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Found 49 results

  1. Apologies in advance if I am being a tad thick but can somebody please advise me how to remove a post made by myself ? Cheers.
  2. Hi, I have just called HSBC asking for advice on removing a CPA from a payday lender. They informed me to contact the cheque centre first and inform them I wish to cancel the CPA with them and then to call them back when the Visa dispute department is open?I do not want to get in touch with the cheque centre until the loan has defaulted as I fully expect it will make it a lot more difficult. Can anyone advise on how to cancel a CPA with a payday lender with HSBC?Once it is cancelled I hope to come to a repayment agreement with the Cheque Centre then. Thanks
  3. My partner had a loan with Barclays years ago. It went into default in March 2008 (after we tried and failed to negotiate a payment plan with them). Default balance was just over £2000, and we agreed and paid a full and final settlement amount of £1000 in August 2008. This was on the grounds that they marked the loan as fully satisfied against her credit records, which it appears to have been. But the default marker from March 2008 still remains on there. It hasn't been an issue, until now - we are starting to apply for mortgages and rechecking her credit history flags this default as a serious issue. It's due to hit the 6 year expiry next March, so presumably it'll be irrelevant after then, but is there anything we can do about it in the meantime?
  4. I have a default on my credit file dated Oct 2008. The catalogue account was opened in Dec 2003. I never ordered anything from them but they claimed to have sent me one of those 'we think you'll like this and if you keep it you pay for it otherwise send it back and nothing will get charged to your account' item of clothing 1 month after account opening, but I never received anything and disputed it at the time and thought nothing of it as the company said they would remove it from my account. I then moved in mid 2004 and at the latter end of that year I vaguely remember receiving a letter from the catalogue company (was sent to my old address via mail redirect) about now owing them £40 (original amount being disputed was £20) and whilst I know I should have chased them and sorted it out back then, foolishly I didn't and chose to ignore it. I also moved address in 2005 and then 2007 to my current address. I never heard a peep about it from then until last year when I started receiving phone calls/letters from Cabot Financial which co-incides with the time I applied for a credit card so I guess something triggered in my file as being active. I checked my credit file and the outstanding balance is now £196 which I presume is made up from passing it onto debt collection agency/charges etc. My question is, if my account was 'defaulted' per say back in Jan 2004, why did it take them 5 years to register a default in 2008? I'm sure I have read somewhere about having to register a default within a reasonable timeframe or 6 months? Does it also make any difference that on my credit file the debtor who defaulted me is down as Cabot Financial and not the catalogue company? There is no record of any previous history of payments or anything from 2003-7, the account only shows history for 1 year (2008) and all in the number '8' until Oct 2008 where it is marked as a 'D'. Thanks if you managed to read that wall of text, what can I do to remove the default? Can anyone point me in the direction of any template letters please? I'm not sure if I should send a letter to Cabot asking for proof of default notice or CCA them? Or something else regarding them placing the default so many years after the account was essentially in arrears? Thanks for any help
  5. Dear All Quite a difficult one here and I'm at fault for being stupid but I'm now paranoid over benefit fraud, prosectution etc. story is this Moved into new place Oct/Nov 2011 Initially was Singler person paid as such but then partner moved in gradually over next few months. I never changed council tax and simply sent the form off April 2012 and 2013 and continued the SPD as the relationship was on again-off again etc. I now have an SPD review letter. I've rung the council up and changed it so we are now both on it but I need to send the SPD letter back. I told the man on the phone in a panic she had just been here a few months but obviously they have details of when mail etc was sent here (note her mail sent here initially prior to her moving in fully). I want to fix this and pay back the arrears but I'm paranoid anything else I say will get me in more trouble and get me prosectuated. i did ring the coucil and expalin this - the lady didn't really understand and said that if I just fill int the SPD form that would generate a bill if any monies are owing. I want to go in to the council to speak to them but think I'll ramble and get myself into more trouble! The amount owing would be 2x25% - so about 600quid and I could pay it back there and then! Any advice?
