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  1. Hope you can help. We have just moved house over the New Year. We hired a removal firm for Thursday 29 December 2016 through a bidding website. I received an e mail from the company saying they would attend after 1 p.m. on that day which I felt a bit late. On the day they came at 4.55 p.m. for a house removal! We got stuck in and starting moving and when it came to our 52 inch TV asked their advice about how to move this, they said use bubble wrap which we found and put round it and the removal men said they would use blankets and they moved the TV . When we unpac
  2. Been trying to get loan for a car but keep hitting the credit score problem. When I check I have a couple of outstanding defaults from 3 phones on my file which seem to have been registered by Lowell in July 2013 for small amounts £57 & £125. Cant dispute the validity as they came from a fall out I had with 3 over poor signal, but they sold the debt on anyway to Lowell. Is there any benefit to paying the amounts and then trying to get Lowell to remove the defaults as a gesture, I know they will come back with standard response of being entered correctly but it i
  3. Hi Everyone, I used to have a vodafone account many years ago and something happened where i thought it had ended all paid up but it turned out i still owed some money. Once i found this out i got it paid but after looking at my credit file i see that vodafone put a default on it . although the payment shows as being missed in 2010 the default never went on until 2013 which means the file will not be removed until 2019, is there any way this can be rectified as if the default was lodged in 2010 it would be deleted from my account now. I'd like to add that thi
  4. Not entirely sure if this should be in the banking forum, the benefits forum, or the debt forum, as it touches on all three. Site Team, m’dears, please move it to where you deem it best suited. Merci. My sister has a credit card debt with NatWest. Some time ago, they stopped her method of online payments which was her only way of getting money to them. Consequently the debt built up as it wasn’t being serviced. At about this time she had little or no income, eventually having to enter the benefits system. She has, I understand, been harassed by debt collectors regarding th
  5. I applied for a Cash Genie loan on 23/12/13. The application was accepted. The loan amount was £200, duration of credit agreement 8 days, loan ID xxxxxx8493, to be repaid in 2 simultaneous instalments of £60 (interest), and £200 on 31/12/13, total amount repayable £260. I ensured there were sufficient funds to repay the loan in full on the due date. I was therefore surprised to receive an email from Cash Genie on 27/4/14 reminding me of my "upcoming payment" for my loan ID xxxxxx4039. I checked my bank statements and discovered that payments had been taken from my debit
  6. Hi there I have a fine with Staffordshire county council which has escalated to £398 and now at the stage where bailiffs are due back tomorrow (with the addition of another £110). I had an agreement which I broke. I was paying weekly but fell behind. I am guilty of burying my head in the sand. I have a few mental health issues and claim ESA at the moment. I have 4 kids and am a single mum. I sometimes get anxious about opening my mail and ignore and forget things. I know it's the wrong thing to do, but sometimes I can barely leave the house or get out of bed. Just a f
  7. Hello, my name has been put on the CUE database by OCTAGON this is for life. My crime was to use a comparison site to compare quotes, i did this about 50-60 times and the reason was to check how they arrived at their prices. I searched all types including 1- all the different vol excess about 6. 2- declared mileage about 5, 3- different types of cover about 3, 4- different addresses about 4 , 5- what date to start ins. as they differ a lot, so does the price and also a host of other type searches. To be honest i was trying to get the cheapest but also curious as to how they a
  8. question on removal of car by baliffs if it was to prove that removing a car would cause hardship on the person such as living in the country no bus service to work possible loss of employment to both husband and wife children too costly to pay for taxi could you appeal against the removal of car this is just a question it has not happened just wondering in the back of my mind
  9. Hello, I home someone can help with this problem. Around December 2009, after finishing university I put some belongings in storage with Clockwork Removals in Edinburgh figuring I would have them transported once I started work again. About a year ago, I requested that they send my items over to France. Then we discovered that these items (six packing boxes) had been "misplaced" when they moved to new premises in Granton. I've been trying for a year to get my belongings returned or a refund (£65 x 12 months x 6 years = £5500 + value of belongings). Needless to say, Clockwork are
  10. Received this letter which purports to be from Collectica collected a debt from "Her Majesty's Courts & Tribunal Service" Can this be for real? There hasn't been any court papers received concerning this matter. Somebody called without an appointment at the house. No one was in but he left his card. I have no idea who was the original creditor. I got a feeling its a try on and I would like to refer it the OFT and Financial Conduct people. Anybody got any ideas, comments welcome ?
  11. Hello, We have just had our storage and removal insurance claim denied I don't know what to do next. If I get anything wrong I'm sorry as this is my first post. Back in October we paid for a large national removal firm to come to our house, pack and export wrap all of our things and then take them to be stored in their warehouse for six months as we were moving to Eastern Europe to start a business. We took out their own removal and storage insurance covering us up to the value of £23,000 as we listed all of the items about £500 separately as per their instructions.
