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  1. Hi all, first post and looking for advice/plan of attack. Parking Notice relates back to 15 May 2012. I was registered keeper but not using the vehicle at the time (I was in bed after a night shift!) The car park in question is free for 1 hour and no option to pay. The notice relates to an over stay. The original paperwork from June 2012 showed photo evidence of the vehicle, but no image of the driver. I don't have this anymore. binned it 6 months ago thinking this had gone away. BW Legal are now involved and I've sent them one denial letter. I did state I was going to c
  2. Hi there, I (like many others) am in the same situation as Ginger - handed a PCN from ES for parking /stopping in the Spinningfields area. Letters of complaint / information requests have been ignored, Gladstones involved and the case referred to County Curt Business Centre. I'm pretty anxious and have never dealt with anything like this before. I am seeking some urgent advice as I returned from holiday to find the county court claim and now only have 2 days to respond... I obviously want to appeal and thinking along the lines of (pls forgive the lack of legal
  3. I have just discovered that my elderly mother inlaw (73) who is on income support has been getting regular loans from a local agent for provident. It would appear that a neighbour is drug dependant has been regularly getting money from her and so she has borrowed to support herself. There are two payment books in her possession which have a total of 5 different account numbers across the two books and are very difficult to understand. I can see on one occasion she was given two separate loans for £1000 each over the course of twenty days ( total credit £4200
  4. first of all to say hello to all users. i am new here be gentle . i have read the forum rules etc . feel free to say hello and if i can help i will. right down to the nitty gritty. i have recently discovered i had ppi with mbna on 3 accounts out the 6 they told me i had in total (possibly linked cards) they are investigating the 3 they have told me about. is it worth me sending sar requests for the others. just read some old posts regarding dishonest mbna online. or am i barking up the wrong tree here. grateful for any help or advice all the best
  5. Hello, I would like to find a solicitor that would act to defend me in a litigation case - I would hope that mediation or a 'round table' discussion could be held prior to litigation. The case has had a Barristers opinion and that is 65% chance of success the claim value including damages and fees to date is circa £200K. I have previously had a large firm of solicitors dealing with it and felt frustrated with delays and lack of help. I want a small sole practitioner or similar. The claim is backed by DAS and paid for via insurance, the rate agreed previously was £201.00
  6. Hi, I've been looking at reclaiming PPI from a 2002 loan I got to buy musical equiptment. After being messed around claiming they couldn't find my account details I SAR'd my bank at the time and sifted through 1000+ pages of documentation in order to find my agreement number, 160 days after the initial SAR request I was eventually supplied my account detals. Long story short it was single payment / front loaded PPI payment. I did however run into difficulties paying the account and it was "written off (term as per transaction description) / defaulted at £520 in 3
  7. Hi Everyone, Looking for some help. My partner made an application via a PPI company to claim back any PPI he had on his old accounts, They found we had 1 from Welcome Finance on a car we had in 2004. they sent away to claim it back, Welcome instantly declined it and the management company dealing with the claim for him decided to send it to the FOS. 2 Months ago the FOS found against Welcome and advised them to reimburse in a proper manner. But now this is where we need help. Welcome has sent us a letter which I will attach for you to see.
  8. I moved into a new rental property 5 weeks ago. When I moved in I realised it was a pre-pay meter. I hadn't had one before and immediately called to ask to change to a DD account. I was told I would have to wait a month then have a credit check and then if approved move off. I called today to start that process and whilst I was on the phone the customer service rep performed an Experian credit check and told me I failed and I could not apply again for another 60 days. I logged onto Experian to see my report which is a 989 score out of a possible 999 - an almost perfect excellent rating
  9. Hi I'm hoping I am posting this question in the right forum? My cousin who turned 50 in March passed away from a short cancer related illness. She was an only child and her mother, my aunt, is in her 80's. They had a joint savings account which they both contributed money into for more than 10 years and when she passed away the account had approximately £19,000. The estate has gone to probate and when the building society were informed, they sent a cheque direct to my aunt for the full amount. We assumed that as the account was in joint names the money would automatically be hers
  10. Hello 1st post and I hope I'm posting in correct forum. if not could Mods please move post. The wife of a friend of mine has walked out a couple of weeks ago. Shes has walked away and left everything in limbo. Friend phoned the bank and arranged an appointment where they froze the joint account , opened a new account in his name only so he can have his wages paid in, pay bills / dd/so and mortgage etc Wife had a gym membership, He phoned the gym to tell them she had left, bank acc closed and they told him he was liable , so he set up new direct debit from new account and was
  11. I am currently investigating the enforceability of two credit card accounts which were held with Royal bank of Scotland They merged both cards together at one point, Classic Visa with Gold visa to give one card with one credit limit as opposed to two cards with two limits. I have requested a subject access request report from RBS over a period of several months so that I can fight the case. They have eventually come back to me with some statements for the initial account however they have admitted that they cannot obtain the credit agreement for the first card (RBS Classic
  12. Hi All, Need some Advice please from you knowledgeable bunch. Back in Sept 2007 I defaulted and stopped my payments on an Argos Store Card which i had due to financial issues, I had the usual debt collection letters for approx 1 year which i ignored and made no payments on due to not being able to. The default was registered on my Credit File as Nov 2007 and disappeared off my file in Nov 2013, by which time the debt was Statue Barred, During this time no contact was made with any DCA and NO payments were made to the account, and none have been made since
