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Found 35 results

  1. Hi all; I have a mortgage from Nram & an unsecured loan with them also (together mortgage), & a secured loan with Black horse which Nram agreed to. I was made redundant 3 times in succession & I'm working now & hubby works also, we never got straight. Went on interest only & reduced payments, but now they say they cant help us any more. We got a repossession hearing & went to mortgage rescue so it was stopped but mortgage rescue fell through at the last minute due to repair costs. The advisor at mortgage rescue told us to stop paying everyone & find somewhere to live because they would start repossession proceedings again now. Found a house to rent but cant get it because our credit rating is worse than bad & we havnt a guarantor. the council wont rehouse us. got a letter from Nram saying they want to send an advisor out to discuss, if we dont agree they will charge us (is that lawful?). Im happy to see the advisor but dont know what they will do, they refused to extend our mortgage term as hubby is 52 now. we can meet the mortgage but not the secured & unsecured. If we get reposessed they will between them lose about 60k, its mad. dont know what to do
  2. Hi I have a car purchased through the funding corporation, I have one payment left and due to being made redundant at Christmas last year I cannot make it on time, I have called them and offered to pay next month they refused this and have issued a termination and seizure notice unless i rectify the situation in 5 days, ontop of this they are also asking for £900 in charges due to late payments, I have always paid but due to no job sometimes it was late. I have asked numerous times for the bill of sale and they have not provided it. what are my options as I am disabled and need the car, i am worried that they will just turn up and take it leaving me living in a small village with no public transport links. Please can somebody advise what i can do. thanks in advance
  3. Hi. It may be a silly question but best to ask.....When calculating the Statute Barred date, does a credit from a repossession and subsequent sale of goods on an account constitute payment/acknowledgement and therefore the SB date would run from that credit? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi all. I am new to this forum , but would like some help in weighing up my options on what to do within the situation I now face myself in. I recently moved in to a flat with my partner on the 2nd of march this year. Everything seemed fine, however 2 weeks in ,we received a letter stating that the flat was under a repossession order due to the landlord mortgage arrears and that a court date had been set to determine whether or not a repossession order would be granted. 2 weeks later, we found out that the landlord decided that they didnt want the flat anymore and that the mortgage company had been given the right to posses the flat. Becuase of this we decided to move out, before we were asked to, saving the money we would have paid on rent and using it for another deposit on a new flat. We where assured at the time by the letting agency and the citizens advice bureau that because of the circumstances this would be fine. However last month i received a letter from the letting agency stating that because we moved out before the 6month term was up, that we where obliged to pay the rent that we owed for that period. After some long talks with different parties including again the C.A.B, me and my partner are now being asked by the letting agency to forgo only our deposit of 500 pounds as I abruptly showed that they had no right to charge me for a flat that wasn't theirs. I would love some outside help and opinions now on my situation. I have requested that the deposit holding company (mydeposits.co.uk) allow me to take my claim to court which they have said is fine. But i am now worried whether any argument i propose in court will stand up and whether or not i will be able to win. Going through my tenancy agreement i have come across a piece stating the housing act 1988 schedule 2 ground 2. After reading about this, does this forgo my rights in the event of repossession? Do my ex landlords have any grounds to keep my deposit? Some advice would me very much welcome. Thank you
  5. Hi all, I am hoping for some advice please. My father passed away unexpectedly in November and had a property which is mortgaged with Webb Resolutions and administered by Lapithus Servicing. The mortgage is interest only. Lapithus have begun reposession proceedings as myself and my brothers decided that none of us wanted to live in the property and the mortgage is as much as the property is worth. however, we have had a change of heart and now decided we would like to keep the house and one of us will live in it. I have called Lapithus today to inform them and make an offer to pay a small amount on top of the monthly payments to clear the arrears. They informed me that i would be unable to do that and that i would have to get a new mortgage on the property with another company. I know very little about properties which are mortgaged and the owner passes away so please forgive me if i ask a daft question but can they insist that we get another mortgage for it. If i attend the reposession hearing and re-iterate that i am prepared to pay the mortgage aswell as payment towards the arrears is the judge likely to award reposession to lapithus. As I say i dont have much knowledge on this subject so any help and advice someone could give me would be a huge help. Thanks
  6. Hello all, I used to have a mortgage with GE Money (big mistake) from 2007. In January 2010 I got into difficulty due to losing my job and couldn't afford the monthly payment. GE weren't interested and began to stack on charges dragging it out for a year before repossessing the house in March 2011. (Having read about securitisation on here I can see why they did this as this was the time the fixed rate ended, but that's another story!) Anyway, back to the point, there was an alleged shortfall although GE never informed me that the house had even been sold nor a breakdown of charges etc, the first thing I knew about it was via a DCA letter demending £40,000! I am currently arguing this with them, and received a letter this morning stating they'll accept £22,500 in settlement. I believe they have bought the debt but no letter of assignment etc or a summary of how this figure has been derived, so am arguing that point. My main query is if I claim back the unfair charges from GE would this be passed to the DCA to offset the alleged shortfall, and would it jeopardise my case against the DCA, or would the refund be passed to me and the bought debt (the shortfall) remain a seperate issue? I apologise if this has already been covered but I can't find reference to it anywhere other than people's claims for settled loans/mortgages. Thankyou in advance for your time and assistance.
