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  1. Hi, I purchased a TV about 3 years ago from Comet, The tv at the time cost me £700, I purchased the Total Product Cover warranty which also covers accidental damage, 2 weeks ago I was moving the tv to another room and it slipped out my ends, to cut a long story short it was damaged, So I phoned up and the engineers came, took it and I phoned in today to check progress and they said they've written it off and will replace it. Here's my issue, I said that was fine but they offered me a replacement tv which I did not like, They stated I could take the replacement or vouchers BUT they wo
  2. Hey there guys, this is my first every post so please bear with me. I've got whatever happens insurance and a few months ago my charger became defective. I had a charger replaced by them previously but my laptop still had to be sent of as they wanted to check the battery, I couldn't do without my laptop for another prolonged period so I bought one myself from an online retailer (not currys) Have I breached my contract in anyway by buying this?? Could they refuse a future repair because of it?
  3. Hi there. I recently had my monitor replaced (with exactly the same model) under warranty from LG. No complaints there. They actually have a good customer service system. The trouble is, the problem is still exactly the same. LG have conceded that it is a compatibility issue with my system, as opposed to a faulty monitor. Of course, they wanted to leave it there, but there's no way I'm going to just accept this and be stuck with an incorrectly functioning monitor. The help desk guy said he had submitted a VOC (? I think that's right - it's basically a message to head office about the problem,
  4. My sons Xbox 360's disc drive stopped working so I bought a replacement one from ebay. I followed the You Tube tutorials to replace it. Everything seemed ok, but the new drive will only play DVD's and CD's. It won't play any games. Anyone know what I need to do?
  5. 8months ago I purchased a 4year old Jaguar XKR from a Jaguar main dealer and tried to move the insurance over from my old X300 Jag to the new (4yo) XKR. The broker (Footman James) told me that I could not use the old insurer as it had been on a "classic insurance policy", and gave me a quotation (from Royal Sun Alliance) which I had to accept at the time (of £3,000pa which I paid in full). I also had an extended warranty from Jaguar - which still has 4months to run at the time of writing this. Stone damage to to the window-screen means that it needed replacement but the insurance com
  6. I'd be grateful for a suggestion as the best route to pursue to solve a problem with my Mac laptop. It was supplied by my Home Contents insurer's designated supplier under a new for old policy, a company called Bevalued, as a replacement for a previously damaged laptop. It is a particular 2007 model that Apple have acknowledged was fitted with faulty logic boards/graphics cards, and they've been offering for a number of years a free fix/replacement for this part on machines less than four years old. I wasn't aware of this until the machine died because of this faulty logic board (no
  7. Hello, Need some advice regarding a recent upgrade. On the 10th June 2012 i ordered a new handset on a 24 month contract. It arrived after a delay via courier on the 18th June 2012. On the 2nd July 2012 the touch buttons on the bottom of the handset stopped functioning, rendering the handset faulty. I contacted Orange for a replacement, and was advised that "it will be no problems the new handset will arrive this evening" (it was a same day service). However, upon receipt of this "new" handset, i noticed it was a refurbished handset, not a new one. I am now i
  8. Hello all I would like some clear advice on how to resolve a problem with T-mobile and a faulty replacement Blackberry if anyone has some suggestions how to proceed. I took back a faulty Blackberry phone under a contract (it was the second time this model had developed a fault) and told them I no longer wanted the phone as it was unreliable. I was told my only options were to accept a repair/replacement under the terms of the contract or to pay off the contract and take a new phone and a new contract. I chose the latter, paying off the contract and taking an iPhone instead. However,
  9. My Father lives in a retirement apartment managed by Peverel Retirement. All corridors are carpeted using the only carpet Peverel will use - made by Heckmondwyke. All corridors have fire doors fitted at regular intervals. A section of carpet has recently been stained. The House Manager requested Heckmondwycke to visit and try to remove the stain. This they did but was unsuccessful. Peverel claimed off the insurance which they demand my Fathers development has, through their own brokers, Kingsborough, which is part of the same group of companies as Peverel and get paid extortionate com
  10. Hi, I have bought a Macbook Pro 15 at the UK Apple Online Store in mid April for around £1500. From the moment I first used it, when turned on, it made a slight clicking sound. I was told it is normal with high capacity HDD drives that came with the laptop. On June 28 my Macbook froze with all my data and became unusable, so I called the Apple Care Warranty service, I was guided through several tests and the issue was diagnosed as a faulty HDD and was told that it will be replaced at the Apple retail store the following morning. On June 29 I went to the Apple retail store (spe
  11. I purchased a laptop from Very last September/October. Over time it has needed repair numerous times. First time, the charger stopped working - They had no idea why. Second time, the charger stopped working. Complained of overheating. The screws on the bottom fell out. One screw left was holding it in. - This time they didn't take the laptop in for service, they asked us to post the charger to them, and asked for pictures of the charger port to be emailed. They rang us and said "If we have to take your laptop in for service and find nothing wrong with it you will be charged £63"
  12. I have a laptop that Acer sent me in April this year to replace a previous one that was faulty. The laptop is an Aspire 5942g that replaced a Aspire 6930. The new laptop now has the same problem as its' predecessor - it stopped playing Blu Ray discs, then stopped playing any type of disc. I've asked Acer to fix it under warranty, but they say I have to pay because the warranty of the original laptop expired earlier this year. However, this is not the original laptop - it's one I've had 8 months that they sent to replace the original broken one. I believe that the new laptop has
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