  6. Is there anything anywhere that states this shouldn't be done (specifically concerning CT)? I've read several times that time should be afforded the debtor but I can't seem to find confirmation in writing anywhere.
  7. Hi Everyone. I came home yesterday to find a hand delivered letter from Equita saying the bailiff will attend my house in 24hours. If i do not pay the outstanding amount in full and cleared funds, he will attend my house and MAY remove goods in my absence which they tell me will be distressing. I have been reading on here what to do and i have requested the information from the Council regarding the Liability order they got in Court. First i knew of this was yesterday, surely i must have received a summon or something? But nothing. The CT was applied when i was on benefits so i don't see how i can owe the council anything. I have queried this with them and they said there were a period of 2 months which im liable for ( Benefit took 2 months to be awarded). The CT bill was from a previous address. I am currently homeschooling my 9 year old son so he is in the house with me. I am also a single parent on benefits. How do i deal with the Bailiff when he turns up please? Im scared to death and i dont want my son upset. Any help gratefully received, thank you.
  8. Thankfully I can see light at the end of the tunnel with my payday loan nightmare, it really has been a difficult time. At one stage I had 14 payday loans but in a few months they will all be gone. I plan to tell my story and perhaps give advice on getting out of the payday trap maybe sometime in the future. Anyway I bank with HSBC, can anyone please advise what is the best way to get them to cancel CPA on all 14 payday loan companies I dealt with. I just want ease of mind in case one of them decides to dip into my bank account sometime in the future.None have my present card details.
  9. Is there any way to remove a search engine result/listing? The reason I ask is, having just googled my name, the first result/link is a newspaper article from 9yrs ago, which relates to a court case I was involved in, and is no longer relevant to myself or my character, and obviously should a prospective employer etc search for me, it shows me in a bad light. Without going into too much detail, it was a case brought against me for animal neglect, and relates to a not very good time in my life, depression.
  10. I have recently been turned down for a mortgage as I have two old defaults on my credit file. One is with NEXT directory for the sum of £295. I have emailed them however they have responded saying they cannot remove it even though it was settled in full 4 years ago. The other is with 1st Credit who acted on behalf of Barclaycard. Again, this was settled in full in February 2009. Any way to have them removed, especially the NEXT one as it will stay on my file until July 2015???
  11. Hi, Back in 2010 I had a student overdraft with Lloyds TSB and got it extended to £1500 from £1000 thinking it would be extended til the end of September. I got a letter from Lloyds TSB in June/July stating that my overdraft with be expiring in 28 days without a date of the actual expiring date. I rang Lloyds TSB and the person on the phone informed me that the overdraft expires in September. in July I get a letter saying that my overdraft has expired and my account is in arrears and I need to pay the full amount. I rang Lloyds Debt Collection many times but kept getting put on hold and they are only open til 6pm so I would call on my lunch break and when I finally got through to someone they said I could be put on a monthly plan to pay the arrears without any interest but towards the end of the call he said that I would have to pay x amount on top of monthly payment due to interest. This obviously got me annoyed so I asked for them to send me something in writing before I confirm that I will sign up to the monthly repayment plan. The problem is that they could not provide me anything in writing regarding charges and interest which I found stupid. I spoke to a lady in the debt collection department and stated that I was misinformed about my overdraft expiry date so she said she would investigate it. Once they investigated it, she agreeed that I was misinformed but cannot do anything for me and I would still have to pay the arrears and full overdraft which I was ok as I did borrow the money but still she could not provide me anything in writing about my charges and interest on the overdraft. During all these calls back and forth, I hadnt realised that my account was still pending default so I thought forget it, I will get the money off a family member and just pay it before it defaults. I called on the last day to pay my account in full and when I spoke to the woman on the phone, she said my account had already been transferred to a debt collection agency! She said that she couldnt do anything and I should send a letter to the complaints department. I ended up paying the debt and it is now a satisfied default on my credit report. I am now saving to get onto the property ladder which hopefully will be in a couple years but I know this default will affect me getting approved for a mortgage so I was wondering what people could advise me? Sorry for the long winded post but I hope someone could help me getting this removed as I have read different approaches. Thanks Nix
  12. Hello, I am administering my late fathers estate. There is a caution placed on his property dating back to 1980 in favour of legal aid. I have tried to contact Legal Aid by phone and letter but have basicaly just had the runaround from them. Is there a process whereby I can request removal of this caution without relying on Legal aid who don't seem interested in chasing it up as it is so old?
