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  1. Hi Every one I had received a parking ticket for allegedly parking in a restricted area (client permit area) from High view parking. to further explain, we wanted some new carpets and went in a shop in hillsborough in sheffield which allows free customer parking. We parked in an area where there was a board of customer parking on the wall that i parked against, on the adjacent wall there was permit parking board. I genuinely thought it was customer parking, parked only to get a notice that i had parked in restricted area which was for clients only from
  2. Hi, I have the same thing, I also live on Selden Hill. I have appealed saying that I have a car parking space with an OPC badge and because my working hours are long, I come home and generally there is someone in my space, and I have a 1 year old. So I parked in another space and got a ticket. The appeal was declined and the appeal letter stated court action unless I paid the fine (or something along those lines) I am now very worried as I cant afford the fine and dont feel I should pay, and secondly because I cant have a CCJ as it will affect me mortgage wise in the future so I feel pressured
  3. Hi I am at the stage of appealing to POPLA but need some advice. On the 14th August I received via post an invoice from Park direct issued 11th August. I have a newborn and he had been sick so I briefly parked in a residential car park and sat in the back seat to attend to him. I stayed in the car park for less than 5 mins and did not exit the vehicle. The invoice stated that I must pay £100 reduced to £60 if I paid within 14 days. I replied back on the 17th stating I should not pay this invoice as I did not enter any contract as I did not leave the vehicle and with a newborn why
  4. My wife put a claim in for PPI cover she paid on a loan from HSBC and also for a Credit Card. They have approved the loan but rejected the CC claim. Their reason was as follows : "Our records show that in DATE, you applied for an optional Cardholder Repayment Protector to protect your HSBC Credit Card. This policy is designed to repay 10% of the outstanding credit card balance for a maximum of twelve months in the event of sickness, accident or redundancy. Life cover is also included in this plan. The Policy Document and Product Information Pack explained how the po
  5. Hi Just after some good advice if anyone can help. I received a PCN about 2 weeks ago for parking in a street with temporary restrictions. The town is Tenby in SW Wales and an Ironman event was going on. I challenged the PCN on the basis that to me, there appeared to be no restrictions in place where I parked. There were no yellow lines anywhere near my vehicle and although there were temporary yellow signs strapped to lampposts, the nearest one was around 50 yards from my car and I was not between any of them. I took photos and supplied them with my challenge. The challenge has
  6. Hi All, I had applied for TE7/TE9 application recently for out of time witness statement towards a PCN, which got rejected. I intend to file N244 for a review of the decision and needed advice in relation to it, which will be much appreciated. Overall issue- -> 2 PCN from London Borough of Redbridge with contravention date 10th and 12th Feb 2015. -> As per claimant witness statement for both the PCN - NTO 18th FEb 2015 - CC on 24th Mar 2015 - OR/WS on 15th April 2015 - WoC on 28th May 2015 - SD out of time on 19th Aug (1 day before it I got t
  7. Hi there, I am new to this and would kindly welcome some advice if anyone could help? I'll keep it brief and to the point. Work for global corporation, my head office based in UK. Employed by this company for nine years, no complaints at all. Had various directors, regional managers and line managers over these 9 years. Company was restructured late December 2014, I inherited a different regional manager and line manager in January (both who work in a different division and have no knowledge of the job I do, regional manger been there for at least 7 years, line manager
  8. Allegedly I drove into the bus lane in august 2014, twice. Bmth Council have sent PCNs and all corespondense to my old address. I moved to the new address in january 14. My oversight was to notify driving licence department of DVLA and presume they will share information with vegicle registration people.. . I letter has been delivered to my on 04/08/15 by the new owner of my old address. Its from Equita. They have been trying to reposess my car for the debt of £579. Since them I have been in touch with Bournemouth Council and TEC,
  9. Good Morning All, My dad took out a couple of loans and credit cards in the early 1990s with TSB (Later part of Lloyds). He was advised at the time that he could not take out the products unless he also took out PPI. He did not need the PPI as at the time he had a very good job which had an excellent sick pay/redundancy policy. He recently tried to claim this PPI back through a claim company. The claim company were eventually sent a Data Subject Access Request showing basic details of the accounts my Dad held with the TSB. Lloyds (TSB) claim that
