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  1. Took out a secured £12k loan in October 2007 over a 10 year period. Please note I didn't want to take out the loan but had no choice if I wanted a quiet life as at the time I was in a controlled marriage ..mostly mental with some physical abuse resulting depression, anxiety and panic attacks . The 10 year loan gives 120 months worth of payments out of these 120 months I made 107 payments on time and 13 missed payments these were down to my so called husband taking the money out of my wages in the bank to pay loan and saying would put back to pay but never did ... with my depress
  2. Barclays have just told me that the contract is terminated and even paying the arrears in full will not stop the car from being repossessed. Today was the last day for surrender... Anyone know how long it will be before they get a court order or any options available... I pleaded with them on Friday, and though the arrears are only £540, they will take the car and put it in auction where I am due to lose about 2k of the value and that will still be owed to them... HELP PLEASE ! Barclays Partner Finance are in the process of repo my dads car. They have t
  3. Hello all I have been directed here by a friend who heard me talking to moorcroft about an old debt. History I had a house repossessed way back in 2002 there was about 9k left and I was told to pay 50 every month and no bad mark would be on my credit file. I was in afgan serving my country at the time. I jave paid this ever since and was told in 2013 that aroun 5.6k remained. Never had a statement and have been paying ever since. In all honesty I thought these would be knocking on my door etc. It has changed debt collectors a few times which makes no sense as I have be
  4. Hi Everyone Im hoping for some help on this please. I took out finance december 2015 on a vehicle, immediately fell into difficulties in January and had the car repossessed. I was in complete communication with the finance company, met the transporter to recover the car and kept talking with them throughout. They explained that there may be a shortfall from the resale of the vehicle which i appreciated I heard nothing for a month or so, but expecting there to be some shortfall emailed the company to find out what happened next . I then had a letter sent to
  5. Hi I have had a car on finance from moneybarn for little over a year. for starters I have not paid over a 1/3 of the agreement. I have been in and out of work since i bought the car i have had missed payments all over the shop. I have been in a couple of payment plans with them but now they have terminated the agreement. I need to know what s next. i have looked into a time order and think its the best way forward but i dont know much about how i apply for it and where etc. Also how long do i have now that they have terminated the agreement, do the
  6. Hey guys anyone know where the cars are taken once they been repossessed had mine taken Wednesday but was half asleep when they took it as was on night shifts plus I gave the repo blokes some abuse but got no paperwork just wondered if they get auctioned off and if so where? I'm based in Newport South Wales. 62 plate Audi A3 they took got no issues with them taking it just wondered where it goes afterwoods. Cheers
  7. I purchased a car 2 years ago via Moneybarn, but got behind with payments due to reduction in wage . After failing one month on a suggested payment plan, they sent me a default notice followed by a letter of termination. The leaflet enclosed with it said I had 3 options: 1: Pay off in full 2, pay arrears, they MAY let me keep car 3: hand car back I called them on the phone and offered to pay arrears in full but the rude gent said their hands were now tied and termination could not be stopped, and it had gone to "asset management" To cut an even longer story short the agent
  8. The company's that got a ccj then a charging order applied through that ccj, then the house was repo'd and CO paid, can I claim back charges etc.
  9. I purchased a car back in 2007 with money barn for £16k. I placed a 3k deposit and a payment of £399 per month. I was taken ill and fell in arrears. To my shock they repo the car without a court order. 6 years have elapsed, I have now been contacted by a company called Shoosmiths solicitors outlining they are now the legal representative of Money barn. I now have another CCJ and have been ordered to court to answer financial questions under oath. If I do not attend, It clearly states i will be done for contempt of court. Since I have moved around
  10. Hi, I'm a newbie here, so very sorry if this is something that's been asked before. Lets start at the beginning. I purchased a 206CC from a dealer in April 2007 - only been a kid, I was naïve and it was on credit FOR £6,499. The finance was done by "WELCOME FINANCE" at 30.9% APR! I signed the agreement for 48 months and drove my girly car away. After numerous job fails and other issues, I failed to make payments and in October 2009 the car was repossessed. Now when the car went, I was led to believe that it would be a case of clearing the debt as such,
  11. Yet again, this awful documentary is in the headlines...this time because one of the 'stars' of the show has been spared jail after he scrawled abusive graffiti on a cancer victim's home...falsely brandishing him a paedophile. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2580985/Boxer-Repo-Man-spared-jail-abusive-graffiti.html
  12. Hi all I am looking for some advice re GE money and a repo hearing set for 20 December 2013. They are trying to reposess for the below reason 1) A warrant of execution shall not issue without the permission of the court where – (a) six years or more have elapsed since the date of the judgment or order; There was an initial hearing in May 2007 and then another in May 2009, since 2009 all payments as ordered by the judge have been made. GE money have continued to apply a £40 admin charge and additional interest costs each month. Despite them refunding me
  13. Hi thanks for sorting my account activation. I have a mortagae with kensngton and have £12k arrears . My morygage is £75.000. I had a susspended warrant granted In 2012 and ended up back in court after I paid £50 late. Kensington and the judge agreed to susspend this feb following a mrs applicaton processint. Before I left court kensingtin solicitor told me. i didnt have to pay my mortgage until I appeared back in court if the mrs application failed. Took me by suprise so I double checked she said the judge didnt menton payents so you dont need to. I heard not
