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  1. Hi there, 18 months or so ago I was going through some hard times and stupidly relied upon Payday loans to keep me afloat. Most of the loans (had around 10 in total, all with Wonga) were around 500 pounds and all were paid off before the due date. 5 years before all of this I had had some trouble with credit and unfortunately got a default from a lender meaning I was struggling to get credit anywhere else. At the time of signing up to Wonga they were running their 'Wonga will do wonders for your Credit File' campaign (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2237712/Wonga-sorry-s
  2. Six years ago (in 2009) a Freeman on the Land (FMoTL) supporter by the name of Mike Dobson (Mike:of the clan Dobson) drafted a Removal of Implied Right of Access notice which he used to ‘scare off bailiffs’. He advised on the Freeman Ireland website that the notice should be put up at the boundary of the ‘private estate’ and the ‘public access way/street’ and that if a bailiff came to the door of the house they should be politley told that they would be trespassing and that they would have just 60 seconds to leave before a call would be made to the Police. Due entirely to the internet,
  3. Enter the words” Notice of Removal of Implied Right of Access” into your computer search engine and you will be referred to various websites with connections to Freeman on the Land movement and other “get out of debt free” sites. If seeking help regarding bailiffs pursuing a Liability Order for unpaid council tax or a warrant of execution for an unpaid parking charge notice you will soon discover that such sites actively encourage debtors to display a “Notice of Removal of Implied Right of Access” ……(many times shortened to NORIRA) in the mistaken belief that in so doing, this will legal
  4. Caledonian Removal Company Hi brand new to these forums and would appreciate any help/advice how to rectify this problem... I am experiencing issues with this company and would advise anyone NOT to use there services... Some items are lost and despite endless phone calls and communication with them not once have they responded and most of the time he ignores talking to me.... would appreciate any updates on any success anyone may have had in getting their goods back from them.. David Howie who operates this outfit thinks he can treat people and there storage in
  5. Hi, I sent a letter to a DCA who have purchased an old credit card debt asking them to remove the default. I also sent solid evidence as to why the default should be removed. However, a week has now passed with no response. Could someone give me some advice on the next letter I should write or possibly a template? Thanks Eagle
  6. Hi Guys, I had a dispute with an M&S agreement which was a very bad copy of an application form back in 2008 sending all the relevant letters etc... This is now seven years ago. M&S sent me a default notice at the time and then sold the alleged debt on. below is a time line of what happened and a few questions hope someone can help. March 2008 Disputed debt from M&S sent letter cca request (poorly eligible application form) Approx £4000 August 2008 M&S transferred alleged debt to debt collectors (Collect Direct) Collect Direct wrote threaten
  7. Hi all Apologies for the long post but I have been lurking/reading for a quite a while now and wondered if somebody could explain in laymans terms if there's any chance of me having a default removed from my credit file as I can't really make sense of all the jargon?! I had a student account with Santander that had a maxed out £2000 overdraft. I had been reducing it slowly after graduation and managed to reduce the limit to -£1000 with a £350 cash deposit (which was a large sum of money to deposit into the account at that time). Only a few days later I went to Ne
  8. Hi All, I don't know if anyone can help. In 2009 i had a payday loan from Rapid Cash based in Manchester. My husband had just been made redundant and we were majorly struggling. In the end they lodged a CCJ against me which is for £325. I want to make them a one off offer of settlement as i need it to show as satisfied on my file for my mortgage application but i can't get hold of them !! Are they still trading and if so is there a website for them? If i can't get hold of them to pay, what do i do about the CCJ as its on there until next year and i really n
  9. Hi, my brother in law came home yesterday to find that a 'Removal Notice' had been posted through his door from Marstons. He is certain that it stems from some unpaid court fines from some time ago, which he admits having not paid. Long story short he was going through a very rough time then, with lots of issues but is now beginning to get himself sorted. Since the fines were issued originally he has been moving all over the country and has consequently never received any notice of intended action or chasing of this debt until this letter received yesterday.
  10. I have a charge on my property which I have now paid in full but the solicitors dealing with it wasn't a fee to remove it starting that "only they can remove the charge". The fee involved is close to £200 I would be grateful for your thoughts
  11. Hi im looking for some advice, a few months ago i made 3 payment arrangements with rosendales to pay my 3 outstanding council tax debts off. i was paying £20 a week as currently im self employed but only just started up im not getting money from it im having to use £20 from my £82 working tax credits to pay them, then all of a sudden i was getting letters for more debts, this was after the council confirmed to me i only had 3 outstanding debts. i cancelled the direct debits and wrote rosendales a letter to find out what is happening. its be
  12. Hi, I too have been victim of a mistake from vodafone. I requested cancellation from my account in september 2011 and received confirmation for it. I paid what i thought was my last bill in early october 2011 and moved to a new place with my partner mid october of the same year. I only found out two months ago that vodafone had logged in a default for 18 pounds!!!! which effectively prevents me from getting a mortgage. I immediately paid the amount without even discussing the why or how and was told the default would be removed from my credit files. However a few days later i re
  13. Hi, I have been doing some research about removing Default Notices earlier than the six years especially if the value is under £500. Does anyone know if this can be done and if so is there a template letter on here. Many Thanks
  14. We bought the house on a mortgage as Joint Tennants. My husband received a CCJ that was secured by a charge on his share of the property, which I understand changed the ownership to Tennants in Common. The CCJ was paid in full and the charge has been removed from the property, we have all the documents confirming this. Will ownership now have reverted back to Joint tennants or is there something we need to do to make it so. Grateful for any advice and guidance on this one.
