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Found 186 results

  1. We are currently living in a wonderful house, however weather damage caused the conservatory to begin leaking. It was reported in March last year, and on every agent inspection since then (every 3 months). As the year went on, the leak got worse and worse, eventually leading to the laminate floor coming up, and water damage to the electrics - the breakers to the house were tripping an average of 2-3 times every time it rained. When we told the agent that both the light switch and wall mounted induction heater were drenched, and that the light fitting had filled 3/4 with water, along with 1/2 an inch of water on the floor, they sent electricians out to disconnect the conservatory from the mains - the breakers tripping had resulted in the loss of a freezer full of food, on the lead up to Xmas To add insult to injury, wind damage destroyed part of the fencing to the back garden, leaving it inaccessible from the outside. The conservatory was used at night to house our dog, but recent weather has left her water bowl frozen - the conservatory is the same temperature as outside. This in turn has resulted in the temperature in the kitchen dropping, rendering it ususable for my partner & baby unless the hob is running. And since the kitchen leads directly onto the stairs to the 2nd floor, the temperature throughout the entire house has dropped to the point where the thermostat for the central heating is having to be set at 25 degrees to maintain any sort of comfort. In the meantime, the agency has sent out builders who have in all fairness attempted to rectify the problem, however with it being so long term, water has been blown into the cavity, and can be seen leaking out through pointing during rain. We are at the end of our tether with this, since as far as we are concerned, we are paying a high price for a home which is partly unusable. The garden (and view) - one of the main selling points for our decision to rent is inaccessible, and the conservatory (another of the main selling points) is unusable - water damage has now started to effect our furniture in there as well. We have discussed all the above, at length with the agents, and have pointed out that we are paying rent on unusable features - We did say that under the circumstances, a rent reduction until the repairs were complete would be fair - however our agent just keeps repeating the same line over and over. "It can't be repaired until the weather improves", disregarding the fact that the initial problem was reported nearly a year ago, and that no action was taken until 2 months ago. Is there any grounds for compensation/rent reduction - as far as my research has found, the same agency is letting houses of the same size and location for up to £100 a month less than we are paying.
  2. Hi, this is my first post. I have a problem. Me and my boyfriend are in the process of renting a flat, it's the first time for both. Our situation is a bit complicated. We were living with his mum until October, she was the tenant, then she was evicted. His sister is now putting us up. I moved here in the UK in November 2010. I haven't found a job here yet, I don't have a bank account as I don't have an income and I am not entitled to JSA anyway. My boyfriend is working full time so he was supporting me and he is now as well. The agency requires two proofs of current address not older than 3 months but how am I supposed to have what they want (like bank statement and so on) due to my circumstances and since this is a temporarily accommodation? I am not even sure my boyfriend can supply 2 proofs of this address, maybe a bank statement, but we don't get utility bills obviously as it's not our house, I couldn't anyway since I don't have any income and I didn't have my own house and he didn't either. I do have letters from DWP regarding my NIN, but they're much older than 3 months and have the old address we were evicted from. I was thinking of discussing this with the agent himself, but first I'd like some sort of advice, mainly I wanna know if this can be a big problem. Is there a way I can get a letter from some authority in like 5 days to have as a proof of address? Many thanks in advance
  3. Can my landlord charge for administration on my ground rent demand ... I have a set ground rent of £25 per year .. I have a demand for £28.75 .. I dont mind paying the extra .. but is this within his rights? The demand is just for the ground rent .. also does he have to include a legal statement of my rights as a leaseholder, im sure what he has added is outdated, it reads 'for the purpose of the landlord & tenant act 1987 section 47/48 etc...
