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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about longterm parking leaseholds? We have just bought a house which owns a carpark on 999yr lease to a man who lived next door and has died. The lease was refused to be transferred to the new house owner when they moved in a few years ago, yet they park here and have the carpark registered in their name, even though they were denied permission to transfer the lease into their name- is this legal? The lady who lived here before us was elderly and did not drive, she was taken advantage of by the sound of it. Can I cancel a lease to someone who has no lease yet parks on our land? We really just want them to move to a spot nearer their land and have offered to put it in their name, and they agreed before we bought the house. Now we've bought the house, but they have changed their minds and will only move their car park if we move it 1 metre into our backyard- for free! Any ideas? Thanks in advance:-)
  2. Hi, We employed a builder to convert a brick shed and passageway into a wet room and utility area. Part of the job was to install two external doors (one front, one back), these doors had to be wheelchair suitable. We are now at floor laying stage (tiles) and the doors have been installed too high. Can't get a wheelchair through them. The builder contracted this work out to a local window and door company. We are trying to get the doors lowered but having difficulty in getting them to come and do it. They promised within two weeks but never came. My question is, if I have to take them to court, who is my case with, the builder or the company he contracted to do the work. Thanks
  3. Hi All, Just want to say, a big thank you to all contributors on this thread for Parking Related Matters. It sure does help to keep the PCN Crooks in Check when more people learn to stand and fight back by such sites and threads like this one. The Summary of this Case is for a PCN that was: 1. Wrongly Issued. 2. Appealing 28 days Late and out of time. 3. Case now with Debt Recovery Company who are Chasing. 4. Smart Parking Crooks not Interested with my Late Appeal. Full details are below and sorry for the length of this in advance. I have two addresses, about two minutes apart from each other. One is where my Car is registered while I live in the other one. There is a tenant in the first address but I do check my mails from time to time at the Tenanted Property. Somehow, I did not receive any PCN notice at the Tenanted Address. Why, I really do not know. So when I got a letter from the Debt Company at my Second address as they used a tracing service to find my second address, this was a surprise to me, and also I was out of time by now. I fired off an appeal letter to Smart Parking. Also note that the PCN itself was issued Wrongly Smart Parking are aware of the error, as we all know, they are all Crooks anyway. PCN Details are: Contravention Date 08/10/2016 Contravention Time 13:41 Issue Date 12/10/2016 Make Unknown Colour Unknown Was seen in RIVERSIDE SHOPPING CENTRE ERITH Contravention Insufficient Paid Time Crook Running the Parking Scheme is: Smart Parking Ltd ( Appeals Team) Unit 43, Elmdon Trading Estate Bickenhill Lane Birmingham B37 7HE This was my Appeal Letter: Parking Charge Notice Number: TC0000000 Dear Sir or Madam, RE: REQUEST FOR PCN CANCELLATION FOR ILLEGALITY AND FRAUD. I am having to write you due to a debt recovery Letter sent to me from a Debt Recovery Company Called DRP dated the 21st of November. I am amazed and surprised as to when this Supposed Parking Contravention Happened in Erith as stated in the Letter sent to me by DRP Debt Collectors. I do not recall getting any letter from you in the first instance and do not recall the precise details of why this contravention occurred in the first place. I do have use of your Erith Car Park and on some occasion have had to enter the car park on the same day on more than two occasions. To that effect, your Parking Rouge Camera could have identified my Car as parked continuously for the period identified which you must be able to ascertain from your records as not the case. But since extortion is part of your mode of Operation, you will be happy to Issue a PCN on falsehood. If your Stationed Cameras did not capture this, then, I suggest you change those Cameras and try using a different model Camera or retrain your CCTV Operators I am therefore, contesting it. I am also, demanding all the information on which this Contravention was based on to be supplied to me. The time and, the date and the specific Spot the car was Parked on in the Car Park as this is what my appeal is based on. I also need to see the Date the PCN was issued and Proof of Postage to my address as above. My Alternate Address is 0 Blah Close, Kent, DA00 000. I have use of both addresses as both houses belong to me. Can you kindly send all your responses to both addresses as I see no justifiable reason why you are trying erroneously extract £160 from me!! I have no intention of paying this charge as the PCN has been illegally issued. I look forward to getting speedy response from you on this matter. Very Many Thanks Name Inserted. ************************************************** ***** This was their response to my Appeal below: Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your recent communication. As per the British Parking Association code of practice (paragraph 22.7), all appeals must be submitted to us within 28 days of the initial Parking Charge Notice (PCN) being issued. Due to the length of time your PCN has been open, we have now referred this to a debt recovery company (Debt Recovery Plus) who are handling the matter on our behalf. Please contact them directly if you wish to discuss this further. Debt Recovery Plus: 0208 234 6775 or 0141 301 2355 Kind Regards, Smart Parking Ltd Telephone: 08452303081 Email: [email protected] Website: http://www.smartparking.com Email Footer Oct16 *********************************************** what is the best way forward for me, any advice will be mostly appreciated. As the Debt Recovery will not be interested as Instructions have been given to them by their Client I guess to recover the debt. The Issue am faced with is that am out of the Appeal Time for the reason stated above. I am really annoyed as the PCN itself was wrongly issued and need to stop this case before I get Clamped and the cost Spirals way out of Control Thanks all in advance!!