  15. Hello all, To get to the point I'd actually like advice on, I'll have to run through the story so far, I'll try to be as brief as possible. Around 2-3 years ago I ran into financial difficulties and began struggling to pay the minimum amount on my Amazon credit card (administered by Halifax). It didn't take long before it was referred to a DCA but, as my situation hadn't improved, I was unable to pay the amount they were requesting. After several threats of court action but none taken, I became suspicious that the debt may be unenforceable, so I sent a CCA request. At first
  16. Hi All, I am working to clean my credit file as much as possible over the next year. The biggest problem I have is a default from Everyday Loans which is currently with Lowells. I fell into dispute with Everyday some years ago after they were unable to demonstrate how they arrived at their figures. I have not paid or acknowledged anything to Everyday/Lowell since May 2011, but I cannot ignore the issue any further. As always it's a long and complicated story but I will try and break it down into small chunks... 1. The loan was taken out May 2009 for a sum of £1
  17. We bought a gas oven before Christmas which goes out after about 15 mins or so It hasn't worked correctly since it was installed . We've informed the retailer, and the manufacturer has sent an engineer twice and replaced parts under the warranty and it still goes out. We fitted the oven at our cost which was fair enough and paid for the cooker by debit card . We have rejected the appliance as unfit for purpose , the engineer they sent says there's nothing more he can do with it. the retailer has said they will refund us as neither they, nor the manufacturer c
  18. Hi, Im sure this has been asked so many times but, FINALLY my default drop off date has come (5th Jan 2009 was default date) How long afterwards until it actually drops off the CRA's....and does the whole credit account vanish or does the account still stay since i made the last payment on, 25th september 2011?
  19. Hi all, I have checked my credit report and there is a BT default on there for 2011. I had to get a phone line with them 2009/2010 from September to September as there wasn't a phone line already fitted. From my memory once the year contract was up in September 2010 I changed my line over to Virgin who were providing my internet the whole time and I get to escape from BT. It shows that I was being charged after September until January 2011 when it defaulted. I have checked my credit report on and off over the years and never seen it there, I have messaged Equifax to fi
  20. Hi Received a letter today hand posted from Jacobs Enforcement Agents Saying pay bailiff or Removal of goods in 24 hours....Its regarding council tax I had made offers to Jacobs but they refused my 2 offers I rang bailiff and he spoke to me with a bully attitude saying he wants full payment or removal of goods.....I cant afford to pay in full I rang council tax office and they told me they could do nothing its now in hands of bailiffs. What can I do ? Will he return ? Will he take our goods ? How can I get out of this mess ? Any help/info very welcome Than
  21. Hi, After a large number of set backs, I currently trying to clear my credit file and obtain a mortgage. I've just downloaded my reports and equifax, experian and have the following default. Terms 0 @ £ 0 (Monthly) Status Defaulted Current Balance £ 1,783 Start Balance £ 0 Credit Limit £ 0 Default / Delinquent Balance £ 1,783 Start Date 05/05/2008 Date Updated 17/09/2013 Default Date 21/12/2012 This is for a credit card from Capital One, I have been offered a 50% reduction by Lowells for full and final settlement but aware that it will sit on my file f
  22. Writing on behalf of a friend here: Friend been overseas since 2008. Flat pretty much empty most of the time in last 6 years, just basic ticking over of normal electric supply in the flat. I have been helping with post and maintenance whilst friend overseas. Unfortunately, friend became sick and was un-contactable for almost a year. In this year, EDF kept sending high estimates. Due to my own personal reasons I missed going to the flat for many months. In this period there were many red letters and threats. When I finally read all his post I rang EDF and e
  23. Once again I find myself writing about the serious subject of debtors removing wheel clamps. The reason for this newer thread concerns yet another legal case that led to a conviction at Blackburn Magistrates Court. With a serious criminal conviction being on the debtors history he decided to appeal. The appeal hearing took place last week at Burnley Crown Court. The case was dismissed and will no doubt be used in securing further convictions and most importantly the comment from the Judge will be of significance (more shortly). The outline of the case is as follows: The de
  24. Sorry about the length of this: Having recently requested a copy of my credit report from Experian, I noticed there are 2 defaulted accounts for British Gas – one for electric, one for gas. • This was my parents’ property – they had moved out and gone their separate ways and I stayed there until the property was sold in October 2008. • British Gas started the account in my name from 03/07/2008. • I didn't call British Gas to say that I was the new account holder – I don’t know who did but they got my details and the meter readings from someone. • I didn't make an
  25. I live in a council sheltered housing community (1st floor flat) and have a Wasps nest in the wood cladding just five or six inches from the lounge window. When I first noticed activity I thought nothing of it, but the activity has icreased a lot and I suspect that the nest is quite large. I phoned the council and was told there was a £50 charge. The window is very large and opens on a central pivot which gives a small gap on the top and on the bottom, had it opened outward I would have tried to spray it but even then the nest must be well inside and needs specialist equipment. Does anyone hav
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