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  1. Hi guys, I've read a few threads on here to understand my situation. I've decided to post a new thread to get a bit more specific advice, so apologies if a case like this has already been answered numerous times. I received a fine on Sunday morning, 11/05/2014, for not having enough money on my oyster whilst travelling on a bus home in Croydon. I tried to scan the card on the reader twice and rather than it telling me I was low on credit, it gave me a sort of error message. I looked at the driver and he didn't instruct me to pay so I walked on assuming the fault was with the reader - I be
  2. Hi guys, I purchased a car 2 weeks ago from a second hand dealer. I drove it the next day and on the way home (at night) and realised that the lighting on the dash had gone. I couldn't see how fast I was going, how much fuel I had etc. I thought, "I'll take that back tomorrow and get that fixed." The next morning (less than 48 hours after purchase), I noticed a massive oil puddle under the car I've just bought. I drove the car back to the dealer and he apologized and got a mechanic from the garage next door to take a look. When he dipped the tank, there was zero oil left n the car, i
  3. im going to keep this brief: I purchased a car of ebay trader having being told i was getting full recon engine, new turbo and six months warranty since buying car i have had lots of trouble of which dealer was aware of from 2nd of purchse. It started with bad oil leak turned out it where engine had been fitted wrong lots of bolts also damaged fitting engine also the engine is not a full recon just old block with original parts added and there is no warranty with garage plus more issues appeared with car. I have followed consumer rights info 14 day letter responded dont care if i g
  4. Story: I parked my car at Solihull Train Station Car Park on 15-Dec-2013 and paid coins machine for one day windscreen ticket whilst on a day trip to London. Thought I may need two days but did not understand how to pay for two days as no option on the coins machine. I read a large notice which gave options to pay online should I wish to pay for advanced day parking / extend for the 2nd day so this gave me the confidence to use the RingGo service for the first time if I needed to. When in London I decided to stay the night on the assumption that I could confidently pay RingGo for 16th De
  5. I'm new to this site so please bare with me, hopefully I have posted in the right place. On Saturday 26 October I went to PC World/Curry's to purchase an Ipad and 3D TV on their buy now pay later scheme. I was told that as I was purchasing an apple product I could have the 12 months option. As I have used the scheme before with PC World and Creations I thought all would go through without a hitch. I was stunned when I was told that the application had been declined and was given a letter by the salesperson. I promptly telephoned Creation to be told by the person on the phone that
  6. I posted a different thread previously (I am starting a new one for fear of being spied upon). Long story short. I bought a "toaster". It was faulty. I reported it was faulty to the shop I bought it from immediately after purchasing it. They authorised me to take it to another shop to get it fixed. The other shop fixed it but more faults manifested themselves. I tried to get these new faults fixed but I couldn't. After 6 weeks of repeatedly trying to get the toaster fixed I rejected it under the sale of goods act, took the faulty toaster back to the shop
  7. Hi Readers After doing a little digging, I found out I had 4 loans with Lloyds TSB from 1988 to 2003 which had PPI, all 4 loans total was £29,000 for varying amounts. Unfortunately I didnt have the original documents however my local branch had the total amount I had borrowed & the length the loans ran which was actually the full term of the loan. I sent Lloyds the relevant documentation to complain about mis selling of PPI, they replied & informed me that the PPI was not mis-sold. I took the case to the FOS & in no time my case was upheld. I
  8. Hi guys, Just looking for a little advice on the best course of action. I have a 2k debt with EON. I am with Payplan, and they sent an offer through of 80 per month. This was then rejected by Payplan. What would be the best thing for me to do here? Continue paying through Payplan despite them rejecting the offer? Should i contact EON directly? Will they just issue a CCJ? I really cannot afford anymore than i have offered through Payplan. I have moved house in the last couple of months and my current supplier is not EON. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. EON are the onl
  9. Hello, sorry if this has been asked before, I cant find an answer anywhere. Around 1 year ago I submitted my PPi claims to RBS for my 4 bank loans and a still active credit card which was part successful, I won my loan PPi claims to the tune of £4,300 but at the time my credit card claim was rejected by the claims manager. At the time of claiming I told them that I had applied in branch for my credit card and the advisor filled in the application form for me advising me that it was in my best intrests to take the protection (I have also recently seen an application form from around t
  10. Hi, a friend has had a claim rejected by the loss adjusters and she wishes to fight this. Is her next move to write disputing the rejection and asking for a review? And then on to the ombudsman? Any help appreciated.
