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  1. need to know about removal companies in UK specifically in london
  2. Hi all, Briefly the situation is the following: My friend goes to Luton airport, stops on the drop off point and goes to help with suitcases on the arriving guests. Once goes back after about 5-6 minutes, the procedure to remove his vehicle is already started. It turns out that there are new signs that forbid to leave your car unattended. So he had to pay a fine of 180 pounds to be able to release the car. So far everything is clear, there is sign not leave your car unattended but he left his car unattended and receive fine. But what bothers me is this, please see attachment. I have n
  3. Hi I seem to remember seeing a template letter quoting Data Protaction Act, on here for PDL companies asking for removal of employer's details from their records. Am I able to do this with an outstanding loan. And if I can anyone direct me to the template. I have been through all the PDL threads and cannot find anything other than template letter with regard to harassment. I dont want these companies to harass me at all. I am going to write to them asking for a repayment plan but want to write the letter requesting removal of my employers details first so as I do not get calls in the off
  4. Hi all. In December 3rd my car was removed for alleged parking contraventions. My issue is that there was no court case with no judge and no paperwork was served to me regarding this issue. There was no warrant of execution, I was not summonsed to represent myself in court over this or any matter pertaining to my car or any charges that were on it. I think they have acted unlawfully. Am I correct or can they really do just as they please? I want to contest this as police will not do anything, they say it is a civil case and I should contact the council in question. I have done this
  5. I'd be grateful if someone could confirm that I am taking the right approach in seeking removal of a default placed on my CR by British Gas. Back story: I moved into rented acc. in 07/09 and received welcome letters for both Gas and Electric acc with BG - I think the letting agency had informed them of my moving in - though bills were in my name. I physically moved out of the property in August 2010 - was advised by letting agency to leave forwarding address with them to close down utilites - (1st time renting -know now its my responsibility to let utility compa
  6. I have noticed a CCJ on my Credit report and i am sure i have paid this off years ago, i dont recieve any mail about any CCJ's, i have called northampton court but i need proof off payment, i dont even know what it is for, is there any way i can find this out, the bank acount that i would of paid it with has been closed for years now, any advice appreciated.
  7. Gents/Ladies, Just dropping a quick post to link a thread to my own up till now an unknown default raised by Vodafone. Going back 5 years I was a customer with VF, like many once it came to renewal I opted to change provider (moved to o2) and forwarded on my notice to cancel prior to this date and followed up with a brief call to let them know. Over the following month or two I received letter stating that they were happy to confirm my renewal, all of which I queried and was told they had not received my previous letter or had any record of my call. As requested I
  8. Help, please...I need advice. The bailiffs have 2 council tax liabilty orders on me. The bailiff said I could still make an arrangement with them if i paid £190 immediately and they did a walking possession on goods. I did as asked and sent the forms off with an offer to pay £100 per month. I've got a reply saying that I have to pay £250 on each order per month. I am unemployed and not entitled to benefit, my wife only earns £860 per month. My rent is £340 per month which would leave us with £20 per month to live on. The first payment is due next week.
  9. Hi There, I had a CCJ issued against my business (a LTD) back in 2006. the debt was paid in full direct to the suppliers but i have noticed on the company credit report, the CCJ is still shown as 'unsatisfied' i am aware that the CCJ will be removed from the credit report after 6 years (april 2013) However is this still the case if the CCJ is still marked as unpaid? i would appreciate any advice Many thanks
  10. i have recently been refused a mortgage, after checking my credit file i have a default on file from vodafone. this default is showing from 2007 and is all up to date and been paid off in full. i have contacted vodafone and they can not seem to find my account and im assuming this is because its an old account. I really need to sort this out as it is now stopping me from buying my new home. i'd appreciate any help on this matter. Kind regards Marc
  11. Hi CAG'ers, Following being away from my rented property and letting it to tenants over the past 5 years, I came back to the UK in March 2010 and moved into my flat. The council chased me for previous years CT and issued liability orders for those years. I told them that I am keen to pay and on receiving the Income and Expenditure Form said that I could afford £200 p.m. They said that they wanted full and final payment due to the sum and as I could not pay fully, they handed the case to Equita and they asked me to pay 400pm which I refused as I could not pay ot
  12. hi today i received a letter from marston group ordering to pay £640, and client is hmcts south west london 123, i dont know the client and i have never done anything wrong, my name on the letter is half wrong, some of the spellings are missing or some replaced, can someone help me what should i do? HMCTS is proably a court, is the client really is hmcts or marston group are lying? shall i contact the court/hmcts? i have never received any letter on this name or on my name. i am good guy and never done anything wrong please reply asap , thanks
  13. Hi all, firstly can i say that i am a complete "noobie" to CAG and its forums so please go easy on me. Also i have been reading with great interest some of the posts by other users and find it very encouraging to see the comprehensive level of knowledge and advice offered with regard to consumer issues. Anyways here goes; After looking into my credit report with Equifax i find my credit score to be not very impressive and landing within the "fair" category. This is not good news at all. the reason for such a bad rating is i have a "default" marker relating to an old Barclays
  14. I amgoing to submit the information below on my N244 application to the County Court, tohave a CCJ removed. Please would forum members have a look over thisinformation and let me know whether you think my application will be successful? Thank-youin advance. Please accept this application for the County Court to remove the above County Court Judgment from my credit file history, this by having the Judgment set aside. Below I will give the grounds for this request. I was not residing at the address that the original summons was sent to. Please find letter from XX XX XX enclosed.
