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  1. Hi guys, Back in 2009 I defaulted on my Capital One account. It only had a limit of £100 but back in those days I used to pay it off in full each month. However, my hours were cut and so I started making smaller repayments. However, interest and charges sent the account overlimit and then overlimit fees + charges + interest led to the account falling into default. A short time later I paid off the debt in full (£192) and thought no more of it. However, reading this forum I have come to the belief that the default was solely to blame on the inclusion of charges & interest. S
  2. Hello, Firstly thanks for anyone taking the time to read this and offer any advice. About half an hour ago, a bailiff from Marston turned up at my door and handed a letter to my uncle, addressed to me. My uncle told them that I was not in. The letter is a removal notice, stating that they want 633.30 or they will come to my address and remove my goods. The debt is for an unpaid magistrates court fine for an unpaid train fare (Yes, I am a complete idiot). I have no idea what to do about this. The house belongs to my parents and I live here with my brother,
  3. Hello All, I was wondering if someone could help me. I have a number of Defaults on my file of which are now satisfied. I understand that these can possibly be removed by the company involved but they usually would not do this or would charge a fee. I was wondering if anyone may have a template of a letter I could send the companies concerned. Also if someone could possibly tell me the legal aspects surrounding satisfied defaults and removal. I understand that they are supposed to stay on my file for 6 years. However when I have paid off some of my debts the company
  4. Hi Folks, I was made redundant a few years ago and defaulted on my Santander/ASDA credit card. The debt was passed on to a collections firm and i then paid this in full as I had found a full time job. (£1200 iirc) As I paid the ballance in full, i would like to appeal to them my hardship at that time and request the default be removed/changed. I now have full time permanent job, 2 kids and would like to resolve so i can get better rate on morgage. I sent a generic letter on 19/08/13 as follows; I have recieved today the following; Where should I go fr
  5. Hi I have a default on my credit report from a payday lender its was with Wage Day Advance however on my credit report it states Motormile Finance Uk Limited, they originally tried to say I defaulted in December 2012, when it was actually September 2011 I queried this with noodle and got a reply to say that my report has been amended I also tried to have it removed as in the past I have paid my loans back to WDA like others (QQ, PDUK, Lending stream and wonga) now I have a default with wonga but I have to say at least when they put the default up
  6. Hi All I got an Argos Card through the Home Retail group which I initially received in 2009, I was ill September/October 2011 and missed the payments on both months. My last payment prior to this was 30th Aug 2011 and when I came out of Hospital I contacted Argos to make payment 8th November 2011. The advisor said he could take my payment however any future payments need to be done through Moorcroft debt recovery. He was rude and blunt and said he could be of no further assistance to me. I contacted Moorcoft and arranged direct debit payment schedule to pay
  7. hi All Hope I can get some advice please. There is a default on my credit file at present. This is for a credit card where the lender sold the debt to Lowells. As I am in a position to pay the balance on the debt, I thought I would see of they would move and remove the default in return for me clearing the debt. i was told that it is not lawful to remove the default just like that, and also as they did not place the default in the first place they are not allowed to remove it... 1. default date on credit file does not match default notice date? does this matter? 2. can
  8. Hello, Last May my partner and I had our joint savings account closed down with santander due to fraudulent activity. I had no idea why this happened until my partner admitted to me that he had cashed a cheque that came through the post and didn't know why it had been sent/who it was from (absolutely stupid of him I know). 6 months later they'd obviously twigged that this was fraudulent and shut the account down. Fair enough. We went to the bank at the time and explained the situation and they said could take months if not years for them to draw a conclusion to their investigation. We hav
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm need of some serious help please. I had an argos card for 10 years missed the odd payment nothing major always brought it back into line. At the end of 2011 beginning of 2012 I stopped receiving statements I contacted them and told them and please could they resend them so I could make payments, A.S.A.P. I then got a letter from Moorcroft debt recovery I got in such a panic I phoned them and arranged to pay huge substantial amounts of money to get this account paid off once and for all so that it couldn't happen again and I didn't want a default. A couple of months a
  10. Hi I'm just looking for some advice, I had a guy from Marston turn up this morning, guessed it might be debt collector as going through a bad time at the moment (unemployed) so did not answer. However he pushed a 'Removal Notice' through the door, on which stated that despite previous visits and notices the matter had not been settled. 1, I have had no early visits or note saying they had been to the house. 2, I am sure I have had no correspondents from them ( may have binned one ?) 3, I thought a warrant had to be issued. There is a Parking Fine to Andover Council from last ye
  11. Hi guys, Firstly i appologise if i'm asking for very basic help, i've never had dealings like this before! To cut a long story short (believe me this is the short version!): I tried on numerous occasions to close my t-mobile account down over the phone and was told it had been closed. A few months later a debt collection letter arrived for circa £250 in unpaid bills. I was very, very annoyed by this since i had thought that the account was closed and hadn't used the account for several months. I contacted T-mobile and they denied that i had closed the account, despite my c
  12. Hello Guys, I requested the credit agreement in relation to the credit card debt that I had with capital one and the debt was bought by capquest. Capquest has provided the actual credit agreement. The CCJ was placed in 2008 for £288 but the actual debt is £644. They say that to minimize cost the rest of the debt was not litigated on. They also wrote that they are willing to discuss a payment arrangement. Now how do I persuade them to remove the CCJ if I confirm a repayment?
