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  1. Hi I have a question. I had a possession warrant which was due to be executed lat October. I managed to pay the arrears in full in Decemeber after having the warrant suspended etc. I have fallen behind again and have been contacted by my mortgage company to say that they are going to apply for a new possession warrant. I thought as I had paid the arrears in full they couldn't do that and would have to start a new claim. They replied to this question by saying it stays on file for 6 years, is this correct.? Any help or advice regarding this is appreciated X
  2. I made a CCA request to Barclaycard but the information I received was just some terms and conditions. I took some advice and made a Subject Access Request http://i1019.photobucket.com/albums/af319/Ukmark319/BarclaycardSARrequest.jpg I got a reply today under this request and all I got was a forwarding letter (Below) and a bunch of statements going back to 2003. http://i1019.photobucket.com/albums/af319/Ukmark319/barclaycardSARreply.jpg so there is no signed agreement or anything that resembles one just pages of statements. What should I do now Many thx
  3. Hi, I was pretty surprised to get a CCJ in the post earlier this week. I can post details later, but just wondering if there's anyone on here that can offer any guidance on how to deal. What I understand thus far, is that my only option seems to be to try and defend this. I've never heard of the claimant, I've never had any correspondence from them, which as I understand it, could form part or all of my defence. They've listed interest owing, I am not sure they can do this? It's from a cahoot loan, from around 2002ish, one of the flexible loan t
  4. I have today (30th January) received the letter below from Parking Eye dated 15 January 2015. I did not receive the original PCN letter it refers to. I changed address shortly before the "Date of Event: 06 December 2014". There was a delay with the DVLA updating my details and my mail re-direction service failed so I assume the original PCN is one of the items Royal Mail mis-delivered. The letter says: "The 29 days have now passed and the amount now payable is £85.00, this payment is required within 14 days to avoid further action." As this letter was redirected
  5. Good morning all, Been a wee while since i've visited the forum, used to visit regular and help out on the payday loan section. Having a little bit of trouble with civil enforcement and they are now taking me me to court. To cut a long story short I went away to Whitby for the day and parked in a CO-OP car park, I paid the fee but failed to put in my reg correctly. I have been arguing with them for the past two years and they have refused to provide a list of the invalid reg no's for around that time, therefore there is no way do I feel I should have to pay. I have now
  6. My father has passed away and in his will requested a cost effective paupers funeral with no minister, eulogy or any ceremony. He was on Pension Credit does not own any fixed property as such, just normal household furnishings. However we found about £12000 savings. We are ourselves on Pension credit and have very little savings. I am also disabled otherwise we would consider a DIY funeral where we transport the body in a shroud to the crematorium. Funeral directors want over £1000 to perform this simple task. If we are unable to do a cost effective paupers funeral then all his
  7. Hi all, I'm new to posting on this forum so please be gentle with me if all this has been done before. I've spent the last few days reading various threads on this issue but my head's now spinning!! Any help, advise or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Back in October 2009 when I was in a financial black hole, I foolishly sold an MBNA CC Debt to Credit Card Killer/Momentum Networks. (That's a story in itself) Since then I've had the expected phone calls, letters, defaults, assignments to DCA which have been on-going, most of which I
  8. apparently after claiming wtc and being awarded it for 2012-13 was earning 7.00 ph on a 32 hour week hmrc claim that i earned £24k in this tax year, though for life of me cant figure that one out now had to finish work and told overpayment is 1200 pounds letter arrived today saturday [gotta admire their timing arriving on a weekend] rang them and they say they require me to pay at least 50 per cent of any disposable income per month which after answering questions on expenditure and income comes out at 14 quid a month can they insist on this amo
  9. I'm not really sure where I stand with this and really could do with some advice having read some of the many posts on advantage fifinance nothing is precisely like my situation. I took out finance with Advantage in July. A week later with the car I received a welcome call and confirmed with the advisor that I wished to have the 2nd of every month as my billing date. This was never put in place. When the next payment defaulted as there was no funds in my account on 16th July Advantage were quite hasty in texting me saying the vehicle May be repossessed. I contact
  10. I have used other's student oyster card in June and now got a second letter from TFL saying that will take me to Magistrates' court in about 10 days. There was a letter in July which asked for explanation and I replied and asked for settle out of court but it seemed not to be used at all. I have 3 actions to take: 1) plead guity and not to court 2) go to court 3) plead not guilty and reset new dates. What should I choose? If I choose 3), what will be the new date? Is it possible to be after Feb next year? and will it ma
  11. Hi. Just need some information regarding hire or rental purchase, is there a difference ?? Reason I ask is, 10 month ago I got a computer on hire purchase from Perfect Homes, I went here because the cost compared to brighthouse was almost half and a better spec and also was only £20 more expensive than the well known computer shops. Don't get me wrong, I was and I am happy with my purchase but unfortunately I have hit some serious financial difficulty and costs have got to be cut in my household, I am cancelling my ties with virgin media so internet will
  12. Good morning all, First post so apologies if its a bit of a ramble, I received today a claim form from Northampton County Court, claimant MCE (Marlin) in respect of an debt with HSBC. It mentions a bank account facility and they are claiming over £10K. I got myself into debt in the mid 2000's trying to support my business with credit card and overdrafts and it all went horribly wrong. The weird thing is, this debt is actually 2 debts. One for the current acc and one for a credit card. I was harassed by Marlin in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and as I lived with my parent