  13. Hello I have 2 x Satisfied defaults on my credit file registered 2010 settled 2012 both are marked as satisfied. They have the wrong date of birth on them( just one day out). They were accounts taken out in my name by my ex wife. I do not want to go down the fraud route but the accounts were not opened by me have incorrect information. After i got divorced i noticed all the debt I had been left in due to my ex hiding bills and not paying stuff etc.. . I have asked the company JD Williams to remove these defaults and explained the situation they will not remove them. These are the last 2 items of adverse i need to remove before I apply for a mortgage I have now gone down the route of if they are my defaults where is the credit agreement and I have sent the necessary letter requesting copies of the original agreements. If as I suspect they cannot provide these documents can I ask them to remove the defaults? without a credit agreement how can there be a default. Also worth noting I settled the defaults earlier this year thinking I was doing the right thing. Any advice? Thanks
  14. Can someone help me with this please.... I have sent an email to customer.care @ help.vodafone.co.uk I am hoping someone will pick up but so far i have heard nothing really. I have received an automated response reference. A copy of the email that I sent to them was: "I am writing inrelation to a default that Vodafone issued against me dated 02/11/2008.Normally when a default is issued the lender is required by law to send apre-default warning letter. This gives the customer a final 30 days to pay up,and also explains exactly what a default is and how it might affect access tocredit in the future. Although mobile phone companies are not regulated by the Consumer Act 1974 theyare not required by law to send an official default warning letter but therewas an official contract in place between Vodafone and myself and thistherefore is covered by Contract Law. Clearly there was a 'breach of contract' and therefore Vodafone was lawfullyobliged to send notice of this breach, and to have given a reasonable amount oftime for the breach to be remedied. The balance was for a small amount of £43.99 whichI have paid off recently (11/09/2012 Reference: xxxxxx however I wasunaware that I owed this amount) and I would politely like it removed for thefollowing reasons: -Thedefault is for a relatively small amount and the penalty lasts for a full 6 years(and there is only 2 years remaining left of the default and is now settled), -I amcurrently a Vodafone customer since 06/02/2012 Account Number: xxxxxxxxx, - It isthe only default that I have and ever had and could also affect my chance ofobtaining a mortgage as I have a newborn baby on the way, - Iam more disciplined with my finances, - Nodefault notice/letter was received Clearly Vodafone has not followed the official guidelinesset out by Contract Law and therefore the Default is unlawful and should beremoved so I ask as a gesture of goodwill for it to be please be removed I look forward to your reply and I thank you foryour time. Yours faithfully" Can anyone help or know of anyone from Vodafone to help me with this. Much help is greatly appricated!