  7. Are you facing eviction or repossession following changes in employment, wages and/or benefits? If so, Genie Pictures would like to hear from you. Genie Pictures is an independent television production company making a documentary for the BBC. In the first instance, please contact James Jones jamesj@geniepictures.co.u k in the strictest confidence.
  8. I financed a Land Rover Discovery in April 09. I lost my job in summer 2010 and struggled to meet the monthly payment after that. The vehicle was repo'd in October 2010 and sold by Santander who took on the debt from FGA Capital. FGA Capital then seem to have taken the debt back! They sold the car (they claim in their paperwork - of course, I have no way of checking this?) for £24,788 on 25 October 2010. This they (FGA and Chafes) claim left a debt of £6,449.40 which Chafes, their solicitors are now pursuing me for. A few questions for all you experts! 1/ Can I challenge their sale valuation? Sold via Auto Trader or similar it would have fetched more. 2/ Their claim of remaining debt includes some legal fees and late payment charges totalling about £1K - I assume I can contest these? 3/ They repossesed it because I had not paid 1/3 of the total (they say) - is there a really clear guide somewhere that explains your collective best thinking on what is and is not included in this 1/3 calculation - I find some of the explanations here and at other forums contradictory. Mine is complicated because it included a part payment towards a previous car loan. Many thanks for any advice! James
  9. In 1994, three days before I went into Frenchay Hospital for neurosurgery, bailiffs acting on behalf of the Bradford & Bingley ( Leamington Spa Building Society), reposessed my home and evicted myself, wife and three young children. Our house was boarded up and the locks changed. It went for auction and was sold for just £105,000. A 4-bedroom farmhouse in half an acre, it was in good repair but had been left to deteriorate, by the B&B, for almost 2 years. The last valuation we had on the property was £320,000, and that was three months before we were reposessed. The demands for repayment of negative equity of £125,000 started almost immediately and have continued for 17 years, the latest being from Clarity. I have refused to pay anything, stating that the B&B failed in their 'duty of care' in securing a proper price for my home. Six different debt collectors have tried harrassment, threats etc, and one even masqueraded as a publisher, telling me he had an offer on a book he had heard I was writing! He pestered me with calls from an unoccupied office in London EC3. He was acting on behalf of a 'client' and I tracked the calls, via friend in the city. Over the years I received several 'settlement offers' - the first at £20,000 and the latest, this week, from Clarity, offering me a settlement at £94,000. I am 68, partially disabled but not claiming any benefits, living off my state pension and £297 per month private pension - the rest of my money having been 'lost' in the Equitable Life debacle. My modest capital has all gone, paying rent these last 17 years.
  10. Hi Everyone, I need your help. I had a mortgage with Halifax in 2004 and started having payment problems because I lost my job. Halifax started harassing me with phone calls, demand letters etc - all what this did was stress me out, in the end I went for help at Citizens Advice Bureau who recommended bankruptcy, so was made bankrupt and the hosue was sold. At the time I was not able to think right of any insurance in my mortgage because it was included in my monthly payment. Having checked the insurance document, the Halifax Insurance Ireland Ltd should have paid for my mortgage during the difficult time of my unemployment, unfortunately this did not happen and therefore lost the house and all the money I had paid into it and the house was repossessed. Could someone please advise me on how to claim this back from Halifax.
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