  13. Hey folks, need a favour Does anyone have a copy of their T+Cs for their natwest credit card from late 2001 early 2002? I would appreciate it if the booklet could be uploaded onto here. Great If it arrives before 7am tomorrow in time for mediation. But still need it for court. Regards
  14. My mother in law works part-time for a supermarket in England, an has worked there for over 2 years. In July there was a store meeting where everyone was advised that they will be requiring people to offer more availability for the times/days they can work due to business requirements, and that redundancies were on the cards. On the way out of the meeting they were given generic letters for them to fill in with their new availability. Mother in law extended her hours of availability even though she didn't want to and she cannot commit to much more (she cares for my 2 year old a few days a
  15. Good morning, I really need some guidance and help on a matter that has been going on since March please. I work for a local council authority and back in March this year my manager tried to get me to significantly increase my evening overtime working hours without my consent and also without change to my contract even though this would have meant a substantial change to my working hours. When I realised that she was being underhanded, I said I wanted to speak to someone on the council to ensure what she was asking was correct. Needless to say this did not go down well and after many da
  16. Hi all i'm new to this bear with me, I have just received a letter from Paratus AMC claiming i owe Mortgage Arrears of xxxxx for a house i don't own or have made any payments too. There is no address as to the Mortgage Arrears or information, just they want me to contact them ASAP to pay Arrears. After doing some digging it appears on my credit file i have a Financial connections to people whom i knew and it is going back to 8 years ago the date im linked, it looks like someone has signed my name for a Mortgage /Re-mortgage. or they are fishing sending out a lett
  17. My mother is in arrears with Mortgages 1 Ltd and has fallen behind with the repayment proposal due to my father being off work ill. (Broken ankle and complications). HL Interactive have written saying "YOU ARE AT RISK OF EVICTION. We have now been instructed to enforce the Order for Possession. This means that an eviction date will be scheduled and you may have to vacate the property. ACT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE Please contact us on ********* as soon as possible. We will try to work with you to find a solution to your mortgage arrears and avoid the possibility of you losing you
  18. Please do not judge me but I have cheated the benefit system. On Monday of this week (28/04/2014) I received a letter which has requested that I attend an interview at my local Job Center concerning "an investigation into alleged criminal offences in relation to a claim to benefits" The letter does not give any further information other that I might want to have some legal representative there with me and that I should notify them that I will be attending. This I have done and have arranged for a legal representative as well to be there. A little background concerning what le
  19. Hi there, I am new to the forum, I signed up as I need help. Basically, I have the chance to work up in Aberdeen as an ERO (Emergency Response Officer), just means a mobile security guard really, but they require my last 5 year work history, vetting it's called. They already managed to secure some of it, but still need a few details from here and there, basically, I am asking, is there a really simple way to get all of my work history and unemployment dates in the last 5 years? If I call HMRC would they be able to provide dates I have paid national insurance and tax etc...?
  20. have any of you who have a complaint against Swift contacted your MP about them? If so could you please post up here the details of the MP concerned as a lobby group of MP's is trying to be established to try and help Swift customers. The importance cannot be stressed enough, obviously the more MP's involved the more the right people will take notice.
  21. Hi having just found the forum we are very grateful for any help or advice regarding our position. Having been with Allied Irish bank for the mortgage on our property they simply wouldn't allow us to go on an intrest only mortgage for any length of time and wanted capital and repayment this resulted in arrears. The property was rented out unofficially with the banks knowledge of course but they didn't have a buy to let product available so would not change the mortgage. Anyway the property is now in arrears and probably in around 200k of negative equity and we spoke on the phone with the
  22. Wonder if anyone give me some help, Possibly Andyorch My wife received a County Court Claima few days ago Reference a MBNA (Virgin Card) POC Below The Claimant claims the sum of £ xxxxx.xx for debt and interest. On 24/2/2003 then defendant entered into an agreement with MBNA for a credit card under reference XXXXXXXXXXXXX. On 31/12/2009 the defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of £ xxxx.xx. On 28/01/10 the debt of £xxxx.xx was assigned to Varde Investments (Ireland)Ltd, who its self assigned the debt to Aktiv Kapital Por
  23. I've been managing a rental property and the tenants (a family - husband, wife and child) have been residing in the property for approximately 6 years and there has never been an issue with non payment of rent. Due to work and family pressures, I took my eye off the ball and did not check that their rent was being made. I recently check the account and realised that last months rent had not been paid. Having contacted my tenant he apologised and informed me he had been experiencing some financial difficulties and would be making the payment. However when I went into the bank, they inf
  24. A friend of mine (not me but a close friend) is considering a debt management plan to help with his debt problems. From reading I see debts are prioritised but what happens to those debts which are not priority but where there is a ccj already in place and where he hasn't kept to the agreed payments? If this isn't the right forum, perhaps you could report for me. Thanks.
  25. Hi all, Need a bit of advice. I will try and keep this short and give all the facts, today my partner has received a requisition from the dvla No ASN required. On the 1/3/2014 we got 6mts tax from our local post office and paid for It by cheque the cheque was declined by our bank. We recieved a statutory notice dated 27/03/14 saying we had to pay the £68.75 or deliver up the licence. Now fast forward to today 13/8/2014 he gets this letter saying as he has failed to deliver up the licence he is required to appear at Lancaster Magistrates Court on the 1/9/201
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