  13. Hi everyone, I have few accounts with provident dating couple of years back which are all paid and clear. As there are quiet a few accounts, I wrote to them with the most sincerest requests I could think of to see if they would remove these accounts but failed. They wrote back saying:- " We are legally obliged to share information" Are there any other ways I can try or shall I send a second request? Also, the accounts are on my file with my name spell wrong, one letter missing. Can I use this as a way to get the accounts removed? Say if I write to
  14. Hi was just wondering if anyone could advise me here. I received 2 letters today delivered by hand from a bailiff working for Rossendales regarding unpaid council tax. I believe this is to do with unpaid council tax from a flat I lived in about a year ago but I have not received any warnings or notices prior to this bailiff turning up today! Also the bailiff turned up at my parents house and I don't live there anyway! He is threatening to take their possessions to pay for my debt even though nothing in that house belongs to me!! At the moment I don't have a fixed address but surely some no
  15. Apologies for the length of email in advance. In 2004 I found myself in very difficult financial circumstances due to business failure. Since that time I have managed to turn my life around and am now on a sound financial footing once more. As documented on here I had a couple of run ins with Robinson Way which were successfully defended in no small part to the assistance provided on here. Prior to my financial woes I had a fairly substantial mortgage which I always managed to pay and have done so for over 10 years without fail. I am now looking to move home and now the problems have
  16. In October 2012 I entered a voluntary debt management plan to clear a numberof credit cards and dreaded pay day loans. I have been paying a large sum permonth to the CCCS who are distributing out to my creditors. I sent letters toall of the creditors included in the DMP with the details of the plan and alsoincluded my current and previous addresses. I have recently applied for a new job and they have performed a creditcheck. They informed me that a CCJ had appeared on my report from Safeloans (news to me!). Ihave further investigated and found that this is a debt that’s included in thep
  17. Dear all First of all, thank you for creating this forum. I have already found some basic info on how to help a friend of mine simply by searching the keywords. However I would like to explain my friend's situation and kindly ask for an advice. Here is what happened: - My friend. Mr W, sold his car 18 months ago - Soon he received a ticket from Transport for London for parking at a wrong zone - Mr W visited a local DVLA office to clarify it. He was assured everything was dealt with. - He moved to a new address - Today (after 1.5 year) he received a "Removal
  18. As i would like to buy my first house i decided to check my credit history and took advantage of a free 30 day trial with checkmyfile as they claim to cover all the credit reference agency's, there are two defaults showing (which i was expecting) otherwise everything else seems to be in order. Default 1 which was a vanquis credit card that is now with cabot financial is showing some errors, the account number they give is incorrect, they only show the last 4 digits but they do not match any of my paperwork, the date of default is also incorrect (i have the original default notice in front
  19. hi , approx 3mths ago i got phone call out of the blue from a company called CAPQUEST, at first i did not know what they where talking about but turns out i had a debt from approx 8/9 years ago from capone for £53(this was news to me) they said i had been paying £5 every month for the past 8 years from my bank account which had stopped once i moved accounts. when i checked this it was true and i paid the outstanding amount straight away so nothing would appear on my credit file. i have subscribed to experian for the past 3yrs just to keep an eye on my credit files whi
  20. Hoping someone can help, I had to move away from my home for a while due to work and a lodger moved in. He was supposed to be paying the Gas bill but wires got crossed and he set up a new account but there was apparently £382 outstanding when he took it over, I had always paid via dd so there had been no issues with the account. It appears BG sent some chasing letters and in January a threat of default action etc.. I did not get these letters and they clearly put a default on my account for the amount. I found out about this a week or so ago and sent them immediate payment in fu
  21. Hi I posted some time ago about quite large council tax arrears, with a bit of help from family and a lot of hard work we have paid most of this off now and it was just some from the year 2012/13 remaining. When it was sent to the bailiffs we came to an arrangement and managed to stick to it for apart from the last 2 payments. We still owe approximately 400 from this but couldn't make the last two payments due to work being slow, we are self employed. We buried our heads in the sand a little hoping we would have some spare to be able to make it up, but this hasn't happened. Then we receive
  22. Hi there, I'm currently in the process of a home insurance claim and would be very grateful for advice on certain aspects. The claim was initiated following an escape of water and the result is that the ground floor at my property requires replacement and a room needs partial redecoration. A Loss Adjuster visited my property following the claim and, along with estimates for the main works, requested that I also provide estimates for removal and storage of my contents to the whole of the ground floor of the property in order to facilitate the works. I should highlight here t
  23. Hi I apologise if this has been asked before. I have defaulted on a credit card, its my own doing and I just want to make things right. I am single parent with two kids living with me, things were okay until my ex wife made some crazy allegations and took my kids off me. I then ended up spending 20k in 5 weeks on legal fees. My kids came back all was dropped. I have not had any child support help in six years while she claimed legal aid, living at her mothers house. Anyway enough of my sob story , I have paid of my 20k debt after some hard days in two years.
  24. i had a motring offence last year in crawley after appearing in crawley magistrates court i contacted the fines office there and asked for the fines to be amalgamated with other fines i have with somerset court i also notified by phone somerset court and informed them. none of the above seems to have happened as i got home today i have received a letter hand delivered from marston group they inform its there second letter this is now a REMOVAL NOTICE with his name and mobile number at the bottom. i phoned him to ask if i could request it be amalgamted obviousley he said no its too late and
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