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  1. Hi Guys, I was wondering if any of you could help with my current situation..... I had a default issued against my account in 2011 following a change in address and despite me calling and informing Argos their records werent updated. After a mix up with HSBC and missing 2 payments and receiving a letter from the idiots at moorcroft I paid the debt off in full promptly. Im currently in the process of trying to get this removed so as instructed in various other forums I sent a letter politely requesting that this be removed for a variety of reasons with a copy of my credit repo
  2. Have a disputed debt which was being chased by Link. They breached several OFT guidelines, including data protection, and I reported them to FOS. They told FOS that I was no longer a customer and FOS dropped the complaint. Link are still registering the debt on my credit file, can I make them remove it as they have stated in writing that I am not a customer of theirs? Grateful for any views.
  3. Hi There All, Could really do with some help here. This morning ive had a bailiff arrive at my door demanding a figure of £1740.00 This is for council tax, the problem they sent me a letter which i unfortunately forgot to open which as led to them now issuing a notice of distress and planning to remove good this afternoon. The main issue is the amount they are demanding is incorrect (not the bailiffs fee's, but what the council are requesting) and there has been an error from the council. Today the council offices are closed and the bailiff has explained they are still comi
  4. Hello all, I was ill a while back and got into a lot of bother as I had no income. As a result I got a few defaults and outstanding debts that I'm hoping to sort out. One of these defaults was on a personal loan from a major bank. This was mostly paid off and I had PPI on the loan, put on as a lump sum at the beginning of the loan. When I was ill I called them and made a claim on the PPI and they accepted it, but seem to have cancelled it after a month or so. The bank then defaulted and sent a final demand, also closing my personal account at the same time. I've been writing to them
  5. Hi folks, I'm a newbie to this forum, and I thought it would be a good place to get some solid advice. I'm a student who has just moved in to their first rental, and as such I'm a bit clueless as to what rights I do and do not have. Anyhoo, I let from a letting agency with five other students (which I believe is aimed primarily at a student market). Knowing the house would likely be inhabited by students, the landlord seems to have fenced off a large portion of our garden, as well as that of two adjoining properties, leaving us with a mere postage stamp, probably so he does not have
  6. Hi Guys (new poster) i have a problem with a default on vodafone that i believe should be deleted and taken off, i canceled the contract by mutual consent as the signal and everything was poor in the area so i paid what i thought was my final bill, then i moved house and changed all addressed apart from with vodafone as i did not think i needed to but then months later i got a letter in my new address stating that i had defaulted and a debt collection team are now trying to collect this from me, so i paid the full amount to them as i did not want any adverse credit h
  7. We are having new gas pipes put in are road and we were informed today that because are meter is old and a 3 quarter pipe we will have to have the new meter put outside are property. The problem we have is that the gasmen have to be able to connect the pipe to the new meter which means pulling up are laminate flooring in are hallway and maybe the floorboards. The laminate once pulled up will not be able to be refitted which will leave us with no flooring, just floorboards. I have dogs so i do not want them walking on floorboards as they could get splinters in their pads
  8. I have a CCJ and Default from Alliance and Leicester/Bryan Carter and Co. The CCJ is now marked as satisfied. Should the original default be removed on the 6 years of non-payment or on the date the CCJ was granted or should it be now marked as settled on my report to be removed 6 years after the last payment of the CCJ? It looks from my credit file that BC was paying AL about 3 months in arrears.
  9. Dear CAG, I have noticed previous threads about trying to remove Vodafone Default Notices on credit files & would very much appreciate similar assistance. ------------------------------------------- I will be writing an email of the following to the Vodafone Web Relations Team, Quoting the subject "WRT135 – CAG Forum". Dear Vodafone Web Relations Team, Mobile Number: xxxxxxxxx Account Number: xxxxxxxxxx I am writing in relation to a default that Vodafone issued against me dated February 2011. Normal
  10. Had no luck with sending letters to HFC regarding 3 x defaulted accounts. Just got one back for all 3 saying, they hold the right to report how my account has been run. Any other tactics I can use?
  11. Hi all, Thanks for the great advice so far... Defaults that are your credit file, are they supposed to come off yourcredit file automatically after the 6 years, or do you have request the creditagency to do it? The reason I ask, is that on my file there are 'some' defaults, but theirdefault dates are pass the six years point... Thanks
  12. Hi all Hope you dont mind me posting, Ive gleaned a bit of info from this forum which is great but would love some personal advice relating to my circumstances. In April I had a notice from Jacobs and tried daily (3-4 times a day) to call the bailliff in question. to no avail. in the end I called them and they laughed about how this baillif was a liability and i set up a payment plan. Shortly after, my partner was taken into hospital (7 months pregnant) and transferred to manchester Royal some 50 miles away. Due to the circumstances I moved with her staying in a hotel and cripp
  13. Hello I have just drafted a letter Lloyds basically firmly asking them to remove the records on my credit rating for a loan that I originally took out in 2005 but after a PPI refund it turns out would probably not have happened. If it had it would have been for a much smaller amount and I maintained the loan for long enough to clear the smaller amount comfortably. Essentially in 2009 when I went to the FOS over a PPI refund Lloyds ended up crediting me just over £4000 to settle the account so it hasn't existed in any form since then It is however still showing on my credit record a
  14. This is my first post here so please bear with me... I am desperately trying to get a satisfied default caused by a student overdraft in 2007 removed from my husband's credit file (it's for about £2000) and was hoping for some advice on what to try next. I have already tried the sympathy angle (asking nicely to remove it seeing as it's been paid etc.) but not surprisingly they said no (response below...) "I appreciate that your situation is significantly improved since the Default was applied to this account, and hope that this continues to be the case going forward. However, having
  15. Hello Friends, Does anyone know if a default by carphone warehouse (which I have settled already) can be removed from the credit file in any way?? I took an O2 contract with them in June 2007, In Jan 2008 I lost my phone. I approached their store to file a claim as I was paying for the insurance. Unfortunately, due to a family incident I had to rush home (out of UK) and did not take the new phone (via insurance). I came back in Oct 2008. By the time I was back there was a default against my credit file for £ 535.. Recently, I lost a job this year in Feb, because my employer
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