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  1. Had the following back from MBNA in response to a CCA request. 2 sets of T&C's, one current, and one supposedly from the time they card was taken out (not sure how I'd actually verify that) A summary statement showing current balance And a "copy executed agreement" Have uploaded the covering letter and the redacted "copy executed agreement". Basically, is this valid? This card was taken out in late 2014, and from what I've read it seems like it probably is a valid an enforceable response to my request, but would like to be sure before taking next step (MBNA bluntl
  2. Good evening...... I had the pleasure of a member of Resolve Calls team visit my home this evening with regard to an old debt of an unsecured loan taken out with Northern Rock in 2004 - last paid via debt management in 2014. Cabot took up this debt in 2015, I sent them a CCA request in Jan 16 but from memory only received a standard response. I have two questions i could really do with some advice on 1) Should I write to Cabot reminding them of the outstanding CCA request or resend the request? From memory i think they sent a generic response effectively saying
  3. Cabot purchased a debt, the original debt was either m&s credit card or tesco credit card,i think. I have ignored all letters. I suspect its almost (if not) statute barred by now. (need to dig out files to check this) I now have received a letter before claim and reply form, from Cabots solicitors, mortimer cooke. Not sure whether to reply, is it bonafide? a scare tactic, or will no response get me a ccj? Any guidance will be very appreciated.
  4. i have just had a letter back saying my credit card around 2001-4 is outside of banks retention period so they cannot provide the data i asked for for my sar. so i assume the ppi complaint i sent will also be declined.... shocking.... they are of course lying through their back teeth any suggestions of how i should respond???
  5. Good evening all, I've done a bit of research trying to close accounts which led me to requesting CCA's to Cabot. I sent two for two different accounts which they took off Halifax (1 x CC & 1 x Current Acc Overdraft). I posted the following to them: Dear Sir/Madam Account No: With reference to the above agreement, I require you to supply the following documentation before I will correspond with you further on this matter. 1. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the a
  6. Evening, I am seeking some thoughts from more learned individuals. I received a Claim Form end of Dec 2017 for an old WF debt and subsequently entered my defence on MCOL. This was on the 5 January. Since then I have received nothing further to my formal requests for additional information surrounding claim aside from two chaser letters from Cabot's solicitors detailing their 'client wish to settle out of court' and then '14 days to negotiate settlement otherwise instructions from Cabot to lift stay'. Called the court today and was advised that Cabot / their solicitors had attemp
  7. Hi. Wondered if someone could help with my ET please. I am doing this alone so any help would be very much appreciated. My complaint is quite long so Ill just keep the headlines. In reality I was made redundant due to a breakdown in work relationships. My notice of dismissal and paperwork shows I was dismissed because of redundancy. My role was still in existance and therefore my argument is that I could not have been made "redundant". I was given redundancy pay. I submitted my ET claim for unfair dissmissal. The organisation sent a load of gumpf back. Most of which doesn't seem rele
  8. Hi all, Today my wife received rather thick envelope containing letters from Lowell and BW Legal, containg a reply form, which after looking about online seems like a new thing (pre action Protocol?). My wife hasnt heard anything about this debt in a very long time, plus we moved home last year so that possibly hasnt helped matters. The debt is for Vanquis Bank (Credit Card) and was defaulted on 31/10/2012 - no payments have been made since before this date and its approaching being statute barred. Whats the best way to proceed WITHOUT acknowledging the debt? Do I tick
  9. Barclaycard response below: I will only post the important bits We refer to your request for documentation under Section 78 of CCA 1974, we need to advise you that , regrettably, we are currently unable to fulfill your request. As such, we are not currently able to enforce our agreement with you and the agreement will remain unenforceable until such time as we are able to fulfill your request. what this means for you whilst discussions continue, we know that we're not able to enforce our agreement with you, but our rights continue to exist under the agreement. your ba
  10. I have response from Cabot to my CCA request. This is for Barclays loan (36K) which they bought in 2010. they do not have information on file and have requested said documents from original lender. they acknowledge the 12 day time limit but state they hope to comply with my request in 40 days, if the unlikely event that cannot obtain the information after 40 days, they will write again. original loan was 42K - do i sit tight and see if they produce documents or go for a silly F&F to clear up the matter on the basis they may take something now, in the event they do find the d
  11. I send CCA to all my debtors, I have reply from Westcot advising that they are not the creditor but collecting on behalf of Cabot and that i need to either resend to them with postal order made payable to Cabot for forwarding or send direct to Cabot. 2 questions 1. shall I send direct to Cabot or go via Westcot 2. I read on other persons post a reply that said Cabot do NOT collect enforceable debt, I would really appreciate confirmation of this, as Cabot are collecting the largest debt i have, Barclays Loan, still awaiting a response to CCA for this one, although Ca
