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  1. Hello Cags, My fiance purchased a Louis Vuitton bag from their flagship Bond Street store in London. The day after purchasing she noticed an odd scuff mark (not caused by her) on the inside top lining of the bag and on close inspection the paint is revealed to be noticeably peeling off in an area of around 1 cm square. Not knowing her rights she approached me a couple days later with the issue and I took a look and believe that this item was sold to her defective and that she should be entitled to a full refund under consumer law. She was not afforded the opportunity to inspect the item
  2. I recently had a new electricity meter replaced (at the request of nPower, our supplier) on the 10th April 2014. On the meter plus card the guy left it states: R (meter number) 39998 F (meter number) 04775 on the 9th July i submitted my reading online: 5247 On contacting nPower to find out my balance, she manually worked out the approx bill (39952 on 27th nov 2013) and based on the start reading on the card (04775 to 5247) This gives us an overall CREDIT of £700.00. She said it could be a few pounds either side, as it wouldn't be exact. On contact
  3. I have a pair of "Studio" Beats by dre headphones. These have became faulty and are in need of a repair. However beats are objecting the repair due to these headphone being outwith the warranty. The headphones i had were replaced in july 2013 and i received a new pair. Would this be contestable as this is a new product - do the new headphones come with an extended warranty ? - The original warranty ran out in december 2013. Thanks
  4. Hi all, My boiler (Ideal H30 - 6 years old), has been ruled beyond economical repair. They tried to sell me a new install, cost = £2900. I have their formal quote in writing. They recommended a Wocester Bosch (model 30si) for this house in quote. After this - I did research. We infact, do qualify for a free boiler replacement. We meet all the conditions. Spoke to them - they confirmed, you are entitled to free boiler replacement. My question: For the free replacement, they want to use a different boiler than the one recommended in the quote. As my current
  5. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me. My son accidentally used my freedom pass last month and was stopped by inspectors who confiscated the pass. He has managed to settle out of court with TFL who have advised him that I need to apply for a new pass as the old one is retained on file. How do i actually do this -- start the application process from scratch? or apply for a replacement (but here reasons given are lsot, stolen or damaged no none apply?). if i start from scratch wont they see i have had one issued anyway? I genuinely was not aware that my son had taken my pass. Can someone
  6. Hi I'm looking for some advice over a somewhat complicated issue. My daughter attended a local gymnastics academy and I bought her a club leotard which was needed for a display, she wore the item approximately 6 times for an hour at a time when I noticed stitching on the shoulder seam was faulty, I returned the item to the academy 7 weeks ago and was told at the time that they had issues with other leotards and it was being dealt with by the manufacturer. Since that time my daughter has decided to leave the academy to concentrate on her other sports I contacted t
  7. Hello, I'm hoping you can help! My brother was in a joint tenancy where the fixed part ended and it became a monthly rolling tenancy (I believe this is called a periodic tenancy). Due to difficulties with the other two tenants, he advised the landlord he wanted to leave and gave a months notice. The landlord accepted this but told him he would have to find a replacement tenant before he could leave. He tried to but was unable to do so. During this time the other tenants decided to leave and gave their notice which ended a month later. The landlord had my brother pay for what would ha
  8. I have a disabled persons railcard and had to replace my oyster card. Do I need to go to the station to get the railcard added again? Thanks.
  9. My laptop had an accident back in June, and on giving it to the Whatever Happens team, it was returned unrepaired 15 days later. There was a letter stating that the damage was not covered by the agreement and the extent of the damage was inconsistent with the description of the accident. This was a case of accidental spillage of coffee on the laptop. I responded to the letter with a detailed description of how this happened, and asked to have the decision reconsidered. This was back on the 5th of July. Since then, I have been regularly calling them on the telephone
  10. Hi, I bought a laptop from apple a few years ago (2008), which was subsequently replaced due to issues and faults last year (April 2012). My new laptop has now also come up with a bunch of issues, which after an appointment with apple has indicated an internal issue. I talked to the manager asking whether my laptop would be covered under the "Sales of Goods Act", to which the manager said no due to the fact that, the protection granted from this only applies to the original product and from the original point of sale and that I have no claim. I asked the question before I left aski
  11. Hi, I am after some advice. In February I brought some replacement (non genuine) laptop power supplies for a customer of mine from Ebay. Last week on the TV Programme 'Fake Britain' there was an article about these power supplies saying they were dangerous and some stores that sell them have had them confiscated by trading standards as they don't meet their guide lines. My customer also saw this programme and returned the power supplies the next day. So this has left me with 10 power supplies that I don't know what to do with. As it is over 90 days I cannot find the transacti
  12. Hello, I hope I'm in the correct section. I've always found this site useful in answering any questions and have never needed to sign up until now. I hope some of you lovely users can help me out with a situation I've fallen into. 2 days ago I took my "guess" watch into a branch of "tgs jewellers/ pawnbrokers" to have the batteries replaced. I decided to go to this particular place due to it being open for several years I automatically assumed they know what's what... As they repair/sell and buy watches. I took the watch in and the gent told me it'll be ready in an hour
  13. Bought an ipod touch a couple of years ago and was told at the time about the whatever happens warranty. I went back 2 days after i bought the ipod and bought the warranty. So yesterday i drop my ipod and smash the screen, today i took it in with the warranty details and reciept of the warraty but they say they wont replace it without the reciept for the ipod, the warranty isnt enough. Ive havent got the reciept so i asked them to look on the system for the purchase details, when they look they can find all of my other purchases from currys including the warranty but they cant find
