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  1. Hi, I have received a PCN from Premier Park for parking in Exeter Road Car Park in Braunton, Devon. I parked in this carpark for 20 mins at 19:06 and it was dark. I did not realise that it was a paid car park as the notices were not that clear and lighting was low. 'Contrevention date': 2nd November, 2017. The issue date of the PCN: 8th November, 2017. The PCN requests £60 if paid by 14 days from issue date or £100 afterwards. I have googled around and this car park seems to have a history of this issue. I do not live any where near the car park, I cannot get imag
  2. Hi All, I have read many many threads on here about SkillsTrain etc. and the issues about the course material, mis-selling of finance with CDF etc and i am in a similar boat. Let me explain my story here. In early 2010 i responded to an advert about receiving information on the Games Developer course with Train2Game. A lady came to my house shortly afterwards. At the time i was very stressed at work and was diagnosed with an acute anxiety disorder (thankfully that has gone now) because of my work and the pressures on me. The lady arrived at noon and started chatting about the cou
  3. Hi I sold a phone via fb marketplace and he paid into my account. I sent the phone and I assume he has received it as he has now reported me as a [EDIT] to Natwest saying he has received nothing. I have no proof of post. The bank has blocked my access to online banking and use of my card I have no access to my monies. I spoke to them and they said that I am being investigated by the team I am outraged as obviously the person saying I am doing him over is in fact trying to do me over Any how. How will I get my account back and my monies? Also I hear fraud
  4. Hello, My partner has received a 'final notice' from marstons regards to a fine until today she had no knowledge of. After ringing the HMCTS, she found that the fine related to a judgement from April 2017 for not insuring a vehicle she was registered keeper for (she had reported as SORN but admits had no confirmation). Presumably as the vehicle was registered at a previous address then any court documents wouldve gone there. She ignored the first notice from Marstons today they put a 'final notice' through the door threatening that they can break in using a locksmit
  5. Name of the Claimant ? Cabot Financial UK Ltd Date of issue – 1 Jun 2017 What is the claim for – 1.By an agreement between IDEM Re Egg Banking Plc & the Defendant on or around 16/8/2005 ('the agreement') IDEM Re Egg Banking Plc agreed to loan the Defendant monies. 2. The Defendant did not pay the installments as they fell due & the Agreement was terminated. The Agreement was assigned to the Claimant. THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 1397.53 What is the value of the claim? 1547.53 (inc fees of 150) Is the claim for - personal loan
  6. A couple of weeks ago I had to call a locksmith out (from a call centre number). My key would not turn what appeared to be a jammed deadlock. Using airbags to partially hold open part of the door he used an angle grinder to try and cut through the deadlock but unfortunately the blade was too short by about 2mm. He then decided to use a hammer and chisel with a great amount of force for about 30 - 40 minutes. He aborted the job and I was left locked out. The next day another locksmith came round and used a paddle to hole part of the door open sufficiently enough for
  7. Hi CAG, I am hoping for some advice, if you could be so kind. I took out a BC in Jan 2011, and due to a serious marriage break-up, problems with alcohol and depression I lost my job in late 2012, needless to say the last thing on my mind was managing my debt. In a panic I ended up on another forum which I am sure you will know which seems to offer stupid advice. I wrote to BC and asked for a copy of the CCA, they replied with a reconstituted copy of the terms and conditions but no copy of the agreement. Literally a month later they sold the debt (£2000) to Hoist and I
  8. At the start of the year we had a new bathroom fitted. We purchased all the furnishings so the quote was for labour only. Due to my wife being allergic to dust it was agreed that the fitting would take place whilst we was on holiday. 75% of the labour charge has been paid to him to date On our return home we was shocked to see our new bathroom. The quality of work in our opinion is below standard, fittings haven't been fitted correctly, damaged has occured to several furnishings, we have had a leak going through our living room ceiling and a second leak on the outside wall due to incorr
  9. Hi all, I've noticed that there are some real horror-show complaints about Advantage Finance on this forum, and I'm here to add to this in my own small way. I would like to mention in advance that I believe some of this stuff to sound implausible, but there is written proof of everything I say here. So, a quick summary of this would be: 1. I bought a car from a dealer, using Advantage for finance for £3000 of the £4000 price. 2. I made several payments on time by DD. 3. I notified them that there were several issues with the car; a - the parking sensors h
  10. Hello, A number of PCNs from Smart Parking were delivered to my address in the last few weeks, for an alleged breach of the terms of parking at Matalan in Sutton, Surrey. This was subsequently followed by a Notice of Intended Court Action letter from Debt Recovery Plus (DRP), stating the reason for the PCN being issued as: "Overstayed Paid Time". Earlier this week, another letter was received from SCS Law who claim to act on behalf of Smart Parking Ltd who have allegedly instructed this law firm to recover the PCN charges. The letter then goes on to state that Smart Parking ar
  11. My rent is payable weekly (tenancy agreement states rent is to be paid weekly to landlord's bank account) which I do. I have been told that the landlord should still provide a rent book as it is paid weekly - is that correct? Thank you.
