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Found 11 results

  1. Question on EPC requirements: Expiry at end of the year - if want to enter into a tenancy agreement within next few weeks, does Landlord need to re-new the EPC? If tenancy is above the max £ level (>100k) does this mean Landlord does not need to re-new the EPC and does not need to adhere to the minimum energy efficiency requirements? Current EPC shows E. Thanks for clarity.
  2. Hello all. First of all thank you very much for supporting this website. It has given me some hope in what to me appears to be a very dishonest situation. Summary PCN received after stopping for 12 mins at the entrance to a P&D car park in which ALL 4 Spaces were blocked by a wooden pallet each with a notice saying the road was too narrow for parking and emergency access. Details Broadwater Street West in Worthing, West Sussex is a short, narrow L-shaped side street running along the side of Starbucks and to the left behind it and other buildings, giving access to lock-up garages and waste bins. It has 4 parking spaces nose to tail running from the entrance of the road. My passenger had a painful case of cystitis and needed to use the loo. Thankfully we saw a Starbucks and from the main road it looked like there were parking spaces free in the side street next to it. After turning into the street and letting my passenger out, I saw that each of the parking bays had a wooden pallet in them preventing their use. In addition there was a sheet of paper on the wall to the side of each space saying that access was required at all times in case of emergency, bin collection and deliveries and that the road is too narrow for parking cars and through traffic. This is certainly the case. Having entered this narrow street the only way out was too drive to the end of the L where there is just enough space to turn around and then drive back to the entrance. Unable to park I waited just short of the main road for my passenger to return. Although I had fully intended to pay, with it not being physically possible to park let alone legal, the whole place gave the appearance that parking was at least suspended if not cancelled. Hence it never crossed my mind that I would be penalised for stopping there. There is of course no one supervising to tell you. My passenger could have just run in to Starbucks, used the toilet and run out but being polite she chose to buy some tea. We had just left the vet after having spent an hour talking to one of their very kind nurses about the loss of our dog which has been heartbreaking. It was a very emotional time and with the cystitis as well I couldn't drive off and leave them; stopped by the entrance I could at least clear the road if for example an emergency vehicle required access. They returned after approx 10 mins and we left. What Happened PCN received for "Failing to Park Within a Marked Bay". Given the situation described above where I was physically unable to park in a marked bay, let alone do so without blocking emergency access I thought it was a [problem] and a quite ludicrous one at that. And for this reason I have not contacted One Parking Solutions. I have since received a letter from ZZPS Limited saying my unpaid PCN has been passed to them to resolve. The balance owed has now increased to £170. They have quoted Parking Eye v Beavis as a recent Supreme Court Ruling. I have spoken to them and they said I was parked for 12 mins. If I do nothing the matter will be passed to their solicitors.
  3. Vanquis default on file making low payments for a few years now, never received An Annual Statement of Account from them? should under the rule they should have sent one annually?
  4. I have been acting on my elderly mother's behalf in liaising with her solicitor with regard to a flat purchase for her. Matters seem to have stalled because my mother cannot supply any of the requested ID documentation required by the solicitor. The reason for this is that she is currently undergoing respite care after a fall. When she left her own home it was an emergency and she gave all her personal documents to a neighbour for safe-keeping. This neighbour has since gone on a prolonged overseas trip and I will not be able to get access to the file in the forerseable future. Even though the solicitor has acted for my mother in the past and actually holds her will they are adamant that she has to produce the required documentation. I do not want to get into an argument with the solicitor but are there any workarounds that I could put to them that would allow matters to progress? I would be most grateful for any advice that is forthcoming.
  5. I broke my ankle at work in 2004, Due to medical negligence was forced to walk on said ankle for 5 years whilst still broken, so then needed multiple operations to address this, which never accomplished anything and will be on painkillers for the rest of my life and am unable to work due to this. Question 1) Can I still claim for this as it has been over 12 years. Question 2) if I was stopping in the isle of wight at a hotel for work, and I sustained the injury after work hours, but was only on the isle of wight to work, can I still claim iib for the injury? Thank you
  6. Hi, I am looking for some advice, having received a court requisition this morning, having been previously blissfully unaware of any issue (not having received any warning letters) I am the registered keeper of a car, that I 'loaned' to a friend of my husbands to use during a troubled patch in his life. The car was taxed by DD monthly, paid for by my husband, and insured by the driver, until January 2016 when he wrote the car off in an accident. I am being charged that on the 5th April 2016 the vehicle was taxed, and not insured. Firstly, the car was taken away by the insurance company on the 25th January, I naively assumed at that point that they would inform the DVLA (apparently not - they only received disposal notification on the 25th April) I had been paying monthly tax by direct debit, and had forgotten to cancel it, and having never had a car written off I didn't realise I needed to inform the DVLA mysef. DVLA tell me I would have had 2 warning letters, I didnt. But they cant do anything about it as its with the court now. Apparently the enforcement team wont speak to me because there is a previous offence on the car, which incidentally was the 'friend' speeding in it, which has been settled. The court is in Crawley, I live 150 miles away. Yes I could go, at great time and monetary expense, but I dont understand why when the vehicle didn't even exist I am being made to feel like a criminal. Can anyone suggest what I should do? Am I guilty? there was no car!