  10. Hi guys... here is my situation... I work for a charity in London on a beautiful summer's day (15th July 2015) we had to offload 1,500 cakes to be delivered to donors across the city to raise money for our charitable cause. Our volunteers are our delivery agents that go door2door personally delivering these cakes. We decided to meet at a retail car park, which was dead quiet that afternoon, to quickly unload the cakes from our van onto the volunteers' cars. However due to severe delays in traffic that day the van arrived 2 hours late. However the volunteer
  11. I have been reading through the threads and I couldn't see anything to answer the current predicament I am in. I moved in as a new tenant on the 30th January 2015 and setup gas and electric with scottish power through a company (tenant Shop) who was given my details through the lettings agency. Scottish power setup electric and gas (or so I thought) through direct debit and then all was in place till about one month ago when we had a visit from MeterPlus who are partnered with Npower looking for a Mr Patel (previous tenant). He was informed that he no longer lives here and that was t
  12. Hi all. I`m trying to reclaim £3807 from mis sold ppi insurance for my husband. The basic details are; 1. Single policy ppi 173.33 + 150 "healthcare" on a loan of 500 21.5.03 2. Single policy ppi 330.32 + 150 healthcare on a loan of 500 + 746 used to settle loan 1 6.10.03 3. Single policy ppi 759.25 + 150 healthcare on a loan of 1000 + 1282 used to settle loan 2 19.8.04 Welcome have said that they do not feel the ppi was miss sold and I have the letter with their reasons why. We are now planning on making a complaint to the FOS but am worried that
  13. I took out £200 loan with wage advance just after Xmas. My monthly payments are £72 approx. I telephoned today to offer a full and final settlement and my offer was declined because not in arrears. I explained my circumstances have changed. The only offer they made was to force it into arrears and redo an affordability assessment and then make 6 payments . Every payment made is interest only the final payment is the loan amount plus interest (£272). Any advice appreciated
  14. Hi, We parked in an SIP car park in Manchester but, because we parked in a really narrow spot, I put the parking ticket in the back window (the one facing outwards) so the attendant would be able to see it properly but they gave me a PCN anyway and said it was because my ticket was not displayed. I wrote and complained that I had a valid ticket (which I sent them as proof) and that I had displayed it in the back of my car (and told them why) but they rejected my claims and still want me to pay the fine. What should I do? The PCN was also issued at 7.52pm and the car park became free at 8.
  15. Hi HSBC have rejected a credit card PPI claim, stating that '....the policy document explained how the policy worked together with the claims procedure and the exclusions that applied... .....I also wish to bring to your attention that the Credit Agreement Form was completed and signed by you. Your separate signature requesting the CRP confirmed that you were aware that it was optional and that you had a period in which you had the right to cancel if you were dissatified with the cover.' They have enclosed a copy of the Credit Card form that I signed. I j
  16. Hello I parked in a local shopping centre car park and went to the library and shops. The parking was 3 hours for free. I went to leave before this time was up and noticed a new store round the back and went to have a look. The car park seemed to be a separate one so I thought it would be OK and stayed a bit longer. I received a Parking Charge Notice from ParkingEye in the post 2 weeks later saying I had overstayed by 33 minutes and was charged £100 or £60 if paid in 14 days. By the time I received it there were only 7 days left. I sent in an appeal and it w
  17. Hi all, My wife had a claim from Restons on behalf of Cabot for an alleged outstanding debt. We decided to defend and entered her defence on the 09/02/14. Unfortunately I was completing the defence form online and signed it in my name as an authorised person - me thinking she needed to authorise me not the court - school boy error. The defence was rejected and we are now out of time. As yet no judgement has taken place. We had sent the CPR31.14 request, which Restons did not comply with, and this was the basis of our defence as we had no paper work to s
  18. Hi CAG, I recently sent a SAR request to Lloyds, I quoted a black horse account number on the SAR . Lloyds have stated that they have no info on me. They state that they note I have given a black horse reference number and have given me the black horse address. I thought that Lloyds owned black horse, and therefore would have the info? I also have an old Ulster bank account. Lloyds own Ulster bank also. So i hoped to get both sets of info from Lloyds. Is this correct? Should I just do as they say and send another Sar request to Black horse? Thanks.