  13. Hi, For good reasons i fell behind with my payments on my Water account back in 2008, in 2010 the company obtained a CCJ against me, i accept this - we hadnt paid and nothing they could do. Nothing happened until December last year, when our financial position changed so i made a re-payment arrangement with the water company. Ever since we have made a good dent in the debt. However, I have checked my Equifax account today and the water company registered a default against me in 2015, frustrating as the CCJ has JUST dropped off - they have also not shown
  14. Hi, would appreciate advice/comments on my situation. I have lived in the USA for over 3 years and have no plans to return to the UK (except for holidays). I own a house in the UK that has mostly been rented out but this year I have attempted to sell it - 5 months ago I accepted an offer and its been a long an protracted sale but I thought it was going to finally complete but have now been told that my buyer has been refused insurance due to the properties flooding history (last flooded in 2007!). Now I am faced with the very real possibility that I stand no chance of selling the house
  15. Hi, I am looking for some advice, having received a court requisition this morning, having been previously blissfully unaware of any issue (not having received any warning letters) I am the registered keeper of a car, that I 'loaned' to a friend of my husbands to use during a troubled patch in his life. The car was taxed by DD monthly, paid for by my husband, and insured by the driver, until January 2016 when he wrote the car off in an accident. I am being charged that on the 5th April 2016 the vehicle was taxed, and not insured. Firstly, the car was taken away by the i
  16. My husband had a contract with Three Mobile for his IPad. He noticed that payments had stopped going out, this was in January 2016, so rang up to check why. Three told him that the contract ended last November, so that was fine and we thought no more about it. Until, a debt collection letter appears, claiming that the last two payments were never made, totalling £50, and that they now want £341! Never had ANY letters or emails or texts to say that payments weren't paid at the time, no reminders or bills, nothing. And no mention of this when my husband called to query why payments had stop
  17. I have a query relating to a situation my partner finds herself in. This is happening in Scotland if it makes a difference. A little background first to let you know why we find ourselves in this position: My partner rents a house at the moment and the tenancy is managed by a letting agency. She has lived in the property for around 6 years, slightly more, and in January this year renewed her tenancy for a further 6 months. She did this knowing we were about to begin looking for our first home together, however we both felt it was a good idea to give ourselves some time without having to w
  18. On Sunday I booked a holiday through love holiday which came to £300 for the two of us. Today I got an email requesting for me to call them and when I did they said that the holiday that I had booked was overbook and I now must pay £1000 for the next room up. I have already paid £130 to the previous holiday. Can they do this to me? What rights do I have? I must phone them back within the next hour please help
  19. Hi All A company called GhostArk last year put a device on the market for pre-order called a GhostArk. If you pre-ordered the device you got a discounted price and two models were available. Orders were taken around August last year and we were told the devices would ship in December. In December they told on a post on Facebook in a video comment the unit would no longer have a built in speaker and would come with an external speaker at no extra charge. This upset a lot of people as the device is no longer an all in one as you have to carry the speaker around with you. They also
  20. Hi, A friend of mine receive a Parking charge through the Post, i have attached a copy of the ticket they have received by post. No ticket was issued on the vehicle and there is no CCTV camera or ANPR system The driver said that they were inside the car and were trying to read the information on the signage and they moved after they read the sign. Having looked at the ticket it stated that the ticket was issued at 18:34 but the evidence on-line shows that the ticket was at around 17:40. Can the driver fight on the grounds no ticket was issued to him and that the time is wrong
  21. Hi does anyone have any email contact details for he aqua credit card - i want to contact them about a debt I have with them and try and sort things out but they only supply a postal address or phone number on their site
  22. Hello, I am writing to ask advice about an issue with O2. I have noticed similar issues pop up on this and other forums. I checked my Experian credit rating in Nov 2015 and had an excellent rating. I then started to arrange a mortgage. Looking back now the credit file changed in Dec to show I had a default from O2 in 2011. The default is due to moving accounts from a O2 consumer account to an O2 business account. It looks like the people on this forum are very knowledgeable about this and I would like to ask for your advice. I had been told on the phone that I had paid the bill
  23. Hi, A very good friend of mine is to help me out by renting a room from me and living with me to help with the garden, house etc. He also cooks meals etc due to my disability. My health is much improved, I still have to be careful to avoid a relapse. He is in full time work and I do not claim benefits. However occasionally he does get a small top up of UC when his wages are very low. Therefore I think I may need a formal template since he has just left his bedsit?? I do not know.
  24. hi all on 24th dec 2015 i received papers from northampton court from cabot financial ltd and drysden solicitors relating to a capital one credit card debt. i acknowledged service of claim online but as yet havent entered a defence. i have sent cabot a cca letter and £1 postal order sent recorded which i have proof off, giving them 12+2 days to respond its now 12 + 3 days from signing for letter and still nothing. at the same time i sent drysden a civil procedure rule 31.14 letter which is now 10 days since signing for and again still nothing
  25. Hi all, I have been look around taking in all the information, but I could really do with some help/advise. I am currently on a DMP with step change (4-5 years). CCCS now StepChange have & were life savers, but I now feel advice contradict what I have read on theses and other forums I send off CCA request letters to some of my creditors. Long story short Capquest 1st reply stated they were waiting for HSBC, 2nd letter stated that HSBC could not provide CCA paperwork therefore the debt was unenforceable, but I was expected to continue to pay. 12+2+
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