van. Question One ) the works van is being parked on a private entrance to the home. Can he do this? Question 2) Surley as ths is a residential home for the retired he should not have been allowed to live here. (He is not retired and certainly does no need sheltered accomodation) If anyone con help with the legal side of this problem and you are able to help these elderly folk with this promblem you would be advise a s a p as they are in dispare. Many thanks
  20. Dear all, I have have scanned the previous threads but i am unable to find a similar scenario. To park outside my home in the street I need a Residents Parking Permit. My existing one had expired so I went to the local council offices to purchase a new one. I was told there would be a delay in sending a permenant permit (one that I can stick to my wind screen and forget about). I was given a printed A4 sheet of paper to act as a temporary permit. I folded the A4 sheet so it displayed the necessary information. The permenant permit took 6 weeks to arrive, a lot longer than the usual 7 - 10 days. In that time there were 3 occasions were, after removing the unsecured temp permit from my dashboard, as it slid about and distracted my driving, I forgot to replace this piece of paper. As a result I recieved 3 PCN from the overly keen traffic warden who knows my car and the fact that I have a temp permit already. I have challenged these notices and the council have rejected these appeals. As im still within the £35 fine time frame im unsure what to do. I think its unfair that I should have to pay these fines as a) Ive already paid to park there b) it was as simple case of forgetfulness rather than me trying to park somewhere I shouldnt. At present I am currently out of work so money is an issue until I can find work again. Do you think I have a case to take them to court to thrash it out and risk paying the next tier of fines, £70 x 3 = £210 or swallow it and only pay £35 x 3 = £105. Surely the fact that they supplied an inadequate temp permit and then take an extraordinary amount of time to supply a permenant permit must come into play. Thank you for your time. Steve.
  21. Dear All I was absolutely amazed to receive a notice to owner by post few days ago. I stopped on residents bay to make a phone call (no other places to stop). A minute or so later a parking warden jumps out of nowhere, photographs car from the front, quickly jumps and photographs my tax disk. I was astonished and lost for words! I knew if i come out I would make trouble (I cant keep calm with them) so I just drove off on the assumption that he is just playing games and just wanted to make a scene. I also remembered that in any case he has to put a ticket on the car- apparently not any more. Could you please let me know if it is permitted to stop on a resident bay for short period of time to make a phone call or something? what would be my course of action - I am definitely contesting it - since I never had original ticket I have to pay full penalty now anyhow help
  22. Have you been issued with a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) because unbeknown to you your residents parking permit had expired? Did you know that it is your fault as you agreed to Camden's terms and conditions saying it is your responsibility to renew your permit even if the permit carries no indication as to the renewal date and if you didn't receive notification from the council that it was due? Do you think this is fair? What happens if you don't have access to the internet and can't check your permit? Did you receive a 'sticker' telling you the expiry date? Do you still have the email they sent you a year ago with the expiry date on it? How do you get a parking permit if you don't agree with their terms and conditions. If this has happened to you, please let me know as I'm am trying to collate information as to how many people have been caught this way. Thank you
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