  4. I have been hassled by my Landlord for the last 8 months over paying towrds general building work needed on the flats where I live - he wwanted me to pay £800 towards the cost of a new roof. Weekly visits from him nearly ruined my marriage but we did get some help purely by chance when we came across a website suggested to us by a guy from the ground floor. Anyone who rents a property and is having hassle with landlords should have a look at myleasecheck.com
  5. Hi all,I’m in a bit of a bad situation with my former landlord and need some advice. It’s a bit long but please bear with me. I moved into his property, which is a shared house private accommodation, just under two years ago. I moved out on May 7th 2011 and gave notice on May 21st 2011, but paid him rent for May in lieu of notice. The reason I moved without informing him was because I had just split up with my partner who I shared the room with, meaning that I had to find a place to move pretty much immediately. I know I should have given notice, but I have no written contract with him and no deposit either so just figured I would pay him a months rent. So I no longer live at his address. I owe him £550 for rent arrears which he is chasing me for. This has been going on and on for a while – I have been paying him what I can when I can and approached him via email a few weeks ago with an offer of payment, £50 for June (which I have paid) and £100 each month thereafter. The only reason I have been contacting him via email is that he has consistently refused or ignored my repeated requests to provide me with his address. He has demanded £300 a month until the debt is cleared, which I cannot afford. He has threatened numerous times to take me to court, apply directly to my employer for attachment of earnings (he does not have a court order, in fact he has not even issued a formal written demand for payment!) , sent email regarding my arrears and my sexuality (!!) to other tenants in the house. I find his behaviour towards me very threatening; I am a 20 year old female living in this area with no close family or friends nearby except my boyfriend. At the advice of CAB I did not provide him with my new address, he has found it out anyway and said he will come round to my house and my place of work to chase me about the arrears. I have voicemails, emails and text messages confirming all of this. He has also sent emails to the tenants saying that if I am seen on the premises as a guest that he will raise their rent. Anyway recently he conceded to the £100 a month on the proviso that I would pay him an extra £50 on top of the £50 I paid in June. I cannot afford this! I can pay him £100 a month starting from the end of this month and that’s it. I have stated that I will pay him extra when I can, but all he is doing is going on about attachment of earnings and contacting my employer..Last night he sent me an email saying he was going to start court proceedings tomorrow because I can’t pay him £50, but he is fine with £100 a month thereafter? The state of the house when I lived in it (bathroom door does not close, oven and washing machine both broke twice and it took him months to fix, water tank leaking all over stairs, shower pressure broken) was disgusting, and I have three tenants willing to testify to that if it does go further. He would just turn up at times like 10pm on a Sunday night with no notice whatsoever, just come round the back and let himself into the living room. This combined with the way he has been treating me AND the fact that I have offered him a reasonable payment plan and stuck to it (speaking to CAB they have informed me it is “harassment by a creditor”) makes me think that if it does go to court I stand a good chance of winning, by sticking to my original arrangement or having the debt wiped all together. A solicitor has informed me that I could seek damages for harassment but I just want it over and done with! The only things he has on me is that I owe him money and that I didn’t give notice. (payment of a months rent in lieu of notice is acceptable I think, especially considering that he did not have to find another tenant as my partner continues to inhabit the room) What is your advice? I am very nervous and stressed about this, I work in a high-stress demanding job and have had to take time off due to stress migraines from this situation.Now I have worked previously in debt collection before (sorry guys) so I know that a lot of it is scare tactics (for example the garnishing of my wage without a CCJ) but is still stressing me out! I have contacted legal aid and they have offered to make a formal offer of payment on my behalf BUT it would damage my credit rating which is the one thing I am 100% determined to avoid. I have great credit for someone my age and intend to keep it that way. Apart from this fiasco, I do not owe money anywhere else. I have no other debts. I have contacted the police about this behaviour at the advice of legal aid and have an appointment this weekend to discuss his harassment. Tl;dr – landlord harassing me for money, apparently taking me to court, scared and stressed and just want to get it sorted asap. I want him out of my life! If I could pay more I would. Please help me, CAG! edited to add that he has attemped to evict myself, another tenant and my boyfriend from the property through text message on numerous occasions which i believe is illegal eviction.