  11. Hi, I would really appreciate some help in dealing with a response to an unsuccessful mobile phone claim with LSG, the insurers who underwrite Co-op's mobile phone insurance cover as part of my Co-op Privilege Premier Account. I recently lost my mobile phone and immediately contacted my network provider. However, as it was simply lost (and not stolen), I neglected to contact the police until a month later when prompted by the insurance company to obtain a crime reference number. Today, I received a letter stating my claim had been rejected as I didn’t contact the police within 2
  12. Hi My Father had his IB/ESA rejected at the tribunal few months ago and now they have cut his benefits completely, with the expensive rent mounting up now. What should we do now as I am rather lost at how it all works. Does he apply for JSA? It says on their website you cant apply if you received ESA in last month, I think his stopped a week or two ago. What does he actually do in the long term? Considering he has an illness that will be for the rest of his life and severely limits his ability. His getting old, has no skills or qualifications and is both physically and mentally dimin
  13. In order to reject a used car, do I take it back to the dealer, even if we are in dispute about how much he will refund me? I am planning on taking him to court for the full amount I paid, plus compensation for repair costs, as it broke down after one week and was not as described. If I take the car back, do I sign the car over to him while I let the court decide how much he should refund me? If I keep the car until the issue is resolved, do I have to insure it, even if I don't use it? The car tax is due to run out, can I claim back the cost of this, si
  14. An “economically damaging” shortage of lending to small and medium-sized companies cannot be blamed on weak demand or the poor quality of applicants, ministers will be told on Friday. Independent research commissioned by the Government will reject banks’ claims that their consistently weak lending to small businesses is simply down to a lack of desire for credit. In findings that will pile more pressure on lenders, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) said that there is clear evidence of on-going tight credit supply conditions, well after the height of the econo
  15. As my case is subject to on-going proceedings, I can not go into specific detail as to why I am making this request. It is suffice to say, that it is being made to use against them. If you have made a complaint to Welcome for mis-sold PPI and they rejected your claim on the basis that the PPI or loan was sold to you by a broker, could you please send me a copy of the rejection letter as a matter of urgency? If you have a copy of the rejection letter, you can send it to my inbox here or post it to this thread in response. Please remove your personal details before uploading it to this
  16. Hi, What started as a simple question ended up as a mini novel, so I decided to give you the executive summary here with my questions at the end of the post. I sent a SAR to Canada Square Operations (who handle the Egg PPI claims), received a huge pack of A4 pages and found evidence that PPI had been applied to one of my accounts. Sent in the PPI questionnaire (albeit with the wrong acc no) and received a reply yesterday saying that they reject my complaint as they couldn't find an account where PPI was applied. -------------------------------------------------------
  17. I rec'd a PCN on for parking on Private land. The parking Permit was displayed in the Passenger side door but we still got a ticket. I appealed and sent a copy of the parking permit along with the PCN and it got rejected. When I appealed I admitted to who was driving at the time. Will I have to pay the ticket now? It's £60 and I just can't afford that. I have 14 days left after which time it will be £100. I appealed via their website and when submitted it said I would receive a reply via email. I didn't receive a reply from the company that issued a ticket, I logged into their website because
  18. 18 months ago my car insurance company paid out to a third party after they had claimed my already dented car had hit their car. I had firmly denied this to my car insurance company at the time and only learnt of the payout 6 months later when my renewal price was hiked by 50% - roughly the cost of the payout. After complaining they belatedly examined my car and eventually admitted they were wrong to pay out. They gave me back two years no claims bonus and mypremium was cut back to what it had been the previous year. 12 months on when talking to them about this year's renewal I disco
  19. Hi My partner's sister bought a car a few years ago. She lost her jobs, had twins, got pregnant moved house and her partner left. Phew. She can no longer afford payments. She owes around £23000 to the company. She has been offered £20000, the loan company has refused to accept. Their argument is that they 'might' get more at auction. We all know that they will sell for what they can get, what happens if they sell for say, £17000. They will come after the shortfall. We have letters with the rejection offers. Where do we stand on the matter. Thanks
  20. Hi - Heard this morning one of my claims was rejected. Very early one taken out in a dealer in 1993. I was self employed at the time and still. This was the grounds for my complaint on this and other subsequent ppi complaints (the latter ones taken out in Blackhorse Offices). They have sent pretty much a standard response , acknowledging my self employment but saying " Your status at point of sale confirmed in your application meant that you were not significantly affected by any of the exclusions or limitations associated with your ppi policy". I believe I was adversely affected
  21. I went into my Barclays branch in 2004 to see if I could get a £50 overdraft...and came out with a Barclaycard with PPI added on. After doing my research I know I was mis sold this policy as: * I was a student working casual hours as a waitress * I didnt ask for it * I was told it was compulsory and I would only get the card with PPI added on * I had not been working more than the required 6 months to legible to make a claim - yes ive done my research. Yes the features and benefits were explained, but i was took advantage of, I had jus tgone 18 and the banks practically rinsed me
  22. Hi All Sorry but I was unsure where to post this issue so thought best to put it in the general forum. My main question is - Is there a legal meaning for 'wear and tear?' My claim for a Head Gasket failure has been rejected because of this. My car is an S reg so their clause of things they will not cover 'Failure of parts as a result of wear and tear' can surely be used against every claim I ever make which is surely unfair. When I applied for the cover they asked for my registration number and mileage and then increased my premium because of the age and mileage of my car. I am
  23. Hi Everyone, I am after a little bit of advice after receiving a letter this morning where Lloyds TSB have rejected my PPI claim, details of the letter as follows: Lloyds PPI Rejection Letter.pdf Is this a standard response? Should I do a SAR and get a copy of my application form, although it does goes back to the 90's? Do I complain back to Lloyds or straight to the FSA? Has anyone else been successful after an initial rejection? My initial application was made via a leaflet through the post, but a few years ago the TSB altered their cards to have a joint Amex / M
  24. Been burgled by six masked robbers who came armed with taser guns and CS gas and now claim has been rejected due to no force of entry. They tried to kick down upvc kitchen door but they did not acheive this so they came in throught the patio door which we never use and they picked the lock as there is no sign of force of entry. These guys were proffessionals and now the insurance company have rejected the claim after reading police report that there was no sign of force entry. Is there a body i can write to to who can help me with this claim as its just so unfair.
  25. Can anyone clarify a few things about a claim for PPI I recently made please? I received a letter from Egg a few months ago advising that I may have been mis-sold PPI so I filled in the questionnaire and sent it back. I was self employed from 2002 to 2011. I had a loan in 2003 with them that was settled in 2006 and I think I was paying for PPI - I have no paper work for it anymore. I received a letter back from Canada Square Operations who are handling the ppi claims and it says: "I understand from your complaint that it concerns the sale of payment protection insurance, and i
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