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  1. Please I need some help, I took out a loan awhile ago that am still paying for it and decided to claim my PPI back, I called Blackhorse and filled in the questionnaire that was sent to me but to my amazement today I received a letter stating "In your questionnaire dated you said You were not informed of the features, benefits, exclusions and limitations of the policy You were told that taking out the policy would increase your chances of getting the loan It was not made clear that the PPI policy is optional You advised that we automatically included PPI in the quotation Yo
  2. Good afternoon, I'm after a bit of advice regarding a PPI claim with MBNA. I took out a credit card with BT back in 2008, which was later bought by MBNA, I was sold PPI at the time having no idea what I was in for and being constantly reassured by the sales woman that it wouldn't cost my anything and was just in case. I was self employed at the time and as such was not even eligible for it. The saleswoman was very persistent and pushy. I contacted MBNA and submitted a PPI claims enquiry they pointed me to. Yesterday I received a letter from them to say I'd been unsuccessful
  3. Hi everyone, A few months ago I posted about a medical appeal that I lost (thanks to all that replied) Well as I lost the appeal but am still unfit for work at the moment I called the DWP to check the options (after checking here) and was indeed told my options where 1. Make a new claim for JSA 2. Make a new claim for JSA until 6 months from the original decision 3. Make a new claim for ESA if your condition has worsened Well after talking to my GP he agreed that my condition has worsened as my suicidal thoughts increased and the medication I was on weren't working, H
  4. hi although i have had been apparently paying ppi for over 6 years and their summary of finding were that at the time for the non advised sael they had no obligation to discuss products with consumers.they had no responsibility to help us decide on policy cover. please help there is more on the letter very long
  5. Hi, I'm new on here, hope you can help Some weeks ago I posted my PPI reclaim documents to my bank (NatWest) and a few days later I received a text message from RBS saying, "Thank you for letting us know about your concerns regarding your PPI policy. We will acknowledge receiept in writing within the next 5 working days." This was about 5 weeks ago, since then I've heard nothing. Not received any written acknowledgement, email or any other texts. Is this normal? What should I do now? It seems from the text I received that they have got my documents but since then nothing
  6. Hi everyone, I need some help with my recent Welcome Finance Claim rejection. This has been an ongoing issue that I have been fighting through Welcome Finance as the loan I originally took was made conditional of taking PPI. This has been my main point when responding to Welcome however this has been dismissed. My claim has been rejected as Welcome Finance feel that because i was a Mortgage Broker and therefore Regulated individual under the FSA. This is despite the fact I explained I was unable to / Did not sell PPI products as a mortgage advisor. The response I received is
  7. Hi Ive have received a reply from Egg saying “After carrying out a full review of your account. I have etablished that you purchased the insurance through the egg website on XX Nov 2001 Our online sales process: - Does not require you to take repayment protecection insurance as a condition of obtaining the credit card. - Does not provide an advisory service - Required you to positiviely confirm that you wished to purchas this policy during the online application - Provided full terms and conditions of the policy and requested you read them before submitting” I was unhappy with
  8. I sent off a CCA request to a DCA with a £1 postal order payab;e to the DCA. They have returned it asking I make it payable to the Creditor. They have also asked me to cinfirm if I have ever opened an accoun t with their client and the balance. They finally state if I am disputing the balance or feel it may be subject of fraud I should supply full details. What is the best way forward do I send a payment payable to their client, and what is their role in this matter
  9. This weekend I’ve received a letter from Halifax rejecting a PPI miss-selling claim and I’d appreciate any guidance that can be offered over possible next steps Background to my claim is as follows Personal Loan taken out 12/13 years ago. I know PPI had been applied A SAR to Halifax returned the original agreement only, with no other data/information Submitted the claim, using the FOS Questionnaire and the CAG Single premium PPI spreadsheet My claim essentially stated that (at the time of the sale) Benefits & exclusions were not fully explained Not tol
  10. 6 weeks of sanctions, no food or elec and been told i won't get hardship as not vulnerable person, any ideas?
  11. please where do I go from here? I did not want ppi I was told if I did not get it I would not get the loan I was not told I could cancell at any time .If i had i would have cancelled as soon as money was in account. I was not told I could get ppi else where and probably cheaper. I only signed aggrement not ticked the box SORRY ! HAVE NOW DOWNLOADED PDF,S
  12. Hi all, Barclaycard recently refused my complaint against them for the miss selling of PPI which was originally on an EGG credit card. I then sent a SAR to them and the information arrived this morning. Not only does it not contain all the information I requested (about 5 years short of statements) but the letter says it also contains a copy of my original internet application. It does indeed contain an application but it is not mine. My question is where do I go from here as I'm a bit stumped, any help would be appreciated.
  13. I have accidentally damaged my TV after having it for around 10 months... i am paying extra KNOWHOW insurance monthly and was told it was covered for all accidental damages etc, it was broken on the stairs once i brought it home from university!! I sent it off to be repaired and was notified by voice mail my television hasn't been repaired and needs re-collecting. I wrote this letter: I am writing this letter as my television was sent back from PC world without being repaired or any other actions being offered; I was notified by voicemail to write a letter with more information on how the
  14. I took out a Sainsbury's credit card in 1998. I filed a PPI complaint with Sainsbury’s two months ago claiming that I was mis sold PPI and it was added without my knowledge. It has to be noted that I do not have the Credit Card Agreement or the terms and conditions that were applicable at the time I took out the agreement. Sainsburys have denied my claim on the basis that they established that I have applied for this credit card in 1998 via post. The Credit Card Agreement had an optional tick box for consent of PPI and that box was ticked. Therefore I had knowingly asked for this PPI.
  15. Hello, I am writing on behalf of the wife who cant find her way around the site:|. She applied for MBNA credit card in 1998 when stopped by one of their 'reps' at a stand in a shopping centre. The card was repaid in full or balance was transferred, she thinks to Virgin. After calling MBNA they confirmed PPI was added and would send a 'offer letter'. Instead they wrote to her saying that as a UK resident betweeen 18 and 70 , in full time employment, non advised sale of PPI and she basically 'ticked the box' they could do nothing, if unhappy she could go to FOS and said there was an at
  16. Really hope someone can help... I have had an account with Lloyds TSB for as long as I can remember and as part of this account, mobile phone insurance with Lifestyle Services Group. I have never had the need to claim but in March earlier this year, my husband lost his Nokia 8800 Arte. I reported to the police and to Lifestyle Services Group within a few hours of discovering loss. They finally accepted the claim in May 2012. I paid the excess and was offered 2 alternative handsets or a cash settlement of £350. I rejected these as I felt the phone was worth much more to which they sai
  17. Hi took out a credit card with the halifax around 1995 and did not know i was paying for ppi until september 2003 when i broke my left leg in two places . I rang the halifax about a personal loan i also had and because at the time of my accident i was self employed they refused to pay out . I got into a heated argument with them at the time but to no avail . So i asked to be put on the credit card side to see if that was any different . They also refused my ppi at the time so i cancelled it CC ppi . Roll on to march of this year i rang them to complain about the ppi loan as to why they did no
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