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  1. Just watched a program on C4 about UK's APPRENTLY most notorious car repo guy (and what a massive tool he is) and was just wondering about some things on the subject. First of all, the fact they can take a vehicle back after it's been sold on because the original owner owes the company money is utterly disgusting as it is, but regardless; 1) Is the court order that they apparently bring along with them enough to repossess from property that DOESN'T BELONG TO THE CURRENT CAR OWNER...ie if car owner stored the car elsewhere on private land other than his own? 2) Can the financi
  2. Hi there, wonder if anyone is able to advise me. I bought a car in April 2010 on a 3 year credit agreement financed by first response. I am almost now in the last year of the agreement. the problem is that the catalytic converter and the auto gearbox is on it's last legs and is going to cost more to replace than the actual value of the car. I put the car through an MOT one month before it is due and there are numerous faults. I am wondering whether to get rid of the car before the MOT is finally up and put it in PX for another. My problem is this, will First Response finance
  3. Evening all, Looking for some advice on this one. Back in Aug 2006, I entered a HP agreement with Welcome Finance (stupid I know). Made contractual payments up until Sep 2007 at which point I had to leave the country for five months, during which time the care of the contract and car was left in a trusted friend. I paid money into their bank, they made the monthly payments (or so I thought) until my return in Feb 2008. Upon returning to the country, I found out that my friend had not made any payments, and in my absence Welcome had repossessed the car (from private land that it was parked
  4. I cant find this anywhere sorry... in Feb of 2011 we recieved a suspended repossion order.. the repayment was difficult to keep up with... we have since been back to court 2x with new judgements... my question is.. we have kept up with the latest and the Mortgage is through Santander and now we are getting letters from their solicitors HL Interactive referring to original order. We understood that because we went back to court the most recent judgement is what we have been following and according to that we are up to date.. can anyone advise please???? ThNK YOU
  5. Hi I'm hoping someone can help me. A colleague has just had his car repossessed by the above mentioned company for failure to pay fines. The fines relate to him being parked in his private space which he pays for the privilege. The first fine was due to the fact a permit was not on display which he has contested on several occasions and they will not back down. The fines have been ramping up as no party will back down, my colleague clearly pays for the spot and T&s are aware of this as all the registration plates are on a database. Yesterday his car was towed
  6. I'll start with a bit of background information so you can help as best you can. Basically at a very young age I fell for the whole credit thing and ended up quite deep in to debt. Instead of declaring bankruptcy I decided I was going to get out of the mess myself so I quickly signed up with a debt consolidation company, the only debt I couldnt add to this was my Hire Purchased car. If I added this then the car would have been taken. With my other bills lowered I have managed to pay off around 80% of my cars debt 3 and 1/2 years out of 4. I have fell behind 2 months and a total of
  7. Hi some advice needed i purchased a van of a friend in January this yr and gave him the prcodes of 750 pounds of my old van ..and also 250 pounds more in cash.as he said the vehicle was thousand pounds...i went bankrupt at the end of Jan.on Sunday he has taken the van while i was away on holiday and has locked it in his unit and is now demanding 1500 pounds for it...and all my tools are in the back so i can now not work without my tools so won't be able to pay to my bankruptcy what i pay every mth as impact not working .. i phoned the police who have said it is a civil matter even though he ha
  8. Hi gauys, you helped me a few years ago with a bailiff problem. Now a friend of mine has a problem so I thought of here. Back in 2009 my friend ofered his house for vountary repo and went to court. The Mortage company have now sent the debt for the negative equity to a solictors for collection. As he owes in the region of £40,000 he is considering bankruptcy. Any help and adivice would be gratfully recieved. Thanks in advance, UKP>
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