  15. Please can someone help, I've read so much on these forums but can't seem to understand my next steps, Am trying to get HSBC to remove a default notice off my credit file, as my mortgage has double. They chased me for over a year and ignored them, I had some letters from Moorcroft and maybe other DCA over a year ago stating stuff like HSBC had sold the debt or they would take me to court etc, but I just ignored them. but its been quite for the last 14 months, as I ignored everything. Debt was rung up by my husband and then he ran off while I was away and I told HSBC it was a fraud but they refused to accept this, even knowing I was out the country and not able to make the purchases. I even am willing to even start paying them like £50 a month so they can remove the default so my mortgage can lower by alot more then £50. Please kindly provide any help possible. ________________________________________________________________________________ I sent them the following letter: HSBC Bank Card Services, Credit Card Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dear HSBC, After obtaining a copy of my credit file from Experian I was concerned to note that your company has placed a "Default" notice against an account in my name. You have responded to Experian stating that I should contact you directly at the above in regards to this matter. The “default” on my Experian report, the account started date is xx/xx/1999 and the default date is xx/xx/2011 with a default Balance of £12,110. Further to this I do not have a recollection of ever receiving such a notice, and I therefore require you to substantiate this data at your earliest convenience. 1. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement under the legislation contained within s.78 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974 (s.77 (1) for fixed sum credit). Your obligation also extends to providing a statement of account. I enclose a £1 postal order in payment of the statutory fee, Postal Order Serial Number_____________________________. 2. You must supply me with a signed true and certified copy of the original default notice, because I do not recollect receiving this. 3. Any deed of assignment if the debt was sold on. I would request that this data is provided to myself within the next 14 days, if you are unable to provide this data then I must insist that it is removed from my files as unsubstantiated. Yours Sincerely, _____________________________ After 16 days I send a reminder to them as they did not reply the reminder was as follows: HSBC Bank Card Services, Credit Card Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dear HSBC, Further to my letter I wrote and sent to you on xx September 2012 via recorded delivery, I haven’t had any response, please find copy of the letter and recorded delivery slip attached. Noting the above could you please kindly respond to my original letter dated xx September 2012, a copy of which is attached and accordingly answer in full the 3 questions contained in the original letter, with which I also sent a postal order. I believe it is your duty and you are under obligation to supply me with the requested information within a given time. Again I request that you provide me with all the requested data in my original letter, within the next 14 days, once again I state if you are unable to provide this data then I must insist that it is removed from my files as unsubstantiated. Yours Sincerely, ___________________________________ Today on the 3rd of Ocrober they responded with this: Dear Madam, Please find enclosed copy documents as requested for your perusal. Section 78 (1) of the consumer credit act 1974 requires us to provide "...a copy of the executed agreement (if any)...". Regulation 3 (2) of the consumer credit (cancellation notices and copies of documents) Regulations 1983 allows that certain items may be omitted form such copies, including the signature box and signature. They copy of the executed agreement we must supply is a copy but need not be a photocopy of the signed agreement. Regulation 7 of those regulations also requires us to provide a copy of the executed agreement, as varied, where there is a power to vary the terms of agreement, which there is with your client's card agreement and that power has been exercised to vary the agreement, which again is the case with your client's card agreement. We therefore enclose an up to date copy of the terms and conditions applicable to your clients account, a copy of the latest variation notice issued in respect of your client's account and a reconstituted copy of the agreement form. The variation notice shows that the terms have been varied and therefore in accordance with this legislation the up to date terms and conditions are the appropriate information to produce. With regard to the Signed Application form that you made request for, we have conducted a reasonable search, and at the time of the request, the document could not be located. It was in our control but is no longer in our possession. Therefore we have enclosed a reconstituted copy along with two certified statements duly stamped and signed for your records validating any debt outstanding. Enclosures: Appendix 1 Current Terms and conditions Appendix 2 Notice of Variation to Terms Appendix 3 Historic Terms and Conditions Appendix 4 Copy of Agreement form Appendix 5 copy of Statements Connie Smith. ___________________________________________________________ This what they sent Appendix 1 Current Terms and conditions - these are just standard printed out t and c's Appendix 2 Notice of Variation to Terms -these are also just standard print outs Appendix 3 Historic Terms and Conditions -these are again print outs, please note they all are HSBC - when my account opened it was Midland Appendix 4 Copy of Agreement form -this looks like a newly printed sheet with just my name and old address hand written on it view it here: i1281.photobucket.com/albums/a502/fryman1/HSBC_zpsb16295fe.jpg Appendix 5 copy of Statements -freshly printed out credit card statements for August and September 2012 with a HSBC stamp on them with a sign over it Please advise what is next letter I should send, or how to get out this default.
  16. I would like to remove my name from our joint mortgage. I no longer work so make no financial input to the mortgage. Do mortgage companies allow this?