  4. Hi, I have been mis-sold energy contracts twice now by Npower, now. The energy Ombudsman have no legal training and don't even seem to have an obligation to adhere to Consumer Protection Act, Distance Selling regulations or even the Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. But more of that later. Unfortunately UK's implementation of the associated EU Directives does not provide for compensation to be paid out to the consumers. Npower has been applying for WoE twice now and failed but they are going for it for a third time. They won't make a claim for the so called out standing invoices because they know that I would defend it & force them to recalculate my invoice according to the offer and not the contract which I did not sign because it was fundamentally different to the offer I accepted on the phone. They have switched me back to their standard "tariff" instead of the low income tariff that I had initially negotiated for thereby denying me even warm home subsidies. I have asked for and they won't let me switch supplier until I pay the the extortionate invoices which include costs of the failed applications for WoE. Can some one tell me what remedy I can claim for through the county court because to be honest neither OFT or Ofgem have even bothered to come back and ask for my evidence: The transcription of my telephone conversation with Npower recorded by myself which seems different to the one the Ombudsman has based its ruling. However I have now managed to obtain a second transcription under SAR which confirms to my own recording and not the Ombudsman's claim. By the way if anyone thinks that any of the Ombudsman are impartial or independent then they my must be living some where different to me. I have had dealings with most of them either for my own cases or on behalf of members of my family. They are all corrupt to the core but are accountable to no one. Once I took BT to court for my sister for a bogus sale of £975.00 when the Ombudsman had ruled that my sister should pay it and we won loss of income of over £3,000.00 plus all the outstanding invoices that were written off. From what I have gathered the only thing I can claim is for the difference between what I should have paid and what I have been invoiced through the small claim court but calculating that is a tasks worthy of payment in itself. I have spent almost a year on this and I find the remedies totally inadequate. If I am going to go through a legal proceeding which took almost a year last time and hundreds of pager of witness statement then I want to get the cost of my time back at least but this is not possible in small claim courts. I can claim for damages but they are difficult to quantify. It seems that under Eu Directive I should be able to claim for my time and emotional distress caused by Npower's outrageous behaviour. But in UK that will only happen if OFT instigate proceeding. Well at least this is what I have understood so far. So does anyone know more and can help me? Thank you.
  5. I am back for more advice.... Partner was sacked - then offered job back after successful appeal. New terms were imposed which were totally unacceptable, so he didn't return to work there. As former employer owed lots of overtime, holiday and pension (per contract) we have submitted the ET1. The next step is the Remedy. ACAS called partner and said this was to be done net - I had worked out everything gross before that. So, my question is, how do I work out the net amount? Do I take the gross (which is easier to work out) and then assume that tax is charged at 20% and NI at 12%. So for every £100 gross in my numbers I show £68 (100-20-12) on the remedy? Does this mean that the employer takes responsibility for paying the PAYE and NI contributions? I am confused and any help would be gratefully received. Also, I always assumed that ACAS were there to make sure it was all done fairly but the CAB said it is not the case. That they want to clear as many cases as possible before going to court and they might recomend a very low figure just to get it sorted. Is it correct that we don't have to accept ACAS's deal and that we still have the choice of going to court?
  6. Hi Gaggers, I remember several years ago reading this extremely long DN thread, started by Pinky i believe.. I think someone said that any DF which states that you are required to remedy within 14 days of this notice is defective. Can anyone advice me about this. Cheers, Jameson
  7. Hi, I have my case accepted by the Employment Tribunal and I need to set out in writing “what remedy the tribunal is being asked to award”. I am claiming unfair dismissal and outstanding payment. Last week the respondent received the claim and decided to pay my wages… they already paid half of the money and promised to pay me the other half in 2 weeks… PS: I don’t believe them, as they have sent 2 cheques to me and they stopped the payment on both. I would like some advise on what I am requesting as a “remedy” (I have 5 questions): - [1] Outstanding wages (only the half missing, right? But what happens if they pay me it before the hearing?) - [2] Loss of past earnings (from my last day of work to ____ – hearing date or the date of this letter?) - [3] Loss of future earnings (I didn’t find a job yet… and I don’t know when I will find … how long can I include here? 6 months?) The Employment Tribunal is also asking me to “include any evidence and documentation supporting what is claimed and how it is calculated”. [4] What kind of documentation shall I include? [5] Can I claim any compensation regarding the late payment and/or the two cheques with payment stopped? Many thanks.
  8. Further to my recent post in this section of the forums, am still waiting for a response to the Equality Act information request regarding disability discrimination after a recent interview. I have looked at the ET1 form, and it asks what compensation or remedy you are seeking. I am unsure what is suitable to put into this section of the form, as I have not been offered a job and therefore have no concrete losses other than my travel expenses to the interview, which were not met, and it was over 100 miles away. I would like a job, but I would guess this is not going to happen as they have already decided who to appoint. Clearly I can't put random figures on there. Is there some accepted standard in such situations? If I was to take action it would be more for the fact a decision had been made in a tribunal that such treatment is against the law - and hopefully the decision would help me and other people with similar disabilities when it comes to seeking work and enforcing their legal rights. I am particularly interested in knowing, does an Employment Tribunal case in itself set a binding legal precedent, or do only Employment Appeal Tribunal cases? Thanks in advance for any info,
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