  7. I have been in my current flat for 9 years and currently I get all my rent covered by housing benefit. However this year the landlord decided to make things difficult and my terms are changing. Extra £20 a week rent. New guarantor required even tho I dont have arrears or ever had arrears. Without this 3 months rent paid in advance. Early termination fee payable in advance So to renew I need this amount of money. £1245+£495 up front and extra £20 month rent. Council and charities have confirmed housing benefit will not cover extra rent, in fact I actually already get more than the allowance which I think has only been allowed as I was getting it anyway before the rates got revised. My only income is ESA SG. Given the situation I have put in a claim for PIP although I think I will only be rewarded lower rate mobility. It seems most councils will allow people to get on their choice schemes for needing more affordable housing, but my council seems very strict, unable to afford rent is not a valid reason and they wont let me register. They told me I can only register when I am actually homeless and only then if not intentional homelessness. Shelter have advised me I am in a very tough situation, I can be deemed intentional homeless if I refuse to sign the new tenancy terms, but also likewise if I sign knowing I cannot fulfill the terms. My landlord has said if I dont sign I will get a section 21. My council just kept refusing to acknowledge the private rental market is completely out of touch with local housing allowance rates and refusing me access to the housing association property market. Bedsits in my area cost more than the 1 bed flat LHA rates, thats how much of a difference there is. I found one housing association property on housefinder thats the same rent as LHA rates but sadly they already got a tenant, they said they got 200 available on choice website, but just this one available outside of it. It does seem a bit of a [problem] to be honest, one has to be homeless to get access to affordable housing. My sister's council choice scheme doesnt have such requirements, one can register simply for 'affordability' reasons. But I do require a 'local connection', my sister however has only lived there 2 years (didnt tell them this), and they want 5 years as a minimum term for a relation. Is there any advice on how to get housing association properties outside of choice schemes? or low priced benefit friendly places? I did wonder why these places never seem advertised and now I know why, they all seem locked away by the councils. I have registered on all the housing associations on my councils website, none of them have any properties available, but have been told I have to do this and keep checking them or I risk been deemed intentionally homeless. I dread to think what happens then, do they literally chuck me on the street? What a society. Since I have mobility issues and where I live now I currently cannot have a scooter, I am going to ask my GP this week if i get on the scheme for medical reasons, but I dont know if she will support me on that.
  8. Hello, This is my first time using this forum, I hope that I am posting this question in the right section. My name is Luis, I come from Portugal and have been here for over 7 years. I was made redundant from my last job where I was over 3 years, I have found another job but it is in an insurance company and I was told that it requires a credit check. Here in the UK I have checked with Experian and Equifax and there are no issues, no missed payments, no debt of any kind and no fines. My criminal record is also clean both here and Portugal. However a few years ago I did have CCJ's in Portugal, will this show and affect my chances of getting this job? The CCJs were a few years ago, this was a credit card and a bank loan but the company that I owe money to has gone into liquidation so I am not making any more payments as they don't exist anymore. In August I was in Portugal, went to see a lawyer and he said that there was nothing I could do, he also said that after 6 years the CCJs would be deleted from the credit reference agency in Portugal. How is this likely to affect the chances of me getting this job? Thank you very much for your help on this matter. Luis
  9. Hi, Firstly I will explain my situation. I am a British national and am in a relationship with a Brazilian national. After much thinking about a way to be together in the UK, we have decided that the only way is to marry, and then for him to get a Family Visitor Visa, and from there apply for a Family of a Settled Person Visa. This will allow him to live and work in the UK as a normal citizen. We know that it is strictly illegal to work with a Family Visitor Visa. Here's where the confusion starts - when applying for the Family of a Settled Person Visa, he will have to provide evidence of a job in the UK and earnings of £18,000 or so each year. But all I keep thinking is, "How can he provide this if it's illegal for him to work here BEFORE he gets this Visa???" He is not allowed to work but yet he has to give evidence of work and earnings in order to get the Visa that will let him work. I am so confused right now. Completely illogical. Please can someone help? Thanks, Lauren
  10. Where or how can I find the current regulations etc relating to MINIMUM CAR PARKING for a New Build Hotel Development that includes retail, leisure, assembly use(500+), media and administration facilities as well as a private member club. If someone could point me in the direction of what regulation documentation that I should seek. Many Thanks, KFC
  11. There was a problem highlighted with the wording in loan forms when secured loans under £25k were taken out. All loans paperwork have been looked at and I received a letter today stating Some of NRAM communications taken out by certain customers did not comply with all of the requirements prescribed by the CCA. They have stated they have looked at my paperwork and stated that as the loan taken out clearly states the purpose of the loan was for home improvements (Conservatory) this loan is specifically exempt from CCA regulations. They then go on to say that there were references made to the CCA in the loan and account documentation that I have been sent in the past. These references were wrong and will not appear in future statements. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. This reeks if the paperwork is wrong it is wrong surely - any advice?????
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