  19. Hi All, When boarding my usual bus journey back from work last week, I tapped my Oyster on the Oyster card machine, it did not respond so I tried again (I had swiped correctly, with card flat against it). Prior to this, a lady in front of me had swiped her card several times and it also did not work for her - No beeps, Green or Red signals, so she went to sit down. I took her experience into account after I had tried swiping my card and informed the bus driver that the machine did not work (either she froze the machine or the machine was coincidently unresponsive for
  20. Hello, Please could somebody help. I'm new to CAG. I'm retired now, but had a loan, credit card and flexiloan with HSBC for a long time. Received a letter from them telling me I had protection on them all, although I didn't realise this. I made a claim for PPI for all 3. I was told Personal Loan claim accepted and offer has been made but flexiloan protection claim and credit card protection claim have been declined. The reason given for declining the flexiloan was 'premiums paid in respect of plan have appeared on your bank
  21. Afternoon all, re Self-Assessment Self-employed Tax Return. I missed the paper deadline of end Oct and missed the on-line filing deadline of end Jan. Due to personal reasons - which are listed as IR reasonable reasons for being late - I ended up filing the tax return in July. There was 0 tax to pay. I then received a Penalty Demand of £1300 (1200 penalty & £100 automatic late fine). I appealed in writing - within the 30 day limit. I gave solid, sound reasons for being late filing, and presented evidence. I have just received a letter saying they did not recei
  22. word to the wise everyone my PPI letter was rejected by Lloyds as they stated that they didnt have any details about me (car loan with Black Horse from 1999). I did not have any bank statements from then, and Santander had told me in writing that they didnt have any either. However contacted Santander customer services (IN-BRANCH TELEPHONE - important) and they managed to locate the errant statements. (Important because this line of enquiry acually worked - use a telephone in-branch if you require statements) contacted Lloyds again who confirmed the account nu
  23. Hi Several months ago I started a PPI claim against HSBC Bank. I had a loan with them many years back and also a credit card. I am using a third party claims company and have only heard from them once to say that they had established a claim. Last week they called me and said HSBC had rejected the claim. They said they would send me some forms and were referring the matter to 'the Ombudsman'. They asked if I was working at the time and whether I was full or part time. I told them that I did work when I took out the loan and card and that I worked full
  24. Hi, having successfully defended my own UKPC parking charge a new one landed on my desk for my 20 year old son. He parked on a pub car park. This car park has been used for decades by the local community for shops opposite. It is now a Pesto restaurant and charges have been put in place with a maximum 20 minutes stay if you are not a customer of the restaurant provided you enter your registration number into the machine. However my son didnt realise this although there is a sign on the way telling you there are parking restrictions. He was actually waiting to pick up a friend and was ther
  25. My DH owns a sunbed shop. With the rain in the winter his basement became flooded, he lost a sunbed (the entire basement destroyed) and lost business as a result of the lost sunbed. He has recently put in a claim with his insurance company for loss of earnings and loss of sunbed (the other damage being claimed through his landlords building insurance). The insurance broker has now responded saying he is 30m from a river and to provide a response to why his policy states he is at least 250m from a river. DH says his broker is the one who sorted his insurance out for him and he signed noth
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