  14. Hi there, wonder if anyone out there can help me. I had to report my counterpart driving licence lost and to register a change of address a week ago. I thought that going through the local DVLA office would make the process a little bit quicker. I could not do it online as I do not have a passport. The member of staff at the DVLA office said 3 weeks but said that they say 3 weeks to cover themselves, however, I have had stuff back from them an awful lot sooner In the meantime, out of the blue I have a job interview with more than a good chance of getting the job, in a couple of da
  15. Hi everyone Can someone please offer any help on what my rights are regarding a 'like for like' replacement for faulty goods? Does the term 'like for like' even have any legal bearing? I have recently bought a new TV as a treat when moving house. - a 47" Toshiba, 47WL968b. I considered myself lucky when I got it at a discounted rate via Groupon. The price I paid was £699 on 30th April. The retailer lists it on their site as £949. It arrived last week and worked without problems for a day. After that it present a catalogue of faults. The retailer confirmed these si
  16. Good Afternoon All, I am currently in a situation with Dell and I would like to ask for some advice on how to proceed. In May 2008 I had a Dell XPS 1530 which after 2 repairs failed again. They replaced this free of charge for me in August 2010 after threatening legal action and citing the SOGA. They replaced it with a Studio 1558. Now in February 2013, this laptop already having been fixed once for overheating has now failed again. It overheats, fails within 10-15 minutes sometimes (just shutting down). Not only that but the graphics have glitched where all the colours ar
  17. Hi all, am having a bit of bother with Orange small business customer services, to cut a long story short, my HTC Desire S isn't working as it should, rang Orange, a week ago. They offered a replacement. Problem is, they don't ave any re-conditionned Desire S in stock, apparently they come in as and when available. No one seems to know, could be days, or weeks.. I run a small business, and cant use my phone properly, so after having waited a week, i rang them back. still no news, i then said that i couldn't wait any longer, so they offered the Wildfire S as a replacement, i refused
  18. Hi all, just asking a question on behalf of a friend. He currently has Asda car insurance with the added windscreen policy. On driving home from work today, he hit a bump ( his words), on the A55 from chester into North Wales, and there is a crack in his windscreen in the lower right hand corner. it is an "S" shape and is a few inches long, although it is confined to a small area. The downside is that it does go to the edge of the windscreen so it most likely cannot be fixed. He has read the Asda Policy documents and understands he is liable for a £60 excess for a windscreen replac
  19. Bought a phone from Carphone Warehouse - basic facts are these: 1) Phone is over 30 days but under 6 months old and has developed a headphone socket fault. 2) Headphone socket receives minimal use - on average once every 2-3 weeks to transcribe recorded stuff. 3) I returned the phone to a Carphone Warehouse Repair centre having ascertained from their website that the site could repair the particular make of phone on site. 4) On arrival the repair centre said that they did not (despite the website's claims) repair that make on site and it would have to be sent away for between 14-
  20. I dont want to get into too much detail as I think this may end up in court, but I would like to hear from anybody who has had to secure a replacement vehicle from a third party insurer, and if this is a reasonable request. In a nutshell, my 8 week old car was hit from behind late last year and has been declared a total loss. Aviva is the other insurance company and so far they have failed to contact me regarding this incident at all. I have asked for the vehicle to be replaced with a like for like example (GAP insurance and such is not required and not suitable in this instance, an
  21. We bought a Toyota Celica T Sport that failed on the first day of ownership: big end bearing failure. We have an engineer's report and permission to use it. Knowing that the defendant has to prove that the engine was ok when the car was sold, can he use an MOT certificate to do this?
  22. Just read this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?381413-Ford-Warranty(3-Viewing)-nbsp A client of mine had a brand new mobility vehicle just before Christmas. Aside from the rather dodgy sales pre-call and then a visit from two operatives the same day, however the deal went though and a mobility vehicle was delivered a few days later for around 3k. Forward a few weeks and the batter charge light comes on a couple of minutes after setting off, then the charge meter goes into the red soon after. Company says the battery is duff and it is not a
  23. HI, all We entered an agreement with brighthouse for a 47inch tv, after a few days we had problems with it as it would take a while to come on in the morning a nd it had a line in the centre of it, brighthouse gave as a loner and told us they were having it repaired, when tv came back there was no change"same problems existed" over the next 2 years we gave them the tv they gave us a loaner kept ours for months, then gave it back, but always unfixed, March 2012 they did the same and we have had a loaner since, now we have paid tv in full and
  24. Just spent the last hour speaking to 3 people in India regarding repalcing lost tickets for a train journey booked in 5 days time.... Virgin have a policy that they will not replace a ticket if u have lost one after it has been printed and delivered. However if they lose the ticket during the delivery process they will!! Their reason: that the ticket has a monetary value to them and that to re-issue a duplicate ticket, they get charged again for the same value. If they have lost the ticket in transit, they have an agreement with RM to reimburse the cost of the original tickets.
  25. Hi there I recent bought a VW Polo 1.2 (S) at 39,400k (56 plate 2007) from a reputable Birmingham dealer with a 3 Month 5 star warranty in Late September 2012 The polo has VW service history from VW in 2007(first inspection), 2009, 2010, 2011 and in September 2012 the birmingham dealer i bought it from I drove it back to London and at the traffic lights when completely stationery the car was jerking, I thought nothing of it as it was a 1.2 Then 3 weeks later the Exhaust Emissions light came on and took it to the dealer branch just south of London.l The diagnostic sho
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