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  1. we had a bad house fire 5 months ago which spread to next doors house , we were uninsured . our house cost us £16,000 to put right which we took out in loans yet next door who had less damage than us have been told by his insurance company it will cost £102,000 to put his house right , my problem being is that his insurance company have now sent me a letter asking for my insurance companys details so they can liase with them over the repair costs , as i have no insurance i have as yet not replied but a friend of mine thinks that as i have no insurance thi
  2. I would appreciate help iro submitting my defence which is due on 05/07/2014. AOS was submitted on 19/06/2014. I have attached relevant docs. The Credit Agreement was provided following a CCA request to Marlin. As it was too difficult to read they then provided the letter of 23/01/14 with a typed out version of the declaration. I believe that I had a default notice from Northern Rock in 2009 and have received the statutory notices each year. The loan was opened in 2001. The last full payment was made in October 2009 and token payments were made in Dec 2009 , Jan 2010 and F
  3. Hi, I'm new to this group but really need some help I've fallen trap of the Payday loans and don't know which way to turn! I've taken out 3 in the space of 2 weeks but really can not afford to clear them, my husband knows nothing about them - problem no. 1!!! I'm going to contact each one to offer a repayment plan but judging from your threads this doesn't always work!! If I cancel my card at the bank will they still be able to take money out by other means?? I have every intention of paying them but just got myself in too deep at the moment, rolling the interest over isn'
  4. I booked a holiday with onthebeach.co.uk in error due to the site not being user friendly. I did not know the booking had been made as the total cost (including credit card surcharge) was not included until I proceeded with the booking. It also initially showed the return flight being to Manchester and I had specified Liverpool Airport for travel. At no point did it say the booking had been confirmed, I therefore then booked the same holiday for a longer period, due to there not being much difference in price. I can cancel the hotel but as the flights are with Rya
  5. Hi all, I have been asked for some help from my auntie and i'm trying to find out any information that may help her course. I have searched the forum as best as I can but really cant find anything that exactly covers this. ...so here goes.... My uncle has just passed away and upon going through all his things she has found a boxful of unopened letters some addressed to her and some to him, most of them are request from various dca's saying she owes money for xyz accounts and threats of court action etc etc, there has also been a ccj issued as well,
  6. Hello Is there any direct representetive on here from EE ? I have a continuing issue with mthe billing and reception aspect with my contract AG
  7. Hi I’d be very grateful for any help/advice with the following problem. Four years ago, I asked Goldfish if they could write-off my credit card debt due to my circumstances (which I’d explained to them). They wrote back saying that they couldn’t do this, however they stated, due to my circumstances, that they wouldn’t pursue me ever again for any further payments. However,the debt would still show on my credit file. Not so long after that was agreed, Barclays bought all the Goldfish accounts,including mine – and it wasn’t too long before they requested payments from me ag
  8. I am a member of an organisation which is a Limited Company registered as a mutual society. We had a visit two weeks ago(26 March) from a Marstons employee, informing us that he had a High Court Writ to seize goods and collect payment for a Supplier. We have an ongoing dispute with the supplier regarding their breach of contract - and increase in fees after their takeover of a company we had previously dealt with.They said the Consumer Credit Agreement still stood! - they themselves terminated the contract, issued a default notice under the CCA 1974, in the sum of £395.11 obtained
  9. anyone do a favour please... I have a return offer from MBNA obv some £400+ lighter than what i'd roughly done. they've not sent any breakdown yet, that will be asked for on Monday. 1, the neighbour in question needs the money if he accepts it as it stands , can he argue the rest later. 2. can someone do a better job with the way I calculated the redress [CIsheet then stat] have all the statements. dx siteteam
  10. Hi guys, I joined Vodafone Friday last week and I have started to experience signal issues. This varies from receiving 'No Service' to trying to use the 3G service which is excruciatingly slow and then stops working altogether after a few minutes of use. Another phone I have which is on the 3 network works fine. I was wondering if it would be possible to have my contract cancelled as I am still in the cooling off period? Hopefully I can grab the attention of the VF forum team. Thanks in advance, Tom
  11. I am posting this on behalf of a relative who has received two Claim Forms out of Northampton (CCBC) County Court. Both are for debts originally with HSBC a) Credit Card (1***.** and b) Bank Loan (1****.**). Both Particulars of Claim are basically the same except the Credit Card uses the wording 'a regulated agreement' whereas the Bank Loan uses the wording 'a loan agreement'. Both say that a Notice of Assignment has been provided to the defendant with a date on the Bank Loan one but on the Credit Card one there is no date. Also that a Default Notice has been served on the def
  12. My payslips went missing with my information on them, and I have exhausted the in house complaints system. My information is still floating around somewhere, and it lets people know, who I am, where I work, how much I earn, and I really need to keep where I work to very few people, whom I can trust. Do I have a complaint here for the ICO?