  6. Hi there forum I was hoping for your advice/comments on the following: myself and a co-tenant entered into an assured shorthold tenancy with a person that represented that they were the landlord of a property; we paid rent in cash (which was collected from our flat each month as the landlord's agent had other properties to collect rent from also) and we were given a receipt; the term of the tenancy was six months (started in April 2010) and so the fixed term expired in October but there is a clause which says that it will then continue on until either party gives a months notice to the other to terminate; we came back to our flat last Thursday to find a notice from a debt collection/repossion company celotaped to the door saying that we had been occupying the flat without the consent of its client, the purported registered owner; we did a land registry check and this does seem to be the case; we have tried to contact our landlord but all numbers go to voicemail and the agent cannot get in touch with the landlord either; the notice asked that we vacate immediately however after speaking to the debt/recovery company, we managed to agree that we would vacate in the first week in January 2011 (we had paid rent up until the middle of January); we have also been asked to make sure that all utility bills are paid up (our rent was all inclusive and all bills were in the landlord's name) - we replied by stating that we have paid rent which included a proportion for such bills and so if anyoen is to be pursued by the registered owner of the flat then it should be our landlord and not us; we installed a BT line into the property and now will have to pay circa £300.00 to buy out the 12 month contract (as we will have to leave before the 12 months have expired); it appears as though the landlord may well be a rogue and so we have been payign rent to someone who did not allegedly have the authority to rent out the property, although we acted in good faith at all times. ANY COMMENTS AS TO WHAT OUR RIGHTS ARE!?!?!? Thank you in advance and my apologies for the distress call! Yours faithfully Innocent_Tenant
  7. I have some issues with my LL, and have spent many an hour hammering the internet for information – I require additional clarification on what I’ve found out so far, any advice would be much appreciated! I have been a tenant with the same LA for over 2 years and lived in two properties through them. I moved into my current rented property in September 2009, when my LL purchased the property I was renting at the time, and I agreed to rent her property through the same LA. In January this year, the LA asked that all payments should be made to them in cash as they were ‘having problems changing banks’. Whilst this seemed a little strange, I had no issue or cause for concern as I had an excellent relationship with the LA, they had gone above and beyond their legal duties as LA, and I was very happy with the admirable way they looked after the tenants as well as the landlords. I made payments in cash, and received receipts for the same. At the start of March, I received a phone call from my LL stating that I should not make any further payments to the LA, and that she would provide bank details for me to pay rent directly to her. She informed me that she had not received payment from the LA for February’s rent, and that she could not get in contact with anyone from the LA (office closed, no-one answering phone etc). She did confirm that at the end of Feb she spoke to a lady at the LA over the phone; it was someone she had not spoken to previously, and the lady stated that she was ‘a family friend helping out’. The LL told me that the lady confirmed that Feb rental had been paid, and that payment would be made to my LL asap. According to the LL, no payment was made. My LL shortly afterwards posted the new tenancy agreement (AST for 6 months), and after adding some additional terms and conditions, I signed the AST. I would have preferred to move out of the property (I have met the LL and she can be very difficult, especially when you are voicing her errors or issues!) but as I did not have a security deposit (the LA had used the deposit as a rent payment on the previous property when my partner had to have emergency heart surgery and our funds hit the floor), and did not have the money to move, I didn’t see I had much choice. In the same correspondence, the LL also made additional claim that the LA had gone into liquidation, however, despite requesting the information three times in writing, she has yet to provide details of the Receivers, which makes me suspect that the LA has simply vanished and is not actually in receivership. Under the new AST, the rent for March fell due on 21.03.11, however, following issues with my tax credit payment I was only able to pay £150.00 (the rent is £525.00 per cal month). I informed the LL of my circumstances in writing and confirmed that a) if the tax credit issue was resolved quickly, the rent would be paid as soon as I received the shortfall payment or b) if the issue was not resolved quickly enough, I would pay £50.00 on 25.03.11, with the full outstanding balance to be cleared on 01.04.11. My LL has now stated in writing that unless payment is made in full by 25.03.11 for Feb rental (under the previous AST and already paid to the LA), and Mar (under the new AST), she will go to CC for a possession order. I have looked up the terms and understand that she is not in a legal position to seek such an order as there is less than two months rent arrears and the offer/reasons for late payment I have made for the arrears is reasonable, and also that she has not supplied any Notice of Intention. She also claims that she has filed a complaint with the police in regard to the LA, as it is a criminal matter, and that she requires receipts for payments made to LA dating back to Dec 2010, despite confirming in writing that she has received the rental payments for Dec and Jan (albeit late). Sorry to go on, but I wanted to provide a full background, and would appreciate greatly any advice offered on the following points of concern: As far as I can tell, the non-payment of rent by the LA is a civil matter, not a criminal matter as it involves the breaking of a contract by the LA, and as such the LL would have to sue the LA. Is this correct? Is there a difference to LL/tenant obligations if the LA has just vanished rather than gone in administration? Can my LL demand receipts for a 3 month period even when she has confirmed payment received for 2 of them? And what happens if I cannot find all receipts? (I am currently missing one receipt for a payment of £160.00). Am I legally obliged to provide any receipts at all? I am a good tenant, and always make my rent the first bill I pay; I am in no way trying to get out of paying anything. I understand my LL concerns about the loss of her money, but I do object to being treated like I have done wrong and being threatened with eviction when she has no right to do. I am also having a nightmare with trying to get her to understand that whilst the boiler is indeed covered by a Home Care agreement as has a safety certificate, the other gas appliances do not have the same, and her Home Care agreement does not cover these. This is the mentality I am dealing with, so I need to be 100% certain of my legal obligation so that I can be sure where I stand, and not be harassed or bullied which is what I feel she is trying to do (repeated mention of it being a ‘police matter’, demands for rent confirmed as already paid, threats to evict etc). I feel she is trying to railroad me, and, with her coming to inspect the property on Saturday (I can’t wait ), I want to be able to firmly stand my ground should she make any demands that she is not legally entitled to do so. Thanks so much in advance for your help!!