  12. Further to a cca request to Lowell, see my other post (do not know how to link posts) I have received the following: Dear Mr ******* your request for further information we refer to your recent request for further information regarding this account further to our letter dated 20th October 2017, please fine enclosed your returned fee of £1 in regards to your request for information under the consumer credit act 1974. at top of letter - its shows OC which was M&S store card it quotes the original account number and Lowell reference number and a BALANCE of £
  13. Hi there, My wife and I have unfortunately gotten ourselves into around £20,000 of debt. I recently wrote to the agencies sending out letters using the template to ask for the signed credit agreement. We have received this back from PRA GROUP. Could someone possibly give us some advice on what we need to do next Thank you Here
  14. This is what I received back from cca the dca, I hope ive included what I should img003[22].pdf
  15. Hello, I rented a studio over 4 years ago through a London Agent; standard AST. The Agent secured my deposit (over £1000) with TDS. After one year my LL decided she did not need the agent anymore and offered to rent the flat directly to me. This, according to her, saved her some money to proceed with the needed repairs. I have been renewing contract (no changes in there) for the consecutive 3 years since then. Due to her numerous failures to carry out repairs (leaks, mold, poor insulation, lack of heating - literally she removed electric heaters from the walls to make the fl
  16. Hi, After two notices from Indigo Park Solutions I have now received a letter from Wright Hassall Solicitors for failing to pay the Penalty Notice, and requiring me to make payment of £196. The letter states that failure to make payment in full or contact them to discuss repayment 'may result in us recommending to the Car Park Operator that the matter be enforced through criminal court proceedings. Such proceedings would require your attendance at a Magistrates Court.' Should I ignore this letter or reply, and if I need to reply what should I reply with? This
  17. Have received allocation of hearing and instructions to supply witness statements and documents to court by certain date. I am the claimant. I am trying to reply to the initial defence to the claim which is an absolute mess with disjointed emails. Ridiculous statements and allegations, referring to me that I have 'dementia' am also delusional, and paranoid" and asks the judge to take these abusive comments into consideration as I 'clearly don't know what time of day it is, never mind the truth'. The defendant has supplied a document which she refers to as an email sent to her In fact
  18. Hi For a while Arrow and now Drysden Fairfax have been irritating me with a Capital One CC account which was defaulted on. Taken out in 2001. Last payment approx 3 years ago. In May, I CCA'd them, eventually received the attached document. They say they've sent a Recon, quoting a high court decision in 2009. This document is all they sent, despite their letter saying that they have also sent a copy of the terms & conditions. Does not sending the accompanying t&c's mean it's failed CCA reply? More importantly, is the attached CCA enforceable? It's termed a
  19. Hi everyone I sent some CCA a few months ago, some had copies some didnt. Moorgate have 2 of my credit cards and they couldnt find the CCA ...until now. It was an MBNA credit card i took out Theyve sent me a copy of my original agreement in 2003, its signed so i guess im still owing this one? As long as its a proper, signed copy i still owe it correct? thanks
  20. We further requested recording / true copy of a particular transcript of telephone conversation giving date and exact time from a Loan Broker. Previously received some sort of print / scratchpad notes of conversation with SAR but important part of dialogue seems to have been omitted. Now my OH was told it was being recorded and she said that the person at the brokers was talking to her and typing up notes at same time. They have now refused our further request and stated that they are not obliged to provide any other format / CD or telephone call transcriptions. Can someone
  21. I have had a reply from MBNA/Link to my CCA Its 16 pages long along with a statement of all the payments made (I have had to split it into 2 parts so not to reach the max file size) (I have paid £1500 off the total so far) Its not in my credit file at all I would be grateful if someone could have a look over it and give me their opinion. Thanks
  22. As attached are my docs from Creation creation33.pdf
  23. Received this in the post today Along with my original CCA letter. Any advice? I dont know what details they have as I have moved a number of times since then. If it was a credit card I would have thought capquest would have the details Just double checked on my Noodle account. It is listed in my closed accounts (if it is that one) and is shown as settled in Dec 2010 with no missed payments. Edit: it cant be that one on the account as my card limit was £1000 and have been paying £6.52 for years and my outstanding balance is shown as £1211.14 and the account is settle
  24. Hi Everyone, i have requested a SAR on Natwest Bank and also Barclays, so far Natwest have replied back with their first letter. The objective of my SARS is to attain my old statement, fees, transactions and charges to claim back on and also for PPI. I know I have had a lot of bank charges as I used my Natwest account when i was a student and really bad with my money! I have attached the letter which Natwest have sent back, i was hoping someone could shed some light on what I could reply via email with? They have mentioned statements now can i say I just
  25. Hi there, I'm new on this forum and I don't know exactly how it works. I did a bad mistake too. I was caught with apparently fake photo card issued by job center with 50% discount. I've purchase it from a guy in Canning Town tube station saying it's valid and it did work.Thinking I can save some money and it's legal was very happy ,but after 3 weeks using it an Inspector caught me saying is a fake one.. The only problem is I've done a similar mistake about 3 years ago...this means i'm a recidivist ? Can you please help me out with advise what to do and how to reply to the letter i r
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