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  1. Can some one please advise, I had wrote to these muppets BCW Group and received the below response. They had threatened with a door-step call and i sent them the standard letter and go this reply. Client: Aktiv Kapital UK Limited Client Ref: xxxxxxxxxxxx Final Response Dear xxxxxxxxxxxx I write with regard to your email of xx November 2012 issued in relation to the aforementioned account. I can confirm we have undertaken substantive investigations into your claims and have concluded that your complaint has been refuted. The reasons for this are detailed below.
  2. Evening All, I've took out a loan with provident a few months ago for £700 to help assist with costs towards my wedding and was paying them regularly until about 5 weeks I was taken ill suddenly into hospital where I have had surgery to remove a suspect brain tumour and I am now undergoing treatment. As I have been in hospital, my wife has been working a 40hr week and spending her time visiting me and has totally forgotten about paying them until receiving a threatening phone call from the "area manager" demanding the money has been paid It has never been our intent
  3. Now that winter is here and we are restricted somewhat and unable to get out and about in our caravan we are looking for a hobby to pass the time. Unfortunately arthritis does no justice for any hobby as my fingers are thick and I am all thumbs. DIY is probably out of the question. The wife suffers from osteoarthritis so has her own issues. Gets boring on the computer after awhile and watching Tv is not exactly exciting after a few hours. I used to lead an active life a few years ago when cold weather never bothered me. Not sure what we can do. Any serious suggestions.
  4. Hi I have an unsecured loan with Everyday Loans with an extortionate APR rate. I don't have a copy of the signed credit agreement at present but I have requested this in writing together with a statement of transactions, as I have never received this either! At present my monthly repayments are £275 per month on a very small loan (£4k). Although I haven't missed a payment I am struggling to maintain the payments and wondered what my options are and if there's any way I can possibly get this written off? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks
  5. To give a little background: My partner asked if I would help her reclaim mis-sold PPI. We have sent the SAR to Nat West and received a repsonse (see attached) in what I thought was good timing - ~3 weeks. I understand the 2003 loans will be a bit different to the 2008 one but I would just like to know : 1. do we need to get all the old statements dating back to 2003 before we can move any further? 2. if so is this a usual stalling tactic from the bank? 3. do I just resend the SAR with the £10 again so we can get staements / agreements etc ? Any help would be gratef
  6. The council pays my rent on a private rented property for me, and my children. My dad agreed to be guarantor for the property when i moved in almost 3 years ago. I have never missed a payment. My father retires in April 2013 and obviously doesn't want to be guarantor of the property any more. Ideally i do not want to move house, and disrupt my children, however my landlady when we got house nearly 3 years ago required this. Is there anyway i can stay here without this? What options do i have? Is it all down to talking to landlady? or is there some legal jargon somew
  7. I had a credit card with Capital One, got into difficulties, debt passed to Lowells, I then got a Debt Management to look after this debt. Debt management went bust. Now I have Robinson Way after me on behalf on Lowells and Capital One. Looked at what little paper work I had and it looked like it might have been six years since last payment, so I wrote to Robinson Way saying statue barred. this is the contents of their letter. (We do not accept the statue barred on this account. and if you were to demonstrate that this debt is time barred the debt st
  8. Hello guys, This is my first post and before i start, i would like to say how great a site like this is. Reading through some success stories etc. It's nice to see people sharing their knowledge and helping people they have never even met. Here's my situation. I'm currently with the cccs and i have a DMP with 3 lenders; HSBC loan (now with Metropol) -approx £11k left to pay, paid around 6k. Barclay credit card - approx 2,500 left to pay, paid around 1k. Old goldfish credit card (around 10 years old) - Approx £500. The main thing is my loan. I currently pay just over £20
  9. Hi, I am trying to gather some information to help me clear up a few CSA related issues and was hoping someone could clarify a few points for me. Background: NRP was self-employed and earning a low income. As a result of income levels the NRP was exempt from submitting a tax return and was also in receipt of the full amount of Working Tax Credit. During this period of self employment the NRP believed that they were paying the minimum of £5/week to the CSA. The PWC stated that they were in receipt of £5/week during this time. It was the belief that this minimum payment was being paid
  10. I bought a new tyre for £47.50 from a local garage, when I went to pay my card was declined, it shouldn't have been there was plenty in the account. I paid in cash, when I checked the bank later the money had come out my account, at the time of the transaction the bloke in the garage said there machine was playing up. I went back to the garage they refunded the money back to my card. A few days later the garage called and said the money hadn't gone into their account, I phone my bank they said nothing they can do its an error the other end. The garage are now calling me two or three time