  8. Hi there, This forum seems to be pretty good so any help really appreciated. I have rented a property for almost a year. Split with partner and decided to rent out the living room in order to meet the rent. This obviously breaches terms of the tenancy agreement with the landlord. The amount of rent that was agreed with the sublet was £100per month more than 50% of the rent although when he asked at the time I said it was 50%. He agreed on the amount, paid the deposit and moved in. We had some mutual disagreements with regards to how we lived together practically and decided that it was best if he moved out after two months. At this stage it was still amicable. Now two days after moving out of the property he says that he wants the difference that was above 50% and will move this to small claims court to get the money. When he challenged me about this I admitted that the amount was higher than 50% of the actual rent. Does he have a case? It's worth noting that morally I was going to pay him back the money (it's not really that much) but he has now blown this whole thing out of proportion so much with many threats about small claims court and the effect a ccj would have on my life. He also works in financial law and believes he has the upper hand. At this point I would prefer the landlord not to know as my own very large deposit is potentially at risk for breach of terms. However I believe to have a reasonable relationship with him and have always paid the rent on time. There is also a situation where I have paid this guy his deposit back in cash instead of by transfer. I haven't got any record of this but he has made a small admission to receiving it via email and I doubt he would lie about this as he doesn't seem as though he is that kind of person. But I could be wrong. Given his profession it would be unethical of him to state such a lie. Another point to note is that he did not pay bills for the first three weeks of his stay as he was still living in his other property and on holiday for this time (he had keys though and moved some of his stuff in). Any help really appreciated. I really just want to know do I have a case to defend this if he does go to court. All agreements between me and him were verbal so nothing is recorded although he has a copy of my tenancy agreement. Thanks
  9. Hi, I have a problem with my landlord concerning an overpayment of rent. I started to rent a house through an agency the 25 sept 2009. The rent was £700 a month and I paid it directly to the landlord. I sent him a 1 month notice letter the 19th of november 2010 stating that I will leave the house 1 month later, the 19th of december 2010. For the last month to pay, I paid only £575 because I didn't stay a full month. My calculations was £700x12months/365days=23.01 daily rent. then I multiplied 23 by the number of day I stayed so from 25 november until 19 december, 25 days. The result is £575. Right, after that, the 25 of december I paid £575 by mistake to my landlord. So I did a £575 transfer of overpaid rent. The problem begin when I ask to get back the overpayment. The landlord is telling me that I had to pay £700 for december (so the 25th of november) and I did only £575. So I explained it to him (that I paid for 25 days oand not a full month) but he doesn't want to refund me the £575. What sould I do ? Am I wrong ?
  10. Hi all We are moving into a new house in London, and have failed an independent referencing check. I earn enough, and have a good reference from the current landlord, but failed on my credit score. My partners parents have offered to be guarantors, however, we had assumed the fact that they own their property outright would be enough to secure. The referencing agency have said though, that they need to be earning enough to cover the rent. One of the parents is redundant, and the other works part-time - they have enough in savings to not need to work. We are told by the lettings agent that there is nothing that can be done - they either earn enough or they dont. Is this the case, or would the referencing agency take into account the property and assets they have? Thanks Ian
  11. Hi, My flatmate of 4 years moved out in July at which point the letting agent revealed to me that he was 10 months in arrears with his rent. When I asked the letting agent why I hadn't been informed I was told that a letter addressed to both of us had been sent, but obviously my flatmate had intercepted it before I could. After much stress and argument I managed to receive half of the arrears from my flatmate, but he still owes the other half. I know that according to my agreement I am "joint and severally liable" for the payment, but my question is: Is there comeback for me against the letting agent, as they have left it so long to tell me about this (and they are still in no rush to let me know what they intend to do), and secondly, as my ex-flatmate has already accepted liability by paying half of the arrears, can I sue him for the other half, if he refuses to pay? I now have a new agreement with the letting agent with a new flatmate - as this is nothing to do with them, do the letting agent have any powers with regards to claiming the rent back? Any advice would be gratefully received!
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