  13. Hi, This one is a little different. In a nut shell. I bought a knowhow service 'Fix and Fault' for my desktop. Whilst in store employee stole items from the desktop and gave back to me saying 'irreparable' Sold me a memory stick and downloaded items from hard drive. I then put my desktop through to my insurance company to make a claim. Insurance company contests my claim as internal damage was 'malicious' and have verified missing items from desktop and damage with an engineers report. I've complained to PC world (this was difficult to say the lea
  14. Hi all hope you're ok. please bear with me but I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have just noticed in my credit file with experian that I have a default notice sent by Lowell after an account for next. This debt was about £383 or so which I have paid and says settled. Now I can't fully remember if I was sent a default notice or not to be honest and I wasn't working and buried my head in the sand with money. I know I shouldn't of. My problem is that the girlfriend is pregnant now and wants a home before she's due. She's only a month gone or so. Now with this
  15. Hi All, I hope you can help me with a letter I have received from Tesco Bank. I have defaulted on a Tesco Credit card and this debt was passed to MDRL. I requested proof that MDRL were legally allowed to claim on this debt and they passed on the CCA request to the original lender. After many months and as far as I am concerned a default on my CCA request, Tesco have replied. The letter is attached. Please answer these questions if possible. Are they right, should the CCA request be signed, bearing in mind it was sent to MDRL? If they have done nothin
  16. Hi, I ve been searching the forums and used the templates etc. Basically, I have 4 PDL and its spiralled out of control. I've taken ownership and contacted them to offer repayment based on available funds. I have provided them with income and outcome figures, then divided the rest based on percentage amount. Wonga are just ingnoring me and Im getting no where, so I itend to send a letter instead of email. MEM gave accepted and Ive made 1st payment. However, P2P / QQ are demanding I fill out a complete income and expense form. This is after two weeks of counter offers to extend my loan w
  17. Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I'm new here and it's taken me 2 days to find out how to do this. I have spent a while going through the treads on this website which relate to the ET. I wondered if there was anyone who could give me some pointers on what I should be doing in order to represent my son at his ET at the beginning of October. Brief summary of case: ⦁ November 2011 son sent in a written qualifying protected disclosure about absence due to ill health, the state of his working environment, and the treatment he had been receiving from his new ap
  18. Hi, Letting agent in question is actually based in Golborne (am property) how ever we live in wigan.* My story is as follows.* We have lived in a rented house for just over a year. *There has been a problem with damp in one room since we moved in. *For *the last 6 months this has caused black mould. *This has been reported to them several times and they have neglected to repair it. *It eventually ended up in a leak destroying a £400 tv, £200 pvr, £100 blu ray player, countless books and a £70 chest of drawers. *This is on top of countless items of clothing and shoes destroyed by the mould
  19. Brand new to this site, so please excuse me if I have posted in the wrong place. From the beginning, in March 2006 my partner was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I had outstanding with Lloyds bank a Personnel Loan of £18,000, a Credit Card with a balance of £13,000, and an overdraft of £470.00. I wrote to Lloyds to explain my circumstances and they agreed to accept reduced payments of £200.00 per month for a period of 6 months. In December of 2006 my partner sadly passed away, and with her my world. I was unable to work for a considerable time
  20. I don`t know where to start really I feel so upset, my partner of 10 years left me last wednesday and has told me today he will not be coming back. He was the sole earner in our house I have not worked for a while due to health problems and I am unable to work at present. I did not claim any benefits my partner provided for me. He paid the rent, bills, etc and now he has walked out and not left me a penny I literally have £4 in my bank account. Now I have no way to pay the rent, I applied today for ESA and was told it will take about 3 weeks to process if I am lucky and I can`t apply for
  21. Hi hoping someone can help. My wife had a house re-possessed 19 years ago with negative equity. This was with her ex-husband. This they were paying off until 5 years ago when he disappeared...literally. My wife spoke to CAB and everything and was advised to set-up a repayment plan with mortgage express for £1 a month. This has always been paid. She was also informed (wrongly I think) by the CAB that mortgage express had split the debt. In the last fortnight she has received letters stating that she owes £35K. Apparently her ex has been paying nothing and has in fact gone bankrupt. We have been
  22. Hi, I am new to this site, not really found any conversations that answer my questions regarding the debt collector company called Collectica and their bailiff approach. I current have a debt that’s been pass to them via the courts for a fine, I had left it a day late to make contact with the court to make a payment plan but was still able to make my first monthly payment, before being told it had been passed to Collectica and I would be contacted. Almost two months later, a bailiff turned up at my door giving me a Notice of Intention to Entre & Search
  23. Hi, I'll try & keep this quick & brief. However, I have had recent dealings with Motormile Finance as they contacted my 85 year old mother in law and scared the crap out of her by threatening a doorstep visit looking for myself. I don't know why they have contacted her as I have NEVER lived there. Anyway, I sent them the standard template from the CAG forums regarding a doorstep visit and changed the last paragraph to comply with Scots law. I have today received this letter to my actual address where I live. Any advice on what to send these parasites in response to this? I di
  24. Hi all. I have just recently registered and been looking through the forums regarding the biggest **** in this country - Swift Advances. I have seen all the help given to people around this forum especially ims21 which I honestly applaud and was wondering if you can help me with this too? I'm doing this for my father who quite frankly is just about managing to keep up with his payments and has been in arrears for quite some time on and off. He has his 1st Mortgage with another mortgage provider Birmingham Midshires - £50,000 in 2005 and this is his second secured loan - £34,9
  25. Dear All, Advice required, next steps. Lloyds have previously sent a compensation amount, I subsequently sent a SAR request and CCA request this gave me more information proving their compensation amount was incorrect. I now have statements back to 2000, however I think the account was opened in 1983. I do not have this data, Lloyds have failed to provide the data saying they only have to keep records for six years, however the CC department say their records say it goes back to 1990, but I do not have this on paper. I have created a financial mode
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