  11. Hi All, In January of this year, I requested my credit file from all CRA's however I am still awaiting my fille from EQUIFAX. They are now requesting photographic identification which I am not happy about as they wont give me a reason why this is required. How can I get my credit file without having to supply this documentation, I have absolutely no confidence in sending any personal information to these companies. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! Kind Regards S13
  12. I was taken to the small claims court by a child minder who minded my daughter for a total of two and a half weeks as I didn't give her 4 weeks notice. Long story short her daughter bit mine very badly twice in the space of a week which went unnoticed, so I removed her from her care after the second time. She was paid for 3 weeks even though she only watched her for two and a half. She won in court as there was no settling in period agreed. I stated at the time and in all correspondence to the lady that I was unable to pay her and the new child care provider. I have always been honest and have
  13. Hi first post please help I have a property I have owned for 12 years and was made into to flats the gable wall had to be demolished and the property lay empty for 7years I had to move in 5 years ago and and have been making do with the small part I could make for my family so I'm now making the place into 1 house and have received a bill from the council for 12 years council tax for one of the flats can they do this ?
  14. A big thank you to everyone on this site for giving so generously & freely of their time & knowledge. It is invaluable, and has helped me to go from a position of being helpless & hopeless to one of having a lot of control over my financial position. They say knowledge is power and that is certainly true where debts & creditors are concerned. I hope my request for assistance below is not going stretch your generosity too far:-) I need some help with Blair, Oliver Scott (BOS) (Bank of Scotland DCA). My questions are at the end of my preamble. Here is
  15. Hello, I'm proposing the spreadsheet guru's out there devise a new one to replace the runningfos one. In my case, if I remove Over limit Fees and Late Payment fees from the monthly payment column, it eventually puts the PPI payment column into a positive black rather than a negative red, thus rendering the rest of the calculations useless after the point that happens. It starts counting the running PPI balance from 0 instead of the last rows value. Before anyone says you cannot claim charges on PPI, I would ask you to read the following information taken from the FoS website.
  16. Hi All, I am new to this so apologies for any mistakes, i just wanted some advice on the debt collector Robinson Way (or any debt collector for that matter), i got in financial difficulties a few years ago and was being charged stupid amounts in default charges by santandar, i had an overdraft with them of £1000 which they decided to cancel once my wages went in, luckily i managed to get it back on the agreement that i kept within my limit and then half way through the month they hit me with more charges from the previous month which sent me over again so i just
  17. I've requested documents under the CCA, and had enclosed the standard £1 postal order. My letter and fee have been returned stating my signature is required before they can proceed. I've read elsewhere that signatures are not needed and are discouraged from being included so that they cannot be used or falsified in documents. Can anyone advise as to how I should proceed please? If I resend this unsigned again (they've sent an alternative address to send to), will the original date it was sent still be valid for their statutory time limit? Many thanks
  18. Hi, I was accepted for my debt relief order this week, before it was submitted on the day I rang creditors and got up to date balances, these were submitted. My DRO was granted the next day, this morning I received a statement from one of my creditors and it seems the day I rang up for the balances that evening they updated the balance and now one of my amounts is wrong, it is only out by about £9 I actually added extra to the balance in case of charges, so now what do I do? I am so annoyed I asked on the phone was the balance correct for the day and they
  19. Background My daughter is a tenant in a shared house on a (joint) AST which runs from July2011 until June 2012. Unusually, the landlord required a new AST agreement (From July 2012 until June 2013) to be signed by the 3 tenants already in December 2011. I signed as guarantor for my daughter for both tenancy agreements based upon the fact that she was receiving a maintenance grant from Student Finance. She was never provided with a copy of the tenancy agreement in either case. In January this year, she decided (for a number of reasons) to drop out of Uni and moved out of the house. Over
  20. My friend got a PCN while delivering parcels in Exeter High Street where loading is not allowed between 10am and 6pm (ie. the only times when some shops are open which is a bit daft). It all looks legitimate (checked the TRO and dates on the ticket) except for one point. There are no yellow markings on the pavements. Are yellow markings on the pavements an essential requirement for loading restrictions? The contravention is "Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force (02)"
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