  15. Looking for some help to see if I can get a default removed. I have an old default that will drop off in April 2013 as its then over the 6 years. It was satisfied back in 2007/8. The original default I was not aware of until a year after it had been issued, so was not given the chance to sort it out as it all happened at a time I moved house and it was a credit card that was used by my husband at the time - silly of me to leave it and not cancel - I just forgot it was there. He ran up £800 on it, found out a year later after a default was on my file as a debt
  16. Ok, earlier today I was in a bit of a worry because of this Equita bailiff notification I received due to Council Tax money I owe. I made the mistake of ringing the MOBILE number given on the letter. The guy told me I owed certain amounts which I thought were massively disproportionate. He wanted to pop round mine to 'discuss the debts.' So I decided to leave that, because it felt dodgy. I rang Manchester City Council (whom I had called earlier and they had told me to contact the bailiff, which I'd done, unfortunately) and said I wanted to pay what I owe. I paid the sum to the Counci
  17. just had a call from my wife that a hce visited the house and attached a notice of seizure and inventory the debt is for a company registered at the address but they put my wife vehicle which is in now way associated with the Limited company as being seized need urgent help how do i proceed
  18. I have phoned on several occasion regarding removal of a default from Experian. I had an account with vodofone at my previous address which was kept up to date to my knowledge, i have currently aplied for a extended mortagage which i have been denied d ue to this default which was brought to my attention for the first time. I have paid this off imdeatley as soon as i was made aware. VODAFONE assured me that this would be cleared from Experian and i would no long appear on that site as a default or be on experian at all, however this has not been the case. I hav
  19. I wonder if anyone can help, Back in 2008 i struggled with payments to vodafone but i eventually cleared my balance in 2008 of £300.00, I have just looked on my experian report to find Vodafone have defaulted me with a balance of "satisfied" I had no letters to say why? I now have to wait another 2 years for removal but i am recently married with two small children and very much wanted to apply for a mortage, This is the only late/Default on my credit rating everything else is all up to date . This is really getting me down, as i did pay the balance back in 2008 yet i have to wait 6 years
  20. I've used my builder.com before and it was great, so when I saw shiply.com I thought it might be a good idea. I posted my job for a full house removal about 6 weeks before the moving day. I talked to several companies asking lots of questions, being honest about items I didn't feel would be reflected in the shiply inventory. I choose Noasim removals, arranging the proposed move date (obviously we hadn't exchanged so ti wasn't final) and that they would come the day before and pack. Shiply asked that I pay a deposit on agreeing the quote of £112, which I did. I spoke with Noasim a coup
  21. Hi all, Some advice needed please, I have looked into my situation and seen so many conflicting arguments... I came home today to a Removal Notice from Marstons. This relates to an unpaid speeding fine SP30 that I forgot about and went to court - total fine £269 which i was paying at £60 per month. I had £69 outstanding and a missed payment as I was away on holiday and apparently HMCS issued a distress notice to Marstons last week. I phoned the courts today and they accepted the final payment of £69 and they said the debt was paid in full, they gave me an authorisation
  22. Hi guys, I had a default placed on my credit record from Lowell regarding a phone contact with Three that I havent paid off. The default was placed 14/03/11. I have written to Lowell to proove that I am the debtor and if not to remove the default, using the following letter. Dear Sir/Madam Ref:******** You have contacted me at my previous address () regarding theaccount with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. Ialso note that a ‘Default’ has been placed on my credit report by Lowell dated14/03/11. I would point out that I have no knowledge of an
  23. Hi, Until 2 months ago I was being chased by Lowell for a small CC debt under £400. I CCA'd them but they didn't have a copy. I placed the file into dispute and had a letter from Lowell saying that they had closed the account. On the back of the letter it says that they will remove the default but this will take up to 6 weeks. 8 weeks have now passed and the default is still on my file. I want to write to Lowell to ask them to remove it as promised. Is there a template for this, ie should I go in softly and ask nicely or do I need to ask them to stop pro
  24. Hi there I was reading Phantom's post with interest as I had a similar question niggling at me for weeks although his post has answered my question. To cut a long story short, I had a small debt of £250 which I hadn't paid since 2007 but despite receiving letters from various credit agencies who subsequently passed the debt onto others, I was defaulted in November 2011 which showed on my credit file. Now last month I received a Judgment for Claimant (in default) from the court and as I thought the statute barr was from the time it's defaulted on your credit file (ie. Nov 2007) and as I
  25. Hi All, I’m after some advise. I have recently paid for both credit reports from Experiean and Equifax. Both have good scores however I have one issue stopping me from obtaining credit I am looking for. Back in 2009 I got a default for the amount of £129. I paid this straight away however it is still on my credit file (stated as satisfied) however will still be on there until Feb 2015. Everything else on my credit report is down as excellent bar this which is recognised as being very poor. I’m doing all I can in writing to the carphone wa
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