  12. I took virgin media to CICAS and they lied about the contract. They told CICAS the screen shot of the t&cs I provided was from an old contract from someone else while the screen shot they provided is from my contract (by this time they had changed my online profile and had updated my contract to show new t&cs). I did not have the original contract copy at that moment but later, after CICAS decided in their favour, I found out the email they had sent me which had the contract I signed and could prove my stance was right. The only proof they gave was fake screen shots wh
  13. Would very much appreciate some guidance in putting together an appeal for county court. Mainly in terms of putting paperwork together. All. help would be greatly appreciated. Martin
  14. Hi all new to the forum. I apologise if this is the wrong sub forum. I have recently decided to get my credit in order. I have for a long time buried my head in the sand and in the process ended up with 2 ccjs and iva i didnt make a payment to after careful 3rd party talks decided it wouldnt be right, numerous defaults. I have made the first steps Got my credit File from Experian and Equifax these show the following ACTIVE 297 - o2 325 - o2 116 - Indigo Michael (Safety net credit) Paid off in full this month account closed. Closed (with a default balance)
  15. I've received a notice stating that my landlord is offering me suitable alternative accommodation and I shall be required to move. That was two weeks ago. 1 Previously the landlord has written to me stating that they cannot require me to move and will not require me to move. 2 No alternative has in fact been offered. I've done the obvious and emailed pointing out the above and also expressing surprise at receiving a notice without warning. I have had a reply stating that they have noted what I have written. Now, what do I do? I am a Housing Association tenant and hav
  16. Hi there I've had an Amex card (Amex BA rewards card) for several years. Back in September 2015 I sent a letter to tell them I had moved house and provided our new address. However I was getting my monthly statements on line by email so did not question whether they had updated my postal address on their records. In September 2016 I set up a standing order to cover £1000 per month payment but unbeknown to me the instruction failed. Even though Amex had my phone number and email contact details they did not let me know payments were not being received. Instead they wrote to me at my pre
  17. The following regulation has been discussed for many months, and was finally laid before Parliament a few days ago (11th April). It comes into effect on 6th May 2017. The Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/554/made
  18. Good evening a couple of weeks ago I received court forms from Nottingham regarding CABOT. I have had a terrible time with this company, 3 times writing to ask for the creditors original signed credit agreement to no avail. I put a defence in to the money online tool (no idea what Im doing really) and stated that this company had harassed me (calls at work etc) and not supplied me with the credit agreement etc. Ive now received a letter from a company called Restons solicitors telling me my defence wont hold water and that I have 14 days to sort it Letter dated
  19. I've just sent off (with the £10 postal order) a Formal DSAR request to 1st Crud. All info required to be supplied, including a signature was provided in my formal and detailed letter. I've just received one of their 'please fill out this 5 page form' before we are obliged to do anything, however I'm not happy with what they are requesting I provide. There is no way I am ever going to provide them a copy of my driving licence, or bank statements and I'm back on here for some advice. I've been completing DSAR requests for approx 10 years, and apart from (almost) starting legal act
  20. Hi all Just after some advice really, I traded my car in on Friday for a BMW 118d which to be honest I am happy with apart from the fact that the drivers side window switch (its a master switch which controls passenger window/driver window and electric mirrors) when I enquired about the car I was told it had 6 months MOT on it but they would put through a new MOT. This they have done and they did change 2 rear tyres as these were advisories, the guy I spoke to also said that it needed a new window switch....... picked the car up on Friday and again it was mentioned that
  21. Brief background summary. I had a loan with bank, defaulted and they got judgement and charging order. Took bank to court for PPI on the loan, got default judgement and warrant of execution. Bank applied to get judgement and warrant set aside. We reached a compromise that they would reduce balance of judgement and charging order and amend the same accordingly. They have since sold debt without reducing the balance or amending judgement or charging order. Whats the best way to handle this? can I claim damages? Thanks in advance.
  22. I paid them for a couple months via Monthly Standing Orders which i set up, this was after the Debt Management Company I used folded, I then stopped paying all of them recently ... I have just received a true copy of my original CCA from Halifax, back dating to 2001, so will now need to sort a repayment offer with them They are the only 1 from 5 to provide thus far, so tbh i still had a great result This is very true, i assumed info from a company like StepChange would be best i would get, not a mention or suggestion of doing CCA's came from the
  23. Hi guys - really need some advice! I received a PCN for allegedly parking without a valid permit around three months ago, I foolishly disregarded this and thought nothing more of the matter. Imagine my surprise when I received the below correspondence - This is the first letter I have received with regards to this matter and was wondering how best to proceed?
  24. I need some advice as to what I should do... here are the details of my situation. I purchased in to a property scheme run by a vendor in Nov 2008 , where you pay the vendor £2000 and for this they find a buy to let property for you where the rent covers the mortgage payment , the vendor takes care of the purchase of the property, they take care of the solicitor, all the management, (renting, any bills) all bills after two years you have the option to sell the property or to continue to use their services. The Solicitor used was in this with the vendor, the va
  25. Heres one for you. Am i able to give more than the required length of notice to inform a company I am leaving them? IE 2 weeks instead of 1?
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