  17. Hi guys I have a couple of small debts ( They've both still got 2/3 years before they'll drop off the credit file and whilst I'm more than happy to play the waiting game as there's no agreements to base any court action on, the missus is dropping little hints about buying a house! If I were to offer a F&F "goodwill" gesture I'm assuming they'll remain on my account for 6 years from date of payment as a settled/satisfied default which doesn't do me much good - i'm better off just dodging the house-buying question for 2/3 years until they drop off my file. Has anyone had any success with adding a clause in a F&F settlement offer that the default must be removed from all credit reference agency files? Can it be done? Thanks BSBS.
  18. I've had cable for years and none of it shares anything from BT. I swapped over after they put a pole outside our house that served only us and didn't give any prior warning of the work. I want to remove the wire that crosses the front garden and the entry point. Can I do this myself or do I have to ask BT to do it? I don't have any contract with them. Thanks
  19. Just looking for some info, what are the experts opinions on a DCA being allowed to remove a stay after 5 years, the original debt now being over 9 years since last acknowledged. I am aware of the Statute law and the commencing of proceedings but could such an application be contested on grounds of time taken to get to this stage, ie, unfair practice etc.
  20. I live in a shared property (HMO) there are 5 of us in here. It's quite a nice place, we all have our own bedrooms & bathrooms. It's all furnished by the landlord to a good standard. However,the landlord is in the habit of entering the property, without notice, and removing and or replacing furniture and equipment. The first we know about it is when we arrive home (we all work normal office hours). Today we got back to find that the tv & recorder had disappeared from the living room. There is another tv in the dining room but that's hardly the point. The vacuum cleaner has gone too. In the past they've changed furniture including beds without any warning and various other stuff has disappeared or been replaced without any reference to us. Occasionally we return home to find that the living room or dining room has been re-organised. We normally put it back the way it was but it doesn't stop it happening again. Now I know that the landlord is supposed to give notice that they want to come in (they never do) but should they be removing anything without our say so? Oh, and the oven is broken. They've told us it will be repaired but that was about six weeks ago and we're still waiting. And they constantly leave vehicles parked here. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  21. Hello. About 12 months ago I told t-mobile that I was starting a new job and I would be a few days/week late with my payment and they said that is was fine. Anyway I have recently checked my credit report and it says I have a missed payment for 2 months because they carried it on for 2 months. Do I have a case here? if so what should I do? Thanks.
  22. Afternoon All. I was searching online and come across this useful and helpful website, so decided to join and post what im in the middle of trying to sort out. I have recently wrote a letter to LLOYDS TSB asking for them to remove my default on my account. which goes like this. Lloyds TSB Plc Customer Service Recovery Centre Charlton Place Andover Hampshire SP10 1RE Date: 2nd June 2012 Dear Sir or Madam, Account Number : xxxxxxxx Sort Code : xx-xx-xx After recently obtaining a copy of my credit file from Experian I was concerned to note that your company has placed a “Default” notice against my bank account. Further to this I have no recollection of ever receiving such a notice, and I therefore require you to substantiate this data at your earliest convience. 1. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement you refer. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement under the legislation contained within s.78(1) Consumer Credit Act 1974 (s.77 (1) for fixed sum credit). Your obligation also extends to providing a statement of account. I enclose a £1 postal order in payment of the statutory fee, PO Serial Number xxxxxxxxx 2. You must supply me with a signed true and certified copy of the original default notice. 3. Any deed of assignment if the debt was sold on I would request that this data is provided to myself within the next 28 days, if you are unable to provide this data then I must insist that it is removed from my files as unsubstantiated. Yours faithfully, xxxxxx Has anyone else had a default put on your account by LLOYDS TSB and managed to get it taken off at all. Many Thanks Daz
  23. Hi, Wondered if you could help me at all? Two years ago my husband and I split up after 25 years of marriage. All is agreeable and amicable. He agreed I can have the house, I paid him a sum of money, car , bike pension etc. My question is this, can I get his name removed from my deeds without going through a solicitor and encountering a large fee? Also can we get a divorce without people telling us what we have to split? as we are quite happy with things as they are. Your help is much appreciated. Sonja
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