  12. Some way down the road with this already having sent letters and schedule of charges etc. Got some money knocked off twice. Sent a Letter Before Action but have not been on top of things and not followed up at 14 days. Weeks have passed. Am now going to file for court in earnest after sending a revised Letter Before Action. I'm not really happy with the way I am calculating interest in my prior documents and want to get it right and proceed with vigour. THE PROBLEM: Historic charges were applied on particular dates and did or didn't attract interest for varying amounts of time d
  13. Hello Caggers, I have gained immensely from the advice on this forum...thanks for that everyone. I need help in removing a DN from my credit file please. The entry was made in Aug 2010 by Barclaycard for #492. I have emailed CEO using one of the sample letters on here and got a response from a lady called Judith Hayes. She has promised to send statements and records. She also mentioned that some of the charges are made up of PPI, Penalties and Interest charges. This is a cummulative total of the charges vs credit limit Credit Limi
  14. Hi i wonder if you could help/guide me I have a charging order on my property for £10,750 from 2006, it was applied by alliance and leciester for a 10k loan I took out for my exgirlfriend (girlfriend at the time) for her parents company and they couldn't get credit they had the money in 2004 and ended up not affording it and missed payments and I couldn't afford it or get credit so it ended up a charging order as I buried me head in the sand as was only 20-21 I never knew what it was at the time, I am now trying to get a bigger mortgage before moving and this
  15. Hi All, I am trying to get any information possible on the removal of Settled Accounts that were in good standing from the main credit agencies. I used a well known payday loan company back in 2013 and rolled over the loan a few times and always paid early and in full. Never late and no negative info at all. However fast forward 3 years , I am trying to secure a mortgage and have been refused due to having 6 entries from a specific payday loan lender. Even though they are all settled and paid and closed they underwriters see that as there were 6 entries, that I am a risk !! I
  16. Hi, My mother in law has accepted an offer on her house and all parties are ready to exchange. HOWEVER a charge on her property remains which was put in place in 1989 as security for £5000 due to her ex husband, a sort of loan agreement. This has never been repaid so the charge remains and ex husband passed away last year. This charge has now passed on to one of his sons who has signed a DS1 to have the charge removed but has not stated that he accepts the £5000 on the form. the conveyancing solicitor will not have the charge removed until they receive written conf
  17. Hello Folks, I have about 4 Defaults on my credit report. A friend told me i can negotiate by offering 10% of the money owed to each of them. In turn, they will remove my name from credit agencies. Is this true? Please assist.
  18. Back in 2010 I took a pdl with debitcardloans ltd - subsequently defaulted and then a ccj was issued - however the pdl has now been dissolved so i can not raise a complaint with them for not carrying out proper affordability or reference checks. I'd ideally like to get the ccj removed as otherwise its on my file till 06/2017 - is there anyway to get it removed as FOS say they can't do anything
  19. Hi Am asking this on behalf of a friend: Barclays Mortgage In joint names of man (friend) and his ex partner (not married; now living with someone else). She left him and the property in 2007. He has continued to make mortgage payments (repayment & Interest / apx 8 years to run). She has made NO payments since 2007. (He has also taken care of 5 kids) He wants to get her name off the deeds and mortgage and he wants to sell. She has disappeared. How can he resolve this? He also doesn't want her to benefit from the increase in property value since 2007
  20. After doing some reading i realise that it is futile to get defaults removed from my credit file. I am looking to get a mortgage next year, my credit file would have been clear by next year. I logged into my credit file yesterday to find two PDL defaults had appeared on my file. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59244[/ATTACH] This is obviously a pretty bad thing so i need to do all i can to remove them if at all possible. I am looking for a Full and Final Letter template to send them and couldn't see one in the document section. Can anyone help me draft one? CASHEURONETUK,LL
  21. Hi All, I was wondering if someone could help me please as I am a bit confused as to Settled accounts and dates they are removed. I have managed to settle all my debts finally and I am trying to be realistic when I will be able to apply for a mortgage so trying to work out dates etc. There are 8 showing as Settled and 3 credit accounts as up to date and have't had any issues. Could you tell me how long a settled account stays on my file for is it 6 years? If so when is the date from? Is it Default date? of Satisfied Date? or any other I haven't thought of. Also if
  22. I have been putting a lot of creditors off for over a year now but the defaults are really starting to hurt. I want to take on Barclays first as they sent a copy of a T&C booklet as their s78 response (as I know they do quite a lot). I also asked them under pre-litigation discovery and data protection laws to provide me with a full and exact copy of a signed agreement and they haven't bothered. I want to issue against them and had a quick look around the site to see if there are any template POCs I could use as I seen a good one around somewhere but cannot find it now.
  23. Hello, I have a problem with Marston Group bailiff and not sure how to approach it, any help will be much appreciated. Never dealt with a bailiff before so this is completely new to me.... Long story short: A bailiff knocked on the door at my previous address where I used to live and left a removal notice with two reference numbers. It says that the client is Borough. I'm thinking two PCNs that I didn't pay. In the last year I changed my name and address and didn't really keep on top of my debt. Now on the notice it states that I owe them nearly £600 I don't know what to
  24. p3t3r wrote: The Notice Of Removal Of Implied Right Of Access - this is a perfectly valid notice, - my opinion of this is backed up by the ruling from Judge Pugh which is shown earlier in this thread. The notice is akin to 'No Cold Callers' notices which are supplied by various police forces, councils etc. In relation to bailiffs, the notice is not considered to be valid. Firstly, there is no implied right of access for a bailiff since it is an explicit right. The bailiff has the right to attend the property and as such ignore the notices. IMPORTANT: Anyone relyi
  25. I've been reading Carey v HSBC with horror. I contacted [edit] solicitors. They tell me that a signed application form containing the prescribed terms and conditions was an executed agreement. This has me really worried because Arrow Global has also told me this and want cash off me pronto. The real problem is that I didn't know anything about the CCA 1974 until after Arrow had a charging order against me. When I found out about 3 years ago I stopped making payments to them. I told them why. Arrow quote Carey v HSBC and has said they want cash from me or they are going to
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