  14. Hi - Not been on a while but have had the following happen over the last few years - 2011 repo order applied for and granted, to let lie. Also an unsecured portion of the loan was made subject to a Charging Order - This last two weeks I have been lucky enough to clear arrears for the both loans - Mortgage and the unsecured bit, eviction was due tomorrow morning. What I'd like to know is, is the repo order still in force or should they nram, terminate it, they have stopped the eviction but was wondering what officailly happens with the Order ? als
  15. Hello all, I have started a new thread because my previous was quite long and I had the issue confused. Had a HP agreement with MotoNovo in November 2009, the car was taken in June 2012. I have attached the latest balance sheet. It appears from my calculations that over a 3rd WAS paid by £4! This does include taking into account refunding all of the charges and the option to purchase fee. [ATTACH=CONFIG]45657[/ATTACH] MotoNovo in their "final response" say that they never took the option to purchase fee but it is clearly deducted from the agreement and then refund
  16. Hi All They have repossessed my car now. This is how I found out. I saw my car advertised in Autotrader. Is this how I should have found out ? regards
  17. The firm of debt collectors featured in "The Repo Man" has been stripped of its credit licence by the OFT. The debt collecting firm featured in the Channel Four hit series "The Repo Man" has been stripped of its credit licence by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) "in order to protect consumers". It is the first time that the OFT has exercised new powers, which give it the ability to suspend a credit licence with immediate effect if there is the potential for serious consumer detriment. The firm, Donegal Finance Limited, was licensed to offer consumer credit, credit brokerage and debt coll
  18. Hi Last year I rather stupidly took out a log book loan from these guys whilst I was going through a rough patch. I now unfortunately am in the situation of being on benefits hopefully only short term. I have emailed them several times asking for advice on this situation to no avail. During this period my car broke down and was towed to the audi garage for repairs. The bill at present is 2500 which on jsa I cant afford with a further 30 days @10 per day storage charges. The repo men came round today no court order just to repossess I told them the situation with the car and the garage
  19. Just watched a program on C4 about UK's APPRENTLY most notorious car repo guy (and what a massive tool he is) and was just wondering about some things on the subject. First of all, the fact they can take a vehicle back after it's been sold on because the original owner owes the company money is utterly disgusting as it is, but regardless; 1) Is the court order that they apparently bring along with them enough to repossess from property that DOESN'T BELONG TO THE CURRENT CAR OWNER...ie if car owner stored the car elsewhere on private land other than his own? 2) Can the financi
  20. It's not often that TV inspires me to do anything but the bullying antics of the two thugs who are the focus of this program have had me shouting at the TV set so much that the better half has actually turned it off and hid the remote. How dare this bully boy lays his hands on bewildered women to snatch their car keys away not caring they have house keys on the same bunch or with any care for their personal safety. Not often I'm made angry but this has left me apoplectic.
  21. Evening all, Looking for some advice on this one. Back in Aug 2006, I entered a HP agreement with Welcome Finance (stupid I know). Made contractual payments up until Sep 2007 at which point I had to leave the country for five months, during which time the care of the contract and car was left in a trusted friend. I paid money into their bank, they made the monthly payments (or so I thought) until my return in Feb 2008. Upon returning to the country, I found out that my friend had not made any payments, and in my absence Welcome had repossessed the car (from private land that it was parked
  22. I cant find this anywhere sorry... in Feb of 2011 we recieved a suspended repossion order.. the repayment was difficult to keep up with... we have since been back to court 2x with new judgements... my question is.. we have kept up with the latest and the Mortgage is through Santander and now we are getting letters from their solicitors HL Interactive referring to original order. We understood that because we went back to court the most recent judgement is what we have been following and according to that we are up to date.. can anyone advise please???? ThNK YOU
  23. Hi I'm hoping someone can help me. A colleague has just had his car repossessed by the above mentioned company for failure to pay fines. The fines relate to him being parked in his private space which he pays for the privilege. The first fine was due to the fact a permit was not on display which he has contested on several occasions and they will not back down. The fines have been ramping up as no party will back down, my colleague clearly pays for the spot and T&s are aware of this as all the registration plates are on a database. Yesterday his car was towed
  24. I'll start with a bit of background information so you can help as best you can. Basically at a very young age I fell for the whole credit thing and ended up quite deep in to debt. Instead of declaring bankruptcy I decided I was going to get out of the mess myself so I quickly signed up with a debt consolidation company, the only debt I couldnt add to this was my Hire Purchased car. If I added this then the car would have been taken. With my other bills lowered I have managed to pay off around 80% of my cars debt 3 and 1/2 years out of 4. I have fell behind 2 months and a total of
  25. Hi some advice needed i purchased a van of a friend in January this yr and gave him the prcodes of 750 pounds of my old van ..and also 250 pounds more in cash.as he said the vehicle was thousand pounds...i went bankrupt at the end of Jan.on Sunday he has taken the van while i was away on holiday and has locked it in his unit and is now demanding 1500 pounds for it...and all my tools are in the back so i can now not work without my tools so won't be able to pay to my bankruptcy what i pay every mth as impact not working .. i phoned the police who have said it is a civil matter even though he ha
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